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Old Nov-01-2001, 11:57 AM
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Oz 2001 Interview

Courtesy Sue Flavel at the Deep Purple 'Down Under' Fan Club

DPDUFC. You did a show with David Coverdale last year. Will this become available on CD?

GH: That was for the Mark & Brian Christmas show on KLOS in LA. 95.5. I don't know if they release their shows on CD, but you can check out their website, I think it is klos95.5.com or something like that. That show was a lot of fun.

DPDUFC. Will you ever come Down Under to tour?

GH: I would love to come down under to do some shows. I hope it will happen some day.

DPDUFC. There was a rumour that DP MK3 was going to get together for a few shows, will this ever happen or would you want it to happen?

GH: I know nothing about a DP MK3 get together. To be honest, I don't think about it.

DPDUFC. You left Zero Corp. because all they wanted was Rock albums and you said that you wanted to get into the POP music thing even though you keep doing the rock thing also. Do you know what you want to do or are you still searching?

GH: I think I am doing now, what I love to do.

DPDUFC. Are there any works in the pipeline with any other rock stars?

GH: Always.

DPDUFC. What is the current status of Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus Rock Opera.

GH: It is out now.

DPDUFC. What are we about to expect from it.

GH: It is a pompous rock opera.

DPDUFC. Is there a release date?

GH: It is out now

DPDUFC. If Tommy Bolin had kicked his drug habit in the mid-seventies, would there have been more of a future for your version of Deep Purple, or did the breakup involve other reasons? There are some great song ideas on "Days May Come..."

GH: The breakup was over drugs, women and egos.

DPDUFC. Is it true that Ritchie Blackmore suggested Bolin to Purple?

GH: Ian Paice suggested Bolin to Purple.

DPDUFC. What do you think of the latest incarnation of Purple?

GH: I don't really think about the latest Purple!

DPDUFC. Is it true that you can still get buckets of mead in the U.K.?

GH: Absolutely.

DPDUFC. You mentioned in one of the vids, Purple Rock Family Tree, I think it was, that you and Tommy used to spend some serious recreational time together. Can you give us an example of some of the weird **** that you two got up to?

GH: Tommy and I had a lot of fun together. We thought we were having fun, anyway!

DPDUFC. Do you still have some of those wild flares and platform boots stashed away at home somewhere? If you do and you want to get rid of them, I know a bloke called Ted who would gladly relieve you of them!

GH: They're at my Mum's in England.

DPDUFC. Has being known more for playing for such a great band as Deep Purple overshadowed your solo career?

GH: Absolutely.

DPDUFC. Do you like doing the old Deep Purple songs in your set?

GH: Yes.

DPDUFC. Tommy Bolin was a great guitarist. What do you think he would have been doing nowadays? If he was still among the living.

GH: He was very innovative - he may be doing things with percussion or who knows. He was ahead of his time.

DPDUFC. I heard rumours that you might be working with Joe Lynn Turner? Is this true?

GH: Yes. Joe & I are going to do an album later this summer.
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