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Old Aug-24-2008, 7:41 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - August 24th, 2008

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - August 24th, 2008

David: Hi Chip

David: You finding things alright? This is a new Flash version of the CHAT software, so hopefully it'll work out a little better for everyone.

Chip: Hi David. Yeah, just getting the feel of things. Just found out where to type

David: Although I didn't hear you enter the room, whereas in the old version I could!! Hopefully that won't be an issue for folks!

David: Yeah, it's not as obvious with this one, but once you know

David: It has some bugs, but hopefully they'll get fixed over time.

Chip: I thought I saw something about when someone joins the chat...you could ignore them or something like that. Will have to find it again.

David: it's in the preferences section - click on the round circular button at the bottom of the window....

David: We can have stereo mp3 soundbytes now


Chip: Yeah, that's it. Now if someone would just log on and we'll see it it works.


Chip: Oh man...that sounded great !!

David: Haven't updated the others, but will get around to it. They sound a bit tinny after that one!

Chip: I've got some Tourography updates for you. Took some Trapeze dates from 1969 and 1970 to Glenn on Friday night and he confirmed them.

Chip: They have to do with Trapeze opening for the Moody Blues. Will send them over later today.

David: Cool. I'm almost done with that now. Just have the 2008 setlists to add and a few pix....

David: Thanks.

David: Pleased you managed to hook-up with GH the other night...

David: Hi purplemusic

Chip: Hi purplemusic

purplemusic: hi guys and gals

purplemusic: i forgot my password, but here i am

Chip: Yeah, David. I was standing in line waiting for the door to open when he walked out the front door.

David: Yeah, it always happens that way!

purplemusic: i only am here 4 a few mins. i have to meet someone @ 5 to get a school book, i just wanted to log on @ say hellow to my fellow funksters

David: ok, thanks for stopping by

Chip: What's going on Bart?

David: Glenn's in San Francisco today

purplemusic: i was standing outside of bb kings last year before the show, and glenn walked by on the sidewalk.

David: I guess Pat Thrall made an appearance last night in Vegas....shame that's all he did

purplemusic: i'm just living the funk

Chip: I bet San Fran is a little cooler than Phoenix. All the guys that night were bitching about the heat

purplemusic: @106 degrees, now that's hot

Chip: I believe it got up to 110 later that day

purplemusic: i wish i could stay on here longer, i missed the last couple of chats

Chip: I've missed the past few myself.

purplemusic: David, any words on the u.s. dates for ...dare i say it, next year ?

David: Should be getting official confirmation on the USA release date soon...plus hopefully some dates soon too...

David: for F U N K

David: there might be something this year, but obviously more of them next year than this!

Chip: I started to ask Glenn about US dates, but figured we'd find out soon enough.

purplemusic: i haven't heard back from the lable yet on my request for any display merch. ect.

purplemusic: of course, i'm going for the glenn hughes in-store appearence and concert


David: Hi Susan

Chip: Hi Susan

purplemusic: the living room thing doesn't seem to be working out

purplemusic: hi susan, welcome to the chat

TexasSusan: Hi, y'all. Can't stay...just dropping in to say hello to everyone

TexasSusan: Roger says hello, too.

Chip: Hi Roger.

purplemusic: hey roger

David: guess Susan had to go!

purplemusic: i have to run as well. sorry i couldn't stay longer, i look foward to talking to you all again soon...and hopefully seeing you all again as glenn gets ready to funk up the states

David: ok, thanks for stopping by purplemusic

David: Hi trapezoid

Chip: Hi trapezoid

trapezoid: Hi David

trapezoid: Hi Chip

purplemusic: see you/talk to you later keep it funky

David: bye 4 now

Chip: What's up with our Cardinals...they are slowing losing ground.


Chip: See ya Bart.

purplemusic: later

trapezoid: Don't know Chip, usually they do well about now

Chip: Maybe one of these years, we'll get some good pitching and they stay healthy all year.

trapezoid: Great pix from Phoenix Chip

Chip: Thanks...they're not the greatest. I have some video from that night also, that I need to post sometime

trapezoid: David has Florida dried out yet?

David: Slowly....back yard is still flooded a bit, but it's going down slowly!

David: other than it's all good.

trapezoid: good to hear, all concerned on that one

David: I felt bad for Glenn in Orlando....the camper bands at the RRFC here were truely awful!

Chip: I was quite surprised at how good the campers were here. Seems they all have been playing or singing for a long time.

David: at least GH is getting some good publicity, hopefully it'll pay off....

Chip: Yeah, Glenn told me the media exposure for him is fantastic.

David: complete opposite here as far as bands....one covered a Motorhead song (Dave Ellefson's campers)...it made you realize what a great voice Lemmy has



David: I heard the Chicago one was worse than here, so god only knows how that sounded

trapezoid: Campers in Nashville put on good show

Chip: Mark Hudson was saying how whenever they looked at their drummer, he'd just stop playing.


Chip: He did alright that night though.

David: it's good to hear some of the campers were alot better elsewhere.

David: at least the counselors have a good sense of humour, otherwise they'd probably be on the first plane home!

Chip: Glenn's really proud of his new Epiphone, it sounds great.

trapezoid: lookin forward 2 U.S. tour of Funk

trapezoid: That is one cool guitar

David: yeah, guess he got a red one too

David: I missed geting a chance to hear it, as they arrived with him a few days later.

David: Hi chutsler

Chip: What's up, Chuck?

trapezoid: Did you hear who won the bid on Trapeze banner?

chutsler: Hey Chip, David!

captmidnite1962: Good morning everyone

David: Hi captmidnite1962

Chip: Hey, Bill.

trapezoid: Hi chutsler

chutsler: hello trapezoid and bill

captmidnite1962: I see you survived your birthday Chip!

captmidnite1962: Hey Chuck

trapezoid: Howdy Capt.

Chip: It wasn't too hard to survive, Bill. Didn't do too much.

chutsler: Chip, how young are we now?

captmidnite1962: ll..you have a GAGGLE of yanks today David!

David: yeah

Chip: I'm 29 Chuck.............you believe that?

captmidnite1962: And where is the other birthday boy....Uncle Frank!

chutsler: As much as I believe Jack Benny stayed 39 year after year LOL

Chip: Actually I'm 49. Next year is the big one.

captmidnite1962: I was thinking about Frank when I saw King Crimson last week...

Chip: trapezoid....I'm the proud new owner of the Trapeze backdrop.

captmidnite1962: *singing* I'm a dinosaur...someone's digging my bones...

chutsler: I'm hitting 59 next month!

captmidnite1962: Oh cool..you did get it!

captmidnite1962: I was wondering who did..

chutsler: Chip, congrats on the banner.....I'm very envious!

trapezoid: All Right Chip! great addition 2 Trapezium

captmidnite1962: You will need a new house now just to display it!

Chip: Yeah, now the Trapezium needs an extension built

captmidnite1962: So...Glenn and the RRFC have gotten a ton of coverage in the media..that is great

Chip: I haven't noticed anything from the Vegas gig yet.

trapezoid: Tour bus parking also, Chip


Chip: Would have been cool to see the all-stars do their own stuff like they were suppose to do in Vegas...instead of bunch of covers like they did here.

captmidnite1962: That's right..isn't part of the program having the campers write an original song?

trapezoid: Just joking, Happy for ya

Chip: I forgot about that Capt. They didn't do that here.

David: i think they only do that on the 5-day camps...as there's not much time in the 1-day'ers....plus some show up without knowning how to play an instrument! Money to burn I guess!

captmidnite1962: Yeah..tell me about it...I will have to start rolling up my sofa change!

Chip: Sorry trapezoid....didn't know that emoticon meant razz. No offense taken.

Chip: That's a hunk of change if you don't know an instrument.

captmidnite1962: What's the joke...I can play the stereo really well!

Chip: My air guitar is always in tune.

captmidnite1962: It reminds me of going to a certain guitarist's concewrt..you had all the gear heads in the first few rows

captmidnite1962: Analyzing the equipment and the scales he was playing..

captmidnite1962: I wonder how that final show by Bad Company went....id that really the end?

Chip: I haven't heard.

chutsler: From what I've read it was a really good show.....I think it's really the end.....

captmidnite1962: I really hope that was it...with Boz gone it just isn't the same

captmidnite1962: And the supposed animosity between Paul and Mick....too bad that had to happen

chutsler: It kind of 'bugs' me that Rodgers used his own bass player plus had 'his guitarist' Howard Leese also playing....

captmidnite1962: Oh did he? I knew about the bass player..but not about Howard

chutsler: Bill, I don't think Rodgers forgives Mick for the Angel Air release coming out....

chutsler: Yeah, Howard was to augment Mick's playing....

captmidnite1962: Yeah..that got yanked pretty quick...i snoozed on that one....went to buy it and it was gone..unless I wanted to drop 300 bucks on it!

chutsler: I bought a copy for myself and then about 2 or 3 weeks later saw another copy and snatched that one up too....make a long story short...I put it on ebay and some guy from Boston bid $490.00 for it!!!

Chip: Sweet!!

captmidnite1962: Yikes....Ad posted one song from it..sounded pretty good

chutsler: Chip, it was mind-boggling!!!

captmidnite1962: Apparently Mick has a box full of tapes..he used them to see how the group sounded live

chutsler: Bill, a German friend of mine whose cousin 'remastered' it in a studio is supposed to send me a copy.....minus the tape hiss....

captmidnite1962: I read an interview..he was talking about El Paso 1975 and so forth

captmidnite1962: He has all these board tapes

chutsler: Speaking of Ad....wasn't he supposed to moving to the USA?

captmidnite1962: That is what he said...

Chip: Yeah...where to? I forget.

captmidnite1962: I don't think he said...

captmidnite1962: So..anyone going to a show soon?

David: No, nothing planned, but pre-ordered the Stormbringer remaster the other day, hlopefully won't be too long before it shows up!

Chip: I should be going to Mahogany Rush tomorrow night, but I'm not.

chutsler: Nothing on my schedule....

captmidnite1962: I have been following that....it will be cool!

Chip: ...from DPAS, David?

captmidnite1962: Chip...why not?

captmidnite1962: I was thinking about Todd when I saw Frank with Bart in NYC

captmidnite1962: Damn..wish Todd was here!

David: yes, DPAS Chip...

Chip: Frank plays too long for a Monday night. I just saw him here not too long ago, and he was still going when I left, after midnight. I had to get up for work at 3:30 am the next day.

trapezoid: Journey, in Chicago. Got 2 Work though

captmidnite1962: Oh man...are we all getting old?? All kidding aside, i know it's tough to be at a show late on a school night as they were called when we were teenagers

captmidnite1962: I think Frank played here on a Friday


captmidnite1962: I wanted to see the RRFC in NYC but I had to work...couldn't get the night off..

Chip: I should also be going to California Transit Authority (Marc Bonilla, Ed Roth) with Dave Mason next Wednesday, but again, I'm not

captmidnite1962: I may go see Steve Lukather on Wedensday night

chutsler: I missed them in Baltimore...I was leaving for vacation.....

chutsler: The RRFC, that is...

captmidnite1962: That would have been a fun time!

captmidnite1962: And I see that Glenn is loving his new guitar

chutsler: I know...

trapezoid: I Think we're all waitin' on the Funk tour

chutsler: I haven't seen Glenn perform since '72...

David: should be interesting to see what 'kinda of material he writes with it...

captmidnite1962: Where did you see him Chuck?

captmidnite1962: Yeah....he siad it was a source for the Trapeze sound

chutsler: Trapeze in Annapolis in '72....I'm the one who supplied Fedor with the September date in the tourography....

Chip: Capt., you should have seen Glenn backstage after he got through playing. The roadie set his guitar on a stand, kind of out in the open. Glenn moved it to a safer place, then told someone to put it away

captmidnite1962: Oh cool...I remember meeting David Tedds..a friend of Glenn's..he was supposed to see them in detroit in 1972 but the show was cancelled for some reason

captmidnite1962: Taking care of his baby...cool!

chutsler: I think it was an 'off-day' from the Moody Blues tour when they performed....

captmidnite1962: I know that Roger LOVES ES-335's...

Chip: Chuck, I'll be sending David some Trapeze dates Glenn confirmed for me the other night. They are from '69 and '70.

chutsler: Cool Chip!!!

captmidnite1962: Jeez..he still remembers those??

Chip: He even picked out one date and remembered it being on a Sunday. I checked it out...he's correct.

chutsler: I'm really looking forward to getting a copy of Glenn's book when it's published.....

captmidnite1962: Yes..I know it will be a great read!

trapezoid: Me 2

Chip: Yeah, I hope it's a big book and has everything in it.

chutsler: I hope it has an extensive discography and photos....

captmidnite1962: I think the benchmark for Rock biographies would have to be Heavy Load..the Free biography

Chip: I guess if we had our way...it be severals volumes.

David: it'll have photos for sure.

captmidnite1962: Talk about a labor of love..it took ten years to finish

chutsler: LOTS OF PHOTOS!!!!

chutsler: Bill, I'm in total agreement with you there!!

captmidnite1962: That book is fabulous...

chutsler: I ordered my copy with the authors' autographs included....

chutsler: David Clayton is a pretty cool guy!

captmidnite1962: For unauthorized bois..you can't do much much better than Annette Carson's bio of Jeff Beck; Crazy Legs a meticulously researched book that spares us the dross and gives deep insight into the man and his music

chutsler: Bill, I'm rather partial to the Jeff Book but I agree with you about Annette Carson's book !

captmidnite1962: You want to know the titles of the songs from the unreleased BBA second album..you'll find them there...

captmidnite1962: She really did her homework

chutsler: I have a boot copy of BBA II.....

captmidnite1962: Really? I have heard Jizz Wizz..it's on the box set..but nothing else

chutsler: Bill, email me your address and I'll send you a copy...

captmidnite1962: On the live album...on one of the jams..you can hear the roots of Jizz Wizz

captmidnite1962: I will do that..thanks Chuck!

chutsler: If you ever get a chance check out The Jeff Book....it's really a great read!!

captmidnite1962: This is the American chat...the cxaht in June was the European chat I pulled a Spinal tap on that one and couldn't fine the stage....we had internet trouble!


captmidnite1962: oh..not an exit

chutsler: LOL!!

David: Guess they're all watching the Olympics! Snooze, didn't watch it all this time....just the Beckham/Page thing at the very end!!

captmidnite1962: You know...I think the only rocker who actually took Spinal Tap personally was Steven Tyler...seems everyone else from Sting to Jeff Beck got the joke.

chutsler: That's what I wanted to see but I missed it!

Chip: I think Wolfy told me it's a bank holiday this weekend for them.

trapezoid: this new flash version is cool. Don't have 2 left click 2 type

Chip: Yes, this new version is cool. Thanks David for the update.

captmidnite1962: Hey..I need all the help i can get!

Chip: I do see that a lot of you have the default avatar

captmidnite1962: Yeah...I need to get with the program..give me a break cause i just woke up!

trapezoid: Was late getting on, I was clickin' the screen like crazy

captmidnite1962: Take a memo; working mids sucks!

Chip: I was too, trying to figure out how things work.

David: yeah, I can set a default avatar now for "guests", instead of the old chess piece!

trapezoid: Can u upload own personal avatar?

David: if you have a separate member chat login, you can save whichever avatar you want to use for each chat session.

David: no trapezoid, not for the chat, but you can in the fan forum.

trapezoid: any size jpeg?

captmidnite1962: I still use the avatar that Theresa made for me...I love it!

captmidnite1962: Hey David..I didn't initially realize that your avater has blinking eyes..i happened to look at it as they blinked...and levitated off the chair!!


David: you only just noticed that Shirean's does the same thing....

captmidnite1962: No...this was some time ago...but it flipped me out!

captmidnite1962: As for new DVD's...my brother got the latest Genesis show When In Rome and it was most impressive....

Chip: From what era, Capt?

captmidnite1962: I hate to say it though..Phil Collins is in danger of becoming rock's Henny Youngman..

Chip: Oh...you said the latest.

captmidnite1962: The last reunio tour

captmidnite1962: Now take my wife, please!!

Chip: Good comparison Capt. I tend to agree with you.

captmidnite1962: *whispering* Phil..it's cheaper to keep her...


chutsler: Well chaps, I guess this is winding down....

captmidnite1962: Yes..I am in need of coffee...

captmidnite1962: Great to see veryone..have a great week!

Chip: It was good catching up with you guys. See ya in the fan forums.

trapezoid: Have a great week guys, Keep on rockin'

captmidnite1962: Good night everyone!

Chip: Now to figure out how to log off...

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Chip...

David: bottom left hand corner ....

captmidnite1962: Hey Chip..exit stage left!!

Chip: Thanks David.

David: OK, thanks for stopping by everyone, the next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, September 28th at the usual time. Bye for now!
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Old Aug-26-2008, 12:03 PM
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cant believe i missed a great chat where plenty showed up.

was busy wrenching things off walls and messing with electrics in preparation for our kitchen walls being plastered the next day!

wolfysmith's Sig: "It's in my blood"
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Old Aug-26-2008, 12:42 PM
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sorry you missed it wolfy. we did talk ABOUT you alot. the new version of chat is cool. you can talk about anyone you want and it doesn't show up on that person's screen. so everyone else can read all of the things that we said about you, but it's invisable to you
look foward to seeing you on there next month and you can see what i'm talking about. we can find someone else to talk about
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Old Aug-27-2008, 2:09 PM
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"David: guess Susan had to go!"

Yep...sorry I think I was in the chat all of 30 seconds. LOL.

As soon as I got in the chat and said our hellos, Roger and Collin were standing at the door ready to head out to our dog training club. Sorry I was not able to stay on and chat.
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