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Old Jun-06-2007, 7:40 AM
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Sounds like everyone had a great time! wish i could have been there, but i spent the day with my two-year-old cousin covering me in Peppa Pig stickers, which she thought was great fun!
hope to get a show or two in the UK in the not too distant future! maybe?
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Old Jun-06-2007, 7:47 AM
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Hey Harry,
I am French too. How many French people are GH fans?

When I called the box office of the Wisky the day before, they said the concert was not sold out.
When I went there on saturday, the parking attendant told me the show had been sold out for 2 days!
I guess I underestimated GH's draw.
At least, my not getting tickets allowed others to get one.
So I did not feel that bad because of that.
Still, all the posts above make me wish I could have gone.
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Old Jun-07-2007, 3:52 PM
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Icon33 Wolfy on Tour! - Part One

I don’t know what to include and what to leave out so here is part one of the full story!

I took off for Las Vegas on Thursday May 31st via Atlanta with Delta from Manchester at 12.30 lunchtime. Touched down in Vegas half an hour early at 8pm local time (though 4am to me!) and after hearing a call over the PA for “Wolfy Smith” to meet his party in the baggage area I met up with my good buddies Chip (who landed from Phoenix around the same time as me) and Todd (Toadsterama) with whom we were staying. Todd and Angie had moved into their house only the day before but thankfully they had built my bed. I went straight to it – once they had gone thru a few packing boxes to find some bedding! The other 3 went out for a meal before returning to put Chip’s bed together. I slept thru all the banging and crashing that involved.

Friday we hit Zia Records www.ziarecords.com where we all picked up a few cd’s (ok, a $100 worth! ), including Hot Wire for a friend who didn’t have it, before taking a trip down “The Strip”. Got a few supplies for our Road-Trip and picked up the car. The 4 of us went out for a meal in the evening and then down The Strip to see it at night.

Saturday we were up early and left for LA at 6.30am. A pretty smooth run with Chip driving while we listened to Sirius Satellite Radio. Just how many times did a Led Zep song get played guys?

On arrival in LA we headed straight for Amoeba Music www.amoeba.com, which is the biggest independent record store in the world according to their adverts. Found some good stuff both old and new. Impressed by my English accent and the fact I told the babe behind the counter I had flown out specifically to see Glenn, I was given a store t-shirt and postcard for free – spending $80 on cds may have helped though! Chip and Todd then decided they needed to learn to speak with an English accent as Chip had to pay $10 for his shirt

We then went to Rockaway Records www.rockaway.com , a small second-hand goldmine of music stuff. Not just cds but also a stack-load of posters, tickets, magazines, and other memorabilia. I found a couple of almost mint condition Warner Brothers promotional posters for a certain band Glenn is an “ex member of ….” as the press like to lazily say. They are both 23 by 35 inches in size. $60 for the pair. Bless the exchange rate!

We then headed over to our motel to check in and find something for lunch. We walked a mile in blazing sunshine all the way down Sunset only to find The House of Blues didn’t serve food till 5.30pm! After a KFC we found Orphaned Records www.orphanedcds.com and I got another couple of out of print cds. We also met the next big USA TV star. The Food Network have a new show starting to find a new master chef and Nikki stopped us in the street to ask us to pose with her as part of the promotion for the show while her husband took some photos of us with her. We then took some time out to rest and freshen up and arranged to meet David, Shirean and Ko at The Riot for a beer and then on to The Whisky.

After getting past the over zealous security we were in and caught the King Baby set. I liked their 30 minute slot.
Once they had finished I led the charge to the front before Danny Johnson came on. The guy next to me asked where I got my Addiction shirt and I said on the tour TEN YEARS AGO in Wolverhampton. He said he saw Hughes/Thrall in San Jose. The room was above the library and they were told not to stamp their feet – so of course they did all night. His cousin saw Glenn with DP in 75. Both die hard GH fans that had brought M4TD covers in case of a signing.

Danny Johnson played a set I enjoyed. Vocals not so great but he’s a talented guitarist with a great sound. Odd to have no band with him but I will check out his solo cd as that will have the full and proper sound I guess.

So on to the main event. All the reviews I have read sum it up pretty well. The sound was crystal clear and loud. I could hear Ed, Glenn’s bass, and JK all separately but together - if you see what I mean – and Chad was simply THUNDEROUS

Until you see Chad play in the flesh with a real hard rocking band you don’t realise the sheer power, speed and all round skill of the man. He’s Tommy Aldridge power * Carl Palmer paradiddles * Neal Peart kit speed * Brian Downey rhythm * Animal of the Muppets. Simply amazing that he kept up that full on level of performance for the whole show and encores. Best I have ever seen and that’s the truth. No wonder he broke so many sticks and had the snare changed over midway. And the first stick that came flying out into the crowd was straight at my head! A “very gentle shove” and a polite “get your *~!$%^&* hands off” seemed to ensure I had it in my hands. As it could have taken my eye out and caused me considerable long-term mental trauma I will now have to sue Chad for $50,000,000. Hey, I was in the USA! UNLESS he plays a full tour with Glenn of course! Chad was constantly smiling and laughing and kept the band on their toes by signalling with his fingers how many “smashes” each song was going to end on.

Glad you could see me smiling back at you Soulmover!

I don’t think anyone else has posted this but Chad actually delayed flying out to Japan with the rest of the RHCP’s just so he could play this show.

Glenn was, as ever, simply brilliant His voice is even better than on last years UK shows and I never thought that was possible. No power loss on any note. It’s been like this for ……… well since I can remember really as I have been spoilt with UK shows over the years, plus HTP too. Simply amazing how he can sing like that never mind play bass at the same time with such a funky, rocking and fluid technique. The special effects on that bass have been consistently working and clear since I saw the NDA show with Chad.

Jeff just seems better every time I see him (not that he’s ever been bad). When you can hear him thru a quality sound system you really appreciate his style and how his slight subtle changes here and there add to the DP and solo songs. Lets hear some SITKOR songs he wrote like Higher Places on the next one.

As well as singing along to the DP classics, the crowd knew Glenn’s solo songs. A big cheer went up after the opening “der der DUM” of Orion. Don’t Let Me Bleed’s extended “Do….. You….. Want… To…” ending which I had seen on the UK shows got a real seal of approval and I think went round an extra time compared to the UK.

As Glenn left the stage I managed to shake his hand and pass him a couple of pics for him and Chad. “Hi Wolfy” was all Glenn could manage as this was the sort of venue (and security staff) that didn’t lend itself to anything else in terms of fan contact. Just ask David and Shirean about how easy it was for them to get in using a pass!

This was the best solo show I had ever seen including Northampton last year when the new line-up with Mark Mondesir was red hot. And I still had NYC to see!

On entry to the club I was told in no uncertain terms that filming wasn’t allowed. I didn’t see any flashes go off so I guessed that was banned too. All my shots are without flash. Two guys by me ran in to problems. One was told he was taking video (but he was just very slow focusing and taking his pics) and told to take his camera back to the car. An argument followed with him standing his ground and saying he wouldn’t use it again all night rather than leave the show. Then a couple of minutes later the other guy was ejected and told to come back in without his camera. I saw him back in about 10 minutes later. I was very careful to take quick pics from then on so no video from me to post! An LA based English guy and his wife approached me after the show and told me his camera was stolen at the end of the show and would I mind emailing him some pics.

After the show Chip, Todd, Ko and I met up with the other GHPG people for a chat and some photos. Sadly Roger and Susan couldn’t stop long but enough to hand over a cd of his music. I will report back Roger and burn a copy for Mr Galley too. It wasn’t long though till we were booted out onto the street as they closed up but we carried on chatting on the sidewalk as it was so warm. After a while Jeff and Ed came out and we talked about the show. They both seemed as pleased as we all did with it, especially when telling them the sound was so clear. I met Fedor for 30 seconds too!

JohnH kindly gave the “3 Amigos” a lift back to our motel in his, as we say over here, “shed on wheels” and we got some sleep. Good to read the post about your car John!

And so part one of my incredible story ends!

Hopefully post part 2 tomorrow.
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Old Jun-07-2007, 4:04 PM
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More pics!
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DSCN0889.jpg   DSCN0890.jpg   DSCN0892.jpg   DSCN0906.jpg   DSCN0914.jpg   DSCN0923.jpg  


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Old Jun-07-2007, 4:23 PM
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Great pix and review.

12 hours of sunset, 6000 miles - and worth every minute to see GH live "where it all started"

Stay Fun(ky)

Mikey D (back in the UK)
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Old Jun-07-2007, 9:38 PM
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Originally Posted by wolfysmith View Post
As Glenn left the stage I managed to shake his hand and pass him a couple of pics for him and Chad. “Hi Wolfy” was all Glenn could manage as this was the sort of venue (and security staff) that didn’t lend itself to anything else in terms of fan contact. Just ask David and Shirean about how easy it was for them to get in using a pass!

Ah bummer... I'll never understand security at some venues - it's always either too much or too little!

Fantastic first installment of the Grand Road Trip!
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Old Jun-08-2007, 1:47 AM
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Just one word, Wolfy : merci

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Old Jun-08-2007, 6:45 AM
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Wolfy, thank you for the detailed report!
I almost felt as if I were there too!!
Tahnk you!!
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Old Jun-09-2007, 2:33 AM
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What a great post Wolfy, great to read. I must say Danny Johnson, other than his as usual great guitar playing was a disappointment and downright embarrassing. The man should not be let near a microphone, people next to me who were long time GH fans were agreeing with me that he was simply atrocious. The man was brilliant in Alcatrazz, ( I saw him in 1986 with them) needs to be in a full band as a non singing guitar player to be appreciated. Without a doubt about the worst act Ive seen in along time. Please Glenn, while your opening acts need not be a threat vocally, they should at least be entertaining and good, (like Firebird were opening for HTP in 2004). The songs just weren't there, I'm not sure what was worse, the singing or the non "songs". I was bored out of my skull. This is the reason why I show up 15 minutes before the headliner, like I did with Heaven and Hell.

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Old Jul-01-2007, 2:19 AM
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Here's the intro to Mistreated

I mangled clips together - one of which was shot with the camera turned round at 90 degrees and had to be fiddled with - to bring you this exclusive.

You can barely see the joins!

thanks for the software Chris
YouTube Video

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Old Jul-02-2007, 2:31 PM
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Icon33 The Valiant Denial

Big thanks to Ko for taking the time and effort to mail this over - here's The Valiant Denial from the Whisky gig on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 featuring Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on the drums, along with GLENN,
Jeff Kollman (guitar) and Ed Roth (keys)
Attached Files
File Type: mov TheValiantDenial_Whisky060207.mov (32.60 MB, 13 views)
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