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Old Jan-22-2003, 4:58 PM
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Icon20 CHAT with Tom Galley transcript - January 22nd, 2003

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - January 22nd, 2003

David Hi Everyone!

lennart hey david

David Hey Lennart....good to see ya!

VoiceOfRock Hi

David Just opened up the room....so it'll be a few before folks show up!!

David Hi VOR

VoiceOfRock *phew* Glad I made it

lennart is it impossible to resize the windows?

David The window is one size...but see the arrows in the middle will open it further....

David click the arrows to expand

lennart ah that's better

David click again to put it back....the "toys" are in the smaller view (audio etc)

David By the way...you can have a pretty picture via "Settings/Profile"!!

VoiceOfRock folks... just a quick question before Tom's coming in.....

VoiceOfRock are the Trapeze and Hughes/Thrall albums still in print these days?

David you can find them still in some stores and certainly on-line....

David Hey Chris....welcome back Lennart!!

VoiceOfRock bad as it is... I've checked quite some online stores here in Germany for H/T... no luck yet.

VoiceOfRock gotta check eBay now and then... I guess.

chris spencer Hi David, Lennart n VoR !!!

VoiceOfRock hey Chris, wb Lennart

lennart hey chris

lennart hey again vor

lennart vor: http://www.aorheaven.com/

lennart a german cd place with H/T in stock

VoiceOfRock ahh cool

VoiceOfRock how much is it?

lennart check the site, do I have to do everything?

VoiceOfRock of course!

David Tom will be online via his Webmaster - Spartacus - so when you see them, that's them

lennart oh he has a typing assistant?

chris spencer Have you had many questions thru David?

David A grand total of....

David ......

David 2

chris spencer Dunnae worry i have a couple and I am sure more will come to light as we chat !!

David FYI....if you have Speakers attached....it's a good time to play with your volume!

David just thought I'd warn ya!!

chris spencer Its competeing with the radio commentary of ManUtd v Blackburn !!

David no contest, eh!!

chris spencer 2-1 to Utd so far semi final of the league cup !!

lennart heh, I remember that one

David Thought you might recogonize it

chris spencer What has been the reaction to Shape 68 show within the industry

David Hey Shirl....

chris spencer Hi Shirl

David nothing but good things from what we hear....but no deal yet...

chris spencer Here's hoping for a deal soon

VoiceOfRock me too

VoiceOfRock though I have yet to hear a song of theirs

VoiceOfRock Glenn would deserve to have a blockbuster album anyway.....

Shirl Sorry guys - new format got me all in a dither. No doubt I've missed a lot so will read the transcript at a later date

David it's gonna be another busy year from all accounts...

VoiceOfRock yeah well... are Shape 68 also gonna record an album this year?

David once they get a deal!!

VoiceOfRock ahh

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Logged In

Shirl Hi Spartacus

David Hey Spartacus....good to see ya!

Shirl Where are you Shirean?

chris spencer Hi Spartacus

David Shirean is at work today....she may stop by later...

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Greetings people I had a bit of trouble remembering my password to log on the chat room anyway I have Tom with me if anyone has a question

chris spencer Does that mean you can have a crfty smoke in the hoose !!!

David hahha....

Shirl Right David - thanks. So, Tom - hello for starters and welcome to our chat

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Thanks, I am pleased to join in

VoiceOfRock hi Tom

David Here's the first question TOM....from Torsten in Germany...I'd like to know from Tom Galley if there is already any specific release date for the "Phenomena Box Set" planned and how much it is supposed to cost?

VoiceOfRock thanks for asking my question, David.....

David ahhh, yes - it is you, isn't it vor!!

Shirl Some of the storyboard drawings for the screenplay for Phenomena look not unlike Glenn a few years ago. Are they meant to be him??

chris spencer Will it include any unreleased songs featuring Glenn ?

Shirl This Phenomena Box Set does seem like a real treasure - and you beat me to it, Chris - any unreleased songs from our man?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) The box set will be released early summer and will include some film footage on DVD and will cost around 24.99

chris spencer Film footage of the recording ?

Shirl Average price for a phenomenal set!

Shirl What you working on at the moment, Tom - anything you can share with us?

VoiceOfRock will it be available in Europe too... or just as import?

Shirl And whilst you're getting dizzy with the questions, another one - back to the artwork - who did it?

lennart http://www.phenomenamusic.co.uk/

Shirl Oh - read all the information on there, or so I thought - fanx!

lennart you're welcome

lennart what can you tell us about this new phenomena project mentioned on the web site?

lennart any chance Glenn will be part of it?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Logged Out...

lennart oh ok, chat is over folx

VoiceOfRock uh-oh... we scared 'im away!

chris spencer mmmmmmmmmmmmm....gone for a wee smoke me thinks !!!!

Shirl Think the gremlins are at work again!!

chris spencer Or a strange phenomena (ouch !!!)

David Hopefully they'll be back in mo...

chris spencer nearly as cheezy as your Shirl !

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Logged In

VoiceOfRock wb Tom

Shirl Chris - are you insulting me??!!

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Problem with getting cut off

Shirl Painful!

lennart so Tom, what can you tell us about the new project mentioned on the web site?

lennart ...and, any chance Glenn will be involved?

Shirl I'm not cheesy, you cheeky monkey! You there, Tom?

chris spencer Sorry Mum !!!

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) The new project is under the working title of Psychofantasy and all the pre production on the 12 trax is nearly complete I am at present in contact with Glenn and Gabi finalising an agreement for glenn to sing at least 5 trax on the album

chris spencer Thats should be good Tom - who else have you got lined up to play / sing on it ?

Shirl FIVE tracks! Yippee - wonderful!

VoiceOfRock cool... at least more 5 tracks with Glenn's stunning vocals.....

chris spencer Whats the timetable for the project ?

David early Summer, as mentioned before

lennart that sounds kewl

chris spencer Sorry - dementia setting in !!!

VoiceOfRock hmmm... should maybe offer a version of the box set which has the "Psychofantasy" album in there as well.

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Mel will be playing the guitar on 3 or 4 trax other guitars will include John Thomas (Budgie) oother vocalists will include Keith Murrell (Mommas Boys) who sang on the third album and Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) will contribute as well. Dave Holland (Trapeze, Judas Priest) will also play drums on a couple of trax.

Shirl We'll have our man over here again soon (UK) and just when we recover from that, we'll have Psychofantasy to look sooooo forward to.

VoiceOfRock TONY MARTIN!! YAY!!!

chris spencer How is Mel doing - is he still writing and performing?

VoiceOfRock hmm... lemme see... Mel playing on the album, Dave playing on the album... Glenn singing on the album... kinda Trapeze reunion!

Shirl John (Thomas) was only in on P1, wasn't he? Did you entice him back for this or .... ??

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Mel is currently having a few problems with his arm that was broken whilst with Whitesnake but he is getting himself into shape for the new album.

Shirl Trapeze re-union - now THERE'S a thought ...

chris spencer I hope he gets well soon - fine geetarist.

Shirl I thought he was okay with his metal claw - or is it causing him problems over the years?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) I don't think there would be any plans for a Trapeze re-union at this time due to commitments of all involved nice idea though

lennart what is dave holland up to these days?

Shirl Wonderful idea - yet another pie to keep our brother's finger in ...

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) John Thomas was close to dying 2 years ago having suffered a brain embolism it has taken him this long to get back most of his playing ability to continue his invovlement with Budgie etc.

Shirl Oh, so sorry to hear that

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Mel still has to use his claw when he plays but it has seen better days and could do with a service

chris spencer Another fine geetarist n good geezer too - met him at some Budgie gigs back in the 80's

Shirl Does he have to be 'renewed' every few years with a new claw anyhow?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Dave Holland is at present recording trax with members of Judas Priest and also conducts a drum clinic in Northampton England.

VoiceOfRock Wow... a Priest reunion?!

Shirl I booked Budgie at Wigan Casino (the memories just came flooding back) in 1979/80 - their manager was around, but they never turned up - what a night that was. Anyway, all's forgiven

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) It is very hard to get a new claw manufactured as we have lost contact with the guy who made the original

chris spencer met em at Colwyn Bay pier where I was the rock DJ in early 80s - in fact my first ever gig was Trapese with pete Goalby on vax in Nov 1977 !!

chris spencer Sorry - Pete Goalby on Vox

Shirl Do pass on the regards of us Funkmeisters to John via this transcript, will you Tom? Was it common knowledge that he was so poorly as I don't remember so ...

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) I think the recordings Dave is doing is for a solo project rather than a full blown Priest re-union

VoiceOfRock Ahh

Shirl Pete Goalby on vax?? Dyson or Hoover??

lennart maybe a half blowm reunion then?

lennart blown

chris spencer What a sucker !!

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Pete Goalby now lives just outside of Cannock England where Glenn originated from and is still in the music business but spends a lot of his time with wife's horses

Shirl Hello John - where you bin?

VoiceOfRock hey John

chris spencer Good vocalist - his stuff with Uriah heep and the Hold On Trapeze Cd is excellent

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) It wasn't common knowledge that John Thomas was so ill He now runs a guitar shop in Birmingham England and amongst the guitars he has is the original Gibson 334 as played by Michael J Fox in Back to the Future.

David there must be a good story behind the purchase of that one?!?!

John G Hi everyone. Is Tom Galley here?

David Yes....via his Webmaster...Spartacus....welcome John G

John G Otherwise known as "Artemis999" - thought I'd use my real name!

David fire away with you question(s)....

chris spencer Hi John ....hows things in Glasgae

John G Cold!

chris spencer Snap !!!

VoiceOfRock hello Jon L

Jon L hi everyone. trying to keep warm in Michigan today. Did I miss much?

David we're still in progress...

David Here's another question via email from Pete in Cumbria...With a collection of musicians (different styles), is the mixing desk a difficult place to be?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Each Musician and Vocalist brings their individuality to the songs but still play within the overall feel of the album. The only difficulty is if the individual artist is a pain in the arse thankfully on the Phenomena stuff I have not had that problem YET.

Shirl Jon L, John G - we only need John H and I'll get very confused

John G Tom, was there ever any prospect of live gigs based around the Phenomena comcept (similar to Roger Glover's Butterfly Ball concert)?

Shirl I think there was mention of live gigs around P3, wasn't there - can't remember the reasons why not, though

lennart Tom, you mentioned film footage to be included on DVD in the box set, what footage is that?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) There were plans to take the whole concept/project on the road using the original artists but the original manager of the Phenomena project disappeared and this made it difficult to continue with any prospect of live shows. There was a deal at the time of P3 to tour with the World Superbikes.

chris spencer eh ?

VoiceOfRock what was John Wetton's exact contribution to "Phenomena II: Dream Runner"?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) There is some previously unseen live footage of the recording of P2 at R G Jones studios which featured the late and sadly missed Ray Gillan, Glenn and Mel. There is also the video shot for "Did it all for love".

VoiceOfRock hmm... somewhat off-topic... speaking of Ray Gillen... I got "Voodoo Highway" yesterday.

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) John Wetton did the main vocal on "did it all for love" he also arranged all the backing vocals and drank a lot of white wine.

Shirl This has just GOT to be the best year to look forward to where our man's concerned - bet he's feeling smug

VoiceOfRock *lol* @ the latter

chris spencer Tom - ever play live with Trapeze ?

Shirl You wafting all that smoke away, David??

lennart "Did It All For Love" featured Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) right?

David When you're ready...another question....We have had alot of folks ask about Trapeze lyrics on your site....any plans to add them, as they're so elusive it seems?

Shirl Can I generalise on that point, David? Why do some albums have all the lyrics, some have some, and others none at all

David Go 4 it Shirl

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) I have never played live with Trapeze I became involved with the band when they were a 5 piece and started to write with Mel songs for their live set. When the band became a 3 piece Glenn, Mel and myself wrote a complete Live set for the band in 14 days most of these songs are to be found on the Medusa album.

chris spencer Wow that is some creative streak !!!

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) The Trapeze lyrics will be phased on to the website over the next few months but Spartacus who runs the website has to type them in and he only does four words a minute so it takes a while.

Shirl It's a pleasure to talk to someone with so much talent. What on earth DID you want to be when you left school, Tom? Or was it obvious form an early age where your talents lay?

David I understand all too well

David That will make alot of people very happy....believe me!!

Shirl I can do 78wpm - hand 'em over!

David we must get asked about that at least 3 or 4 times a month....no kidding!!!

chris spencer Smart a**e - I can do 100 wpm with lodsa spelling mishtakes

chris spencer Hic !!!

Shirl When I meet up with you Chris (and I will before this year's out) I'm gonna bash you with mi' 'andbag!!

VoiceOfRock It's sad to see that those albums tend to disappear after all those years.....

VoiceOfRock I wish they'd release decent remasters of the Trapeze albums.

VoiceOfRock oh... and with lyrics.

chris spencer I'll set Grace onto you - my Noo York mafia protector !!!!

lennart and non-album leftovers

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) When I left school I continued my education at Art college but left to join a Professional Soccer Club This did not work out so Mel and I formed a Band called "The Staccatos" (Mel was only ELEVEN YEARS OLD).

Shirl Tom, Spartacus - couldn't the lyrics be trusted to a professional to type - or does it amount to cost?

chris spencer Was it wolves ?

Shirl Grace is a good friend, so behave yourself - we have a genius with us this evening

Shirl Are your parents from a musical background, Tom?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Shirl the only lyrics to all of the Trapeze albums are the original handwritten ones I could always scan them and e-mail them to you and you could send them back all nicely typed up!

Shirl It would be an absolute honour - I used to do Theses, etc. so if you're serious, then so am I!

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) my dad used to sing after he'd had a few pints at the local pub!! other than that, my mum played the piano!

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Shirl, I'll e-mail them to you in the next few days

Shirl Fine - my email address is in my profile or of course you can get it via Shirean and David

Shirl And thank you - would you I prefer I destroy the scanned copies once done??

David Will email you Spartacus afterwards with Shirl's info.

David by the way Shirean says "Hi...she got a last minute work thing today...so may or may not make an apperance!

VoiceOfRock wb again Tom

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) sorry, got cut off again!!

David dial-up??

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) yeah...going back a bit, it was Aston Villa, not Wolves but my uncle played for the Wolves & England

Jon L just wanted to add that the first phenomena album is what initially got me into glenn and is still an album i listen to often.

chris spencer Tom has anyone else recorded or used your lyrics apart from Mel n Glenn ?

David Yeahhhh...up the Villa (my team)!!

Shirl Say hello to Shirean for me, will you David? Missed the last chat of course so missed talking to her, Pete and Shel

chris spencer Utd won 3-1 and now meet Liverpool in the final !!! As for Villa, well....

David Will do....we'll email u after....

David ha!

Shirl Ha?

David sorry...direct to chris' Villa comment!!

David directed....

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Not a lot of people know this!! but the original two songs that weere recorded for a Trapeze album had their titles changed and appeared on the Whitesnake 'slide it in' album as 'Give me just alittle more time' and 'Gambler'. I've still got the original recordings with Mel doing the vocals

Shirl Was Grace going to join us this evening at all? I know Roberto's busy at the moment but it is nice when we're all here

VoiceOfRock good songs those are

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Thank you!

lennart I have a tape of some demos with Mel singing songs, with parts that were reworked into Whitesnake tunes

David sounds like an 'Archives' release is in order

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) If you've got them, they're the same ones I'm talking about!!

lennart are there any Trapeze leftovers featuring Glenn around that could be on a CD like that?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) There are several songs that Glenn, Mel & Dave recorded as demo's that were never released & I still have them

lennart that would be awesome to hear on a special "archives" CD in the future

VoiceOfRock speaking of Whitesnake..... I was talking a bit to DC a month ago.

lennart why not a Trapeze box?

chris spencer Are they from the early 70'sor later ?

VoiceOfRock there's also some Whitesnake stuff in the can which he plans to release some time soon

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Later than the 70's, around the mid 80's I think. If it could be arranged with all parties concerned, maybe they could be released, it's something to think about.

Shirl There must be some wonderful stuff out there (collecting dust, eh Tom?)

VoiceOfRock hehehe

VoiceOfRock sometimes stuff from the vaults is nicer than the songs which made it to the albums.....

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Trapeze back catalogue is owned by too many companies to compile a boxed set unfotunately

VoiceOfRock that's a bugger, Tom.

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) I found the original acetate test pressing of Glenns/Trapeze 'Coast to Coast' recently and it still sounds great!!

VoiceOfRock COOL!

Shirl There was no mention or suggestion of Glenn working with DC in the forseeable future, according to his recent interview - I don't follow DC at all, but read the recent interview via one of the funkmeisters (sorry, forgot who you are). Any news there?

David Man.....what a find!!

VoiceOfRock Shirl... they were talking about it a year ago, I think.

VoiceOfRock I asked DC about it and he said he'd love to do a couple of duets with Glenn in the future again.

lennart WS is coming to Sweden in June!

chris spencer Yep the original is the best, altho Hughes thrall version comes a close 2nd followed by the acoustic version !!

VoiceOfRock I'm gonna go to see WS, DP and IM live this year... that's for sure.

Shirl That's a good one for the future then, if they get together again

VoiceOfRock well...I wouldn't bet on it in the near future though

VoiceOfRock DC's busy with the new WS.... and Glenn's busy anyway.

chris spencer purple are touring the Uk with Lynyrd Skynrd in May but at over 30 a ticket with booking fee a little high me thinks

Shirl I'll be more than happy when I meet our man over here again - not a DC fan but an interesting get together, WHENEVER it happens

chris spencer Damn typing is getting worse - hic!!

David ...and they wonder why the halls are half empty!!

lennart half empty, or half full?


chris spencer Purple were good in Sept n Skynyrd are awesome live but way too expensive

chris spencer Half full - hic !!

lennart ok, gotta go - nice talkin to y'all... good luck with everything Tom!

chris spencer See ya lennart

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Thanks Lennart!

Shirl Supposedly coming over for the Shape 68 gig in March, but due to recent events (illness, etc) looks out of the question - so as long as I can say a few words with our man again in the coming months - quite happy with that ... plenty time yet though for things to work out.

David TOM....do you have any current favourite bands or musicians?

Shirl Bye Lennart -

David See ya Lennart

VoiceOfRock see ya, Lennart.

David or someone you'd like to work with...that you haven't yet?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Yes... new stuff I like....Rammstein,

VoiceOfRock hehe

VoiceOfRock my fellow compatriots

VoiceOfRock I'd like to hear Jorn Lande sing on "Phenomena IV".....

VoiceOfRock luv that guy

chris spencer Arent they a bit industrial ?

VoiceOfRock yes they are

VoiceOfRock pretty heavy

Pete S. hi guys

Pete S. how's it been tonite?

David good... Tom is here with is Webmaster - Spartacus (w/Tom Galley)....

Pete S. ahhh howdy

Shirl Been a good night, Pete - look forward to the transcript - a few hiccups at the beginning - gremlins again! You okay?

Pete S. yeah,voice a bit hoarse from band practice

Shirl Don't you take any particular liquid to help with that - not good to be hoarse

Pete S. yeah,water but that bloats me out for the beer afterwards

Shirl You guys and your beer !

VoiceOfRock hey Pete

chris spencer .....and controversial...

chris spencer hey pete

David Hey Pete....I asked your question

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Yes, very industrial and would love to work with Rammstein. If you've watched the progression from 1998 to the present time their last album 'Mutter' was a lot more sophisticated

VoiceOfRock umm... yes... I remember that they set each other on fire during live shows a while ago.

VoiceOfRock Tom... you remember Rammstein's "Engel"?

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Yes, remember 'Engel'

VoiceOfRock was one of their early hits

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Talking about fire, I think all the band has done is taken the presentation of bands like KISS into the new Millenium

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) As for Rammstein being contraversial, I think the controversy really lets them expand their music, they tackle a lot of so called 'taboo' subjects and any musical progression has got to be good

VoiceOfRock Tom... you know Jorn Lande then?

VoiceOfRock he was the singer of The Snakes a while back... and had been with Ark as of late.

Shirl Jorn Lande means little to me, sorry

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) No, don't know Jorn Lande

chris spencer A honey drink is supposed to be good, or Jack Danials or 40 Woodbines !!

VoiceOfRock Jorn's great... sounds like DC... probably just a bit more aggressive.

Shirl Honey, Chris - he needs to look after that throat

VoiceOfRock he also had a short stint with Yngwie Malmsteen a couple of years ago.

Pete S. you know which i would like chris

chris spencer I remember reading something about it years ago !!!

Pete S. lemmy?

chris spencer JD Pete ?

Pete S. double thanks chris

chris spencer Woodbines for the Lemmy style vocals - honey for the Glenn stuf !!!

Pete S. david did remember me question for Tom?

Shirl I can smell the alcohol from here - and the smoke (get outside David)

David yes...check the transcript a little later...

chris spencer Have you been outside tonight Dvaid or are you suffering ?

Shirl So there! I was right about taking the honey, then!

Pete S. cheers mate

David just got back!!

Pete S. Tom...the dvd with the box set..who does it feature

chris spencer Tom - is there anyone else you would like to work with ?

Shirl It's time for me to wrap it up guys, so I'll bid you all farewell. Tom, thanks for sharing - don't forget to email the lyrics. God bless you all x

chris spencer Speak to you soon Shirl...

Pete S. cya shirl...take care xx

David Talk soon Shirl...

Shirl Tom - you are the music, we're just the fans. Night all x

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) the dvd footage of live shotss from the recording of 'Phenomena II' at RG JOnes Studios, featuring the late and sadly missed Ray Gillan, Glenn, Mel plus th eoriginal video shot of 'Did It All For Love', see you Shirl, Thanx

Pete S. excellent

David Just want to say....thanks to Spartacus for arranging things with Tom and to Tom...thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions...I know it's late on your side of the pond!

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Chris, looking forward to working with Glenn again and Mel!

chris spencer Here here - best wishes for the future Tom.

David If it makes you feel any better...it's cloudy and raining here in San Francisco !!

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Yes, but it's always rainy & wet here!!

Pete S. are you down south Tom?

chris spencer Time for my bed - golf course beckons tomorrow !!! Cheers one n all. See you next time.

Pete S. take care chris

David See ya next time chris....

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your questions and hope you all like the new album!! And no, we're in the Midlands!

chris spencer And you Pete

Spartacus (w/Tom Galley) Goodnight all!!

David Look forward to it....

David nite

Pete S. Cheers

VoiceOfRock thanks for being with us, Tom and Spartacus.

VoiceOfRock was a pleasure for us to have the chance to talk to you.

David well, that was a very informative session, eh....

VoiceOfRock yes

VoiceOfRock the box set will be interesting... that's fo' sho'!

VoiceOfRock I should get that one too... I think.

David Maybe we'll try and arrange another session, after it's release...I'm sure they'll be a bunch more questions then!!

VoiceOfRock hehe... yeah.

VoiceOfRock another box set with Glenn involved.....

Pete S. sure....i'll be early next time!!!

David not too worry...transcript has it all

VoiceOfRock oh yeah... and if Glenn and Tony Martin do indeed the vocals for P4... that's another album to get.

VoiceOfRock Tony Martin's a great vocalist too.

David lots to look forward to!

VoiceOfRock yep

Pete S. hey guys i'd better run...early start tomorrow

VoiceOfRock also the proposed reiussue of the "Cal Jam".....

VoiceOfRock see ya, Pete.

David ok Pete...talk soon...

Pete S. yeah...check out our web site...in profile....take care guys

David the pix are funny!!

Pete S. ooooo

Pete S. i see

Pete S. wait till next ones!!

VoiceOfRock btw... good job on the GHPG site, forum, etc., David!

David Thanks vor - much appreciated.

Pete S. anyway cya

David Beer, Beer and Beer, eh!!

David Haha

David I'll let you go now!!

Pete S. hic

David Thanks for stopping by VoiceOfRock...pleased you made it...

VoiceOfRock yeah... me too.....

David Next month we'll be back with a general GH session to be held on Wednesday, February 19th...in the meantime lookout for CTC...it should be out next week sometime...

VoiceOfRock ah cool

VoiceOfRock btw... not too easy for a guy like me to get and get into all those records....

VoiceOfRock I wasn't born or at least very young when Glenn was really famous.

David Don't worry...you have plenty of time to catch up with us old fogies

VoiceOfRock haha!

David The transcript of this session will be on the Forum later this evening....

VoiceOfRock great!

David Well, time to say 'adios'...pleased you got your questions answered...see you next time.

VoiceOfRock ok... next time around then.

David Bye!

VoiceOfRock hasta luego!
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