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Old Jul-30-2006, 8:02 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - July 30th, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - July 30th, 2006

David: Afternoon all!!

schreinermusic: Hello there

David: Hi Achim

David: Many thanks for the pix & clips

schreinermusic: Hi David, great to see ya, mate

David: Looks like you had a great day.

schreinermusic: Your welcome Indeed, it was great....i was looking forward to this for quite some time

David: Shame they didn't have as much time as they should have - perhaps could of squeezed in a couple more new ones!

schreinermusic: Good that I had a camera with me, otherwise we wouldnt have any material...since BURN only recorded the show

schreinermusic: yes thats right....it was annoying

schreinermusic: The schedule was totally out of plan

schreinermusic: Wishbone Ash was playing longer than expected and they had to cut GH abit

David: Hi wolfysmith

schreinermusic: Wishbone Ash were really very good, by the way

wolfysmith: hi David, Hi Achim

schreinermusic: Hi Wolfy, mate

David: guess that makes up for it

wolfysmith: where is everyone?

schreinermusic: I just came 5 minutes ago too....watched the COLOMBO on TV..lol

schreinermusic: good question

wolfysmith: I reminded Chip yesterday so he should show up at some point!

David: As always, it starts off slow!

schreinermusic: yes..

David: Don't know why! Maybe they don't want to buy the first round

wolfysmith: Normally its just Grace and David when i join.

wolfysmith: David, are you and Shirean coming over in September or have you used up your holiday (and cash) with your Euro tour?

David: Well, it is Summer I guess, will give them some slack

schreinermusic: I hope you had some quality time here in Euroland, David...

David: I'll be over when the tour hits the UK. Our boy is back at school then, so we both can't come - which is why we did those 3 Euro dates - could actually go together (what a concept!) plus had a nice vacation too.

schreinermusic: I see

wolfysmith: I guess Shirean gets Heart shows as compensation!

David: Yes, great weather, got to meet lots of old & new friends - it was a blast. Expensive, but worth it! Thought the UK was pricey, but it's worse on yourside of the Channel Achim!

David: Exactly Wolfy - she's had 7 of them this year already!!

schreinermusic: Yes..i see ur point...lol.

wolfysmith: any word on the Tour dates yet? local sources say JBs is Sept but still no date confirmed

schreinermusic: I have to say that I always notice that the UK is generally more expensive than Germany, for example. Every time I come over, I notice that.

David: Italy was outrageous, Belgium & Holland not quite so bad - the Euro is not good when going from US$

wolfysmith: the Pound is strong at the moment. we got $1.34 last time in the US but its $1.79 now

schreinermusic: I would like to come over to the UK to see a GH gig there too and not only in Germany. Chris Loeb told me that he will take a trip to London to see Glenn there, too. Would be great to meet some other fellows there as well.

schreinermusic: You're right, Wolfy

David: Nothing confirmed yet wolfy - September is last I heard - might be two visits to the UK for this tour - but as I say nothing confirmed - should be hearing shortly

David: We'll definitely have to hook-up if that is the case.

schreinermusic: Sure thing

schreinermusic: Blackmore's Night is also currently on tour in Germany, by the way....

wolfysmith: i always do JB's plus wherever he is on a weekend so you never know Achim, could meet you yet - unless you come up for Glenn's home gig of course.

schreinermusic: That would be a blast for me.....Cannock! Wow...

wolfysmith: Stopped going to BN shows - just gone too folky for me. saw first 2 tours

David: I noticed Y&T are playing the UK in Sept/Oct - so hopefully it'll coincide with those dates too!

wolfysmith: Well if you do come this way Achim let me know - Chip and Todd wont be using our spare room this time.

schreinermusic: Yeah, but Ritchie really goes more into rock again...u can hear it from his playing. 5 years ago he much more focussed on renaissance rock than today, in my view.

schreinermusic: I will, Wolfy, thanks for the offer, buddy

wolfysmith: yes Y&T still ROCK. saw them back in the 80s and a couple of years back. Meneketti (or however you spell it!) still plays and sings great.

schreinermusic: I will ask Chris if this would be an idea....going to Cannock. Maybe we can pick up Pete Stanford on the way as well....

schreinermusic: Indeed, heard some music of them lately....still good

David: So what did you think of the new songs "live" Achim - I thought they really came to life, more than some of his more recent material. I thought "Monkey Man" was an ok track on the album, but live, it's a whole different beast! Loved it.

schreinermusic: Exactly, David! I have to confess that I like the new stuff now more and more. The more often I hear it (especially LIVE), the more i get into it. Monkey Man is a great live tune, it really rocks. Same for BLACK LIGHT.

wolfysmith: Those videos you shot are just GREAT David. My 4 favourite tracks are the ones they are playing.

schreinermusic: Steppin' On is always a good song too! I saw a lot young people dancing to the new, funky songs...AND they liked Might Just Take Your Life well....

wolfysmith: Black Light is Chad's best track on the cd for me.

schreinermusic: A guy was asking me if MIGHT JUST TAKE YOUR LIFE is from the same album as STEPPIN ON since it would be a similar style..LOL...It was a good laugh for me...LOL

wolfysmith: I hope the setlist keeps the same and he only does 2 DP songs at most.

David: Pleased those videos gave you a taster - Chad was an animal! I thought Sebastian did a good job, but when you hear Chad on the same songs - it's like night & day - like Glenn says, he's the bastard son of Bonham live!!

David: They'll be more new stuff Wolfy on the full tour, not too worry!

schreinermusic: Yes, David...great clips. Thanx from me too!

David: Thanks to Achim too

wolfysmith: i like the litte GH logo on them. lets people know where it came from - although maybe GHPG should be on them

schreinermusic: Actually, there were 2 or 3 mistakes during the playing and arrangements at Rock of Ages. Sebastian made a major bummer in STEPPIN ON and later in BURN too...but hey, we are all human...it can happen

wolfysmith: i guess Chad cant make the UK dates???

David: We decided to add the logo as we found various clips of ours showing up in various places - just would like a bit of credit from time to time - plus it makes people not forget they watching Glenn

David: No, Chad is busy to say the least! RHCP start their US tour at the end of next week.

wolfysmith: i make a point of leaving the home page of this site on in the internet cafe at work when i have finished - just in case someone checks it out

David: Cool

schreinermusic: By the way....since ROA was so chaotic, JJ was using the guitar of the 2nd guitarist of WISHBONE ASH, who also helped him to tune it and set it up to JJ effect gear...was great to watch these scenes...

wolfysmith: actually a while back a guy in his 50's saw me on here and said "is he still going!?!?!?" he ended up getting Fused and DEP cos he was a big Sabbath fan back in the day

David: Jeez, it must have been a nightmare!

schreinermusic: ...also to JJ running around with the Glenn's bass on setting up Glenn's effects as well...lol

David: even cooler wolfy!

wolfysmith: what happened to JJ's Gibson?

wolfysmith: and why has he ditched the Flying V

schreinermusic: indeed. Dunno, what happened. For me it looked like that not all musicians brought their own instruments to the gig. I could see that the drumkit of Sebastion was lent by a local musical store as well

schreinermusic: There is a sign on the bass drum...ROCK SHOP...which is a local music store...just a few miles from the venue

David: Don't think he's ditched the Flying V wolfy - sounds like he made a wise choice to leave it at home, not much security by the sounds of it!!

schreinermusic: Yes. I also saw that one could buy VIP tickets for 3 times the price of the normal ticket

wolfysmith: any idea if a support act on the UK tour David?

David: no idea wolfy

schreinermusic: Lizards? Lol...


schreinermusic: The JJ MARSH GROUP!

schreinermusic: THAT would be great..

wolfysmith: iommi's daughters band again?

David: god i hope not!!

schreinermusic: lol

David: Firebird would be cool!

wolfysmith: I hope JJ has copies of his cd available for the tour- but it doesnt look good.

David: it's supposed to be on his website soon for purchase.

schreinermusic: Yes...that true. A lot of people are eagerly waiting to get this CD

wolfysmith: Hope so

schreinermusic: Its such great music and I really do like his singing very much

David: So are you guys still interested in those red CTC shirts? US$25.00 including shipping is the best price we can make them for - as we haven't done a bulk lot as we did before with the black shirts. That still interest you?

schreinermusic: Perhaps JJ is able to play a song of his own ones on the tour during a GH set. If Glenn would agree...

David: don't hold your breathe! Maybe he can be the support act

wolfysmith: cant see that Achim.

wolfysmith: i'll have to take another look at your shirts David. I have so many Black tshirts its ridiculous! but probably yes

schreinermusic: David, I will order one! I will order one tomorrow. Just made the final decision

wolfysmith: lets hope Glenn has some decent tour merchandise again. those 76 shirts seemed really popular

wolfysmith: acually, didnt you ages ago say you and Glenn would be looking to have more stuff available online.

David: ok, no problem - would of liked to give you a lower price, but for now that's best we can offer. If there a few orders, we'll look at getting a bulk lot put together where pricing is lower. Will put a page together in a day or two for ordering - thanks for the support.

wolfysmith: His "official" site sells nothing

schreinermusic: It's a shame but I dont have any GHPG T-shirt 'til today!! I wore a GLENN HUGHES - DEP SESSION 1996 T-shirt at the Rock of Ages festival though

David: it's slow going wolfy, but it will happen at some point - 2 steps forward, 2 back - but someday soon I'm sure.

wolfysmith: i have looked at doing my own but not got round to it. there are loads of sites where you just upload your own jpeg and add your words.

David: met a lot of people while wearing the CTC shirt in Europe - it was nice way to meet so many site visitors, although most were "lurkers", so they told me - least they were honest

schreinermusic: thats it. i made this dep sessions t-shirt the same way, wolfy

schreinermusic: good feeling, David

wolfysmith: still cant beat your classic GH black shirt i am shown wearing on here. always wear it a gigs.

schreinermusic: saw some SM shirts at the gig...

David: still got a few of those classic black shirts left for those reading the transcript

wolfysmith: tempted to wear it at the DP show next year as i will be right in front of Gillan in the 2nd row at the NEC

schreinermusic: lol

David: They sold out of their entire stock of FFF in Belgium and it wasn't until Italy that M4TD was available. SM shirts were also available, but again sold out at the first gig!

schreinermusic: I already thought about ordering a selfmade JJ Marsh t-shirt..lol

David: Has been a while since he's played Belgium - place was packed to the rafters - literally!

wolfysmith: Glenn has really underestimated the demand for FFF. still goes for decent money on Ebay. Cant you set a shop up for him on there David?

schreinermusic: i agree, Wolfy.

David: it's been mentioned

David: Hi hackney

wolfysmith: and to think i was the only buyer at the Chad drum fest!

schreinermusic: By the way, I met some GHCP's on myspace lately...very cool

schreinermusic: Hi hackney, mate

wolfysmith: Hi John. we "meet" at last. How was the barbeque?

David: did any of you catch the TotalRock.com interview with Glenn and Chad?

David: about 10 days ago?

schreinermusic: unfortunately not...

wolfysmith: no David. and ive just realised i missed the other one today. i presume you took a copy for posting later?

David: Bummer, we weren't able to tune-in where we were at, apparently it was a hoot! Maybe someone out there reading the transcript taped it and could upload it to the "Media Centre"?

David: Hi Chip

Chip: Hi everyone.

schreinermusic: Hi Chip, mate

wolfysmith: Hey Chip, my reminder worked. only and hour late

schreinermusic: hackney seems to have difficulties to log in...

hackney: Hi folks!

Chip: Yeah, only an hour late this time. Thaks Wolfy.

schreinermusic: Hi hackney, mate!

Chip: Hi hackney

David: Just talking about the live shows, new songs, merchandise and more!

hackney: OK fellas, what's happnin?

Chip: Merchandise got my attention

wolfysmith: Red Shirts soon Chip!

Chip: Cool. I like those red shirts.

David: Hi Capt'n

captmidnite1962: Good evening everyone!

Chip: Aye aye Capt.

schreinermusic: Hey Captn, mate!

wolfysmith: Hi Captn

hackney: John Ogden spoke with owner of JBs and he confirmed Glenn's appearance at the venue but no date yet

captmidnite1962: Hey Chip...where's the other half of the "Chip N Todd" Traveling Road Show??

schreinermusic: lol

wolfysmith: How was the barby John?

Chip: I don't know Capt. I noticed he hasn't logged on the site lately. May be out of town.

captmidnite1962: That is great news John.....would be great if i could get there..

Chip: Yeah me too. I had thought about going over again this year.

David: Should have the schedule soon - yes, I know I keep saying that, but.....

hackney: Hey Paul it was real busy. I cooked from 2pm til about 9.30. absolutely knackered today! How was Melville yesterday?

captmidnite1962: I think it was the Robert Ellis site that had pics of John Ogden playing with Trapeze on the Beeb

schreinermusic: wolfysmith2?

captmidnite1962: Your evil twin??

wolfysmith2: not sure what happened but i suddenly got BYE BYE and the window closed. cant log in as it says already in use!

schreinermusic: dont worry, mate....LOL

captmidnite1962: Hmmmm..sounds a bit Invasion of the Body Snatchers to me

schreinermusic: David...stop playing with those buttons...

schreinermusic: hahaha

wolfysmith2: back in a mo.

wolfysmith: hello again

captmidnite1962: I was wondering..is there any further news on the book that was being written about Trapeze?

hackney: You're right Capt! I got Robert to send me one of the Beeb pix for Ogger's leaving card, and I put the words, "Bye, Bye Johnny, be good", on it!!

captmidnite1962: That is too cool!!

wolfysmith: Mel didnt mention it when i met him for a couple of pints yesterday Capt.

captmidnite1962: And David...how was your trip??

captmidnite1962: OK..was curious...glad you got to see Mel though!

Chip: Only a couple wolfy?

David: Great trip Capt'n - it was good to see Glenn other than in the UK for a change.

wolfysmith: He had to leave for a wedding he was going to Chip, but had another with Pete - hackney's cousin.

captmidnite1962: A couple of pints..that's like a few potato chips!


captmidnite1962: I bet it was....

schreinermusic: better than no pints at all...lol

hackney: Bill, Mel or Tony Perry (manager hasn't heard any more from them. Tony has promised them some exclusive stuff from his diaries that he kept while on the road back in the 70's, also lots of Super 8 silent movie footage.

David: Hopefully you had the chance to checkout the clips - the new songs sounded great live.

wolfysmith: and only 1.50 a pint.

Chip: Since I was late getting here.....have you guys talked about the new setlist G. is playing?

captmidnite1962: i only have dial-up here...and dodgy at that!

captmidnite1962: Such is life in the sticks!!

David: We touched on it Chip

wolfysmith: yes Chip, the 4 best new tracks IMO.

wolfysmith: you shoulda set that alarm

David: They'll be more new stuff when the M4TD tour kicks off.

captmidnite1962: Well John...I do hope something does happen soon!

schreinermusic: I assume Glenn changed the setlist at ROA only for this festival appearance

schreinermusic: I agree, David

David: most definitely Achim

wolfysmith: i'd like Mistreated to be replaced by Written All Over Your Face. great song and my favourite JJ solo

schreinermusic: I would like to see HIGHER PLACES again too...great song, great solo

Chip: Instead of "replacing" songs, why not add songs and play all night

captmidnite1962: I hear that Wolfy...was spine tingling to hear that at the DVD shoot!

schreinermusic: Couldnt agree more, Chip!

captmidnite1962: Hey Chip...while I am thinking about it...I saw the Trapeze album "Running" in your Fest pics..is that the same song line up as "Hold On"?

wolfysmith: NIWS would be cool tho. i dont mind cover songs the way Glenn gets hold of them.

Chip: Yes, same songs Capt.

captmidnite1962: I thought so..thanks!

David: That was really strong live wolfy and the crowds loved it too.

hackney: Capt, is there any chance you'll be in the UK for the Sept dates?

Chip: I finally got around to seeing Stealth. It was nice to hear Glenn in the background.

captmidnite1962: Hmm...if my breast stroke radically improves...maybe!!

schreinermusic: yes.....and Gettin' Tighter with Jimmy Barnes was also a blast. You can see it at JJ and GH when they grin to each other a few times...lol

wolfysmith: Whiter Shade of Pale was AWESOME when he did it on the LOR tour

hackney: Bill, That's a hell of a swim

wolfysmith: Set sail now Capt.

captmidnite1962: You bet!

captmidnite1962: Hey David...I was thinking that with Lou in Las Vegas now...we might get Glenn there to do a show...we can only dream!

hackney: David, are all the UK gigs set for September, or will they split into October?

David: Perhaps next year Capt'n

wolfysmith: He can't play there for a couple of years - we arent planning to visit Todd yet.

captmidnite1962: *laughing*

David: nothing is confirmed yet hackney - there maybe 2 UK legs - but should have the schedule soon.

wolfysmith: JB's twice would be good!

captmidnite1962: I had mentioned that to Todd..he had forgotten that Lou was out there...Todd was thinking out loud about how a Hughes Thrall gig could happen there since Pat lives there now...

Chip: That'd be sweet, huh Wolfy?

David: like I said Captn' maybe next year

captmidnite1962: I get the message...

Chip: It seems others have had the same thought


captmidnite1962: The remaster of Hughes Thrall is due sometime in September right?

wolfysmith: i guess if Hughes Thrall happens i could make it! - as long as Todd has room for us AND Chip


schreinermusic: Yeah baby....reminds me of the Coverdale website....lol

captmidnite1962: Ah yes...the Hotel Seely

David: Yep, September

Chip: Oh he does Wofly. If not we'll make room.

wolfysmith: maybe 1st leg of tour GH M4TD, 2nd leg Hughes Thrall

wolfysmith: Wofly!!

captmidnite1962: That would be great!!

wolfysmith: 3rd leg Hughes Iommi, 4th leg Hughes Smith

schreinermusic: Im still hoping to see a FUSED gig one fine day though....

captmidnite1962: listen...I would give my eye teeth to see a good show right now....

captmidnite1962: I am way out in the woods!

Chip: I've got the opposite problem Capt. Too many shows, not enough money.

captmidnite1962: Don't rub it in!!

captmidnite1962: You and Todd are going to see JLT

captmidnite1962: Next month..

schreinermusic: Chip.....we all know this kind of problem, mate...lol

Chip: Yeah, we've got tickets for that Fest in Tucson, I think it's the 19th.

captmidnite1962: I hear that Robin Trower has added dates here in the US...good for him!!

hackney: I hope this gig is better than Jeff Beck in Brum

Chip: Yeah, that's one of the shows I'd like to see. Trower, J.Beck, Mountain, James Gang....etc.

captmidnite1962: Hey John...I am a huge JB fan..but I can understand why his newer stuff is a bit inpenetrable for some ears

captmidnite1962: The James Gang....oh man....

schreinermusic: James Gang...al time favourites...

Chip: Hi Chris.

David: Hi Chris

chrisloeb: Hi all, I'm pretty late......

wolfysmith: Hi Chris, in for the last 5 minutes!

schreinermusic: Hello Chris, buddy

captmidnite1962: I always thought of Mel as the British Joe Walsh

Chip: Yeah, Capt. I think I'll have to get a ticket for James Gang.

David: No FFF Chris - all sold out at the first gig in Belgium!

captmidnite1962: They may be pricy..but if I had my way I would go!

Chip: Jeez...I'm never gonna get a real copy of FFF

chrisloeb: Thanks anyway David, I completely forgot to get back to you, sorry!

chrisloeb: so what's been going on?

hackney: Capt, I'll tell Mel that next time we speak, he'll be chuffed!

captmidnite1962: The Gang and Trapeze had a LOT in common!

captmidnite1962: Please do John!!

chrisloeb: Achim, I see you're at the hat thing again - even in here

David: Lots Chris - will have to point you to the transcript

schreinermusic: Yes...stuck in there....lol

captmidnite1962: Both players have that rhythm/lead style down cold!!

wolfysmith: maybe there will be some FFF for the UK shows Chip

hackney: Time say Goodnite Folks! Luv J

captmidnite1962: Take care John!!

schreinermusic: Bye John...have agood one

chrisloeb: Bye John!

Chip: Bye John.

wolfysmith: see you soon John i hope

David: Thanks for stopping by hackney.

captmidnite1962: That was way cool of John to stop by!

David: We will have Podcast No.3 ready to go in a couple of weeks - delayed due to our holidays - hopefully you will leave any reviews on the Hotline - +1 404-419-6568 +1 310-601-8743 - would love to include you in the show

chrisloeb: Thanks for reminding me/us of the Hotline, David. Still have to call (shame, shame)

chrisloeb: While we're talkin' Mel Galley - I read aColin Hodgkinson biography on the internet today, and it says that there is a 1983 Whitesnake concert video - never heard of it, even when I worked the CD/Video business! Anybody know that? Must be from EMI.

captmidnite1962: Yes..it was Donnington I believe

wolfysmith: still havent listened to the first 2 David.

David: Shame on you wolfy You're missing a lot, would save you a few questions

schreinermusic: I have that video, Christian

schreinermusic: Its with Hodgekinson, Galley, Powell and Moody

captmidnite1962: Mel played that show in what looks like one of those boiler suits Pete Townshend used to wear

Chip: I think I have that show also.

chrisloeb: Like a DEVO suit?

captmidnite1962: Yep

Chip: Yep, that's the same show.

schreinermusic: yeah

captmidnite1962: I have heard the audio from that show

schreinermusic: looks like an overall in blue or so

Chip: Yeah, blue or grey.

schreinermusic: there's a great version of MISTREATED on it with SOLDIER OF FORTUNE in it...great stuff

wolfysmith: I forgot to say, Mel said to say "Hello" to everyone on here when i told him about the chat tonight. couldnt convince him to come on tho. maybe one day

David: Thanks for asking wolfy - as you say, maybe one day.

captmidnite1962: I have the Whitesnake Bio that Simon Robinson did..there are pics from that show

schreinermusic: Jon Lord is on that video as well...by the way

chrisloeb: I still think it's quite unusual that Colin Hodgkinson was in Whitesnake. He's a totally different player from what Whitesnake were playing. Neil Murray was perfect for that band.

schreinermusic: I agree, Chris. Colin looked strange to me in that band too Murray is one of the best bass players there is...for my money

wolfysmith: Murray was and still is a top quality player.

schreinermusic: indeed

chrisloeb: Hodgkinson along with Tony Martin will play a one off gig with Don Airey here in Vienna mid September. Hope I will be here then. I might be in the UK

wolfysmith: saw him playing in the Queen musical in London.

captmidnite1962: There is a story from the sessions for Slide It In...Colin and Cozy weren't clicking very well...after one frustrating session, Cozy walked out of the drum booth stuck out his hand and said Pleased to meet you, I'm the drummer..let's get together sometime!

schreinermusic: very interesting, Chris

schreinermusic: LOL..Captn

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah....Mister Powell was quite the character

schreinermusic: For me it was interesting to hear Cozy playing MISTREATED in Whitesnake...since he played the song on the 1977 Rainbow On Stage album too

chrisloeb: Hodgkinson's playing technique is hard to go with for any other musician, since he pretty muchs covers everything with one instruments. Rhythm, bass, lead.

captmidnite1962: He did...I saw him with Rainbow in 1978...my first concert

schreinermusic: ..which is one of the best RAINBOW recordings ever

wolfysmith: have you got the new Rainbow live cds yet Achim. great stuff.

chrisloeb: Only in Back Door I think the whole band really grooved, minus the last album with the different drummer.

captmidnite1962: His bass work on the Schon Hammer LP's was really hot!

schreinermusic: not yet, Wolfy but soon...

wolfysmith: just waiting for the DVD to come out now

chrisloeb: Get those Rainbow CDs , there absolutely brilliant! I wonder when the Munich DVD is finally going to be released?!!

captmidnite1962: My brother's friend Ted will go nuts over that Rainbow DVD

schreinermusic: I have a couple Rainbow bootlegs of all incarnations though....lol

chrisloeb: This show is fantastic with Blacmore in fabulous form!

wolfysmith: Mel and i both agreed that Blackmores best work was in Rainbow not DP.

schreinermusic: I have the 1977 gig from Munich on VHS

captmidnite1962: Ted has advanced ALS...he can't speak or use his hands anymore..but his mind is sharp...he used to play guitar

schreinermusic: David Stone played an amazing moog, organ, clavi solo on that concert too

captmidnite1962: Ritchie is THE MAN as far as Ted is concerned

chrisloeb: Yeah, Achim, great solo - throws in some Mellotron and Taurus pedals aswell!

captmidnite1962: That was the line up I saw...twice in the summer of 1978

schreinermusic: exactly...he wasnt that long in the band, but was a great player. He played in Symphonic Slam before...great album with those

chrisloeb: Symphonic Slam are on my list - haven't heard them yet, but will track them down someday!

Chip: Wow. Symphonic Slam. There's a band from the past. Modane Train!!!

wolfysmith: if only i had a time machine to travel back and watch

schreinermusic: Yes, they only made one album. I own that for a few years now...great stuff and production

chrisloeb: I hear you loud and clear, wolfy!

schreinermusic: its from 1976, i think

Chip: That was a hard album to find back in the day.

captmidnite1962: If only I had been more familiar with Rainbow back then... I went with some friends when one of the guys couldn't go...got his ticket

schreinermusic: LOL... i know...dont have it as a "hard copy" ...if you know what I mean

captmidnite1962: I will never forget Ritchie and Cozy....and Ronnie belting out Mistreated!

chrisloeb: ah, the old pirate, Achim! You're in that Carribean movie, by any chance

Chip: Your secrets safe with me. I actually have two vinyl copies.


schreinermusic: use everything u got, buddy...lol

wolfysmith: are there any records you DON'T have Chip


captmidnite1962: Hey Chip..your pics from the Fest were mind blowing!

Chip: There's a few Wolfy

schreinermusic: "YMCA" by the Village People...LOOOOOOOOL

chrisloeb: that's exactly what I was thinking about now, Captain!

Chip: I don't think I have that one.

schreinermusic: i knew it ...hahaha

captmidnite1962: hey...don't forget Kung Fu Fighting !!

chrisloeb: Have you got any Chipmunks yet?

schreinermusic: christmas song?...luv it...lol

captmidnite1962: First 45 I ever bought..I still have it!

Chip: Thanks Capt. Would have been lots of fun if it would have turned out like we had hoped. Maybe someday we'll pull if off.

schreinermusic: my first 45 was Status Quo with "Lies"

wolfysmith: first 45 i bought was Sweet - Teenage Rampage. still a great song all these years later, and a fantastic bside too.

schreinermusic: yeah

captmidnite1962: I bought 3 that day..the other two were "Junior's Farm" by Wings...the other was "Get Dancin'" by Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes (cringe!)

schreinermusic: lol

Chip: Holy smokes. You're telling on yourself Capt.

chrisloeb: My first (the first one I bought with my own money, that still my parents gave to me, but anyway) was (honestly) "Carrie" by Europe

Chip: I just saw the Carrie video last night on TV

schreinermusic: regarding Blackmore again....luv to watch the Blackmores Night DVD...great rendition of CHILD IN TIME on there. Its on the new studio album too.

captmidnite1962: That I am....I actually heard "Get Dancin'" in the supermarket about 5 years ago..it was about 1 a.m.

captmidnite1962: Talk about having your mind snap!

wolfysmith: Candice does have a great voice.

Chip: That's the only time of day it should be played

schreinermusic: the new BN album is more rocking than the ones before..

captmidnite1962: Scary....but I lived to tell about it!

wolfysmith: i think this would be a great new topic so will post it now

chrisloeb: great idea, wolfy

schreinermusic: better not...some people here do not like Blackmore in general that much...which is ridiculous but true...

captmidnite1962: I thought he meant....Your first record...

chrisloeb: yeah, I thought that as well.

Chip: Wasn't that a topic already? Maybe that was on GH.com.

schreinermusic: i often miss a fan forum on blackmores website though...

captmidnite1962: OK..I need to get dinner here....it is a sweaty 90 degrees here....feel like a wet dish rag!

chrisloeb: Dunno, I read the board at GH.com but I post very rarely

captmidnite1962: Take care everyone..till next time!

schreinermusic: okay, Captn...get ur hotdog and a cool breeze, mate

Chip: Maybe it was some other thread that took off in that direction as to what early music you bought.

chrisloeb: Enjoy dinner, Capt. - see you! Bye!

Chip: Later, Capt. Stay cool and dry.

David: Thanks for stopping Capt'n - getting hungry myself now

captmidnite1962: G'night!

chrisloeb: you're gonna shut it down now, David?

schreinermusic: ah, David is still with us

David: Unless you'd like to continue?

schreinermusic: i think the chat is always available, am I right?

David: Yep, sure is.

chrisloeb: guess he was on a very long cigarette break!

David: No, No...was editing and now just uploading the ARfm interview with Glenn from today....

David: it's a biggie, so took a little while!

chrisloeb: the 3 hour-one?

David: right

wolfysmith: actually its 11.30 pm here so off to bed too. See you next month.

schreinermusic: Maybe I will post MJTYL from ROA later on too...

Chip: Whew...3 hours!!!

schreinermusic: bye, wolfy...was great talking to you

chrisloeb: Bye wolfy, see you soon!

David: ok, thanks for stopping by wolfy, cheers.

Chip: Take care Wolfy.

schreinermusic: its 0:30 in Germany..

wolfysmith: bye all

chrisloeb: yeah, 0:30 here too.

schreinermusic: lol....


Chip: All this talk about being hungry had got to me also. Good to "see" everyone. See ya later.

schreinermusic: Chris from Australia...no, Austria...LOL

schreinermusic: bye Chip

chrisloeb: Gonna go now too! See you all around! Ich melde mich, Achim!

David: Ok, thanks for stopping by everyone. The next Monthly CHAT is on SUNDAY, AUGUST 20TH - usual time.

chrisloeb: Bye now, later.......

David: bye for now.

schreinermusic: Okay, Chris! Take ur time, mate. Wir schreiben uns demn'st

schreinermusic: Then I will leave too, David...thanks for providing a great chat...as always

schreinermusic: Have a good week! See ya! Bye

David: Bye Achim, talk to you all next time.
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