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Old May-24-2009, 10:26 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - May 24th, 2009

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - May 24th, 2009

David: Good Afternoon/Evening everyone, welcome to the Monthly CHAT

Shirean: Hi everyone

Paul J: Hi All. How are you all

mahalata: Hey! How are you? Hice to be here!

Shirean: Doing good

Paul J: New thing for me!

David: Hi PaulJ, welcome. We're trying out this new CHAT format, hopefully it'll
work out, as it ties in with the site so much better than the earlier version, although it's not as feature laden, so it's definitely a trade off

David: Hi mahalata

mahalata: It's working for now

David: You can click on the pull down arrow next to the word "CHAT" above, so make this window a little bigger....if that helps

Paul J: Should work just fine David, if i can work out how to do it, so can all!

David: Thanks, pleased to hear it

mahalata: Yeah! The bigger, the better

Paul J: Not long now till the Glenn weekend!! looking forward to it! have missed Glenn on his last tours

Shirean: I'll see you there

Paul J: think it will be a big GH.com gathering

mahalata: I can't believe that it's been 1 week since we saw Glenn live

Paul J: my greatest experience was seeing Glenn live for the first time on the
'From Now On' tour in '94 in Glasgow in this poky club called The Cathouse

Paul J: looking forward to two completely different sets

Shirean: Me too. I keep on asking David what Trapeze songs Glenn will be doing.

David: Time flies mahalata

Paul J: Not that big a catalogue! Could do most of Medusa and You Are The Music!!

mahalata: Haha

David: You won't be disappointed Paul J

mahalata: Yes, indeed...

David: You going to Childline Rocks on the Monday?

Paul J: Dont think i've ever been disappointed by a Glenn show. Not managing the Childline rocks.

David: Yeah, can't make it either, but sounds like it'll be good, although a Purple heavy set I think.

Paul J: The saturday set should be interesting as well as i get the impression it wont just be the FUNK set list again.

Paul J: Dont know how you two manage to travel so often far and wide to follow Glenn

David: Air miles ... really We couldn't manage it without 'em!

mahalata: I'm looking forward to seeing the whole Stormbringer performed live

mahalata: Glenn told that it's possible some day to do it... and why not Come Taste The Band after that

Paul J: Listen to FUNK and Stormbringer together, great stuff

David: A little bit of everything, minus Trapeze PaulJ

David: Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it mahalata

Paul J: I,m not really that fussed, any setlist will be ok with me!

mahalata: Yesterday I listened to the 35th anniversary Stormbringer. It sounds very polished and sharp.


mahalata: Haha! I hope so, David

David: Glenn's off to the UK this week in preparation for the following week, should have a video message from him in between though

mahalata: By the way, David, I suspect that you have more information from Glenn than you usually share with us

David: Me...no

Paul J: Was interested to hear Glenn say that all the music is written for next album. Would start lyrics soon. Wonder what style to expect next.

Paul J: David you are such a tease!! Any special guests??

David: Let's just say Childline Rocks should be a good one this time around

David: More FUNK than FUNK, but there's a ways too go before then, but should be a good one...should be out in Spring of '10 with any luck.

mahalata: I hope the next album would be something like The Way it Is or Building the Machine.

Paul J: Seems to have a lot of live work. Is Glenn working with Nikola Kotzev on his next Rock Opera?

Paul J: Love this time around!!

David: Not sure on that PaulJ. The venues look pretty awesome for those 'Rhapsody In Rock' shows going on in Sweden in July/August. Wish I could make one.

Paul J: Not sure that you can get Funkier than FUNK unless you get James Brown!!


Paul J: Would like him to really explore that Prince/ Monkey Business style sometime

David: Personally, I think he's reached a point, where special guests are a distraction, as the music and live show is of such high calibre these days...

David: Yeah, I hear 'ya on that PaulJ, you never know...

Paul J: Just think that it really lets his voice stand out. He is really on fire these days

mahalata: Yes Paul J

mahalata: To tell you the truth I was a little bit concerned about the state of
his voice before the concerts here. But he was better than ever.

mahalata: It's really unbelievable

Paul J: Seems to be having a ball as well!!

David: Just pleased he managed to get over his annual cold while at home and not on the road!

mahalata: Yes... don't tell me. I'm currently having a terrible cold and I already want to kill someone.

mahalata: But Glenn's fine now as I know

Paul J: Would not have been good to have it for the Weekend Robin Shows!! Remind me, its Jeff, Steve and Anders for the shows?

David: The band's on fire. You'll be well impressed with Steve Stephens on drums PaulJ. He's not Chad Smith, but a close second and his style suits the FUNK material down to a tee!!

David: That's right PaulJ.

Paul J: Hoped to see Chad with Glenn, think it was the Soul Mover or Love and Home Coming tour but didn't happen.

David: M4TD tour was the first outing...

David: The 3 shows I saw here Stateside in March were the best I've seen that line-up of the band. Talk about impressed!

Paul J: Haven't really seen too much of Jeff so that will be interesting.

mahalata: Jeff is a really cool guy and great guitar player

mahalata: You'll like it

mahalata: I had heard him only in Cosmosquad before the shows here, didn't know what to expect, but I was impressed.

Paul J: Is there any reason why has reverted to one guitarist as oppsed to the two that had used recently

David: I think it's simply because the more recent material doesn't require it live.

mahalata: I don't have any idea.

Paul J: Yeah seems reasonable, and he is also using his Bass as a lead guitar half of the time!!

mahalata: Hahaha

David: Plus he's playing a tune on guitar himself these days!

Paul J: Would be nice to hear Paicey on Glenns albums as his style really would suit his current direction

mahalata: It was nice chatting with you guys but I have to go to bed because it's late here and I'm going to work tomorrow. It sucks but it's the way it is

Paul J: Take care, have a good sleep!!

David: OK, thanks for stopping by mahalata


David: Well hopefully some others will make an appearance at somepoint today. I should say, most folks turn-up towards the end. Not sure why, but that's how it usually goes!

Paul J: Yeah, may pop away and get a drink and re visit later!

David: OK, will be here until 6:00PM EDT (11:00PM GMT).

mahalata: Errrr... David, can you send me the chat log via PM if it turns into something interesting?

Paul J: Cheers David. The new chat works well. Can't say was better than the old as never managed to use that

David: They'll be the usual transcript posted either later today or in the morning, so you won't miss anything!

David: The other one had more bells & whistles, but wasn't as easily integrated into the site, so I thought we'd try this one out for a while or forever, depending how it works out

wolfysmith: hi everyone, just got back from a day trip

David: Hi Paul

wolfysmith: what have i missed so far?

David: Was just talking about upcoming and past gigs, band members etc.

David: Another Paul is here, but stepped away for a mo!

wolfysmith: i guess the hot topic is the Robin2 gigs. U and Shirean all geared up for them David?

David: The recent Bulgarian gigs and Childline Rocks too. But yes, Bilston gigs were mentioned We get into Wolverhampton Friday afternoon, leave Monday lunchtime!

trapezoid: Hi Folks

wolfysmith: yeah, if Childline was a weekend show i would go. especially now Thunder are on the bill.

wolfysmith: hi trapezoid

David: Hi trapezoid

trapezoid: Hi Paul. Lucky u going 2 robin2!

wolfysmith: twice

David: Had we known before we booked out plane tix, probably would of gone, since we're based in London when there, but it was too late Oh well, missed it last year too!
trapezoid: Hi David, sorry late busy day.

David: No worries trapezoid, pleased you could make it Hope this new format is throwing you too much

trapezoid: Hope some one can film Trapeze show.

David: I'm sure something will show up somewhere

wolfysmith: David, i just want to mention your Villa lads putting Newcastle down today. nice to see the smile wiped off Shearer's smug face.

trapezoid: No, David its good can enlarge the type

David: About bloody time we got a result!!

David: To make the viewing area a little bigger, you can click the down arrow pull-down (just above)....and choose Full-Size...

trapezoid: Oh yeah! Now we're talkin'!

David: Cool thing about this is you can see who is on the Fan Forum, but choose not to say "Hello"

trapezoid: Can see now without my glasses, cool

wolfysmith: yeah, like TODD!!!!

David: Yeah, I didn't want to mention any names, but TODD, yeah

wolfysmith: and you can change colours of the text

trapezoid: The fan ranks just keep increasing. That is great

trapezoid: Where is color switch?

David: Yeah, as far online goes...Facebook and Twitter are slowly surpassing his numbers on MySpace.

wolfysmith: underneath the word CHAT. next to the Bold

David: Color choice is next to the "B" for bold button on left side, click on it and a pull down of assorted colors will appear. Take your pick!!

David: There's brief video demo posted right now that will give you the highlights...and you can go back and watch it whenever you have the time.

trapezoid: OhhhkeeDokee, got it - Thanks

wolfysmith: facebook seems more popular amongst my friends and workmates than myspace.

trapezoid: Red is my favorite, must b St. Louis influence

David: That's ok trapezoid

trapezoid: Yeah I saw that demo, David

wolfysmith: im afraid i gotta cut this one short as Match of The Day starts in a minute.

David: No worries Paul. Thanks for stopping by, see you soon

wolfysmith: i look forward to meeting you both again soon David. have a safe journey over.

trapezoid: Paul have a great time at Robin 2 twice

wolfysmith: goodnight chaps

David: Bye for now

David: Mentioned earlier, Glenn is off to the UK this week, but should have a new video message from him in between now and the upcoming gigs!

trapezoid: David, I read that Glenn is over that cold.

David: Almost. He'll be good to go by the time of the next batch of gigs for sure
David: Just pleased he was able to recover at home vs. on the road.

trapezoid: Good news, alot of us rootin' 4 a great Trapeze show at robin2

David: Yeah, from what I know of the set list it will be a very special evening.

trapezoid: Ya gonna site see while in UK?

David: I'm from there originally, so usually just catch up with family & old friends mainly.

trapezoid: Thats cool. I lived out of this area 4 a time, and its good 2 be back with family

David: Shirean and I move too often, we're trying to get out of that habit, but haven't found the right spot yet!

trapezoid: Some thing about home, the soil the air, dunnoh

trapezoid: I've got 2 order Luis' new one also. Been 2 busy

David: It's a really impressive debut release. Haven't seen them live yet, but from clips I've seen, they certainly can pull things off just as well live. It'll be
released on CD and Vinyl on June 9th...right now it's a download only purchase.

chrisloeb: Evening all...

trapezoid: Good, I have 2 have the CD 4 home and truck

David: Hi Christian...hope this new format doesn't throw you off too much

trapezoid: Right now I'm bouncing back and forth FUNK/Fused

David: A real fan then

chrisloeb: No, it doesn't. I just getting used to it. Been reading the last couple of messages to see what's the topic!

trapezoid: Howdy Chris

chrisloeb: Hey trapezoid! There are 24 Lurkers at the site right now, so Hi
to them as well

trapezoid: Howdy Lurkers

trapezoid: Do spiders see this?

David: Yeah, lurkers can view but not post. All they need do is Register to join in!

David: Depends on how high their web is

chrisloeb: Are you coming to the Robin shows, trapezoid?

trapezoid: Hey Lurkers, the water's fine


chrisloeb: Less than 2 weeks 'til The Robin shows...

trapezoid: Wish I could, 2 darn busy @ work. Good thing/ bad thing

David: Will be a special one for sure!

trapezoid: Keep them DVR's rollin'

chrisloeb: I wonder if there are any plans to film the Trapeze set.


chrisloeb: And what about the afternoon films on Sunday!?

chrisloeb: Somebody's got to get these out to Chip!

David: From what I understand they are Super 8 home movies (no sound)....but I'm sure they've been spiced up a bit for presentation purposes

trapezoid: For sure on that, Chris!

chrisloeb: Live Commentary?

David: There you go Chris!

chrisloeb: Are you and Shirean coming over earlier, David?

David: Get into town on the Friday afternoon.

chrisloeb: Same here. I'll PM you later.

trapezoid: It was nice 2 touch bases with ya. Hoping all have a great time at UK shows.

David: Thanks trapezoid. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be plenty for you to see & hear post show

trapezoid: Thx David


chrisloeb: Well that's about it for tonight, is it?

chrisloeb: Bye trapezoid, see you!

trapezoid: chris

David: Yeah, Christian, we had a couple of others join in earlier, but you'll see
the transcript tomorrow for what you missed

David: The next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, June 28th at the usual time.

chrisloeb: See you, David - this time for real! Bye for now!

David: Yeah, no more virtual....just reality


David: See you soon

chrisloeb: yeah... and (where's the smiley with the two beers...)


chrisloeb: yeah, that! See you!

David: Bye for now...
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Originally Posted by Webmaster View Post
chrisloeb: Somebody's got to get these out to Chip!

Christian...that's the most intelligent thing I've ever heard you say

Yes, I expect loads of audio and videos from these shows Something official would be nice also. With this new Alive Drive feature starting up, it shouldn't be too hard to keep up with live shows. This is going to be great.

I'm going to miss seeing all of you at the weekend shows. Normally I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

Sorry about missing the chat today. The wife and I were out checking on the progress of our new house and didn't make it home in time. I was looking forward to seeing the new chat format.

See ya next month.

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Ok, I'm busted! Yes, I cruised onto the site for a minute or three during the chat...and then cruised back out because I had somewhere to be and didn't figure my wife would want to wait for me while I engaged in a chat.

David, is there a "Black Sheep" icon that I should be using when I post?


PS Thanks for coughing up my name so readily, Paul!
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Originally Posted by toadsterama View Post
Ok, I'm busted!

PS Thanks for coughing up my name so readily, Paul!

My pleasure Todd!

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Old May-28-2009, 2:57 PM
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.....Todd, you should be glad you're not being charged with a more serious crime. Otherwise, with the defense you're presenting here, you'd surely be headed for the electric chair. I'm putting on my glasses to protect me from the sparks...

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If the truth is no defense, I guess I'll have to ride the lightning

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Old May-30-2009, 2:25 PM
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I was sleeping..no really!

Working nights sucks....I always work Saturday night and I was asleep and woke up at about 6 o'clock...I got home from work later than usual in the morning and slept through the festivities!

Trust me...I am seriously thinking about a change of venue and employer!

No I haven't gone to ground...I do love that expression....just a bit distracted!

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Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


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