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Old Nov-28-2002, 10:26 PM
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CHAT transcript - November 27th, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use the Printable feature, click the icon at the bottom of the page!

CHAT transcript - November 27th, 2002

David Afternoon all !!

Shirean Hi

David Hey Pete

Shirean Hi Pete

Pete S. howdy guys

Pete S. how's it goin'

David Good...a quiet start today...but no doubt the later comers will stop by shortly [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

David LOL

Pete S. yep,could'nt resist the audio

Pete S. lol

Pete S. i'd better put me h/phones eh?

David Yeah, don't wanna wake up the neighbours!!

David Thanks again for the pix - it's great you had the opportunity to meet both the Hughes....at last!!

Pete S. indeed,i'm just gonna sort a pic out.....

David cool

Pete S. thats better

Shirean I think this new Chat program is cool

Pete S. hey guys LOR was amazing

Pete S. i've got a little story from the gig that i'll post for the 50th CTC

David Excellent Pete...thanx

Shirean Yes, heard from my friend, that went to the Notts gig, he said it was awesome [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

David At least we'll have the T-Shirts [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S. no probs, you may have to censor it in case it offends tho

Pete S. yes

Pete S. no word from Shirl?

David sounds like fun...will have to leave just as it is then !!!

Pete S. lol

Shirean Did your wife have fun?

Pete S. i think she was at notts

David Haven't heard from her since last week....perhaps she's on holiday?

David Her 'net access is mainly only from work

Pete S. yeah,thats probably it

Pete S. yes

Pete S. yep Shel really enjoyed it

David that's good...she wasn't a big fan, right? She's now a convert?

Pete S. indeed, now she realises what the fuss is all about etc....

David Cool !!

Shirean That's great when your other half likes the same music as you - when we went to the Shape 68 gig, all the guys showed up alone - all the wifes stayed home!

Pete S. lol

Pete S. the photo with Glenn was quite funny

Pete S. we had a throw away camera

Pete S. so i was with Glenn in that pose

Shirean That's great they all came out for an aftershow meeting!

David It came out great

Pete S. and the flash wasn't working, so we posed and posed, still and eventually it worked

Shirean FYI David - probably won't get many US people today, its a travel day with Thanksgiving tomorrow..

David It's very cool they were all so accessible..

David Yeah, thanks for the reminder!

Pete S. Thanksgivin'.............yeh it was the icing on the cake

Pete S. after show..

Pete S. it was a nice touch to the gig

Pete S. does'nt happen often

Pete S. HTP?

David Well, hopefully the April solo tour will come off....hopefully he'll read some of the reviews and see that people, even in the UK, are tiring of the Purple numbers, well at least Burn, Stormbringer etc...

David They had signings at Dudley, but nothing in London, except for press/friends...

Pete S. yeah, i yearned for his solo stuff

Pete S. i see

Pete S. hey, pete allen's review was good

David yeah, what a nice touch by Glenn for little Glenn!

Pete S. yeah,they were just in front of us

Pete S. and pete remembered the ghpg t-shirt

David ....yeah we had a chuckle about that!! Did you say hi to Pete & family - or was it not until after you saw his posting you realized exactly who they were?

Pete S. after the review

David you'll have to hook up with them next time...really nice people and crazy about GH...like us [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S. i think shel pointed them out and said about the dedication, yeah we will hook up

David Hopefully the momentum of the current shows and everything else Glenn has up his sleeve, will make 2003 a BIG year for him, solo wise...

Pete S. well this year has been big!!!!!!!! it's been brilliant and it's nice to know it'll carry on

Pete S. are you tempted to come over again next year?

David hopefully he'll have a crack at the US next year....even if it is with a different style....

Pete S. shape?

David right...

David if he plays the UK in April we'll be there!

Pete S. he said something about a future release........uk..nice one!!

David all we know about is a probable solo release in May/June timeframe....

Pete S. is it a good chance for april tour

David and hopefully a Shape 68 deal in the not too distant future...

David HTP recording in May time frame - nothing that hasn't already been rumoured!

Pete S. wow

Pete S. busy busy

David Have no idea about the April tour...it's something Glenn mentioned during the after show LOR signings...nothing firm yet.

Pete S. i see

Pete S. fingers crossed then

David yeah....if it does come about, we'll probably hear something firm around February....I would think...

Pete S. yeah, it'll give us time to get a digi camera!!!

David Yeah...we have to upgrade ours....need that Zoom!!!

David plus Movie mode!!!

Pete S. mind you, i was suprised there was'nt a clamp down on taking photo's

Pete S. yeah

David yeah, from what we could tell...security lightened up as the tour progressed...guess they were told to lay-off!!

Pete S. lucky eh?

David yep, makes a nice change!

David Hoping he'll debut a song or two from Shape 68 during his Rockline radio appearance next week....for those folks who have yet to hear what it's all about...

Pete S. at the gig UJR recieved a pluctrum from the sound guy.......looked at it, called him back saying that it was a used one!!!!!!!

Pete S. hey great stuff

David that's fun....must have been sticky!!

David funny

Pete S. lol

David Glenn certainly looked great...really in his element.

Pete S. and JB sung E.Rigby without the bass because the sound tech. did'nt plug it in!!!!

David oh man....that is BAD!

Pete S. hey,GH was superb and did'nt stop movin'

Pete S. yeah....what a sacrifice

David haha

Pete S. UJR set seemed to take ages

David yeah...last time I saw him was at the Hammersmith Odeon back in 82 or 83

Pete S. same guitar?

Pete S. teardrop

David and still remember to this day, how long that show dragged on and on!!

David same everything...include clothes!!

Pete S. yes...all those (classical) solo's.........a bit more hair tho

Pete S. only one vocal track

Pete S. whooops

David hmmmm....at least he had the bright idea of putting the whole package together, so it was worth it for that reason alone!!

Pete S. then Glenn came on ...the place shook

David what a contrast....feel sorry for JB afterwards too!!

Pete S. probably from past shows they then decide to put Glenn up the bill a bit

David Hi Artemiss999

Pete S. hi Art

David We were just talking about GH at the LOR shows...

Pete S. 10 mins

Pete S. lol

David Hey Art...do you have speakers hooked up to your PC/Mac?

Artemis999 Yep

David turn volume up....

Pete S. turn to 10

Artemis999 Just have done

Pete S. go on David

Artemis999 Wow!

David haha

David just a bit of fun!!

Pete S. pardon

Artemis999 Got your email David - sent you my address.

David also if you got to "Settings" and "Profile" you can pick up a picture for yourself....

David Ah great - thanks...will get that off to you...next week

Artemis999 Appreciate it.

David ok, that's enought of that!!

Artemis999 So that's how you do it!

David lol

Artemis999 I must say that these are great forums. I'm a regular over at The Highway Star and the forums there are good, but nothing compared to this.

David Cheers...

David we just switched to this CHAT format this month...we sometimes get quite a few folks here, but then other times, it's quiet...

David it's never predictable!!!

Pete S. last month was good

Pete S. a got a little drunk tho

David Yeah....haha - but that's allowed!!

Artemis999 I can't hang out long. We've just moved to a new house and I'm meant to be lifting a carpet or painting! I also need to find a tape to record the Machine Head documentary that's on UK TV tonight.

Pete S. indeed,but its killin' me

Pete S. what time art?

David ahhh, ok Art - no problem...

Pete S. i'll set the vid

Artemis999 It's on ITV1 at 23:55 tonight. Are you based in the UK Pete?

David MK I and II or a full history?

Pete S. yes.....lake district

Pete S. ishhh

Artemis999 MKII only - all Mark 2 members have participated.

Artemis999 It's a documentary in the Classic Albums series.

Pete S. has anyone seen the rock famillt tree one on DP

Pete S. with Glenn

David that's cool, it can't be often they have decent stuff on the TV...

Artemis999 A long time ago, yes. Can't remember if Glenn featured much.

Pete S. talkin' about Tommy Bolin

David I missed that

Pete S. TB was buzzin' on drugs so he took downers to slow him down....then went to sleep....arm was numb 'cause he slepted on it(left arm) and could only fret the guitar with one finger!!!!

Pete S. about 2 yrs ago on tv

Pete S. i did record it...in the attic somewhere

Artemis999 David. Are you still wanting the rest of the pix of LOR? I could send you a few of other artists on the bill if you want.

Pete S. art...superb pics

David Yes, that would be great - how many did you take!!!

David I count 50 so far!!

Artemis999 Couldn't really go wrong Pete. I was about 10 feet away from Glenn & Co.

Pete S. nice one

Artemis999 Just counted them. 97 in total!! I'll pick out some of the best of the rest and send them to you.

David cool - thanx - look forward to it.

Pete S. was the camera full...art

Artemis999 Better go now. DIY is beckoning! How long do these chat sessions go on for?

Artemis999 No camera wasn't full - batteries gave up!

David They're scheduled for 2 hours - that would be 9pm-11pm at your end...

David 3rd Wednesday of each month...is the regularly scheduled CHAT night!!

David although December will be a little off 'cuz of Christmas...

David and this one because we wanted to talk about all the LOR shows!!

David December 18th will be the next Monthly CHAT

Pete S. Hey David i saw a couple of cameramen at the Manch. gig

David We had heard all the shows were supposedly being filmed...but didn't hear about cameras until now!!

David That's cool - hopefully a DVD will be forthcoming!

Artemis999 Yeah, I'd read that all the shows were being filmed.

David did they say anything like "smile for the camera"?!?!

Artemis999 There weren't any at Edinburgh though

Pete S. No

David have to keep the fingers crossed!

Pete S. the cameras were on tripods

Pete S. so i don't know

Artemis999 What's the general feeling among the performers about the low attendance? Anyone know?

Artemis999 Bit disappointing I thought. A lot of effort had obviously gone into it.

David Haven't heard the reaction yet....can't understand it...do you think it's just down to poor publicity...or is it just the trend right now - economy??

Pete S. Manch. i would say was about, well i heard 450

Artemis999 I don't think they advertised it well enough. The Usher Hall had an advert in the local press about a month after the LOR tickets went on sale, and every other upcoming gig was in the advert apart from LOR.

Pete S. probably both David

David some of those places most have felt quite ghostly!!

Artemis999 By the time the adverts appeared in the music press, they were incorrect anyway as Schenker had pulled out by then.

David yeah...December's "Classic Rock" is a prime example of that...a full page ad...with no mention of Marino!

Artemis999 Personally speaking I didn't pay too much attention to the lack of bodies, as I was down the front anyway. The balcony must have been a bit subdued though.

David Yeah, that's the plus side - you have them all to yourself....

David selfish...but heh...

Artemis999 Shame about Schenker. I'm a big fan. Was a bit apprehensive about seeing him though.

Artemis999 I saw him on the last (aborted) UFO tour and he looks really bad these days.

David Yeah, it all depends what side of the bed he woke up on - unfortunately these days....

David Hey John

Pete Ss hi guys...i got cut off

David Welcome Pete's twin brother [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Pete Ss lol

Artemis999 Hi JohnH - you're a regular over at The Highway Star aren't you?

David Hey chris

Pete Ss hi John

Pete Ss Hi chris

David So we have a couple from the UK, me and John in California...anyother places??

David If you goto "Settings/Profile" you can pick a picture for youself, if you'd like...

David feel free to play around, until your comfortable...

David We were just talking about the LOR shows in the UK...

David if you click the arrows in the middle - it expands the CHAT area....

Shirean Hi John, chris, Artemis999

David click on HELP for help [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Artemis999 Hi Shirean

Pete Ss lol

Pete Ss Shirean...when is the next CTC out?

Artemis999 Hi chris - we meet again!

Pete Ss No.50

Shirean Sometime in January

Pete Ss that's great gives me a bit of time for the story

David We'll be kicking off a Xmas Competition next week on the site...a couple of cool prizes, one courtesy Glenn & Gabi...

Pete Ss hey thats great David

Pete Ss not too hard i hope...lol

David no - it's a little different - not a Q&A type thing this time around...

David welcome back John...

Shirean Sure wish I could enter the prize(s) are cool [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Pete Ss Hi John

Shirean we lost ya John

Pete Ss any clues Shirean?

David Dont' tease 'em luv!!

Pete Ss yeah

Pete Ss go on....lol

Shirean chris and Artemis999 why so quiet?

David All will be revealed shortly!!

Pete Ss ooohhhhh

Shirean Seems John is having some technical problems

Pete Ss you've got to be quick with John

David lol

David maybe he has a 386...this Java thing does need a little power!

Pete Ss has there been any reviews in the mags about LOR

David haven't seen anything yet, may be next month

chris Hi Guys - Hi John - have had probs with the PC but ok now. So its LOR time !!! I met artemis in Edinburgh !

Shirean Is this Chris Spencer?

Artemis999 chris - Are you enjoying the boots? I am!

chris Sure is Shirean n John yes I am !!!

Shirean Glad you made it !

chris Its been quite a month for meeting GH fans - I was in NY n met Grace !!

Artemis999 chris - did your girlfriend enjoy the show?

Shirean That's great I would like to meet her one day.. I missed her in Orlando

chris She enjoyed Glenn - it was her first time - plus Jacks Eleanor - but the rest NO !!!

chris John - how long did u wait to get the pics?

Pete Ss FM's Hendrix were'nt too bad

Artemis999 I was with 4 guys from work. One had come to see Schenker (!), two others were Bruce fans, but I think it's fair to say that they were all blown away by GH's set.

chris Without doubt he blew them away !!! Pity the US fans didnt see it!

Shirean "Papa" made some NEW fans on this tour for sure!

chris Frank was ok Pete - his live album is very good - I saw him at the HM Holocaust with Ozzy way back !!

Pete Ss nice one chris

chris lets hope this tour has been the launch for GH in the UK again

Artemis999 Yes, Frank was pretty good. I wasn't familiar with any of the songs he did in his first set, but some of his playing in Strange Universe was excellent.

Artemis999 I think the guys that were with me would definitely be up for seeing Glenn solo, so that's 3 new fans hopefully.

Pete Ss steve vai's dad....lol

chris Shirean - any more gossip on Pauls Rodgers offer for G to get a band together to play a few gigs with him. What a bill it would be!!

David Nothing new on that front...it wouldn't surprise us if it happens at some point, they've been talking since last year...

Shirean I know they were talking about doing something last year but don't know the status on that now..

Pete Ss HRP

Shirean I'll ask him what the status is soon

chris I saw PR on his last solo tour with Asia as support - now if G had got the support slot is would have given him great exposure !!!

David You could ask him directly via that ROCKLINE email address - they're taking questions...

David questions@rocklineradio.com

David Send it on the day...

David Dec.4th

David You never now...they might actually ask him that one!

chris Any news on the new G CD -style etc - I would mind some funk now !!

David He mentioned it was going to be more melodic...when we saw him last month at the Shape 68 gig...

David but don't think you'll be disappointed chris!

Pete Ss guys,i'm gonna have to say farewell......

chris Any news on Shape 68 and a deal ? He has been so busy I wonder when G will have a break for a few hours !!!!lol

chris Bye Pete

Shirean Goodnight Pete I'll have a piece of turkey for you tomorrow

David ok, Pete - cheers

Pete Ss it's been great...nice one on the new Chat format......take care

Artemis999 David/Shirean I've just posted some more pics to you - Marino, Marino/Roth, Bruce/Roth and Roth/Braveheart bloke!

Shirean Great thanks

chris I have yet to be disappointed with a G album so look forward to it!!

Pete Ss My pleasure Shirean......with a pint

chris Who was the braveheart guy - he looked stunned n outta place !!!

Artemis999 That'll be the last lot of pics I think. Need to go now. Cheers.

chris Speak to you soon John - are you going to see Def Leppard in Feb ?

Artemis999 Uli said he was some guy they'd chatted to at Edinburgh Castle that afternoon!

Shirean chris- I don't know how G does it

David ok thanx Art - thanks for stopping by...

Artemis999 No, not a big Leppard fan.

Artemis999 Next gig I'm going to is The Waterboys at Celtic Connections.

chris They're good live - Lyn wants to go - so I suppose it is my pennance for introducing her to G live !!!!!

chris David/Shirean - so how come you know G so well ?

Shirean Next week its Rockline, then he's going in the studio - Hope he takes Christmas Day off!

David We've been very lucky and he has always been and now also Gabi, have been just fantastic towards us.

David Maybe 'cuz we have the British/US thing in common!!

David Me Brit - Shirean Yank!!

chris Which of you is British ?

David see above... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

chris Ah, a Brit in exile !!! Im a Yorskhsire man in exile in bonnie scotland !!

Shirean David has family in Yorkshire

David Otley

Shirean its a beautiful place

David near Harrogate

chris Im more Halifax way - so you use the family as an excuse to come over n see G !!!!!

David you got it!!

chris Pity I dont have relatives in the US to use the same excuse - now if G played in Cape Town !!!!!!!

David Maybe we'll be over in April...if that solo tour actually comes off..

chris I hope the tour does happen & that you get over. I live 90 mins North of Edinburgh near Dundee so unless he plays my lounge I cant offer you a bed !!!!

David No worries... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

chris I hope he plays somewhere up here as to get to Dudley is a looooooooooooooooooooooong drive - much as I love the man !!

David Yeah....we drove down to LA to see Shape 68 - 6 hours - but it actually went quite quickly, what with the CD player loaded up!!

David the drive home is always the longest though!!

chris Wow - it would take me that long to get to JB's with British traffic jams n yes the journey back from the gig is always the longest even with a car full of CD's .Do you hear much from lennart now he has left the web site?

David he's busy with his own site, The Northern Light - he posts from time to time to the Fan Forum...

Shirean Fedor's doing a great job

David plus I think he contributes to a few others, Thin Lizzy etc

David Yes indeed, Fedor has taken the reins very well

chris Yep fedor is doing a great job n fortunately the idiot posters have disappeared - I missed the wwwpage when it was down.

Shirean Fedor is a really nice guy, met him a couple years ago in London

David that was annoying...they did the right thing though...even though it was a drag for the "good" folks out there

chris In fact you 2 do a fantastic job and I appreciate the effort. Gotta go now - an early start beckons tomorrow for work!!! Speak to you next time.

David Thanks chris, and for stopping by, the next CHAT session is on Wednesday, December 18th - same time, same place!

Shirean Bye!

David Bye Bye
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Old Dec-03-2002, 3:44 AM
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Printed off the transcript, Shirean - sorry I missed it but was away in Cumbria for a few days. What time (mine) is the next chat?

My very best wishes to you both.
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Old Dec-03-2002, 6:31 AM
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Missed ya!

Hi Shirl - we missed you last week!

The next CHAT is in a couple of weeks, Wednesday, December 18th, usual time, 1pm-3pm PST (9pm-11pm at your end).

They'll hopefully be a few more ladies attending, as Pete's wife (Shel) promised to be there next time
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Old Dec-03-2002, 7:02 AM
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Missed being there!

Thanks, Shirean. Should hopefully be able to parcipitate, either at daughter's house or mine should be up and running by then.

Can't wait to hear the Rockline session tomorrow, albeit secondhand.

Love to you both.
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Old Dec-04-2002, 9:09 AM
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Me other alf'



Pete S.

ps I think there's gonna be a scuffle at this pc !!!!!!!!
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