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Old Apr-23-2006, 10:17 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - April 23rd, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - April 23rd, 2006

David: Hi Grace

Shirean: Hi Grace

Grace: hello fellow GH CHAT People

Grace: everybody else must be listening to their GH CDs, huh?

Grace: hello to you both

Shirean: its still early

David: yeah, most don't show until at least 1/2 hour into it

David: Hi wolfysmith

Shirean: Hey you

wolfysmith: Hi David. Happy Birthday!

wolfysmith: Hi Shirean. Hi Grace.

Grace: I love what you had for the cake decoration......it's not too easy to get the crosses correct on the British flag....betcha' you made the baker/bakery go crazy!

David: Thanks.

wolfysmith: Where is everyone?

Grace: hi wolfy, how's that little "sweet" potato?

David: they usually show about 1/2 hour into it, no idea why!

wolfysmith: She's fast asleep in her cot next door

David: You two should definitely consider calling into the Podcast Hotline....

Shirean: its cool

David: next one will be in mid-May, so would like to include you if you can

Grace: only the VIPs are on the chat now, the riff-raff comes on later


wolfysmith: I'll try David. Been very busy these last few weeks and online time has dropped off

Grace: you mean that you want MORE whining from me?

David: wherever there's a phone, you'll be ok

David: the more the merrier Grace!

wolfysmith: you still full of birthday booze David

Grace: Moe, Larry, Curley and Grace

Shirean: its 90 here today, I'm sitting out back watching my son in the swimming pool - best medicine for a hangover!

Shirean: Too much red wine last night

wolfysmith: its gonna drop to 1C tonight here Shirean

David: nothing another one won't fix

Grace: you could have solved the problem, if you had ordered rum filling for the cake.


David: So we're gearing up for "Music For The Divine", hopefully have some soundbytes ready for you in a week or two - it's all very exciting

wolfysmith: What do we think of his new haircut?

Grace: this better be good, OOPS, what am I saying......of course it will be good....thankfully, no yodeling

Shirean: Love Glenn's new look

wolfysmith: Difficult to tell from the pic on his "official" site.

Grace: just as long as there's no Willie Nelson braids, I'm happy....and no Telly Savalas look either

David: guess Chad beat him to it on that one!

wolfysmith: its cos he was over here visiting his folks!

David: there you go!!

Grace: wow, your right, Paul, Glenn's mom has probably telling him (unsuccessfully) to cut his hair short since the 70s

David: think she probably gave up along time ago, just like mine

Grace: ha, ha, you're probably right, David

wolfysmith: i wish i HAD hair to grow long

Grace: that's why God invented baseball caps, as Chad Smith has discovered.....he's always wearing a baseball cap, except in that fantastic video

Grace: can you believe that the RHCP covered 50 years of music in one video?

Chip: Hi everyone

wolfysmith: Hi Buddy

Shirean: I still haven't see the whole video

David: Hi Chip

Shirean: only snippets

Shirean: Good afternoon Chip

Chip: I see we have a couple of birthday boys here.


wolfysmith: I havent seen the video either. I saw them playing live outside the BBC on TOTP last weekend though.

David: That was 'kinda cool - the video of that is in the "Off Topic" forum.....by the way!

David: think the average age of the audience couldn't of been more than 12!!

Shirean: Chad was telling me all about the making of the video a couple of weeks ago .. He said it was a blast!

Grace: Wasn't the video here, or on GH.com.....how is it that you haven't seen it?

Grace: the costumes are so good, that you forget who it really is underneath the clothes

Shirean: Been busy Grace, will have to watch it this week.

wolfysmith: Grace, Lucy tells us what we are watching!

Grace: hello Chip.....did you get those 2 e-mails finally? I don't know why you didn't get the pooch video and the other one, too

Chip: No Grace, I still haven't gotten them.

David: any word when the full Mel Galley Q&A will be ready wolfy?

Grace: that is one beautiful little girl, smart too

Chip: Lucy gets her smarts from her mother

Grace: the second attempt was with cox.net is that any good still?

David: Hi Capt'n

Shirean: hello Capt

Chip: Hi Capt.

captmidnite1962: Good afternoon everyone!

wolfysmith: Hi Capt.

Grace: hello captain

Chip: It's cox.com...not net

captmidnite1962: I see you survived your birthday David!

captmidnite1962: Hello Grace!!

David: Yes indeed

Chip: ....or is it? I don't even know Grace. Will fill you in when I get a clue.

captmidnite1962: Let's see....from Jersey to the UK...what a spread today!

David: Think it's .net Chip

Chip: It's .net....I don't know where my mind is at anymore.

captmidnite1962: I have been out cutting the grass..a huge job, believe me!

captmidnite1962: Hey Chip...I hope you got your CD mess straightened out!

Chip: I sure don't miss that job Capt.

Chip: Yes Capt. The mess is all cleaned up and the CDs are in their new home.

Shirean: Guess all you have is rock huh Chip?

captmidnite1962: I bet...YOU try cutting 1.4 acres with a push mower!!

Chip: Yes, Shirean...all rock. Too much work involved to grow grass out here.

captmidnite1962: Just rock and cacti?

Chip: Actually, all I have at the moment is a grapefruit tree and a lemon tree. Hope to have some palms planted by the Funk Fest.

captmidnite1962: Palms are cool..we had them in San Antonio

Shirean: I want some Lemons, Chip

Grace: hey....sounds like free grapefruit juice and lemonade at the GH fest

captmidnite1962: That does sound great!

Chip: We had more than we could use.

Shirean: all we need is vodka

captmidnite1962: I want to make it there...I MAY be in a new job and locale by then..will have to see what happens

wolfysmith: David, i have Mel's replies to 4 questions - 10 answers in all. With Hackneys sad loss there is obviously going to be a slight delay.

David: no problem, will wait 'til their all ready.

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy...thanks so much for all your work...along with John Hackney....for the "Ask Mel" project

Shirean: Chip - David will be representing the Harrison's to the GFEST.

Grace: that was too bad....when it happens to you, it's such a shock, the questions and answers can wait until things are calmer

Chip: Too bad the whole family can't come Shirean. I guess we'll settle for David though

wolfysmith: when it is ready it will be the biggest post on here EVER!

captmidnite1962: You lost the coin toss Shirean??

Grace: I'm glad that Mel noticed what a great bunch of people we are but I was surprised that HE WAS SURPRISED at our praise for his past work

captmidnite1962: Hello Tony!

Chip: Hi tony.

David: hopefully they'll be more than just the 6 of us though Chip!

wolfysmith: Hi Tony

David: Hi Tony

Grace: us GHCPs definitely got "couth"

captmidnite1962: Is that howe you spell that??

Shirean: I have been going all over the place the past 2 months to see Heart. Its David's turn to have a break from the kid!

Chip: Me too, David.

tony g: hello

Shirean: Hi Tony

tony g: great podcast guys

Shirean: Thank You

tony g: truly enjoyed it

Shirean: It was FUN

Chip: Yes, that podcast was very cool.

David: thanks Tony - next one will be in mid-May - feel free to call the Hotline - trying to encourage folks to join us - surely you want to hear more than just our voices?

tony g: i put it through i-Tunes worked great

David: cool, pleased it was so easy.

tony g: great to hear Glenn so happy

Grace: Glenn really gave the answers a lot of thought

captmidnite1962: Let's see...we have the remastered Hughes Thrall next month....Glenn's new CD in June.....a lot to look forward to

David: the next one shouldn't be quite as "big", so will be a little easier on the download

David: Glenn had lots to say as you heard

captmidnite1962: Oh man...I need high speed bad!!

tony g: it was great, Chad too

Chip: I hope G. can work in a couple of shows over here somewhere.

David: plus "Moonstone Project", although he's only on two tracks.

David: out now!

captmidnite1962: With Paicey?

David: right

tony g: matteo has a lot of good musicians on it

tony g: it will be mine

wolfysmith: David, i know youve heard sneaks of MFTD but have you heard any of the remastered HT?

David: by the way - the link on the front page, gives you a heavy discount on the import price, Matt passed it along to us the other day (the guy who's project it is)

tony g: i saw extra japanese track for 19:00 on cd japan

David: No, only two new ones from H/T 2 (well, rough demos) - oh boy, you won't be disappointed. Glenn sang a snippet from "Pay The Price" in the podcast, think that's going to be a bonus track on the remaster of H/T.

wolfysmith: Will City of Crime make it as a bonus?

David: don't know wolfy.

Grace: you know what I noticed on the GH interview.....sometimes Glenn would go into a different voice, and it took me a second to catch on that that was still Glenn......an additional career for commercial voice-overs, perhaps???

captmidnite1962: I read that interview with PT..what a shame that the original multitracks were wiped by the new studio owners!

captmidnite1962: He has that gift...doing the voices.....and what an expressive face too!

David: cracks me up everytime!

tony g: i learned something from the podcast - not a whole orchestra like i thought but just 6 strings instead

captmidnite1962: I will never forget him doing his send up of David Coverdale.... Are you having me on darling??

Grace: I guess that it's all based on the fact that he has a great ear for music, he can copy other people so well.....does a good "Coverdale" too

David: you wouldn't know it though when you hear it Tony, should be interesting to see how it sounds live, since he mentioned one or two of those tracks will probably be included in the set list.

Grace: hey.............same thought, captain

David: We hope to have some soundbytes from the new album in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes'n'ears peeled

captmidnite1962: I can't wait!!


tony g: great i played the hell out of them the last two times


Grace: well I for one don't care what kind of musicit is.......it's all good.......Glenn is probably his own toughest critic, if it makes it onto the CD, it's got the GH seal of approval

tony g: you are right Grace

Grace: that's been more than OK in the past

Chip: Glenn's the only artist I know that can change style with almost every release and it's still good.

Shirean: Just don't expect Soulmover II

captmidnite1962: Hey Grace..I imagine you will be dashing over to Zig Zag Records to pick it up??

wolfysmith: Hopefully JJ's album will get a proper release soon too.

David: as always, soundbytes won't do them justice, but will hopefully show what's different about this release - like Chad said, "it's still Glenn", but I would say he has finally made the record HE's been wanting to for a very long time. It started with "Soul Mover", but this one is very much more "his own" .....if you know what I mean!

tony g: i agree wolfy

David: so do we wolfy re JJ - we're waiting to hear from him on the latest update....

Grace: I've got a standing order with Phil..... if it's got our boys name on it....it's sold, unless I already have it

captmidnite1962: I may be shopping at Slipped Disc again soon...

Grace: Soul Mover sounded like a little bit of everything that Gh has done. I think I said at the time that it sounded like a compilation......best of.....

Grace: are you talking Long Island, captain?

captmidnite1962: Yes...Valley Stream

tony g: i think glenn explained about his albums and how he feels now very well

David: yeah you're right Tony - the core fans will "get it" right away, others may require an extra listen or two.

Grace: that's why I wrote multi-faceted for the "one word" every CD sounds like a whole new viewpoint / facet...............not cranked out like a string of sausages


captmidnite1962: I got the latest Classic Rock.....Thank you Shirl wherever you are!!

Grace: unfortunately, there are lots of other singers who do that......can't tell one player from the other, without a program

wolfysmith: Unlike most major artists Glenn still manages to take a step forward with each new release

Grace: ain't it the truth

Grace: do you know who will be releasing this new CD and DARE I HOPE, that there will be PUBLICITY?

wolfysmith: On a change of artist, im going to see Robin Trower this thursday. Anybody seen him live in the last few years?

Shirean: David and I saw him 10 years ago, he was great!

David: in Europe it's Frontiers, USA label/release will be announced shortly.

captmidnite1962: I saw him the last two tours he did in the states in 2000 and 2001....a great show!

David: he's playing Florida next month, if I'm not mistaken...

captmidnite1962: He played a lot of new stuff...which was a gutsy move on his part

captmidnite1962: And he has a DVD out now...have to pick it up!

Grace: to tell the truth, I get really aggravated whenever GH comes out with another fantastic CD, and you walk into a major chain store, and they have no copies, and not because they sold out, because they never carried it

tony g: David do you know if the release date will still be the same i try to buy his us release on purpose

captmidnite1962: Circuit City was on the ball with Soul Mover...that's where I bought it

tony g: your right Grace im lucky to have tower records by me

Grace: really? that's great news

David: I don't know Tony. We'll find out once he announces the label it's going to be released on.

Shirean: I have never seen a Tower Records in Florida

tony g: ok

wolfysmith: Grace, Glenns stuff is always in the shops here

Shirean: Just Virgin Megastore

Grace: yeah Paul, but is it because it's a case of local boy makes good

captmidnite1962: They had an HMV in NYC...that was killer! A huge selection!

David: Everything is gravitating to online sales....the labels are becoming unimportant these days, so don't be surprised if you can find it in most online outlets.

Grace: give me the mom and pop stores any day

wolfysmith: When i met Todd in Brum we spent an hour just in HMV.

captmidnite1962: I hear that Grace!!

Chip: Only an hour?


Grace: I hope that Glenn read the article that I copied for GH.com maybe that's the way he should go

David: sadly in the States at least, brick & mortar stores are going by the way side - unfortunate, but that's the way it is.

tony g: the mom and pop stores David

wolfysmith: Chip, we had to come out to meet Angie. then we headed over to Virgin!

captmidnite1962: That is so sad..and true.....I had a chance to talk to David Tedds about that very subject..the decline of the music store

Chip: I bet that made her happy, Wolfy.

Grace: well they kind of shot themselves in the foot by catering to mostly young teens

Grace: no regard to old people who want opera, or World War II -era songs

Grace: or even do-wop from the 50s and 60s

tony g: but i have to say i have learned more about upcoming music and where to get it from the internet than i ever did before it

wolfysmith: I used to buy US imports in Tower Records in birmingham but they went bust. 90% of my buying is online now

captmidnite1962: It is sad to think that the 3 biggest music retailers are Best Buy, Wal Mart and, I believe Target

Shirean: I'm quite happy with iTunes

Grace: if we didn't have these 2 web sites, how would we GHCPs even know what GH was doing, or what was about to come out.......zilch publicity

tony g: your right when addiction came out me and my brother only knew from a mom and pop ad we jumped in the car and rode 40miles to get it

captmidnite1962: Grace...Glenn is hardly the only artist in this situation. Many of the so-called classic rock acts are uising the Net to spread the word of their latest projects

Grace: I thought that it wasn't too great for the 3 bonus Fused tracks......yeah, yeah, it is the wave of the future, but a lot of people like me have no clue when it comes to something that technical

Grace: a mom and pop ad for Addiction? FANTASTIC!!!

Chip: Everything is not released on wax cylinder Grace...

tony g: its a true story

David: well, there's the rub Grace. Record labels are really only concerned with the 18-30 crowd, and therein lays the problem. Guess they'll figure it out when they file for Chapter 11 (bankruptcy) !!

captmidnite1962: Yikes..better watch your back Chip!!

Grace: you mean that my grammaphone is obsolete? OH, NO! Gotta' use my victrola, now.

captmidnite1962: THWACK!!!!!!


wolfysmith: The Arctic Monkeys (a big new band here) got to number one album on the strength of their own publicity and mp3s via their own website

Grace: You would think that the record companies (like everybody else) would go after the baby boomers money

captmidnite1962: Right...the baby boomers are laying down 100 bucks to see the Eagles..

tony g: id have to say -and David would know if im right or not- that its a whole different market there wolfy

Shirean: More than that - my father put down $1,000 to see them in Lake Tahoe CA a few years ago

captmidnite1962: The James Gang are doing a bunch of shows this summer...some of the folks at the James gangsters Yahoo site were grousing about the ticket prices

captmidnite1962: A grand????

David: 100 that's cheap isn't it Bill? More like 250-300. Oh and if you stand up and clap - you get told "sshhhhh, sit down", next thing you know security is on you.......makes you wonder why they don't just listen to the CD in the comfort of their own home!!

David: argghh, that drives me up the wall !!!

wolfysmith: Robin Trower is costing me £13.50!

Shirean: I love those UK ticket prices

captmidnite1962: I haven't been to one of the outdoor Enormo-Domes in a long time..so i have no idea..

Grace: yeah, when KISS can rake in the dough, it makes it bad for everyone else not to price-gouge the fans. Never liked KISS from day one....lucky me,

David: think some of these people are turning into their parents and forgetting what it is like to have fun!!

Grace: saved a ton of money, too

captmidnite1962: I saw him in Indy for 5 bucks...no wonder he can't afford to tour here!

tony g: you right David if im listening to a live band its tough to sit still if the music is cool

wolfysmith: And support too! Gwyn Ashton is opening for Trower. anyone heard of him?

Grace: compared to a GH concert where the audience will cheerfully get to sing along, Glenn only needs to direct us back-up singers, ha, ha.

captmidnite1962: I haven't Wolfy...he had the Eric Jerardi Band the two times I saw him...They were cut from the same cloth and a fine opening act

tony g: is that the one with ted mckenna and hugh mckenna on the album?

wolfysmith: yes tony. don Airey is on it too apparently

wolfysmith: and Chris Glenn

tony g: thats who i was thinking of

captmidnite1962: OK folks...gotta get back to the lawn....as always, a pleasure to be here!

Chip: Aye, aye Capt. See ya later.

tony g: ok captn

David: Thanks for stopping by Captn' - try and call the Podcast Hotline - would love to hear an anecdote or similar for inclusion in the next one.

wolfysmith: talking of ticket prices. its only £38.50 to see DP, Alice Cooper, Journey, Nugent, Thunder, Queensryche and 1 other tba. now that is value for money.

Grace: come in late so you miss Ted nugent's dirty mouth

Shirean: I'm going in for a swim now, take care everyone - see you next month.

tony g: bye Shirean

Grace: take care, Captain......good luck with wherever you move to

Chip: See ya Shirean.

wolfysmith: see you Shirean

Grace: take care, Shirean....wear your sun block

Shirean: I will Grace

wolfysmith: According to the Sunday Times today, EMI and Warner Music Group are to begin merger talks.

Grace: I guess that I better go too. Chip please send an e-mail with your complete address, so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong, OK? You'll love the pooch video

David: Another monopoly in the making, eh!

Grace: take care, everyone

David: Ok, thanks Grace, bye!

Chip: I will Grace. See ya.

wolfysmith: if it happened they'd be third biggest behind Universal and SonyBMG

tony g: it probably wil dont be surprised if one day its all under one roof

David: see Sony or may it's Universal, are in getting hit with a Payola scandal, can't remember where I saw that, but oh, what a surprise !! Just wonder when they'll catch up with Clear Channel.

wolfysmith: Last week Warner had a record four albums in the American top 10, while EMI had none.

tony g: the charges are probably from new york

David: I think it's getting to the point where non-mainstream artists, are just going to do there own thing and release things directly to the public either throught their website or maybe in conjunction with a distributor of their choice.

wolfysmith: Warner Music is EMI's closest competitor in the United States and accounts for 18% of the market, compared with EMI's 10%. Music giant Universal controls 31% and Sony BMG nearly 29%.

wolfysmith: those two posts are straight from the Times website

wolfysmith: i make that 88% from just 4 companies

David: Anyway, only a few short weeks before the new release, have you got your pre-orders in

tony g: where ?

David: NEH Records is one...but from whoever your favourite retailer is....

tony g: i like NEH

Chip: Good idea..will have to do that soon.

David: Well, it was certainly a quiet CHAT today, guess people gearing up for the Summer or maybe there's a soccer match on the TV

tony g: im going to bbq with my son hope to here from you guys soon bye

Chip: Bye Tony.

David: Ok, bye Tony.

Chip: Probably should get off here myself.

wolfysmith: only an FA Cup game on Sky here David.

Chip: See ya David and Wolfy.

wolfysmith: Chelsea Liverpool was live yesterday on BBC1

David: ok, next CHAT will be on Sunday, May 21st at the usual time.

wolfysmith: cheers Chip

David: Oh and don't forget, if you'd like to call into the Podcast Hotline, be sure and do it by May 7th, otherwise you'll miss the deadline for Podcast No.2 The number to call is 404-419-6568 310-601-8743

wolfysmith: ok David. Thanks and bye

David: Talk to you all later, bye for now.
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Rats, I missed it again!

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Could someone please explain to me how does this works ?
I would love to be part on this !!
David ?
Grace ?
Could you guys tell me about it ?

Gustavo Martins's Sig:Saravá
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Really easy Gustavo - just visit:

http://www.ghpg.net/chat/ - or click 'Chat' from the top of any page in the site.

and then click the "Launch CHAT Now!" button - the next scheduled one is Sunday, May 21st at 4:00PM EST - the CHAT page has a timezone chart, so you should be able to figure what time in Brazil that is.
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