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Old May-26-2005, 12:37 AM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - May 25th, 2005

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - May 25th, 2005

Shirean:: Hi everyone!

David: Afternoon

chrisloeb: hi u 2

David: Hi Chris, nice to see you.

Shirean: Hello

chrisloeb: good to see you too

chrisloeb: Champions League Final is underway - Liverpool just made the 3:3 (after a 0:3!!!) this is crazy

David: Yeah, most people are probably down the pub today!

chrisloeb: I had a very bad throat infection for more than 10 days - so I'm home...

David: don't cough on us


chrisloeb: it's much better - I'm finally "free" tomorrow!

David: good

David: It feels like the lull before the storm as far as GH is concerned....'kinda like just before Christmas last year!

chrisloeb: Fused, and talkin' bout Iommi - I still have to get my ticket for the Black Sabbath / Velvet Revolver gig June 20

David: Is that local?

chrisloeb: yeah. I don't travel anymore to gigs - for now

chrisloeb: They play Vienna Stadthalle - crowd of 12,000 I guess

David: cool

chrisloeb: and loud

chrisloeb: Have you read Fedor's announcement at the GH.com board, that FFF will for now NOT be available via Mailorder - only at shows!??

David: Hi Brad

Brad: Hello

chrisloeb: Hi there

David: chris - yeah, originally it was to be made available online after the recent 'Soul Mover' tour, but I guess they decided against it for now.

Brad: Which is that?

David: Freak Flag Flyin'

chrisloeb: a decision I don't understand

Shirean: $

David: simple as that i think....assume they're not sure of the demand, is probably the issue.

David: obviously, there's a bunch of folks we all know who will buy it, but that might not mean a 1000 or more.....

David: and it's Glenn's dime, not a record companies.

David: all specualation on my part

chrisloeb: an experience from Incense & Peaches, maybe

Brad: How did Soulfully Live do in sales..Do you know?

chrisloeb: or the Christmas CD? The Video was sold out - how may copies were actualy pressed?

David: i don't know but I guess pretty well, at least the CD, the DVD sales may have slowed once word got out about the quality.....although now the new US version is available, that will no doubt change, as it's more less "fixed" up.

David: don't know those facts Chris, sorry.

chrisloeb: DVD fixed: yes, I kept watching that thread - since many have confirmed this I'm just waiting for my brother moving to Canada - he will hopefully send me a copy then.

David: it does seem a shame though, 'cuz you see all these things on eBay every day, and they do sell each time, so that's $$ that could be going straight into GH's pocket....but perhaps the production out ways the sales, who knows. I'm sure it'll happen once they figure out a way to break even or actually make some sort profit.

chrisloeb: and JJ's Album - same for that?? I'd love to hear that - big Yes fan, besides...

chrisloeb: eBay is a crazy place...

David: yeah, similar thing. We're hopeful that'll see the light of day soon though.

Shirean: JJ's cd is amazing!

chrisloeb: the thing that haunts me still most is, I was only probably a footstep away from those two CDs in Woergl - but they had already been loaded back into the bus.... together with a seriously sick group of Rock musicians

David: chris you probably know, but Brad, you can listen to some samples here http://www.ghpg.net/ctc/musicfromplanetmarsh.html

David: yeah, that sucks chris, i feel your pain!

Brad: Thanks, I'll have to check it out

chrisloeb: Tony, how are you!

David: oh and the FFF samples are here http://www.ghpg.net/freakflagflyin.html

Shirean: Hi Tony

chrisloeb: Good to see you!

David: hi Tony

tony g: fine christian nice to meet you hello everyone

tony g: how are you all

David: there's a big soccer match in Europe today, so a lot of Euro friends might be absent, although Chris is here

chrisloeb: keeping an eye on the Champions League final

tony g: FFF coming out soon?

David: haha, we were just talk'in about that

chrisloeb: and it doesn't look good (always the pessimist)

David: at the upcoming Euro shows for now

tony g: cool i really dont know anything about soccer other than the fact that the rest of the world loves it


tony g: too bad

tony g: i have to hope for hughes iommi

chrisloeb: still not very popular in the US, huh - your team did pretty well in the last World Cup!

tony g: i think England is going to play here

tony g: there was some talk of Beckham

David: yeah, but Beckham isn't showing up I don't think....

chrisloeb: this will probably an exhibition game

tony g: one day ill sit down and look at it and figure it out

David: His club team insist he has to be in their training camp or something....

David: Anyway, we just got the promo of Iommi/Hughes the other day, oh boy, it's HUGE !!

tony g: cool

David: Everything Glenn promised it would be.

chrisloeb: the samples were excellent

David: 3 or 4 songs stood out immediately and the rest took a couple of spins to really appreciate.

tony g: i know he can play with anyone

tony g: i like them all

chrisloeb: makes you compile a dream setlist for the Tour in your head too....

David: I would say it's more of an Iommi album unlike DEP which I thought of as more of a Hughes outing.

David: There are at least 6 new songs I'd like to hear live!!

tony g: i have to hope that they come here

chrisloeb: that 3 or 4 things happened to me with the Soul Sirkus album

Brad: Any news on that Iommi Hughes tour?

David: I think it will happen tony, not too worry, but not sure if it'll be this year, but fingers crossed.

tony g: wasnt DEP like a work in progress?

chrisloeb: David, which 6 on your list?

tony g: i know in the winter its cool

David: Wasted Again, Resolution Song, Grace, What Your're Living For, Face Your Fear, The Spell and I Go Insane

David: oops, that's 7 !! Maybe Grace could be cut....

chrisloeb: hope that Grace is not reading this

David: then 3 each from 7th Star and DEP....no Purple or Sabbath please!!

tony g: Dopamine is my song iommi guitar idea with glenns vocal idea

tony g: watch for that ax David

David: Yeah I know, but Grace is a song that's more more about a state of mind than a person, so don't mind saying "cut"!


chrisloeb: from the old ones , I'd love to hear Danger Zone, Heart Like A Wheel and Angry Heart - oh and Seventh Star, of course

Shirean: Saviour Of The Real is my current favorite

tony g: maybe some with tony martin if at all

tony g: i have a dvd that i like

David: I'd like NOT to hear stuff we've heard recently, like Seventh Star and No Stranger To Love....this is going to be a rare tour, so bring on all the songs we haven't heard before live.....that's my hope anyways!!

David: of course, everyone has a different opinion on that

chrisloeb: CL Final will go into over time, 2x15 mins. now - still at 3:3

David: oh boy....time for a slash and another round (everyone's thinking down pub)

tony g: iommi guitar all turned up with glenns voice will kick ass

David: it will Tony....Glenn is in very different voice on Fused.....similar in vein to the last Voodoo Hill album.

chrisloeb: yeah, but I think, they will still do Seventh Star. Me too, I always like to hear rare songs, even bits of it at live concerts, yet that rarely happens

tony g: i know i read that iommi will play songs that he feels he must play for his fans

chrisloeb: I put the Voodoo Hill Cd away after two listens and played it again a month agao - again two times. Now I like it.

David: yeah chris, of course they'll do those ones, but there's no harm in hoping for something different, it's like when You Keep On Moving or Mistreated is brought out everytime.....good to hear them, but could quiet easily pass on them too......know what I mean?

tony g: once again another example of the creative genius of glenn hughes

chrisloeb: sure. Things like Medusa or Seafull on SLITCOA were a very welcome addition!

David: To clarify.....I'm not saying it's like the last Voodoo Hill at all, just that Glenn's 100-mph vocals are full on, which we last heard on that Voodoo Hill album.....so you won't be disappointed.....kinda like a 21st Century edition of 7th Star

tony g: i truly believe he could work with just about anyone and come up with something ggreat

chrisloeb: sorry, that was just a side note

David: Oh yeah, those 2 Trapeze songs - I will never tire of live...he performs them just a little differently each time, that make them still sound so fresh, just love it! And JJ is right there with him each time...great stuff.

tony g: cool

tony g: David still the same on jj website?

David: As far as I know it's still a work in progress....

tony g: damn, ok

tony g: this time im going to count the times iommi's guitar feeds back

tony g: end of the soccer game guys?

chrisloeb: not yet - still over time, still 3:3

chrisloeb: I hope they don't have to decide this in penalties, that's always a tragedy

chrisloeb: David, thanks for the two Video Clips (No Stranger and Pieces) - I hadn't seen Pieces before, only snippets of it in the MTV Special

David: yeah, sound quality wasn't too good on 'Pieces' but it the video itself is cool.

tony g: ok i need to see a glenn hughes concert!!!!!!!!


David: with some luck we might see him this year in one form or another Stateside...

chrisloeb: David, you were at least at one of the Emerson/Bonilla/Hughes shows, right?

tony g: that would be cool too

David: Yeah, Shirean and I went to the Santa Cruz & San Francisco gigs....

David: Ed Roth was on keys

Chip: Hi everyone.

tony g: probably hughes iommi

David: Hi Chip

tony g: hi Chip

Shirean: Hello Chip - Is it HOT enough for you out Arizona way!?!?

chrisloeb: Hi Chip

Chip: Oh yeah...plenty hot!!

tony g: send some this way

chrisloeb: Ed Roth in Mark Bonilla's band (Dragon Choir?)

David: yep.....

chrisloeb: I didn't know that

David: Don't know if he did any studio albums wiith Bonilla but he was playing those 2 shows we saw....

chrisloeb: I have a pretty good audience recording of the Santa Cruz show, simply stunning - an official release would be much better, of course

David: Review etc is here http://www.ghpg.net/mbsf98.html and the LA gig is also here http://www.ghpg.net/mbla98.html

chrisloeb: I'm already checking the CDs: Keys on EE Ticket are handled by Bonilla, Keith Emerson and Kevin Gilbert (R.I.P.)

tony g: great what stopped them together guys? was it just an experiment?

David: Santa Cruz gig had all the hippies in the house for Emerson, not sure what they made of Glenn, although there were quite a few of us GH fans there too. He was big up here due to Hughes/Thrall and of course, Purple.

chrisloeb: yes I read your comments about ELP being big in the Bay Area

tony g: here too

David: I think Bonilla found his niche in soundtracks, TV+film scores.....not sure though....

Shirean: You can hear me scream on that one, I was after an Addiction song

chrisloeb: but Big Daddy gets a lot of applause for his unbelievable vocal vs. Hammond solo in Tarkus

chrisloeb: sorry Tony, writing away, not looking

tony g: i wish i could hear that

David: The SF "Tarkus" performance was truly remarkable....you can hear snippets on that page I just posted tony....

tony g: thank you David

chrisloeb: Tony, send me a PM

tony g: ok christian

tony g: why did they stop playing together?

chrisloeb: Ed Roth's not on American Matador either

chrisloeb: one of the eternal questions

David: must have just done the live shows then.....

chrisloeb: Emerson was supposed to do an Album with Rick Wakeman, many guest musicians included

chrisloeb: Glenn Hughes

chrisloeb: John Sykes

chrisloeb: Wakeman mentioned at one point that Emerson already had recorded a version of Tarkus with Glenn Hughes on vocals - that remains a mystery

tony g: with rick wakeman? that would have been interesting to hear

chrisloeb: yeah definitely - my keyboard hero

David: Bye Brad!

chrisloeb: unfortunately this seems to have been put on hold. Just like Hughes/Thrall 2

David: it'll probably show up in a few years....afterall, we have so much coming out from Glenn to keep us all busy until then!

tony g: i know you never know whats going to happen

chrisloeb: an unbelievable save from Dudek (Liverpool's goalie)

David: still 3:3 ?

chrisloeb: yes, still 3:3

tony g: everyone needs to keep some kind of nestegg

chrisloeb: and it's a fact that the fans always demand more than is actually possible to handle at a time, so things are being pushed back

Shirean: And Glenn is the "Master" at that!


tony g: everyone needs a source of steady income

Chip: Just when we forget about these old projects...they'll come out.

chrisloeb: free kick for Liverpool now - this could be it

chrisloeb: oh nooooo - it's penalties

chrisloeb: Milan's goalie Dida (from Brazil) made three saves last time!

tony g: penalties can decide a match?

chrisloeb: unfortunately, yes

tony g: damm

David: well, at least we know where Glenn is right now....sat back watching the football

chrisloeb: I guess so

tony g: i just thought of that just now

tony g: he is still with iommi in europe?

Chip: I'm sure he's wishing he was watching the wolves though.

chrisloeb: sorry - I'm off for 10 mins

David: no, he' s back now, but leaves for Europe shortly

tony g: so you know where he is right now?

tony g: i dont like vh1 to much but it wil be great to see him on it

tony g: i hope this whole iommi thing really brings him over the top here

David: i'm sure we'll see him over here

Chip: Yes, I hope G gets a lot of US exposure.

tony g: i love my country but it is beyond dissapointing to me how real musicians are sometimes treated here

David: yeah, it's a sorry situation. There's such a monopoly to all aspects of the industry here, at least in Europe, although it's also hard, at least there are more options available.....

tony g: glenn should be able to tour across america to good crowds no problem but without backing?

tony g: monopoly is right


David: final score?

tony g: but enough soapbox positive thoughts are always better

chrisloeb: 4:2 in penalties

chrisloeb: a crazy, crazy match

David: cool - hopefully will catch the highlights over here...

chrisloeb: so our friends from the UK will probably not join us here...

David: there not Villa, but it's always good to see an English team win when playing in Europe

Chip: Do you get Fox Soccer Channel David? I'm sure it will be on there. I think it was pay per view today.

tony g: which one did you want to win chris?

David: yeah, Fox will show the highlights later I'm sure...

chrisloeb: I was neutral, really. I'm more an observer than a fan

tony g: David, are you from england?

David: Yes, but been here 20+ years...

tony g: cool i thought maybe but didnt know how to ask till now

tony g: so when glenn goes to england its like a trip home for you too that sounds great

David: exactly...

tony g: Shirean too?

David: No, she's from here (SF), but obviously it's like a second home to her too....

tony g: sounds great to me

David: it was cool, we had Chip over in the UK this past February....he finally got his wallet out

Chip: My wallet's still empty.

tony g: i wish mine was more full let me tell you

Chip: I'm already itching to go back. We had a great time over there.

tony g: i would be going to the Netherlands next month

David: maybe we won't have to stray too far from home sometime this year

tony g: i bet you did

tony g: i know

Chip: Yeah, I think this year between the Iommi and gigs with Chad, shouldn't have to travel too far.

David: yeah, those lucky folks are in for a real treat, especially on that second show in Holland....

chrisloeb: I wish I had time to go to Holland - but then again - I don't travel to gigs anymore...

tony g: i know it would be great to see glenn with chad

tony g: i still feel for you on that one christian

chrisloeb: and the football match in Sofia is probably the most unusual gig

David: think it's the day after the last day of the season...it's in a stadium....

tony g: hey, their paying right?

chrisloeb: oh, I thought it was the match first and then the concert?

David: maybe Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot) will make an appearance...it's more or less in his backyard!

David: you might be right chris.....i'm not sure....

tony g: damm im depressed again

chrisloeb: and the new drummer from Sweden who looks like Zakk Wylde btw

David: i was very impress with the 2 Plankton albums, they're on a US label - Grooveyard Records.....the new 'live' drummer is with that band.

David: You should definitely try and pick'em up.....

tony g: scene

tony g: cool

Chip: I have one of those Plankton albums...very good.

tony g: easy to get Chip?

David: that new one by Swede, Tomas Bodin sounds like it mght be good too....with JJ on guitar....think it's out next month.....

Chip: I got mine off of eBay. Not sure I've ever seen them in stores though.

chrisloeb: I'll try - I have tracked down the most unusual releases in the past

chrisloeb: Tomas Bodin's first two were excellent - very PROG

tony g: damm amazon uk then

tony g: cool

David: http://www.grooveyardrecords.com/planktonhumble.html

tony g: i want JJ cd bad

tony g: thanks for the link David

David: yeah, hopefully it'll be made available soon..

David: here's the other link to their first album....

David: http://www.grooveyardrecords.com/plankton.html

chrisloeb: are they anything like Firebird?

tony g: the sound of his guitar on the samples is great to me

David: it took about 3 or 4 days from the time I ordered it.

tony g: ok

David: more bluesy and guitar oriented than Firebird....but equally good.

David: Firebird are supposedly working on their next record, have gone thru some personnel changes recently, which is why there is a delay....but maybe by year's end.....from what I understand.

chrisloeb: I really enjoyed their first album, the yellow one I mean

tony g: firebird? thats a new one on me

David: ahh...more music to checkout tony - you can pickup their albums at Amazon.com

David: http://www.firebirdhome.co.uk/

tony g: i always like to hear something new

Chip: Still have the Firebird video link David?

tony g: with real musicians on it

David: ummm..yeah, there's a couple in the Fan Forum isn't there.....

David: Here 'ya go

David: http://fanforum.ghpg.net/showpost.ph...33&postcount=1

David: and one another

David: http://fanforum.ghpg.net/showpost.ph...37&postcount=5

tony g: great

tony g: ill be looking at that

David: these links will be in the transcript....so don't worry if you didn't jot them down

chrisloeb: the contents of this board (and site) are infinite - that's so great

tony g: i know this is my favorite place on the whole web

David: yeah.... "Search" is your friend as I always say....we've tried thinking of ways to make things more accessible, but yes, we have been lucky to gather a lot of stuff....

Chip: I don't visit a lot of sites...but this one is definitely the best I've ever seen. Glad to be a part of it.

David: Thanks guys....

tony g: first thing i come home from work i look to see what on here

Chip: Me too tony.

chrisloeb: Me too. And during the last two weeks even more often than that

tony g: its easy for me thats why i like it

chrisloeb: it's really excellent.

tony g: not to knock glenns site but this is easier for me

tony g: id like to get graces axe and cut that ass that did that to glenns site

chrisloeb: yeah, those things make you feel really uncomfortable. Strange people out there.... better don't think too much about it

David: it wasn't "personal" - that hack has been doing the rounds....they were more likely targeting the hosting company vs. GH or Fedor - but that hosting company should have really "patched" the board months prior ..... so there bad.

tony g: prison is the only answer i can think of for them

tony g: i know it just isnt right to me

chrisloeb: maybe they were only testing those hosts?

David: they're just punk kids, bored with nothin' else to do....not a lot you can do....the trick is to keep everthing up-to-date.....sometimes it's a pain, but the day you don't do it.....you get hit....we found that out the hard way when we first started out and ever since, have kept things tight.

chrisloeb: sorry, I'm starting to think about it - and reading too much Dan Brown

tony g: anti virus stuff is essential

David: that's the least of it tony!

David: we switched to Macs last year and haven't regretted it one bit....

tony g: ive seen mine come on about 4 times and have breathed a sigh of relive each time

David: you pay as much for protection as you do for the damn PC....plus you have to do all the work....a Mac works out about the same price when you add-in all the PC extras....

tony g: iv always heard that about macs maybe one day

chrisloeb: I'm thinking about it too

David: I run a "virtual pc" on the Mac when I absolutely have to use a Windows program...so it's only a click away....but haven't clicked on it more than a couple of times so far

tony g: cool

tony g: damn

chrisloeb: I have a LAN connection - without a firewall I would be an easy prey...

David: that's a dangerous thing chris. hope you don't do any banking or purchases on that.....

tony g: you have a firewall right christian?

chrisloeb: I had my doubts to, but it has become very safe - and (knock on wood) - nothing ever happened so far.

chrisloeb: sure

tony g: cool

David: by the way, next month there won't be any formal "Monthly Chat".....next one will be in July......but we'll leave one of the rooms open should you want to see if anyone's visiting.....

tony g: ok

David: we should be all talking about Fused and hopefully some news of more gigs by then

tony g: fused kicks ass to me

chrisloeb: how long to go? is it 3 hours total? I thought it was just 2 - and it's already after midnight here

David: yeah, it's usually just for 2 hours - but we've all been yakking alot today - there's no limit, but we like folks to show up in a reasonably timely manner....so it's good to have some structure

tony g: i already liked tony iommi so it should be a great way to see glenn

David: as I said before, you won't be disapointed tony...it's the heaviest bass playing I think I've heard from Glenn....the drumming is awesome too. It's all good

tony g: i really enjoy glenns bass playing

David: H'll be going thru picks like crazy when they play live!!

Chip: Time for me to bail out of here. It was nice "talking" to you guys. Take care everyone.

Shirean: Bye Chip

chrisloeb: bye Chip

tony g: and of course he is talented enough to sing great at the same time

David: ok Chip......talk to you in July.....keep cool

chrisloeb: Glenn has always been underrated as a bass player

tony g: bye Chip

Chip: Later, guys.

chrisloeb: Just check him out play during Jon Lord's solo at California Jam - that's soooooo groovy - and so heavy. Not talkin' bout the hair

tony g: i remember watching it when it first came out

Shirean: Who won the match Chris?

chrisloeb: then in the 80s, I thought his playing became a little boring. Well, even John Wetton's playing became boring in the Eighties

chrisloeb: Liverpool 4:2 in penalties, Shirean


tony g: chris everything he did then got messed up

chrisloeb: didn't GH mention, that he began to take lessons again in the Nineties then

chrisloeb: Tony, I like the first Asia album - too much tension in the band ever to produce a proper follow up though

tony g: i got into listening to the bass by listening to chris squire

chrisloeb: and too much pressure from the record company

tony g: i liked the first asia too

chrisloeb: Here Comes The Feeling - a great song

chrisloeb: where were we?

tony g: heat of the moment for me

tony g: see all my music is in europe

David: Asia just played the UK in March with Barclay James Harvest in support....

chrisloeb: for me that's not Asia anymore. Hasn't been in 15 years. Wetton/Downes/Palmer is Asia

chrisloeb: it's going off topic again....

tony g: ha ha

chrisloeb: nice sound

tony g: this is another thing i like about this site people from all over the world can talk about cool music

tony g: great sound

Shirean: Yes indeed

chrisloeb: sorry, the clock says 0:30 - I'll have to leave for today. Tony, I'll send an e-mail soon - have you sent a PM? It was great talking to all of you - have a nice day in the US - talk to you later! See you soon! Bye

Shirean: Bye Chris, take care

tony g: ill send it soon chris great to meet you hope to talk to you soon

David: Ok bye Chris, thanks for stopping by....

tony g: damm 12:30 in Austria hes going to feel like hell tommorow

David: Think he said he was sick, so he's probalby off work for a few days!

tony g: thats too bad but some rest is always cool

David: Well, i guess it's time we close things out for this month. As I mentioned before, the next Monthly CHAT will be in July....Wednesday, July 27th to be exact....usual time....1:00PM-3:00PM PST

Shirean: Take it easy tony - glad you made the chat.

tony g: ok great to talk to you all im glad i got to get here this time

David: With some luck we'll have plenty of new stuff to talk about.....maybe a Fused listening party is in order

tony g: cool

tony g: bye guys

Shirean: Bye for now!

David: CHAT with you then
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" "Grace" should be cut."
"Uhhhhh, "Grace" is more a song about
a state of mind rather than a person."

Nice try, David.

So Shirean.........Where do you want the
"Harrison Soup"..... after certain popular body
parts get put in the blender, and pureed?
(Standard operating procedure.)
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Hello Grace,

Oh no...I guess David didn't learn his lesson after insulting the Italian meatballs....now he better grow eyes in the back of his head.....the better to watch for that swinging axe my dear!

C'mon now...he didn't say that YOU should be cut....it was really just a state of mind he was referring to....seriously...Now wait....put the axe down and step away from the computer....you don't to do anything rash....oh oh


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Originally Posted by captmidnite1962


I'll have you know, sir, that I never THWACK. Actually, you'll never hear me......heh, heh, heh.
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Glad that you had a chuckle........

(Actually, LOUD LAUGHTER from the victim
muffles approaching sounds quite well.)

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