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Old Jul-21-2004, 4:45 PM
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CHAT transcript - July 21st, 2004

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - July 21st, 2004

David: Hi Kat

Kat: Howdy David

Kat: How's things?

David: Good

David: Trying to enjoy the Summer!

Kat: too hot here LOL

David: yeah, it's been toasty here too the past week or so...

Kat: I'm ready for winter already LOL

Kat: any news on the other web site coming back up?

David: Nope, although I'm sure it will be soon. Now Glenn is back home, I'm sure it will be sorted out.

Kat: good

Kat: is the busy man going to be home for awhile to relax?

David: he menioned that August/September would probably be his rest period

Kat: that's good, some quality time with Gabi, they have both been working so hard

Kat: gee where is everyone today?

David: Enjoying the sunshine, no doubt!! As you know, most folks, for whatever reason, like to show up fashionably late!

Kat: true, being one who is always early is my curse LOL


Kat: If I'm not running a half hour early for something, I feel like I'm late

Kat: will you be joining Shirean for those Heart shows coming up?

David: Yes indeed. We're still 'kinda of bummed though, as originally BolinFest was supposed to be this week and then they changed the dates to the end of the month....which clash with the Heart dates....so we'll miss out on GH, but she made travel plans for us etc way back in March, so not a lot we can do....she's very excited as on one of them she gets a backstage pass and will meet them!

Kat: that sucks about the date change for Bolin Fest, but awesome for the Heart stuff

Kat: I thought she has met them?

Kat: Bolin Fest sounds like a great batch of shows, wishing I could attend

David: yeah, she's met them before, last time was in 1999, if I remember right! So it's been a while.

David: It'll be interesting to see what he plays on the Friday night when Tesla are headlining.

Kat: ohhh cool

David: What with Gary and George present, it might give them the opportunity to play some songs that haven't been given an airing in sometime....we'll see.

Kat: yes, that would be great for those at the show

David: so can you believe Chad has seen over 2 million people since we saw him in April !!!!

David: mind-boggling!!

Kat: LOL

Kat: I didn't know concerts could still have that kind of draw these days, good for them

David: x $50+ a head....that's a few spare tires for his Harley

Kat: hehe

Kat: he does love that Harley

Kat: hopefully his fans will recognize his work with Glenn in a similar way

Kat: get more calls for US shows with their work together

David: well hopefully the promoters will highlight his name heavily on the front cover of the DVD & CD...we've had contact with quite a few Chili Peppers fans over the past few months, so hopefully if even only a few of them buy them, it should elevate his name in the right circles.

Kat: the more the merrier LOL

David: but we also have the new album next year which will help and might well be the one that does it - since Chad plays on all the songs

David: Hi Grace

Grace: ho everybody.

Kat: hi Grace, wolfy

Wolfysmith: hi all, what have i missed

Grace: I didn't think that I could make it in time, but I finagled things around and here I am...

Kat: I was beginning to wonder if anyone else would be in

Kat: just me and David chatting

Kat: good to see you made it in Grace

Grace: what have we missed, what are you talking about?

Wolfysmith: took a while to get lucy to sleep as its so hot here at night at the moment.

David: hi Wolfysmith

Kat: we just chatted a bit about Glenn and Chad

Kat: and how is the little darling wolfy?

Grace: take good care of OUR GHCP BABY!!!!!

David: you haven't missed much, so far it's a quiet Summer afternoon

Wolfysmith: Grace, i know i said i'd mail you ages ago but i REALLY WILL. honest.

Grace: as long as you post LOTS of pictures

Wolfysmith: just changed companies for the second time this year so all over the place!

Grace: here on the website, so we can all enjoy that cute little potato

Wolfysmith: i've got something better than that planned for you Grace. No, im not sending you an axe. LOL

Kat: lol

Grace: already got an ax, I want pictures!!!!!

Wolfysmith: David, are there any exclusives you can reveal about the DVD?

Wolfysmith: Grace, my personal courier may be delivering something to you soon!!!!!

David: it's out in September

Kat: lol

David: Hi Shirl

Wolfysmith: around the same time as the Burn reissue

Kat: hi Shirl

Wolfysmith: hi Shirl

Shirl: Hi all

David: 7 days before in fact....

Shirl: not here for long - been laid up with labyrinthitis but missed last two sessions so ...

Wolfysmith: its the remixes i really want to hear

Shirl: no doubt everyone's talking about the DVD

Grace: personal courier .....oops, that sounds dangerous to me

Shirl: Wolfy - sent you a couple of emails recently - you received them?

Wolfysmith: Thanks for your mail Shirl. was intending to reply but a bit chaotic at the mo.

Grace: hey Shirl.....good to be "talking" to you

Shirl: you too, girlfriend x

Wolfysmith: yes got them at both addresses!

Shirl: nice one - so hope to hear from you soon

Shirl: family okay?

Grace: Shirl..I really need all of your e-mail addresses, and which one/ones aren't good anymore

Wolfysmith: So everyone, which song are you most looking forward to on the DVD?

Shirl: David - not been able to 'grill' the site recently - is Glenn coming over to the Uk before the year's end?

Wolfysmith: David. you were there. what stands out from memory?

David: maybe

Kat: all of em wolfy

Shirl: Grace - blueyonder is the regular one but for some reason won't let me attach stuff or open those sent so hotmail account is good for those

David: seriously....that's what we heard back in April....I'm sure we'll find out soon enough....

Shirl: I am SO excited for the release of the DVD - I'll be going 'ooh, there's Kat... and Chip... and Todd. Not many music DVDs where your friends are in the crowd!

Kat: most of what I remember was the stuff when the cameras were off LOL

Kat: hehe Shirl

David: with the DVD out, at the very least I'm sure he'll no doubt do a press tour in Europe.

Kat: lucky Europe!

Shirl: Kat et al - would you know if there's some extras on the DVD - where he's talking with you all, etc?

Wolfysmith: and lets hope jb's at least!

David: yeah, but you'll also see us wriggling about quite a bit.....

Shirl: I'd be quite happy just withe JBs - ace venue

Kat: I don't know, I only talked to him before and after

Grace: Shirl - when you get a chance, please send me everything typed out, so I can see what information I need to straighten out, OK?

Kat: I was part of the greeting team, but have to wait and see if it's on there

Shirl: oh, is that all Kat!

Shirl: no problem, Grace

Kat: but that was the only time the cameras were on that I know of

Shirl: I didn't realise that Kat

Kat: I was the third one to greet him as he "arrived" to the studio (all 3 times it was taped LOL!)

Grace: hey.....did anybody make a bootleg video of when the cameras were off?

Shirl: press tour ... so possibly November in the UK? I'm patient - don't mind when it is

Kat: yes it was

David: before Christmas!

Kat: as long as you have it to look forward to eh Shirl

David: you'll know when we know

Kat: not that I know of Grace

Shirl: yes - I know a few of you were getting stressed about the format. Evenif I couldn't play it for a while, it would take pride of place simply because it's Big Daddy. I'll have to get all you stars to autograph my copy!

Kat: who me? LOL!

David: we were lucky we could get cameas in, it was only after everyone was taking pix, that they said, Oh, ok then go ahead .....

Kat: lol

David: they ....being the director etc....Glenn and co didn't mind

Kat: I doubt you'll see much of me in the show part as I was in the doorway

Grace: does anybody know if this DVD is going to get a nice, big, fat publicity push like it deserves, and as Glenn deserves?

Shirl: hi David its Jennifer here. how are you and Shirean? hope you are well!

Kat: probably more of a push in Europe than the US

Shirl: love to you too Grace

David: hi Jennifer...yes, thanks doing ok....maybe see you before the end of the year

Wolfysmith: David, Bernie Marsden sold his last cd via his own site and autographed the first few hundred or so. Any chance of Glenn doing that ?

Kat: the US seems to be on the whatever the big companies are cramming down the throats of the masses and nothing else grip

David: did u not see the banner on the site

Kat: lol

Kat: I guess it will be up to us to promote it where we can once it's available

Shirl: that's an excellent idea Wolfy

Wolfysmith: obviously not! normally just go straight into the forum

David: we'd love to help in anyway we can, but we're not gh.com so i don't know - i'm sure they have plans.

Grace: or to put it another way.....will I be able to but this at Tower records, best buy, wal-mart, etc. etc. or just at rare, connoisseur-style record websites?

Shirl: if we have another promo flyer (like the one you sent us for LAHT) then we can stick them just about everywhere over here!

Kat: I expect to just find it on-line Grace

Kat: hi Chip

David: hi Chip

Shirl: Hi Chip! great to see you

Wolfysmith: i have to say gh.com is not that good a promotion tool for glenn.

Chip: Hi everyone...I almost forget about the Chat again.

David: we're in contact with Frontiers, so hopefully we'll get everything you need.

Kat: not now while it's not even on

Wolfysmith: check out cheap trick's site. loads of downloads of videos etc

Shirl: bought a new car recently and put the gh.com logo on the back window - must admit thought about putting the GHPG.net one there instead as the site offers so much - but want everyone to recognise his name

Chip: I check out gh.com everyday, but there's not a lot going on there.

Wolfysmith: you have the "latest news" before them David

Shirl: I check it out each day too, but this site is so active thanks to you know who

David: < "blush" >

Kat: lol

Wolfysmith: my lunch 10 minutes consists of GHPG and checking mail

Shirl: sorry everyone - not too well so will have to say goodnight.

Shirl: Much love to every one of you x

Kat: night Shirl

Wolfysmith: best wishes Shirl

David: ok Shirl, hope you get better soon, bye!

Grace: yeah, but when people buy a GH CD, it doesn't say....visit GHPG.net, it says visit GH.com, so it has to exist, or all of those CD liner notes are worthless

Chip: David, tell Shirean I finally won a GH shirt on eBay. So I guess I have to stop bugging her about stealing the other one from me a couple years ago!

Kat: lol

David: yeah, she spotted it too, but soon as she saw you bid on it, she let it go

Grace: take care of yourself Shirl.....(I know that you're already logged out, but when you read this tomorrow)

David: good price too!

Chip: Yeah, I real good price. I had another ghcp tell me they wanted it also, until they saw I had a bid on it.

Kat: that's nice of em

Wolfysmith: gh.com should be selling "official" merchandise for every album. there are so mant sites selling tshirts for bands but glenn hasnt got anything.

David: see how gracious we all are

Kat: lol

Kat: yes they should wolfy

Chip: Glenn and Gabi could make a killing off of some merchandise!

Kat: but at least we can get some here

Wolfysmith: my Addiction shirt is one of my most treasured possessions

Wolfysmith: thats what im saying Kat. David is doing more for glenn than his own site.

Chip: Is there a reason the merchandise on GHPG doesn't use glenn's name very often only his intitials?

Kat: good point wolfy

Grace: that's the one that was on baby Lucy. You're giving that to her when she graduates from college, right Wolfy?

David: We don't want to get sued!

David: It's not ours to use.....

Chip: Sued from record companies, etc. I guess?

Kat: too bad

Wolfysmith: you cant tell me that all those other sites out there pay Hendrix, led zep etc anything for their images

David: if they gave us there blessing, that's a different story, but we haven't approached them on it, because as you say, it's really the function of the official site.

Chip: Hi Capt.

Captmidnite1962: Good afternoon folks...

Captmidnite1962: I am up to my eyeballs in boxes..

David: but we know them they personally, that's the difference, we don't want to lose their friendship over a t-shirt

Wolfysmith: dont you ever discuss this with Glenn, David?

Captmidnite1962: I will get caught up here..

Kat: hello capt

Grace: t-shirts, Bill, or the lack of them, thereof

David: Yes, mainly Gabi, but so far it's not high on their list....maybe it'll change, but for now.....

David: hi Capt'n

Captmidnite1962: The great T-shirt war??

Wolfysmith: I am in the process of getting a shirt done with a digital pic i took of glenn at jb's. its my photo so my copyright!!!

Captmidnite1962: Hello..I am getting ready to move in 10 days...

David: that's right wolfy.

Captmidnite1962: What a mind bender!

Chip: Right on wolfy!! Make our own if we have to.

David: where to?

Grace: well, we never got an answer from Glenn about the possibility of using some of the great photographs from the fans, ALL OF WHOM would be thrilled to have their photograph on an officially approved by Glenn t-shirt

David: talking of t-shirts, we added some colour ones recently....

David: end of plug!!

Kat: lol

David: where u moving to Capt'n - somewhere warm?

Wolfysmith: Chip, were you at the Cambridge show for SITKOR? or was it another friend of David's i met?

David: that was Chuck from New Orleans, wolfy.....

Captmidnite1962: OK..I get the gist here...one of the guys from the Grand Funk list made up T-shirts as part of the Historical Fan Society ...he used some copyrighted photos...didn't sell them..but Don Brewer said something to one of the guys half jokingly..not sure which half..

Chip: No, wolfy it wasn't me...

David: although Chip & Chuck were both at the DVD shoot...

Captmidnite1962: I am going to VA for now..holing up in my parents townhouse for while..

Wolfysmith: well close.... i knew it began with a C. LOL

Wolfysmith: He was a nice guy. is he on GHPG much?

Grace: back to the US geography book for you, wolfy

David: yeah, once a week or so....he's not great with computers (his words, not mine), so sometimes he arrives in "Lurker" mode!!

Chip: David if your cold...come on out to my house, it's only 112 degress today

Captmidnite1962: I have an atlas right here!!

Grace: where in Virginia, if I may be so bold to ask?

David: no, no, it's 85 here in SF, I know Indy can get cold in the winter, so thought Capt'n might be moving to warmer climes...

David: Hi SATAN

Captmidnite1962: I remember Todd and I talking about the Vegas heat..I said that people say it's a "dry heat". Todd said; "So is your oven but you wouldn't want to stand in front of it!"

Kat: hi SATAN

SATAN: dont you people have anything better to do?

Chip: Hi SATAN

David: mine's a pint....

Kat: not at the moment lol

Captmidnite1962: Down to Harrisonburg..about 7 hours from Long Island

Wolfysmith: talking of t shirts. i read tonight on the BBC. Peter Frampton is suing a clothes firm for using "Baby I love your waves" on designer surf shirts. something about it being similar to a song he wrote.

SATAN: so wazzzuupp?

David: that's too funny

Chip: Yeah and when the breeze blows...it's lilke a hair dryer.

Grace: t-shirt.........we want 'em from Glenn

Wolfysmith: its actually TRUE David believe it or not!

David: we've just been chatting about the DVD, merchandise or lack there of and just catchin' up.

SATAN: he should sue if they are ripping him off

Grace: learn to type correctly, Grace

Captmidnite1962: I still think the GHCP shirts are cool..that big "GH" can be seen for a distance. Glenn told me he thought it looked cool with the red sleeves

David: i was just saying, that's why we at the site here, don't offer anything with Glenn's full name on it.

David: it's not ours to sell....

Captmidnite1962: Great to hear about the release date on the DVD..I can wait..cause I know it will be worth it!

Captmidnite1962: I understand David.

Grace: so Glenn misses a great opportunity, and we have to make up bootleg t-shirts with our own photographs

Captmidnite1962: So you get around it creatively..

Chip: Really anxious to see what the DVD will look lilke as a finished product.

Kat: me too

Grace: by the way, what was on your e-bay GH t-shirt, Chip?

David: it's round with a hole in the middle

Wolfysmith: check out this link.there is a picture of the offending Frampton bikini http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertain...ic/3912561.stm

Kat: ha ha ha ha

Chip: David...you need to take that comedy routine on the road...

Captmidnite1962: So am I...having been there..and looking forward to reliving the memory!

David: haha - sorry couldn't resist!!

Grace: that's what killed vaudeville

David: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=3827829022

Kat: yep, it will be a treasured possession

Chip: I think it was from the Addiction tour, Grace.

Grace: the short haircut version of GH?

Wolfysmith: the one thats over Lucy Grace

Grace: yep, that's it then

Captmidnite1962: I bet it was..I can remember seeing the cover of "Addiction" and being shocked at Glenn's appearance...180 degrees from "Feel"

Chip: Your asking too hard of questions Grace. On second thoughts, I think it's from Feel. My brain hasn't cooled from being outside all day.

Kat: lol

David: yeah, it's from the 1995 Euro tour....

Grace: Mr. I live in Phoenix were we don't have any winter

Captmidnite1962: Hey Chip..does your brain feel like the fried egg in the anit-drug commercials?

Grace: has spoken

Wolfysmith: when glenn came stage for the Addiction show i didnt realise it was him at first as he had no bass in those days

Chip: Sometimes it does, Capt.

Grace: it must be really tough for the reindeer to drag Santa's sleigh through all of that sand

Captmidnite1962: I used to live in San Antonio..so I can identify!

Kat: lol

Grace: OK, Chip will get even with us this winter when our frozen toes fall off, and he's taking a sunbath with santa

Chip: SATAN...Todd says you'll be at Palladino's next month with JSS. Thinking about driving over.

Kat: not here LOL

Wolfysmith: Ive got a video of JLT fronting Rainbow taken at San Antonio. didnt look that cold!

Chip: If anyone gets too cold.....come on out for a visit.

SATAN: yeah- were playing Aug. 28

Captmidnite1962: That is from 1982..a friend of mine was there..he threw a Frisbee onstage..in the video you can see Ritchie pick it up and throw it back!

Kat: cool

Wolfysmith: i remember. that show was shown on the BBC several years ago but they edited out a few songs to fit in with the tv schedule

Chip: I accidently hit Leon Wilkerson, bass for Skynyrd, right on the strings with a frisbee. You could hear it throught the p.a.

Captmidnite1962: Your claim to fame Chip!!

David: sure it was a frisbee

Wolfysmith: could have been an icicle

Grace: wow, I didn't realize that fans could be so dangerous

Chip: I don't know it could have been something else...we're talking '70s here, if you know what I mean.

Wolfysmith: who needs an axe?

Grace: so it looks like Chip is "The Ferocious Frisbee Fan Fanatic"

Captmidnite1962: It used to be fireworks..I remember when Bad Co. played in NY in 1979....the m-80's were going off everywhere..they almost stopped the show

Kat: lol

Captmidnite1962: Chip's Frisbee is like Oddjob's bowler hat!

Grace: and you peope have THE NERVE to insult me and my innocent axe

Captmidnite1962: He was aiming for Leon's head!!

Wolfysmith: lucky it didnt hit Ritchie Blackmore. did you see his reaction to the camera man getting too close at the California Jam. Your friend got off lightly.

Chip: Ah, yes...the Green Hornet!!

Captmidnite1962: Camera men and RB don't get on well do they?

Captmidnite1962: how about the camera at the 93 video shoot...Ritchie douses him with a cup of water

Wolfysmith: i was at the Hell or High Water show but that night it was the rest of DP he wasnt happy with

Wolfysmith: still played a blinder tho.

Captmidnite1962: I hear you wolfy..even when he wasn't ibnto it..he is fabulous

Captmidnite1962: damn typos..

Grace: I remember a number of years ago, when one of my daughters was graduating from high school, and the township superintendant of education was talking about how this high school class were the future leaders of tomorrow, and one of the kids must have snuck a beach ball under the graduation gown, blew the thing up, and the happy graduates started batting the thing around behind the speaker.......the funniest thing you ever saw.......uh, but it stopped the speech

Captmidnite1962: I bet it did!

Wolfysmith: seen him twice with Candice Night and hes playing better than ever. Much more relaxed on stage and jesting with the fans

Wolfysmith: they are now doing Child in Time live.

Captmidnite1962: I would be curious to hear that

David: so Chip, you'll have to give the lowdown on BolinFest when you get back....

Wolfysmith: me too. Soldier of Fortune has been in their show for a couple of years too.

Chip: Yeah.. gettin' ready to leave next Wednesday for Bolin Fest. I'm sure we'll have a few stories to tell.

Wolfysmith: You or Shirean not going David?

Captmidnite1962: I wish I could make it..gotta move instead..such fun!!

SATAN: I tried to get on Bolinfest playing w/ Graham

Wolfysmith: too busy watching Heart

SATAN: didnt have enough room for us ...was what I was told

David: no...it's a long story....original dates changed, meanwhile Shirean booked us in Reno to see Heart and now the dates clash....

Chip: Todd told me about that SATAN....too bad it didn't work out.

SATAN: maybe next year

Captmidnite1962: Yes SATAN..that would have been very cool!!

Grace: maybe you could open for Glenn

SATAN: its very difficult to get to that town in Iowa apparently

Captmidnite1962: Tell Todd not to blow all his money in that CD shop he is raving about!!

Grace: somewhere, sometime, SOME OTHER COUNTRY other than the US

Captmidnite1962: It is hard to get there..no matter where you fly..you still have a 2 hour drive!

SATAN: thats ridiculous

David: you can fly in a 12-seater prop plane like I did - it's a terrific ride....just don't have lunch before you get on

SATAN: they should move it to a bigger city

Chip: That cd shop used to be here in Phoenix, one mile from my house!! The best shop I've ever come across.

SATAN: nothing like flying in a 12 seater to an airport where someone famous died

David: It's all about the venue....a great place, acoustics are awesome...

Captmidnite1962: you mean the ol' bug smasher..the vomit comet

David: pity they couldn't transplant it somewhere else!

SATAN: I dont doubt about venue...but maybe would get more attendees if were easier access

Grace: ahhhh, English.....an elegant turn of phrase

Captmidnite1962: That is true regarding access..

Wolfysmith: need a proper DVD release o the show rather than just the cd's

Chip: Yes, they need to move it somewhere else.

Wolfysmith: move it to JB's!

SATAN: at least something like Des Moines

SATAN: where there is an airport

SATAN: nobody wants to go to dudley

David: at least they have decent beer in Dudley!

Captmidnite1962: And certainly not the Voodoo Lounge!!

David: bye Kat!

Wolfysmith: i dont either but at least Glenn always plays there

Chip: Bye Kat.

Grace: how come us (you should pardon the expression) nobodies, have all of these great merchandising ideas, and nobody who is actually in the industry can come up with ideas as good as our? seriously.

David: they ran out last year at the Surf....can u believe it!!

Wolfysmith: they are too busy looking for the next.... whoever

SATAN: if you think youre merchandising idea is so great (and Im not doubting) ...then you should get the cash to back up your idea, and approach Glenn about a percentage split. He probably would be up for it if he didnt have to do any work

SATAN: get tshirts made and give him a cut of profits

Wolfysmith: Grace, i guess Glenn doesnt have a big enough record company to back him.

SATAN: Frontiers *backs* nobody

SATAN: they give enough to make cds...thats it

Captmidnite1962: They release his product..and that's about it right?

SATAN: yes

SATAN: they are just a small group of Italian guys who are fans of rock music

Wolfysmith: i remember Billy Gibbons saying around the time of Perfect Strangers that DP sell more shirts than zz sold albums!

Captmidnite1962: Glenn, sad to say, isn't the only "classic rocker" in that situation

SATAN: no tour support...no merchandidng support...just cds

Grace: Dp t-shirt are 35 -40 dollars, at least that's what they've been at the Dp concerts that I've been to

David: $30 odd..which is profit...

Captmidnite1962: That joke was made about Iron Maiden too..they sold more shirts than records at one time..

SATAN: thats the cost of most tour shirts now

Wolfysmith: look at what Marillion are doing. Getting fans to pay in advance for new cd's, using the money to pay for it, then listing each fan who paid on the cd booklet.

SATAN: Cannibal Corpse sells TONS more merch than discs

Grace: so how much trouble would it be for Glenn to pick out a photo, for the photographer print up the shirts and go 50-50 or whatever.......no work for Glenn, just take te checks to cash them at the bank...and WE get our t-shirts, and can stop whining

Captmidnite1962: I did buy a Govt. Mule T-shirt....cool design and not expensive either..

SATAN: I thought those Hughes shirts with the 70's psychedelic writing and the old school photo were way cool

Wolfysmith: Grace, Purple need the money from shirts to make up for the poor sales of Bananas

Captmidnite1962: The ones with the pic of Glenn from around 1973?

SATAN: Grace...do you have ANY idea how much trouble it is to make shirts?

SATAN: there is a huge minimum order to make it costworthy

SATAN: there arent that many older people who buy them anymore


David: yeah, 500-1000

Captmidnite1962: didn't mean to shout..

SATAN: and Hughes lives here but mostly tours Europe

David: we looked at that too....and without the real deal, couldn't justify it.

SATAN: how will he get those shirts over there

SATAN: if the shirts are made in Europe that costs 2x as much as making them in the US

David: they were/are working on doing more similar things like that, but we'll see 'em when we see'em

Wolfysmith: the shirts for the SITKOR shows here were a disgrace. Embarrasingly bad and no large ones

Grace: back to Bootleg T-shirts R Us, huh?

Captmidnite1962: I still have my shirt from the Who in 1979....David, it might fit Jason now!

Grace: too bad that glenn doesn't have a thousand made up, sell them on tour, 4, 5, different sizes, he could sell a thousand on a tour like he did this year, easy

SATAN: easy?

SATAN: wrong

Wolfysmith: the site i was thinking of using was actually in italy. around 20 for one white shirt including putting my own picture of Glenn front and back and also including The Voice of Rock on it

SATAN: anyone have an extra of those Hughes shirts with the 70's blocky curvy writing on em?

David: Hi Todd

Todd: Nice to have friends who've got your back!

SATAN: whats up bald man?

Todd: Hi everybody

Chip: Todd...about time!!

David: you should of asked a couple of months ago, but now it's gone!

SATAN: I did ask

SATAN: on the board

SATAN: no one answered

Todd: Not anymore, man...I'm growing out these locks..

David: i must have just off loaded it....

SATAN: locks?...you got quite along time until they are considered locks

Chip: Dreadlocks?

David: feel or addition locks!

Todd: Not quite that long.

David: addiction!!!

Wolfysmith: SATAN, do you mean Glenn Hughes 76 shirts?

Todd: Hmm...Addiction locks

SATAN: off loaded to who??...can we beat the crap out of them and get the shirt back?

SATAN: yes the 76 shirts

David: Fedor

Todd: Well...I have one

SATAN: have an extra wolfman?

Todd: You talking to Wolfy or me?

SATAN: no you

SATAN: wolf

SATAN: I NEVER talk to you

Captmidnite1962: Hey Todd..don't spend the rent in the CD shop you are wild about!!

Todd: Right...I forgot

SATAN: I talk AT you

Chip: Maybe Glenn will have some shirts next week at Bolin Fest

SATAN: unless you have an extra 76 shirt

Todd: Yeah, we'll see you there...Oh wait, no we wont.

Todd: I'll pick you up one, Howie

Wolfysmith: SATAN, Because im an idiot i didnt buy one at the Legends Show. i'd got glenn to sign the Xmas cd and completely forgot about it

Todd: If he has the

Todd: m

SATAN: huh?

SATAN: maybe next time woly


SATAN: is it me or does the chat freeze?

David: Hi Purple74

Chip: Hi Purple74

Todd: It's your brain that froze.

Purple74: Hello people!

Captmidnite1962: Greetings purple

Todd: Hi PUrple

Purple74: What's the story?

Captmidnite1962: Now Todd...play nice!!

SATAN: yeah Todd

Todd: He started it.

Captmidnite1962: *laughing* I am the youngest of 7...I used that line a lot!

SATAN: I guess living in the land of the blue hairs is finally getting to you

Todd: Bill, you gonna be in Clear Lake next week?

Captmidnite1962: No..I am moving to VA that weekend..wish i could make it!

Todd: This is not the land of the blue hairs, that's florida where Gary is

SATAN: vegas is blue hair central

SATAN: Gary is in red...necks that is

Purple74: No one from NY?

SATAN: I am originally

SATAN: Buffalo

Purple74: Where?

Captmidnite1962: I was.does that count??

Todd: Oh no, dont' get him started...

Grace: yep

Captmidnite1962: I grew up on Long Island

SATAN: started about what?

Todd: Buffalonians

SATAN: we rule

Wolfysmith: time to leave. its nearly midnight here. see you all next month

Purple74: I am out on Long Island!

SATAN: l8r wolf dude

Chip: Take care, Wolfy

David: ok Wolfysmith....talk to you then.

Todd: Later, Wolfy

Captmidnite1962: David Lee Roth wrote a song about Buffalo

SATAN: yes he did'

Grace: take care wolfy and kiss that baby for Grammy Grace

Wolfysmith: night

Captmidnite1962: G'night Wolfy!

SATAN: Billy Sheehan was in his band then...was from buffalo

Todd: I would say something derogatory, except that's a great song.

Captmidnite1962: That is my favorite song on that album..

Captmidnite1962: So Tood..letting your locks grow out?

David: bye!

SATAN: so I bought this Trapeze Boat Club cd on ebay

Todd: Yeah, for now .

Chip: Bye purp

David: non-Glenn era, right?

Captmidnite1962: How is that CD SATAN?

SATAN: yeah...worth it just for the cool photos

Chip: I still liked Trapeze after Glenn left.

SATAN: that band wouldve been huge back then if they had songs

SATAN: they never wrote good catchy songs like Free or Bad Co.

SATAN: but they have a cool vibe

Captmidnite1962: I liked Hot wire..but the one they put out in '76 or so wasn't as strong..

SATAN: and waaaay cool sideburns and bellbotooms

Captmidnite1962: Oh yweah!!

SATAN: even when Hughes was in the band the songs were mediocre at best

David: but don't think they were (at least when Glenn was with 'em) going after that crowd, it was more about the music....maybe if Glenn hadn't joined Purple it would of been different..

SATAN: I like choruses ...not jam bands...they were more like a jam band

David: i guess we'll disagree on that one!

SATAN: Mel Galley sings ok in certain spots on this boat club cd

SATAN: other places are rough

SATAN: sound quality is great

Captmidnite1962: I really like Hold On ..sounds like they had actually worked out the songs instead of building tunes from jams i.e. the 1976 recording

SATAN: yeah...its pretty good song

Grace: I bought live armadillos because I thought GH was on it. He isn't but I still kept the album. Not too bad.

Captmidnite1962: I thought Pete Goalby and Mel sang together well..

Chip: That's a good album too, Grace.

Todd: I waited until all the later Trapeze albums were out of print on CD before deciding to hunt them down. Therefore I only have the Hold On disc.

Chip: ....tsk, tsk....

Todd: I didn't get really excited about Goalby in Trapeze, but loved his singing in Heep.

Captmidnite1962: One Way put them out..after I coughed up the bucks for the Jap imports..argh!!

Chip: You see the gold versions on ebay every once in a while.

Captmidnite1962: Goalby loved playing with Heep..but the nonstop touring really kicked his butt..

Todd: I hope you didn't shell out for the Joe Lynn Turner import of Rescue You then, because it's coming out in the States in the next month or two.

Captmidnite1962: On Wounded bird records..

Todd: yeah

Captmidnite1962: They are the new One Way in that they are releasing obscure recordings..

Chip: Wounded Bird puts out some great stuff, if you're my age that is.

Captmidnite1962: They put out both Back street Crawler recordings...

Todd: I wasn't aware they put out those old 78's on disc,

Captmidnite1962: Hey..watch that old talk ...


Chip: Oh yeah...they go back that far, even wax cylinders!!

Todd: You know, I actually have a CD of a wax cylinder recording by Aleister Crowley.

Captmidnite1962: What happens when you play it backwards?

SATAN: he gets his hair back

Todd: I don't have a CD DJ turntable, darn the luck.

Captmidnite1962: *laughing*


Chip: ...such language...

SATAN: wow...that little thing is annoying

Captmidnite1962: Are you two brothers in real life??

Todd: That's probably what your girlfriend tells you all the time.

SATAN: we were in prison together...I was pitching...he was catching

Captmidnite1962: Oh no...you were Whitey Ford..he was Yogi Berra?

SATAN: he was Vida Blue

SATAN: I was Catfish Hunter

Todd: I'm climbing out of the gutter...back to GH Land...what's the consensus on Voodoo Hill now that we've (hopefully) had it a while?

SATAN: anyway

SATAN: I gotta go

Todd: later

SATAN: Cya...wouldnt wanna bya

SATAN: late

Captmidnite1962: Later SATAN..

Chip: I like it more each time I listen to it.

David: ok, thanks for stopping by SATAN.....

Chip: Bye, SATAN

Captmidnite1962: I heard 16 Guns as the Monthly selection on the Jukebox

Grace: Folks, I've got to keep on moving and run, but everybody take care......

Grace: bye

Todd: later, Grace

David: ok, talk to soon Grace....

Chip: Bye Grace...good to "talk" to you.

Captmidnite1962: G'night Grace!

Grace: take care.......

David: on V/H.....it's good, but I wish the over cliched guitar wasn't part of it - i was hoping for something more original.

Todd: It's a good listen, especially the first two songs. And the only song that doesn't grab me is the one where Glenn returns to Killer Queen territory.

Captmidnite1962: I would have to hear the whole CD to make an accurate judgement call..

Chip: I agree David.....could have been so much more.

David: but it is good to have to introduce Glenn to a younger audience where a lot of this 80's metal stuff is still appreciated!

Todd: I love that it's so different for him. As for Dario's playing, he's pretty much by the numbers as far as genre guitar. But I've never thought of him as being a groundbreaker, just good at what he does.

Captmidnite1962: That is true...open uop their ears

David: exactly!

Todd: Anyone here have the Cage albums he did with Tony Martin?

Captmidnite1962: I will have to check them out Todd..

David: i think if Glenn ever did an Operatic record, he would of then covered all spectrums of music!

Todd: More of the same... Tony Martin sings Stormbringer on the first one.

Todd: What about country?

David: bobaloos !!

Todd: oh yeah

Captmidnite1962: And the derek St. Holmes interview was great too!

David: he should be good live too.

Captmidnite1962: I will have to seek out his Then And Now CD..need a new source now that Buccaneer is gone..

Todd: Ah, thanks. It was a bit different this time because I sent it off to be transcribed by Linda. She edited it a bit differently than I would have initially, and then I finished it. And so it has a different feel. I'm glad you like it. He will be amazing to see perform live.

Todd: Then & Now is great, if a bit mellow.

Chip: If you can't find it Bill, let me know. I'll send you a copy until you do find it.

Captmidnite1962: He was working with Mark Farner for a time..

Captmidnite1962: Cool..thannks!

Captmidnite1962: Fear not..I will find it!

Todd: Chip, you'll be glad to know that your copy seeded the copy I had to Fed Ex to Johnnie yesterday so he'd have the songs.

Todd: I know I still owe you...

Captmidnite1962: Are you guys making a road trip out of BolinFest?

Todd: Is there any other way to see Glenn?

Captmidnite1962: Nope..

Chip: We were until I just got kicked out of the rental!!!

Todd: Chip flies here, we fly to Omaha and then drive to Clear Lake.

Captmidnite1962: That is a shlepp as they say..

David: and to think you could hang-out in your home state to see Heart and Kevin DuBrow on the same night, as I will be doing with Shirean!!

Todd: So David, can you not see GH this time because Shirean is being a "gig hog" and seeing Heart three times or something?

Captmidnite1962: That will be cool David..I saw them on Crossroads this week

Todd: Hey, are you coming to Vegas that weekend?

David: yeah, it's not often they play so many in a row, so close to home, so she has her way this time out

David: no, it's in Reno...at the Hilton.

Todd: You're going to see Kevin too?

David: maybe, not sure yet....but he's in town the same nights...

Todd: Right

Todd: I did Kevin's bio...go to his site and check it out if you get a few. Interview to be posted within a few weeks.

David: that's cool

Captmidnite1962: Cool.I check on your site several times a week

Todd: Thanks, I'm glad you're a regular.

Todd: Even if half the time you're probably wondering "When the hell are they going to update this thing?"

Captmidnite1962: I sent a bunch of folks from Cyberfunk (the GFR forum) over to check out the interview with Max Carl

Todd: Cool...I missed hooking up with him for an interview when he was here.

Todd: We were gonna do a more expansive piece.

Captmidnite1962: The Don Airey interview was another fabulous job too..

Todd: So David...have you seen what will be the DVD?

Todd: Thanks, about the Don piece. WHat a nice guy!!

Todd: Don is amazing.

Captmidnite1962: And what a resume too!

David: No...not yet.

Todd: Are you sure?

David: Oh yes, i'm sure!

Todd: ok

Captmidnite1962: Anything further on "8th Star"? did I read correctly that the drum tracks will be recut?

David: yep

Todd: Is it for the obvious reason why?

David: yep

Captmidnite1962: I figured that..

David: last i heard December/January timeframe, but the Iommi site will have the latest on it as the time approaches....

Todd: Bummer. I can understand that, but at the same time I think it's a non-issue because it's apples and oranges.

Captmidnite1962: OK..just glad to see these songs get the treatment they deserve

Chip: That whole thing is a shame with Dave. When I met him he was the nicest and funniest of the bunch.

Todd: He doesn't even look like himself now.

Captmidnite1962: That is so true Chip..sad.

Chip: Yeah...he looks like his own grandfather.

Todd: no kidding

Captmidnite1962: I heard some of the chat over on the JP boards was beyond ugly...

Todd: I believe it. Priest has a much younger following. For as long as they've been around, I don't think the majority of their fan base comes from 30-year fans.

Captmidnite1962: That is true..When I lived in San Antonio..that was a stronhold for them here in the US before the rest of the country got onboard..

Todd: It's not a bunch of 50-year olds blazing away on the board. It's a bunch of newer fans who are likely the most vocal and outspoken.

Captmidnite1962: Believe it or not..the white kids were into country..the Mexicans loved hard rock!

Captmidnite1962: And leastr tactful..

Todd: I have a CD by an Argentinean metal band called Armagedon (with that spelling). It's like Dream Theater minus keyboards, and all in Spanish.

Captmidnite1962: That must be an earful!

Chip: ....heard of Puya?

Todd: David, you ever hear of any boots with Jeff Scott Soto dueting BURN with Glenn last year in Barcelona?

David: Not yet....I'll let you know if I ever come across it.

Todd: K...I just got one from what I believe was the night before, in Madrid. Made me wonder....

Todd: Not of Glenn...it's a JSS show

David: I'm sure it'll find it's way...

Todd: You're probably right

Captmidnite1962: Hey Todd..if I want to take a class in JSS 101..where is a great place to start?

Todd: Get the Live at the Gods DVD.

Captmidnite1962: OK..will get that..

Todd: Order it from his site, and ask, and he'll autograph it.

Todd: Best prices on his stuff.

Chip: That's an excellent dvd.

Captmidnite1962: Cool! I saw it on Buccaneer..but I think they are gone for good??

Captmidnite1962: If so..that is a shame

Todd: Concert, long interview, a couple videos, behind the scenes stuff, hidden video track...

David: i agree with that....and the CD version is a worthy second place...it covers most of his career

David: yes, Buccaneer is gone forever....

Todd: And of course the PRISM album has JSS dueting with Glenn on I Wanna Take You Higher.

Captmidnite1962: Aw man....they were cool..sorry to see the little guy lose out..

David: he didn't go bust....i think he closed due to health issues...

Chip: If it were'nt for personnal problems, I think he'd still be around.

Captmidnite1962: Yes..his father..and his wrists..

Todd: Yeah, I think so. John was a great guy. He would more often than not engage you in conversation when you ordered from him. Good guy. I'm sorry to see him gone.

David: Would of love to have the chance to buy his contact sheet - maybe he sold it on. who knows!

Todd: No kidding

David: i don't think he must have realized how esteemed his reputation was.....

David: like you say....a modest gentleman.

Captmidnite1962: Then Kenny's friend Famous Mike tells me that Slipped Disc in NY was closing..that bummed me out..i have subsequently learned that they are not closing..whew!

Captmidnite1962: I bought a lot of my Glenn CD's there..before I was online!

Todd: And when I talked to Bobby Rondinelli he said he had a close friend who was in music distribution, with a very lucrative business going. And it just went down the toilet in no time.

Captmidnite1962: Tower records declared bankruptcy....sad to see..

Chip: Right !!

Todd: I'll be taking my old glass plate camera...

Captmidnite1962: Oh man..my father had one of those polaroid camers..insatnt with the bellows....

Captmidnite1962: instant..

Captmidnite1962: Ok gentlemen..I am off ...have a great time at Bolin Fest...wish i could do it!

Chip: Later Bill, wish you were going too.

Todd: Glenn two nights in a row..

Todd: We'll miss ya

Captmidnite1962: Oh man..there is no justice!!

David: Talk to you later Bill....have fun moving, don't work too hard.

David: you'll be online, right?

Captmidnite1962: I will keep you guys posted!!

David: ok, talk to you later....

Captmidnite1962: Yes..I am taking the computer..

Captmidnite1962: Everything else can wait!

Captmidnite1962: Later...

David: bye 4 now

Todd: Kevin DuBrow is still saying he has plans to work with Glenn on a solo album...that'd be interesting

Chip: Yes, that would be. Not sure how that would come off.

Todd: Writing, playing and producing

Todd: I just can't picture it.

David: maybe as a backup vocals or something it might be ok, but not an HTP type record....

Todd: I can respect the reasons he would like Glenn to be involved, but they're like oil and water in most aspects of their music.

Todd: NO, not that.

David: exactly...

Todd: He says that most of his writing comes out sounding like Quiet Riot whether he wants it to or not. And he'd like Glenn's input in a writing capacity, for a different perspective and a more funky slant. And he'd like Glenn to play bass on it.

Todd: Can you imagine Hughes DuBrow Project?

David: ah, well that would be fine....writing and bass.

David: no harm done!

Todd: Yeah, he just wants to glean a little bit of that influence from Glenn.

Chip: Can't blame him for that I guess.

David: no, not at all, anything to get away from that stereotype he has to carry around with him

Todd: Right. Kevin's moved beyond Quiet Riot in real life. It'd be great to see his music do the same.

David: exactly

Todd: I know he has it in him. He did a respectable version of Itchycoo Park a while back, totally acoustic.

Chip: What is that on? That's a cool old tune.

Todd: It's on 'Terrified'. Meanwhile... Has anyone ever talked about doing a Glenn Hughes tribute record?

David: Can't think of too many who'd have the balls to try it!!

Todd: They've come out with so many tributes, and Glenn's been on so many of them...I wonder who'd be on it?

Todd: JSS...Paul Rodgers...maybe Steve Augeri...

Todd: Tony Martin...

Chip: Stevie Wonder....

Todd: Alex Ligertwood

Todd: !!

Chip: Well guys...I need to log off, supper's almost finished. Great chat! Take care....

David: ok Chip, thanks for stopping by, talk to you later.

David: no problem then!

David: well, I've gotta go know and will have to close ot the CHAT for today....the next one will be on August 25th.

Todd: Ok then, I should get something started for dinner. JSS will be doing another LA show that weekend.

Todd: Just so you know...

David: yeah, I read about that....final one before Oz, right?

Todd: Yeah...August 28th.

David: 'kinda like the Queen gig they did last year....

David: warm-up?

Todd: Yeah, it's a Saturday show, and it's all the solo stuff.

David: but he comes on at Midnight or someting?

Todd: Probably

Todd: Think about it! Chip and I will be there. Anyway, tell Shirean hello, and we'll be in touch.

David: Sure thing, talk to you soon, have a blast next week.

David: bye 4 now

Todd: will do

Todd: Cheers

David: The next Monthly CHAT will be on Wednesday, August 25th, 2004 at the usual time of 1:00PM PST.
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