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Old Oct-21-2007, 5:48 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - October 21st, 2007

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - October 21st, 2007

David: G'day all!

wolfysmith: another full house eh David!

David: Hi Paul - quiet as usual here at the start!

David: yep

wolfysmith: Villa got a pasting yesterday

David: Yeah, saw that

David: So it sounds like Mel has his band sorted out then?

David: I assume they'll be quite a bit of Trapeze played, since Lee Small is heavily influenced by Glenn.

wolfysmith: Yeah, Lee Small came over yesterday and Mel talked thru his plans etc. I didnt realise Lee started out as a bass player originally

David: Yeah, quite liked his "Primitive Soul" release from a few years ago.

David: Hi Arjen

Arjen: Hello all

wolfysmith: he sounds a bit like Glenn i think and thats one of the reasons Mel asked him. also Tom Galley recommended him too.

wolfysmith: hi Arjen and Susan/Roger

David: Shirean says..."where's that Anouk best of CD"?


Arjen: oIm very sorry ITS HERE

David: no worries, whenever you get the chance....Arjen.

Arjen: Will go to the postoffice tomorrow I promise

David: Hi Susan

TexSusan: Hello all

wolfysmith: Lee is a really nice guy. He had 20 myspace requests within an hour of Mel posting the news about him singing with him!

David: Shirean says...


David: Don't mean to wind you folks up who are still waiting on the DVD - but I've 'gotta say - it's awesome.

David: over an hour of acoustic Glenn, then 2+ plus hours of electric and more on the Bonus Disc - great stuff.

David: He was at Northampton last year, remember wolfy?

wolfysmith: yeah. Lee said he remembered me as Glenn called me Wolfy. he said he was sitting next to you backstage while i was talking to Glenn

Arjen: cool

David: There you go wolfy, that's right.

Arjen: Im still searching for the This time Around cd though

David: it's on Amazon in the UK and should be available on Import elsewhere. I got my copy about a month ago from Amazon (USA).

Arjen: I cant wait for the DVD

Arjen: How many songs does it have from the italy show?

Arjen: well next month Ill go to the biggest record fair of europe its twice a year in Holland

David: The sound is great - the acoustic set is raw and almost "uncut" if you know what I mean, just like you're there. If you have 5.1 Surround you'll get what I mean straight away.

Arjen: will get everything item there I cant find in the shops

David: Off the top of my head - don't have it in front of me....4 or 5 Arjen....

Arjen: ok thanks

David: Welcome Aleksandra

wolfysmith: hi Aleksandra

Arjen: Hi Aleksandra

Aleksandra: hi there

Arjen: David I was going thru the GHPG 'Gallery' and was thinking (as a GH collector) how about adding a category of printed matter like magazine covers feat Glenn, articles, posters and stuff. How about that?

David: Where are from Aleksandra? We have some regulars on here, so it's always nice to know where you're visiting from...

Aleksandra: Russia,Moscow - nice to meet u, guys

David: Good idea Arjen....that's a project right there!

Arjen: Cool I gots loads of stuff I like to share so Ill keep an eye on when thats up and Ill start contributing

David: It's a fine line - don't want to duplicate what is hear already....maybe time for a site overhaul - just what I don't need right now!!

David: Just let me know when you're ready Arjen and I'll create a Category in the Gallery (not Fan Forum)...

David: Did you catch Glenn on his recent visit earlier in the year Aleksandra>?

wolfysmith: i notice David that some videos you posted are in the Gallery. is that to stop stuff being "aquired" by people?

Arjen: ok will let you know probably this week got the stuff ready to scan!

Aleksandra: nope...what happened?

David: We're starting to utilize the 'Gallery' more - as it's eaiser on the bandwidth - we can have the same amount of videos but with less overhead....only thing that is sacrificed is quality....but it's YouTube quality....so that's good enough...

David: It all costs $$ - more of it and we could do a lot more....but what we have....it's good enough.

wolfysmith: ive no complaints!

David: Cool, that's what I like hear

Arjen: I simply love the video clips you post David. Did you take em with a videocamera or a digital photocam??

David: Just was wondering if you went to any the Glenn shows in Russia earlier in the year, Aleksandra.....that's all.

David: Digital photo camera

David: Good enough for the web.

Arjen: OK thats what I though but I was really suprised by the quality! Great job!


wolfysmith: Getting back to Mels gigs if i may for a moment, the setlist will include Gambler, Love Aint No Stranger, URthemusic, Black Cloud, Midnight Flyer and possibly Did it All for Love. others to be decided.

Inmaculada: HI all!!

Arjen: Hello Inmaculada

wolfysmith: hola inma

Inmaculada: what's the topic? hehe

Aleksandra: hi

David: Hi Inmaculada

Inmaculada: Paul I'll check tomorrow and tell you if I got it

Arjen: did you guys saw the Trapeze DVD on Dimeadozen?

Arjen: NY, Irving Plaza 1994

Arjen: Small but cool place I saw Paul Stanley there one year ago

Inmaculada: no I didnt

David: thats the Ray Gillen tribute, right? Have it on VHS somewhere.

Inmaculada: sure I can find it somewhere

Arjen: yep only 4 songs orso

Arjen: 25 minutes

Arjen: The quality isnt that good....

David: yeah, that sounds about right.

wolfysmith: im not sure if i have that one Arjen. i have Dallas,St Louis and The Robin from 94.

Arjen: question about Trapeze...Glenn went back to the band in 76 for short reunion How long did it last and did they got to play any shows??

Arjen: Wolfy check out dimeadozen its there for you to grab

Arjen: Its great to know Mel is picking up the guitar again who know what it leads to.....

wolfysmith: hey imagine a new Trapeze album now that Mel is playing again! With Glenn on bass, and Chad on drums

Inmaculada: to many gigs I hope!!

David: There's a new song that's going to be on the "new" 2008 album that has a passage or two that sounds just like it could of been taken straight off a "Play Me Out" - it's way cool.

wolfysmith: stop teasing us David

Inmaculada: you read my mind Paul!!!

David: sorry, but what with the mention of "Play Me Out"....think of that and "You Are The Music..." and you'll get a "Feel" for what to expect


Arjen: hahaha how much did you hear from the new album David?

wolfysmith: i think Glenn is definitely heading back to a funky,soulfull sound with a rock edge - kinda like Trapeze really!

David: Just one or two on an acoustic, not even demos - so really early - no lyrics at the time - but you won't be disappointed - I had to pick my jaw up off the ground....put it that way

Inmaculada: well that's what he hinted in his messages

David: Hi Grace

Arjen: Hello Grace

Inmaculada: hi Grace!!

wolfysmith: Hey Grace, howya doing?

Grace: hello everybody........what's cookin'?

David: DVD, Mel Galley, Trapeze, new album - it's all getting attention today

wolfysmith: did i mention i met Tom Galley yesterday too

David: cool, what's he up to?

Grace: sound good to me.......wolfy, let me ask you....how are things with Mel, any more trouble from that guy (I hope not)

wolfysmith: and Grace, i did threaten him with a stick

Grace: HOORAY!!!!!!

wolfysmith: Grimley has not been seen. had a few more stories about him tho. one was shocking.

Grace: ...and take away his Hellman's mayonnaise, too

Arjen: please share the shocking one Wolfy

Grace: I'm so glad that you were able to convince Mel to get back where he belongs, with only the threat of a stick

wolfysmith: he refused to pay entry to a fundraising charity show as "he was Mel Galley". the person on the door knew it wasnt Mel but the bloke in charge was taken in by his stories and he got in free and proceeded to get drinks and stuff all night while telling of "his career".

David: this is after the news story broke?

Arjen: I hope not cant believe this

wolfysmith: no David, happened before. got lots more stories after it made the press.

Grace: all kidding aside, I can't believe how dangerous that front door confrontation might have been....thank God that there was a reporter AND A DETECTIVE along with Mel, in case things got ugly

David: Amazing...lost for words!

Inmaculada: yep me too!

wolfysmith: i also heard from a music shop that he bought cheap strat copies and made them look like real Fenders then signed them and sold them

Grace: what?!!

David: If that happened over here, he'd be locked up by now, with no chance of parole for a very long time!

wolfysmith: he had a room full of samurai swords and weapons in his house so could have got nasty if he was a total nutter.

wolfysmith: thankfully more of a Walter Mitty character.

David: "If he was a total nutter" - you mean we haven't established that already!!

wolfysmith: Grace, i meant threaten Tom with a stick.

Grace: what I can't figure out is how and why he decided to be Mel Galley, and yet he didn't know what Mel looked like when he saw him.......if you're gonna' impersonate Elvis, for example, don't you need A CLUE what the guy you're impesonating looks like?

Arjen: That crossed my mind too

wolfysmith: Grace, i think he started off as a fan and it got out of hand. he was pretending to be a roadie/studio person over 5 years ago. not sure when he "became" Mel

Grace: you threatened TOM GALLEY? Oh, was it to get him on the cardboard box in the "garage / attic" search party? Also a good idea

wolfysmith: Tom Galley told me he has some master tapes of a band called Trapeze. you may have heard of them!

Grace: ........well, it's one thing to be a roadie, another to pretend that you're someone you can't begin to resemble.

Grace: Tom Galley > master tapes > Trapeze? OK, you've got our full permission to beat him with that stick. (Make sure though, that Mel sees you do this.) Heh, heh, heh.

wolfysmith: Arjen, i tried dimeadozen. they are at their membership limit. i will contact you this week by PM. im sure we can find a trade to do

Grace: OOPS, I think that I've added enough violence to this chat.

Arjen: sure no problem

Arjen: Wolfy question for you to get back to with the DVD topic. The holy grail (at least for me) would be a 70-ies Trapeze show on DVD. Although maybe not available does Mel recalls a show being professionally filmed...have you ever asked him?

wolfysmith: they were on The Old Grey Whistle Test on the BBC on 3 occasions but everyone seems to think those shows are lost.

wolfysmith: the BBC recorded over shows back then to save money on expensive video.

Grace: maybe they are covered under dust somewhere

Grace: I wonder how much great footage has been lost for that reason...

Grace: wolfy, I betcha' that somebody. somewhere filmed a show, and now that you've set up those sites for Mel and Trapeze, the person who has the fim can post the news, and things might take off from there.

wolfysmith: I think he said shows were shot by local TV in the US but of course it is finding stuff that is the problem. look how long it took for the colour video of DP MKII in the US to come out

Inmaculada: yep that's a great idea Grace, maybe you can post some bulletins or blogs asking people for old recordings or so

wolfysmith: i know a show from 94 was proshot but again no one knows what happened to it.

wolfysmith: Actually Inma i hadnt thought of that

Grace: They are always finding some silent movie from the 1920s in some former movie employee's garage, why not a film of a show from the 1970's, or that reunion show in 1992 (?) I think

wolfysmith: Mel maintains that the 76 shows with Glenn were the best ones even tho he had his "problems" then.

Inmaculada: you never know........it could happen tomorrow

Grace: really? I cannot believe you didnt Paul!!!

Inmaculada: me too!!!!!!!! strike is over then?

wolfysmith: I have a dvd from Newcastle in May 92. and so will you Inma i hope

wolfysmith: Of course if someone does find some unseen footage they will probably want a stack of money for it.

Arjen: Some of the US arenas have in house recording systems for big screens I know Capital Centre in Largo had one They have a huge archive and recently sold a concert to KISS to release commercially Lets hope one of those archives have something from Trapeze and is going to be released in the next 20 years orso

Arjen: Wolfy you know that happened with Jethro Tull

wolfysmith: Strike ended last week Inma. My copy of Classic Rock was delayed by a week!

Arjen: Someone had a full 1976 concert pro shot

Inmaculada: you never know if they are fans I am sure they won't mind to share it... or Mel could say they will be in the thanks part in his new album (so he better starts recording one!! hehehe)

Arjen: He was a raody or something and he sold the recording to fans

Arjen: The Jethro Tull army set up a set and everyone could donate so they could be the recordings...

Grace: all this reminds me of the show that Glenn did at the Hard Rock Hotel in March, 2003, when the entire thing was filmed and recorded, and when I asked the technicians what the future plans were....they said that it was for the HRH "archives"......BALONEY!!!!!

wolfysmith: didnt Jimmy Page do the same with the Zep dvds. Fans sent him stuff and he spent months collating and editing it. but then he had the time AND the money.

Arjen: I think they paid USD 10,000 for the recording but they got the money together and now its in trading circles

wolfysmith: having watched Matteo's video i have to say i would pay good money for him to do the whole concert as a dvd release. the sound quality is superb.

wolfysmith: that the Moonstone shows with Glenn obviously!

Inmaculada: well Paul, first is to find the time or the people who can do it, the money thing would come later... and I am sure a way could be found out

Grace: Boy wolfy, you threw a little pebble into the Trapeze "pond" and now look where the ripples have spread out to......

wolfysmith: Matt's reply implies they did 3 cameras used too.

Inmaculada: you're right!! but I dont know if they shot the whole show

wolfysmith: Grace, if you look on myspace at Mels page you will see him with Tom. I took the picture yesterday.

Grace: oh that sounds good! hehehe a bit of good "pressure" from here would work? looool

Grace: OK, Paul......but are they wearing the correct fashion statement t-shirts? "I'm MEL GALLEY" and "I'm TOM GALLEY".


wolfysmith: Tom is wearing one saying "I'm not Tom Grimley"

Grace: ........or (dare I say it?)

Grace: I'm NOT KEN GRIMSBY (or whatever that guy's name is?

Inmaculada: ha, ha, ha, ha

Grace: across the miles, we think alike

David: Glenn will be attending the Classic Rock Awards show in November, so look out for some coverage in that rag soon after. Chad will also be in attendance, as he's in town for the Drum Clinc a few days later.

Grace: ....as another presenter?

Grace: or have they finally figured out that our boy isn't some nobody

David: Not sure to be honest, would be nice if they actually presented him with something, especially with the Anthology just out....

wolfysmith: Chad is doing a few clinics now. its just as well i got a ticket for the Norwich one as the event here in Birmingham clashes with something else. otherwise i could have gone to two.

David: Norwich should be more intimate anyways...

Grace: you're right, David. It would be nice. also.....long overdue

wolfysmith: tour of the year i would have given to Glenn. we are biased but he is a human dynamo live these days!

David: you got that right!

Arjen: will any of you go to the Greece shows in November where Glenn is doing the acoustic shows?

wolfysmith: And at Norwich i will be escorting a Senorita to the show

Grace: somebody needs to figure out how to glue one of those homing devices on Glenn, just to keep track of where he is

Inmaculada: thanks Paul!!!

David: There's a classic moment on the DVD when Chad is talking about Glenn's range, during the part where they talk about "Nights In White Satin" - big cheshire cat grins all round in this household, when that came on

Grace: why so?

David: That "A Night with Glenn Hughes" that kicks off the Greek run sounds like a lot of fun...to be a fly on the wall for that one!

David: Grace - it's kinda like the "The Innocence" on Fused, where he goes from a low tone to high speed full on - you just shake your head in amazement!

David: Chad's jaw drops - he's a fan just like us, in that moment!

wolfysmith: dont start Grace off on The Innocence!

Grace: ..............oh, like that 33 second clip of "The Golden One" where GH doesn't fall over backwards.......now I get it.

David: yeah I know wolfy - but I know she'll get what I mean if I mentioned that

David: exactly Grace....just like that too.

Grace: the innocence....the innocence

wolfysmith: And to think it didnt make the original release. CRAZY!!!!!

David: Well, it would then be Glenn Hughes featuring Tony Iommi

Grace: you know, I asked Glenn about that ending, specifically I asked him WHEN he got a chance to breathe, and THE EVIL MAN JUST SMILED!!!

Grace: I must have been talking to one of the (cloned, non-human) Hughes Quintuplets

wolfysmith: He cant be human! its a supernatural voice alright!


Grace: Cripes. I've said this so many times before, but it's the truth......................there's nobody else like our boy

Inmaculada: ditto

wolfysmith: yeah, he's not bad Grace

Grace: However, nobody was more surprised than me to find out that there was a jazz singer in Atlanta, Georgia named GWEN HUGHES!

Inmaculada: probably another clone

David: Looks like the South American's are getting a good fill - judging by the pix there is certainly a good turnout.

wolfysmith: when does the guy rest?!?!?! he has an album to record once his tour finishes! then back on the road next year to support it!

Inmaculada: oh well I gotta go, have to get up early! Paul I'll let you know when I get it

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Inmaculada.

Inmaculada: bye all!! have a great week!

Grace: so why is it that whenever Glenn appears someplace, the publicity level is always so low BB KIng's was totally packed, IN SPITE of extremely nothing publicity (I was carefully watching the local NY papers) and the NY TImes interviews every singer that's about to appear anyplace - the New Yorker magazine, too...............nothing about GH

Arjen: I gotta go too nice being part of this chat hopefully till next month goodbye all

Grace: ..and he has to convince "Mac Hughes" that he lives in Mac's house, too.

wolfysmith: i gotta "hit ths sack too" bye everyone

David: OK, good to see you here Arjen, maybe next time.

wolfysmith: good night

David: Talk to you soon.

David: Bye for now

Grace: OK, all...........great chat, sorry that my threads were made out of sticks

Grace: bye ~ take care, everyone.......

David: Thanks for stopping by Grace, talk to you next month.

David: Hope you'll join in next time Aleksandra. Nice to meet you!

David: Bye for now, the next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, November 18th at the usual time.
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