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Fan CHAT Schedule & Logs Schedule details & Transcripts from Fan CHAT sessions.


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CHAT transcript - Feb.20th, 2002 (short)

As we introduced a new CHAT program this week, we didn't have it configured quite right and so the logging feature was only capturing a couple of pages worth of entries - so we only managed to get about 5 minutes of the entire session saved [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] Needless to say - that has been fixed now [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk for printing or to read off-line.

CHAT Transcript - Wednesday, February 20th, 2002

schreinermusic: In which country are you located right now?

David: US - San Francisco

David: You?

schreinermusic: I am in Germany, the southwest region, near the french border

David: don't you love the 'net :-)

schreinermusic: Sure I do, it's a great way to get in touch with so many people:-)

David: Have you travelled outside of Germany to see Glenn?

schreinermusic: I saw him one time in France and once in London a few years ago. It was great

schreinermusic: I visited a friend at that time and the two of us went to the concert

David: Aside from the music - it's great to see the different crowds of his supporters wherever you go...

schreinermusic: Yeah, the audience is very different wherever you go

David: especially now the 'net is so popular - you know actually get to know some of them!!

schreinermusic: It's true.

David: Have you ordered the HTP CD or are you going to get it from a shop?

schreinermusic: It also helps such underrated artists like Glenn

schreinermusic: I already ordered it from Amazon.de and they will deliver it around March 16th or 17th

David: You won't be able to stop talking about it once you've given it a spin :-)

schreinermusic: No doubt about that ...:-):-)

schreinermusic: Can't await the day:-)

David: It makes me wonder just how BIG the Hughes/Thrall CD is 'gonna be...you know it's going to be bigger and better than HTP !!

David: But no sign as to when we'll see that at the moment...

schreinermusic: Is it sure that they will do a Hughes/Thrall CD?

David: it's been worked on - off and on - over the past couple of years - it seems like a timing issue...

David: probably 2003 at the earliest.

schreinermusic: I guess that. The day should have 40 hours for Glenn's schedule....

schreinermusic: His working pensum during the last 10 years was just incredible

David: he's definitely made up his lost time

schreinermusic: I know, he lost a lot of time but he's on the right way now

schreinermusic: Do you know anything specific about his collaboration with David Coverdale on davids new album

schreinermusic: I heard the romour that he will appear as a guest or something like that

David: All I've heard is there's supposed to be a duet type song....

David: but listening to the recent Coverdale interview, it didn't sound confirmed at this point, although they both seem to want to do it.

schreinermusic: Yeah, I heard this interview too. Hope it will be realized

David: Hopefully one of these projects will get him the attention he deserves...

schreinermusic: Yes, I agree

David: It'll be interesting to see how the mix is on these - 'coz you know Glenn is going to standout as THE winner as far as vocalist - whoever he sings with :-)

schreinermusic: That's totally true! It's doesn't matter with whom he is playing or singing, but he is blowing everyone away ...:-)

David: Yep - it's kinda like that with HTP - but I must say I'm very impressed with JLT especially on his "solo" track, "Mystery of the Heart".

schreinermusic: His technical abilities as well as his range and power are just outstanding

David: and he plays Bass too :-) :-)

schreinermusic: Okay, my friends I think I gotta go now

schreinermusic: I will have to update my website a bit that night...thanks for nice chatting!

schreinermusic: All the best for you and your site!

David: ok - we'll be having another "HTP" chat on March 20th - you'll have the CD by then :-)

schreinermusic: God bless you and Glenn

David: FYI - CTC will be out March 18th...

schreinermusic: I will keep that in mind!

David: Thanks - hear from you soon.

schreinermusic: bye bye

David: bye!

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