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Old Nov-19-2006, 9:09 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - November 19th, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - November 19th, 2006

Shirean: Hello everyone

Rasmus Heide: hi

Shirean: Hello Chip

Chip: Hi Shirean

Chip: How's it going?

Shirean: Going good, looking forward to Turkey Day!

Chip: I guess....we're having it our house this year.

bassboy: Hi Peeps!

Rasmus Heide: good evening

Chip: Hi bassboy and Rasmus

Shirean: We are going to the Hard Rock Hotel. Remember, "The Kitchen" restaurant?

Rasmus Heide: i have no idea

Chip: Yes, The Kitchen.

Chip: Hi Tony

tony g: hi Chip just saw the bears win again

Shirean: They are having a great Thanksgiving day feast + kids activities for our son

bassboy: Didn't Glenn do a Shepard's Pie Dish for them a couple of years back?

Rasmus Heide: has anybody else seen Glenn recently?

Shirean: Yes, he and Chad, in 2004 here in Orlando

Chip: That's cool. Beats getting your kitchen messy.

Rasmus Heide: him and chad? where?

Shirean: The Kitchen restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando

Rasmus Heide: onstage?

bassboy: David & Shirean, great work on the Hughes/Thrall site. Any word on the completion of HT2?

Shirean: Thanks bassboy - actually it's all David on that one, so it's him to thank I just gave a thumbsup or down when he was batting ideas around!!

daniel: here's at least one who's seen glenn recently: pjoslo!

Rasmus Heide: yeah? where?

Shirean: David saw Glenn recently in the UK

Rasmus Heide: how was it?

pjoslo: yeah, and an excellent night it was! Hello everyone!

Rasmus Heide: did he do the covers?

Shirean: Chip - I was so jealous that David got to go to Abbey Road Studios

Inmaculada: Hi all!

tony g: i bet you were

tony g: hi

pjoslo: in Oslo yes. I saw your review Rasmus and disagree about the covers, i think they do a good job mid set in slowing things down, and at the same time keep "casual" fans happy - not everyone has all Glenn's solo stuff

Chip: Shirean....especially if he went inside. I only got to see it from the street

bassboy: Hi Inmaculada!

tony g: your right remember its still a new band

Rasmus Heide: yeah well, i am wasting my time listening to covers of ancient songs like that

Shirean: He did go inside

Kat: I bet that was cool Shirean, for David anyway

Rasmus Heide: i go to glenn because i like glenn and his music

captmidnite1962: Hello everyone..great to see some new faces!

Inmaculada: how is the new band doing? I just saw Modesir

Rasmus Heide: there are plenty of cover bands around that do the same perfunctory versions

Rasmus Heide: what do u mean its still a new band?

Shirean: Where have you been Rasmus? Were you actually at the gig? 3 new band members no less!!

tony g: thats cold rasmus

captmidnite1962: I have enjoyed reading all the tour reports

Rasmus Heide: well, it left me cold, so thats natural

bassboy: Yep, but none of those cover bands have GH singing in them!

pjoslo: i understand you don't enjoy the covers rasmus - but listening to Glenn SING wsop or niws is never a waste of time!!

Inmaculada: I mean the new Glenn's line up

Rasmus Heide: i dont belong to the 'glenn could sing the directories and I'd still listen' school. he has done so much excellent material, its where he needs to put his energies

Rasmus Heide: i'm sure everyone here wants glenn to do as well as possible - and i dont believe covers is the way to go

Kat: covers help to draw in new fans

Rasmus Heide: hows that?

Kat: people looking for familiar songs may run across a cover by another artist and drift to that artists music from that

Kat: I read a whole article about it (just can't remember where)

Kat: it's one of the main pointers to give artists trying to build a fan base

Rasmus Heide: hmm... is whiter shade of pale on glenn's albums? if not, then how does that song lure anybody into his music?

tony g: if thats what he wants to do - he has to keep it interesting for himself - do want to take that away from him?

Kat: by liking what they hear in his version

Kat: whether it's on an album or not, I'm sure it's out on the web somewhere

Rasmus Heide: glenn already has a fan base, but it'll keep dwindling if he doesnt stop leaning on other people's material - or DP

Shirean: yeah, but you also have to remember, some of these countries haven't seen Glenn in over 20 years and in others it's a younger new crowd, so having a mixed set, is a good thing for such crowds.

Kat: not a big enough fan base for major tours

pjoslo: agreed Kat. I had a couple of friends with me at the Oslo gig, one who knew no Purple/Glenn stuff at all and one who hadn't heard Glenn since Burning Japan Cd - They both loved his singing on the covers

bassboy: A good friend of mine became a Glenn fan after he heard GH do the cover of "Piece Of My Heart", before that, he had never heard of Glenn.

Inmaculada: mmmm, personally I dont mind he sings those covers, it's not like he ONLY sings covers!!! if he wants to sing one particular song he loves in a concert...why not? not to mention he does it great, but of course that's only my opinion, maybe cos I love those songs

Chip: Hey Shirean....just got a pm from Wolfy. He's having trouble logging on...don't know if you can help from your end.

Kat: they are a very good draw to new fans

Shirean: tell him to email David - he will be on in a min.

Kat: granted we would love to hear nothing but Glenn's songs for hours on end, but he needs to expand his fan base

Shirean: Chip - How's Todd doing?

Shirean: Don't see him much on the CHAT's..

Rasmus Heide: if i was new to GH and i heard him do WSOP at a show i'd want to get his studio version of it. afaik theres no such thing.

Shirean: No, he's recorded it - with Marc Bonilla (American Matador in 1993)

Rasmus Heide: given the choice between covers of somebody elses stuff or kick ass versions of glenn's own songs, what would y'all choose?

Kat: but then why would you stop at just that one song? If you were so interested in his version of it, you should want to check out what else he has to offer

Chip: Todd's doing good. I don't hear from him like I used to. I think he's busy with being JSS's U.S. merchandise contact.

Shirean: good for him.

Chip: Todd works the weekends...he gets home just about the time the chats end.

Rasmus Heide: well Kat, its still a roundabout ay of doing things.

Inmaculada: why to choose rasmus if we can have all??

bassboy: I couldn't care less what Glenn sings, as long as he plays some U.S. dates

Kat: granted, but that's the way the business goes these days

Kat: I'm with you bass boy

Rasmus Heide: because when i buy glenns albums and enjoy the music he has recorded, i dont care for old covers he likes to do.

Kat: I like it all

Kat: M4TD would be a whole diff thing without Nights on it

tony g: with a band that has been playing together for at least a year-who knows? with a new band just starting to play together? a couple of covers that most people know how to play would be alright

pjoslo: understand the question rasmus, but if Glenn feels a greater connection to WSOP than stuff from Addiction for example then i'd rather hear him play what he's happiest playing..similar to Coverdale not feeling the "connection" with Mistreated on his last tour..

Inmaculada: well of course as likes as colors, as I said if he made all covers and only a couple of his songs. well I would complain, but one or two covers sometimes... dont bother me at all, on contrary if he still chooses those great songs

Grace: Hmmmm.....so we're discussing Glenn singing cover songs, huh? I wouldn't mind GH singing an entire album of covers, specifically chosen to highlight his unique talents, of course. And I don't know why everybody gets so mad when Glenn does a guest appearance on somebody else's CD. It takes Glenn, what, 2 hours to record a song, and it's like free publicity. Which of course as we all know, Glenn never gets (PUBLICITY)

Kat: a few years ago, those of us on the Glenn Hughes criuse got a show with mostly all covers and we all seemed very pleased with it

tony g: your right pjoslo

Inmaculada: agree Grace!

Shirean: Yes indeed Kat - it was great!

Chip: As was the show at The Palms...

Rasmus Heide: sorry, i didnt know this was the 'glenn can do no wrong' chat

Kat: who said that rasmus? I thought we were expressing our opinions

Kat: and my work with artists gives me more insight into the subject of covers

bassboy: I remember coming out of seeing "Stealth", and hearing some people commenting on who sang the version of NIWS ....that to me is exposure.

Inmaculada: personally, Nights, has been one of my whole life fav songs and when I listened to Glenn's cover I just got... shocked for the amazing work he did with that song, I love it to bits, what doesnt mean I dont want more Glenn's own stuff

Kat: I love that one too Immaculada

Grace: A question for pjoslo.....who's the picture of your icon?

pjoslo: that'd be me, aged 8 (more than a quarter century ago!!!)

Inmaculada: no rasmus of course you dont have to like it and I do respect that, personally I dont mind that's all, and I love many of his covers

Inmaculada: hiiiiiii wolfy!!!!!!!

wolfysmith: Finally im in!

Chip: Finally..Wolfy makes it

Grace: This is not the Glenn can do no wrong chat. But we mostly seem to feel that whatever GH sings turns out pretty good. (To put it mildly.)

tony g: cool

Kat: yep, just ask Grace about the yodeling LOL

Grace: Hey...................you used to be a cute kid. Ha, ha

tony g: didnt glenn just say please dont mess with his songs?

wolfysmith: Hey this is a good turnout. what have i missed so far?

Shirean: scroll up



pjoslo: thanks, it was taken on the day of my first trip to Anfield in 1977 - i'm a Liverpool fan - hence red scarf and hat

bassboy: I can see it now.....GH doing some Funk/Rock yodeling, with the members of Focus backing him up

Grace: OK, OK, the yodeling harassment will never die. Anybody wanna' take a vote? If Glenn lost a bet, AND HAD TO DO A YODELING CD, would it or would it not sound good?

Kat: hehe

Kat: the axe and the yodeling Grace - they just go together lol

tony g: good one Grace

Grace: That's a great photo of a nice looking kid....looks slightly frozen though. I'm glad that you use it here........

pjoslo: if he moved to Switzerland and immersed himself in life on the hillsides before going into the studio it might turn out interesting..who'd you have on cowbells Chad'n'Mark?

tony g: Shirean where is David - soccer on?

Inmaculada: hi again! all the house lights went off!!!

Shirean: He will be here soon - he has to respond to an email.

tony g: ok

Inmaculada: brrr I've lost a work I was doing!!!!

Shirean: Concerning Hughes Thrall remaster..

bassboy: BTW, has anyone gotten their copy of the remastered Hughes/Thrall yet? Ordered mine through Amazon weeks ago, and haven't seen it yet.

tony g: wolfysmith you cant get Hershey bars?

Grace: NO........seriously. What could Glenn do musically that would be a disaster? What would we not buy, if only to see what GH could do with it. Something stupid like a hundred bottles of beer on the wall, a hundred bottles of beer, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 99 bottles of beer on the wall. GH could handle that easily.........and give it some snappy flourishes, too.

Kat: lol Grace

Grace: This is a question that I'm seriously asking.

wolfysmith: Tony - Only from Chip, Todd and Selfridges!

pjoslo: my H/T hasn't turned up yet..

Chip: Is H//T even released?

tony g: Selfridges?

Shirean: I saw the art work today..

wolfysmith: HMV keep sending me emails apologizing for the delay but no date

Chip: It's a big swanky store Wolfy goes to

Inmaculada: Hi wolfy I missed you! just got booted when you entered!

Inmaculada: hi Pete!!!!!

Kat: I don't think your question has an answer Grace, we'd probably get it to give it a listen no matter what

Pete S.: Greetings Groovers......

tony g: oh ok

wolfysmith: Hey Pete, you got my message then!

Pete S.: yes Paul...how are you my friend?

wolfysmith: Hi Inma

Pete S.: hey groover!!

wolfysmith: All the better for meeting SSP!

Pete S.: looooooooooooooooolllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Pete S.: cheers mate


Pete S.: had me headphones on full blast...thanks Inma...tee hee

wolfysmith: Tony - Selfridges is the big rival to Harrods

Pete S.: hi Shirean how are you?

Shirean: Good Pete, thanks

Inmaculada: oops sorry Pete! yes you are not the only one who has that habit!! loooooool

tony g: ok i understand now

Pete S.: teee heeeee

bassboy: Inmaculada, have you done any more GH graphics lately?

Inmaculada: no lol why?

wolfysmith: Shes working on a Wolf at the moment! LOL

Grace: Hey Chip. Selfridge's isn't swanky. It's POSH. Haven't you learned anything refined from Hiacynth BUCK-ET?

Inmaculada: right now I'm working in other things

wolfysmith: Grace

bassboy: Just liked your "Divine" rendering.

Inmaculada: not yet Wolfy I'm waiting for you tell me what you want! lol

Pete S.: looooooooooolllaaa and an amazing SSP one too

Inmaculada: oh thanks a lot bassboy

wolfysmith: Im still thinking Inma.

Inmaculada: ok let me know when you have some idea

Chip: That's "bouquet", Grace

wolfysmith: Yes, the design for SSP is just great.

Grace: Boy ....what an insult from wolfy. 400 years of American culture, and the only thing wolfy wants from our beloved country is chocolate from Pennsylvania!


Grace: OOPS.......that's right Chip. Bouquet........a Mercedes, a sauna..............and room for a pony

Pete S.: yeah Inma did a fantastic job Paul....Achim is the black background and i'm the white....looollllaaa a bit like knights

bruno1544: hello

Pete S.: hi Grace...

wolfysmith: You wouldnt believe how much Oreos are over here Grace either. Did i say we like CHOCOLATE

bruno1544: to everyone

Kat: hi bruno

Pete S.: hi Bruno

Chip: Hi Bruno

bruno1544: it?s my first time here in the chat

Chip: Welcome

Kat: welcome to the chat

Grace: hey Pete, are you still gonna' talk to us when you and Achim are famous?

tony g: i work as a temporary for mars for awhile any thing they made to go to europe or japan or australia seemed much more flavorful to me

bruno1544: thank you very much

wolfysmith: Dont by shy Bruno. Ask what you want.

bruno1544: ok

bruno1544: thank you

bruno1544: i'm from portugal

pjoslo: good evening bruno!

Pete S.: uuurrrrmmmmm......yes of course....tee hee Grace....but thats a dream....

Shirean: my turn - Hello Bruno

Inmaculada: Wolfy if you dont have a clear idea of how you want it to look it doesnt matter you just tell me what you want to show in it and I'll try to show it

tony g: so its the price wolfy?

Inmaculada: Thanks a lot Pete, you know it was my pleasure

bruno1544: hello Shirean

wolfysmith: Great fish to eat in Portugal Bruno. I went many years ago.

Grace: AHEM! I live in New Jersey, and nearby is Hackettstown, where everything MARS is made in the US.

Pete S.: Inma...xxxxxx

bruno1544: oh yes wolfysmith

Pete S.: you're a star..

bruno1544: by the way

Grace: Folks, I love you all..........but I have to run. (No, the cops aren't after me yet.) Take care everyone............Grace

wolfysmith: Well here in Birmingham is where Cadburys make their stuff.

bruno1544: www.myspace.com/bornalionband

bruno1544: this is my band

Chip: See ya Grace.

Inmaculada: bye Grace!

bassboy: Greets Bruno, it's my first time here as well, A GH chat "virgin"....metaphorically speaking

Pete S.: Take Care and be safe Grace..xxx

wolfysmith: Hi Conchita.

tony g: they have had a plant on the north side since the 20's

bruno1544: hello bassboy!

Chip: Hi Conchita

bruno1544: please to meet you

bassboy: Bye Grace...don't let them catch you!

Conchita: hi everyone...just found out now that that there was a chat, been so busy!

Pete S.: hey Conchitio..xx

Inmaculada: sister!!!!!!!!!

Conchita: hi Chip!

Conchita: hey Stanfordio!

Shirean: Nice you could join us.

Pete S.: loooooooooooollllllaaaaaa

bassboy: Hi Conchita!

bruno1544: I need to ask a thing to all of you

bruno1544: I already have two versions of soul mover cd

bruno1544: but I want the japanese version

bruno1544: because of camel toe stomp music

bruno1544: where I can buy it?

bruno1544: anyone knows?

bruno1544: I love that track!

tony g: cdjapan .com

Conchita: hello everyone

bruno1544: thank you tony g.

Shirean: you can buy just the song at iTunes

bruno1544: humm

bruno1544: that's ok

bruno1544: i'll try

tony g: i forgot Shirean

Conchita: I wish Camel Toe Stomp were released as a single or b side....I love that song

bruno1544: yeah Conchita

bruno1544: me to

Shirean: I love that song too!!

bruno1544: me too

bruno1544: the song is awesome

Shirean: Here comes David finally!

David: Afternoon/evening all

bruno1544: hey everyone

Chip: HI David

bruno1544: I have another question by the way

Kat: hi David

wolfysmith: Hey David

tony g: hello

Inmaculada: Hi David

Pete S.: greetings David

bruno1544: glenn will be here in a few minutes?

bruno1544: ???

tony g: i wish

Conchita: have the cancelled tour dates been discussed already?

David: No, Glenn's onstage in Bratislava as we speak!

wolfysmith: i like Break Down the Line - Bruno

bassboy: Has anyone listened to the Mel Galley "Whitesnake Audition Tapes" yet...was listening to them right before the chat...not bad.

Pete S.: hey cool

tony g: isnt chris loeb there?

Inmaculada: no not yet

bruno1544: that' great wolfysmith

Conchita: hey Pete S....fill me in on what went on before I logged on!

David: Hopefully will something Christian later on, as I think he's there....

David: will hear ..

wolfysmith: Just sent you a Myspace add Bruno

pjoslo: i've had them for a while bassboy - interesting to hear how those songs developed.

Pete S.: Conchitio...pardon?

Inmaculada: hahahahaha

bruno1544: ok wolfysmith

wolfysmith: bassboy i have just downloaded. see my reply to the posting.

Conchita: what was discussed before i got here

bruno1544: i'm going to see it now

Pete S.: you're joking are'nt you?

Pete S.: tee hee

bassboy: Pretty much a heated discussion Conchita on Yodeling and Glenn doing cover songs

tony g: David the cancelled dates? hughes/ thrall remaster ? hughes / thrall2?

David: you can't please everyone

bassboy: Thanks tony g.....yes David,what he said!!

Labi69: Hi all

Chip: Welcome back Capt....Hi Labi

Kat: hi labi

bassboy: Hey Labi

Inmaculada: hi!! Capt and Labi!

captmidnite1962: Sorry about that..on dial-up & got a phone call..family stuff!

wolfysmith: Hi Bill and Labi

bassboy: Hey Capt.

tony g: i think glenn probably has a lot more on his mind right now than covers

Pete S.: Hi Capt. and Labi

Inmaculada: surely!

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy...I have a bunch of My Space sites to check out now!

Labi69: hey I've seen those vids from the tour. Looks like a good one

David: Hughes/Thrall remaster is delayed slightly by Rock Candy, should be hearing something very soon on it's release date, but all is in hand. H/T 2 - no update on that, probably more in the New Year.

captmidnite1962: Let's kick it with a tasty groove ..I love that!

Labi69: I'm trying to make it on Tuesday night in Zagreb

Labi69: but still have no info about the gig

tony g: cool go if you can

bassboy: Thanks Capt.

David: it's at a club called Sax Labi69 - link is on the site.

pjoslo: regarding cancelled dates - someone wondered on GHPG.net or gh.com (can't remember where) suggested all was not well in the Glenn camp-judging by the 8 hours i spent with Glenn and the band/crew nothing could be further from the truth - spirits were good, loads of positive energy, on and off stage.

wolfysmith: Its funny that a lot of people are criticising the cover songs. rather have them than more Purple stuff.

captmidnite1962: I hear that wolfy!

Labi69: I know David

Labi69: but I phoned them and they have no idea

Labi69: and they're site has no info

bassboy: Has there been an official reason why the last 4 European dates were cancelled..other than "personal reasons"?

David: exactly pjoslo - amazing how the internet can stir things up things!!

tony g: damm

David: sure we'll hear all about it upon their return bassboy

Labi69: the schedule on the sax web page has another band lined up for the tuesday night

Inmaculada: that's pretty weird Labi....

David: meantime, next year is shaping up nicely - probably his busiest year to date by all accounts.

captmidnite1962: David....what shows did you get to see?

David: Dudley & Northampton Capt'n.

Labi69: it is Immaculada

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy...how is Mister Galley doing?

Kat: how nice for Europe David

captmidnite1962: whoops..too late!

Chip: ... Kat

tony g: go on David

Kat: lol

bassboy: My sentiments exactly Kat!

bruno1544: when will be glenn hughes here, talking with us?

David: that's the latest I have Labi - best bet is to keep trying the venue to be safe.

pjoslo: Norway should be in for a treat, Carl was discussing 4 shows here with a promoter - hopefully it'll come off, but still early stages yet

Conchita: bummer about the cancelled dates....you work so hard to get out everything you poured your heart and soul into....let's really hope 2007 will be a blockbuster year!

David: He was here last month bruno1544 - maybe again in the New Year sometime - he's on stage in Bratislava right now!

Kat: I need to make some extra money for a concert fund and a trip to Europe next year lol

Chip: Yeah, me too.

tony g: damm Kat

David: you going to the Chili Peppers here in Florida next year Kat?

Inmaculada: yeah truly sister, I can imagine what the people who planned and paid their trips are feeling, that also happened to me once tho there was a very good reason for the cancellation, let's wait the news about these ones

captmidnite1962: Hey Chip..i still think a bunch of us should do the Viking ship routine.....

David: tickets just went on sale....

Inmaculada: hi back Wolfy

Kat: and to have my furry kids not need vet calls

tony g: remember he said meet his price and he will go anywhere - Chip?

bassboy: Just make sure he doesn't cancel the date at the last minute Kat like what happened to me at Shepherds Bush

Chip: That might be the way to go Capt...

wolfysmith: my internet connection went down!

Conchita: RHCP for me and Inma in Milan in 10 days! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

captmidnite1962: Sure..Todd said he will sing "I Am A Viking"...

Kat: I don't think so David, I doubt I will be able to get decent seats - didn't even try

Inmaculada: yeah sister!

bassboy: Conchita & Inmaculada...lucky girls you are!!

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy..how is Mister Galley doing?

Chip: Tony...it might be cheaper to go across the pond

Inmaculada: good second chance capt! lol

wolfysmith: Met him yesterday lunchtime Bill. He is fine.

captmidnite1962: There you go..we have another rower!

tony g: i know i know

captmidnite1962: That is cool...great to hear that he is chuffed over all the interest in him!

Conchita: bassboy - we've been booked since July. Actually it's our second time this year - we saw them in Madrid in June too

bruno1544: hey everyone

wolfysmith: Meeting him again in a couple of weeks Bill.

bruno1544: thank you very much for the welcome

bruno1544: see you next time

Inmaculada: Thanks bassboy! twice this year I just wished I would can afford another Glenn concert this year...but the best is coming next!

bassboy: Capt. ,,,, I heard he was going to sing "I'm a Lumberjack"

captmidnite1962: Take care Bruno!

wolfysmith: Bruno. stay in touch.

captmidnite1962: Oh no....I can see him dressed for the part too!

Conchita: Mr. Stanford treasures his pic with Mel Galley very much!

Chip: Bye Bruno

Inmaculada: lol Mr Schreiner too!!!!!!!!

captmidnite1962: I chop down trees..I eat my lunch...

bassboy: The Chilis always put on a great show Conchita, seen them many times here in Cali.

Inmaculada: oh sure you did there!!! lucky you!

wolfysmith: Pete is more proud of Mel offering him a cigarette Conchita!

Conchita: I was so dumbstruck the first time I saw them I didn't know what hit me....they are addictive!

Conchita: HE SMOKED?

captmidnite1962: I know they are killer onstage!

bassboy: I'm getting a visual...of Glenn and John Cleese

Conchita: thanks for telling me wolfy!

Pete S.: yes mate...a never forgotten moment....what a great man he is

wolfysmith: Only to be social Conchita He had 3 pints to be social too!

captmidnite1962: Moments like that are golden aren't they??

Inmaculada: mmm I hope they werent too "social" loooooooooool

Conchita: I don't mind the pints but the cigarettes...off to the doghouse he goes!

Pete S.: hey!!!!!

captmidnite1962: C'mon Conchita...you never snuck off behind the barn to smoke one when you were younger??

wolfysmith: Thats what gives Pete his unique singing voice.

captmidnite1962: Or maybe Korvettes??

Pete S.: hey my ears are burning!! ooouuucchhh

Conchita: when younger....not older!

bassboy: Guess it depends on what you're smoking

captmidnite1962: Yikes...

Conchita: I used to sneak off after school, yes!

Inmaculada: Don't worry Pete you will have company in the doghouse, we will be three!!! lol

captmidnite1962: I never inhaled!!

Pete S.: tee hee

David: pjoslo - you mentioned the band, minus GH, jammed with local musicians after the Oslo gig - did they play any memorable numbers?

tony g: good question David

pjoslo: i have to admit David i was fairly sociable on Monday night so i can't recall all the details after Uncle glenn's set, but a bluesy ZZ Top cover off one of the first albums was one!

tony g: i did

Pete S.: i had a relapse....but stopped again...and its killing me

Inmaculada: so sister I hope your doghouse is big enough! hahahah

David: thanks pjoslo - it sounded like a good night indeed.

captmidnite1962: Move over little dog..the big ol' dog is movin' in...

wolfysmith: Jeff has come in for some criticism of his playing of the Burn riff. Any thoughts anyone

David: Does it really matter?? It's Burn after all - he nailed the current material.

tony g: is any of it true wolfy?

captmidnite1962: I think some folks are digging for bones in the ice cream there...

captmidnite1962: I want to hear the new stuff anyway

Inmaculada: yes I've heard of it too but I havent seen Jeff playing yet

David: The Northampton gig was in my opinion one of the best I've seen from GH. The band were on fire and the venue's sound certainly helped - it's a great venue.

bassboy: Exactly..why should he play it like Ritchie, or J.J., the whole idea is for Jeff to add his own signature to the band.

wolfysmith: thats what i was thinking David.

tony g: your right bassboy

pjoslo: David - it was! Wolfy - I enjoyed Jeff's playing at the show - he doesn't play Burn "straight", in a similar way to Bolin not playing the SotW riff as Blackmore did. I thought it worked well

wolfysmith: He plays Mistreated different to Blackmore and it sounds great

Labi69: Would anyone agree with me that the perfect guitarist for Glenn would be Ritchie Kotzen?

captmidnite1962: Yeah..don't get hung up over small stuff...

captmidnite1962: I know that Todd would.....where IS he anyway??

bassboy: Kotzen is a great player...but Pat Thrall is still my choice for Glenn

wolfysmith: Hey, i thought Jeff was superb. its just that a few of the recent reviews gave him some stick - rightly or wrongly

Labi69: Ritchie is amazing guitarist and an excellent singer

captmidnite1962: I read them Wolfy..I thought they were fairly harsh

David: JJ is amazing and the other Swedes are great guys, but I wish people would get off their high horse on that subject - it's about Glenn Hughes - if he sounded ****e, you know he'd be hearing about it from all of us.....but as ever, he's on top of his game. Personally I could do without the Purple numbers, but that day will come eventually.

Kat: some people cannot accept change

Kat: too bad - you can miss a lot

wolfysmith: It doesnt matter who the guitarist is. Glenn writes his own material and sings and plays bass like only he can. there is no "perfect" player for him

Inmaculada: true Paul

bassboy: My feelings exactly David...Glenn made the changes for a reason, and they seem to have paid off.

Pete S.: here here Wolfie

captmidnite1962: Reminds me of an expression....when times change, sensible men change with them...

pjoslo: Jeff was superb! Mark impressed me as well - best drummer I've seen in a loooong time

Chip: Capt....I just called Todd. He's trying to log on as we speak.

captmidnite1962: Cool..I need to bust his chops!!

tony g: damm capt

pjoslo: As for Anders - he is a quiet guy on and offstage (which he is unfairly getting stick for) - but he plays excellently!

David: i really like the mini-jams these guys pull off in numbers like "You Got Soul", if they would do that in the Purple numbers (if they have to be played) that would revitalize them I think - "Gettin' Tighter" would be perfect for that.

bassboy: Well Peeps, gotta go....it's my only day off, and I'm headed to the beach with my dogs and some friends...later gators

wolfysmith: Getting Tighter is the one song im glad they have dropped David. Its been played too much. i wanna hear songs not long jams.

Kat: bye bassboy

wolfysmith: Todd. At Last!

tony g: see ya bassboy

Todd: Thanks to a certain fellow desert dweller...

David: well yeah, I agree wolfysmith....it's just an example....like I said before, I'd much prefer they're all dropped.

Conchita: bye bassboy

wolfysmith: Me too. This is Glenn Hughes SOLO ARTIST

captmidnite1962: There you are.....when are you going to put up the next batch of interviews?

David: Exactly - and with a new band - it's the perfect opportunity to "move on" ....maybe in the Spring, eh!

pjoslo: I agree David, Mark especially was throwing some excellent stuff into the mix on Monday and you could see Jeff and Glenn thinking - that's good, let's go there for a while! - me I'd like more room for jams!!

Pete S.: yeah my thoughts too David...Glenn has a wealth of solo material..and its a shame we can't hear some of it...

Chip: ...he knew you were going to bring that up Capt.

Todd: I KNEW IT - I just told Chip you'd get on me about 'em.


Kat: lol

captmidnite1962: I need to give CPR to the Grand Funk list..where's that interview with Max??

Todd: I don't think Glenn should "move on" entirely from his past. Even if only a passing nod in the form of a song or two like Ozzy does with Paranoid or Iron Man, I think there needs to be at least one or two.

captmidnite1962: I hear that Todd....a glance in the rearview mirror doesn't hurt..

wolfysmith: Todd, i think 2 covers and 2 or 3 DP songs is what fans arent too keen on this tour

David: A lot of it has to do with that fact most of his solo material is hard to pull off live and when writing for the last couple of albums, he's purposely arranged new songs so they can be played live - so that's partly it.

Pete S.: I see David...

Todd: I have a long...LONG...overdue interview with Dave King of Fastway/Flogging Molly to post, as well as Al Bouchard of Brain Surgeons/BOC and just the other day, Glenn's Phenomena cohort John Wetton.

captmidnite1962: That's true David... "Feel" for example doesn't lend itself to an easy live translation with just 4 players

wolfysmith: Yes David, Jeff said SITKOR stuff is difficult to do live.

Todd: I say drop the covers, pare down the DP and Trapeze but at least leave one, or a mini-medley.

Pete S.: yes...cause maybe the purple songs are quite lengthy

captmidnite1962: John Wetton?? WAY COOL!!

wolfysmith: Good idea Todd>, A mini medley of riffs like Steve Morse does before SOTW.

Todd: That one went well, Bill. It was, as you say, way cool. You'll find out for yourself...um...soon.

Kat: lol Todd

captmidnite1962: Before i turn 50??

Todd: Well, maybe not THAT mini, Paul. LOL

Labi69: maybe a mix of old songs into one would be a good idea? Toto did it that way


David: yeah, that would be better Labi

Pete S.: yeah like at an encore

wolfysmith: Yes Todd, You get the idea tho.

Todd: I mean like the intro and first verse of Burn, which morphs into something else.

Labi69: something like the Whitesnake intro

wolfysmith: Interpolating i think DP called it!

Labi69: Burn melting into Stormbringer

captmidnite1962: That's the word...

captmidnite1962: Interpolating 'The Mule' ..I think it was...

Inmaculada: lights off again...grrrrrrr

Todd: Why not do a "smash up" mix, like the Debbie Harry/Doors song?

pjoslo: interpolating might be illegal in some territories wolfy, get Carl to check!

Chip: Did you pay your electric bill, Inma......

Todd: Interpol may have something to say about that...

Inmaculada: sure!! loooooool

wolfysmith: Blackmore had a habit of doing it with Rainbow - Starstruck in the middlle of something or whatever

Labi69: like the new Beatles album

Todd: Beatles LOVE?

Labi69: yea

Todd: That's from the mind-bending Cirque Du Soleil show here in Vegas!

Labi69: it's totally mixed up as I've heard

wolfysmith: Cynthia Lennon is moaning about it in todays papers

tony g: sounded cool thanks for letting us knowabout the rainbow dvd wolfy

captmidnite1962: What is it..a smash up of Beatle songs?

Inmaculada: oops I'll have to read the transcript I missed that!

Labi69: they're new mixes capt

captmidnite1962: OK...thanks!

Todd: Paul, George, Ringo and George Martin all approved, and it was done tastefully and creatively. She's got no reason I can see to moan.

Labi69: but mixing parts of many songs into one

Conchita: Cynthia Lennon moaning after writing another tell-all book?

captmidnite1962: I wasn't sure!

tony g: i got it right away

Pete S.: what about yoko?

wolfysmith: Tony. it is great. Death Alley Driver living at high speed

Todd: Yoko too

captmidnite1962: "A Twist Of Lennon" perhaps??

Conchita: that was the first one...she wrote another one last year

captmidnite1962: I see....

Inmaculada: really Paul? I do love Death Alley Driver! recently I was listening to it!

captmidnite1962: Hey Todd..wasn't there a Free collection where the songs were remixed....and i don't mean the box set either...

tony g: the dio one wolf that one isnt here yet

wolfysmith: Says that Yoko is trying to wipe her and Julian from history and that Julian should be invloved in his dads stuff. but Yoko owns all the rights.

Todd: Yeah, and they sounded awful.

Pete S.: David...has Glenn ever performed any Voodoo Hill material live?

captmidnite1962: There is a scene in the Rainbow DVD where ritchie picks up a Frisbee and throws it back into the crowd...a friend of mine was the one who tossed it onstage!

David: No Pete.

Pete S.: what a shame...not even Golden one?

tony g: cool capt

wolfysmith: Live Dio Rainbow Munich Dvd is excellent too and includes promos of LLRnR tracks

David: No....but that one would certainly be great to hear live.

captmidnite1962: Jay tended bar at my favorite hangout....

captmidnite1962: I remember him telling me about it...

Pete S.: yes indeed...love to hear him sing it esp. the chorus as shown on the movie clip....shivers down the spine stuff

Inmaculada: truly Pete!!!

David: Might be hard to pull off every night especially with that incredible vocal

wolfysmith: Maybe if Gabi was in the audience

Pete S.: yeah listen /see it inma.....its absol.amazing!!!!!!!!

Conchita: But Cynthia Lennon likes to cash in on John's legacy...she goes to Beatlefests - I met her at one, signing the illustrations from her first book


Inmaculada: lol I did Pete! that's why I agree with you! looooooool

captmidnite1962: I am spinning Hughes Thrall...great stuff!!

wolfysmith: Mr C. Welcome

David: Welcome mister.c.

Chip: Hi Mr. C.

Pete S.: oh yeah...sorry...looooooollllllaaaaa

mister.c.: thanks chaps

Inmaculada: hi mister c.

Pete S.: hi mr.C

tony g: hello

Conchita: hello mr. c

mister.c.: certainly a welcome! hello from yorkshire, england

Pete S.: aye up!!!!!

Todd: Salutations!

tony g: chicago here

mister.c.: its parky pete

David: We wrap up in about 15 minutes....but you can check the transcript which will be posted a little later on for anything you might of missed.

captmidnite1962: Greetings from Churchville VA..AKA The Sticks!

Chip: I had some Yorkshire tea for breakfast this morning

mister.c.: thanks David

mister.c.: where is the chat flowing, at the moment

Pete S.: is it mate....windy in Cumbria...

Conchita: ok David.....try to schedule a pre-Christmas chat if you can!

mister.c.: its always windy in cumbria pete - im there quite a bit. Rains continually!

David: the tour, Hughes/Thrall, new band, what else folks? I was late myself!

Pete S.: oh yes indeed...looooooooooollllaaaaa

Kat: the dreaded covers discussion lol

mister.c.: is glenn still on tour, or have we hit the dates that were cancelled?

David: yes, Conchita, next CHAT is December 10th

captmidnite1962: Bones in the ice cream..you get the idea....

Conchita: great!

Inmaculada: great! YES

tony g: i liked it! i think someone came here with an agenda

David: He wraps up this leg of the tour in Italy on November 25th.

wolfysmith: We need those new March dates ASAP David.

Pete S.: yes!!!!!!! paul

David: You'll have them when we do

mister.c.: is there just Sheps Bush known for March at the mo?

David: Yes, at the moment mister.c.

David: so the rest I would imagine will be on either side of that date....

captmidnite1962: Hey Todd...Chip and I were discussing the Viking ship...traveling to see Glenn play in Europe next year...

wolfysmith: Thats what i mean Bill. We could get the UK fanfest organized

Pete S.: hopefully gonna bring Conchita at sheps. bush...

captmidnite1962: Sure..i have a strong back..Todd said he would sing...

captmidnite1962: Remember Todd??

Todd: I'll sing...you two row

tony g: damm you guys

captmidnite1962: We have Chip..me..tony g...

Todd: I'll work out a repertoire of GH songs that I can sing to inspire you.

Inmaculada: hopefully more of us pete

Chip: I'll be the one up front with the megaphone.

wolfysmith: "Coast to Coast" Todd!

Todd: I can hold my own megaphone, thank you. You just get back to rowing.

Kat: Chip always picks the easy job lol

tony g: all i have to do is rob a bank or sell dope and im there

Chip: ...otherwise, it will be uneven sides rowing.

captmidnite1962: I need to hit the lottery!

Chip: We'll go in circles.

Inmaculada: lol me too capt!

tony g: that to capt

mister.c.: Whats the score with Hughes Thrall (album) at the mo chaps? Is it being remixed as well as remastered, and is the release being delayed?

Pete S.: sorry guys i'm gonna win it this week!!!

captmidnite1962: Just a remaster..

pjoslo: 25th of March is a good date for me, just realised i'm already in the U.K. to go to Dublin on the 24th to see Ireland v Wales - football

tony g: if i ever do it will be Chip's idea in vegas

tony g: the lottery

Inmaculada: Pete remember your friends then!!!!!!!!!! loooool

Pete S.: yeah and get you all there!!!

David: yes mister.c. - a slight delay from Rock Candy...hoping to hear something more definite other than just "soon"

wolfysmith: the lottery was? 120 million this week and our syndicate of 35 won NOTHING! Otherwise i would have sent you my private jet

captmidnite1962: The multitracks from the sessions were wiped some years back

Pete S.: all on the front row


mister.c.: thanks!

captmidnite1962: But it will sound WAY better than what you are used to hearing

Inmaculada: Your private jet-bus Paul, many stops to do! looool

Conchita: yep pete...Shepherd's Bush or bust!

Pete S.: coolllaa

wolfysmith: Easy Jet is 49p or something for you Inma!

David: so will let you know!

pjoslo: anybody know what the sound is like at Shepherd's Bush - it is a good venue?

Inmaculada: hahaha so no private jet? pity! looool

Pete S.: helicopter

David: haven't been there in years, but haven't heard anything negative.

Inmaculada: it's not only me Paul, you know

tony g: damm wolfy you know the women have to be there!!!!!!!

pjoslo: good

mister.c.: SB was music week Uk venue of the year in 2005 - whoever they are!

pjoslo: the most frustrating thing about gig-going is ****ty venues, there are a few here in Oslo i avoid unless i really

David: that must be a plus then

Conchita: I went to shepherd' bush 4 years ago for a Cousteau/Del Amitri gig....it's an awesome place!

captmidnite1962: Just remember..ANYTHING is better than Brookdale or the Voodoo Lounge right??

David: yeah, JB's is like that - always a great crowd and real fun, but the sound is always a wash-out.

Kat: beats no show

David: very true Bill.

wolfysmith: Northampton better be on the March tour. sound is just so good - and only and hour away.

pjoslo: oops--a few poor venues i avoid unless it's a one-off event. Smuget (Monday's venue) is one of the best in town though.

captmidnite1962: *laughing*

mister.c.: i think SB holds about 2000

Chip: Kat, again...

David: couldn't agree more wolfysmith - excellent setup there.

mister.c.: http://www.shepherds-bush-empire.co.uk/history.php

Kat: I couldn't even imagine being able to pick and choose

captmidnite1962: OK..time to make dinner....see you all next month!!

Inmaculada: bye capt!!!

wolfysmith: see ya soon Bill.

Pete S.: take care Capt.

David: OK, thanks for stopping by capt'n.

captmidnite1962: Take care everyone..

tony g: see ya capt

Todd: Later, Cap'n

Chip: Bye Capt.

Conchita: bye Capt!

captmidnite1962: Get to work Mister Seely!!

pjoslo: i'd better get off to bed now - busy day on the morrow, thank's for your company folks!! Nite nite

Todd: Yeah, yeah...in a minute LOL

Inmaculada: nite pjoslo!

Chip: Bye pj

David: Bye pjoslo, thanks for stopping by.

Pete S.: farewell for now P

Todd: adios

tony g: see ya pjoslo

Conchita: nite pjoslo

Kat: later all catch ya next chat

Inmaculada: yeah I guess we all have to say bye

Inmaculada: bye Kat!!!

Kat: bye

David: like I mentioned earlier - Sunday, December 10th will wrap up the year for CHAT's - at the usual time.

Chip: Yeah...it's that time. See everyone next month. Take care

Pete S.: yes indeed.....farewell all take care..

tony g: see ya Kat good bye all

Inmaculada: good date indeed!

wolfysmith: Later.... Chip

David: Thanks for stopping by everyone, I'll be on time for the next one

Inmaculada: Paul dont forget send me your ideas! lol

mister.c.: likewise David

David: Shirean says "bye" too

wolfysmith: See you in December David - and everyone else i hope

Inmaculada: bye all! have a good week!!!

Conchita: goodnight everyone.....take care all, see you here and in next month's chat...don't forget the egg nog! xoxoxoxoxxoox

wolfysmith: Ok Inma

Pete S.: hey Paul thanks for the alarm call mate...take care everyone

wolfysmith: no probs Pete. Hope Achim is ok. Let me know

Inmaculada: yes he is Paul

Pete S.: will do mate...he's online tomo.

Inmaculada: we hope so!

Pete S.: he will Inma

wolfysmith: Gotta go now. See you.

wolfysmith: bye

Inmaculada: bye!!!!! nite nite!

Pete S.: nite nite all

mister.c.: i look forward to the transcript - best of british to the remaining few!


Labi69: hey guys sorry I missed most of the session. My son just doesn't want to sleep tonight

Labi69: anyway, hope to see you soon

David: no worries Labi - hope to see you in December.

David: bye for now

Labi69: bye David and Todd

Todd: Later, David - I'll try and be more prompt next time. If not, Chip's hopefully got my back.

David: ok, talk next time

David: bye for now
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Hit the link to Shepherds/Bush and found that Europe is playing there...had no Idea they were back together!

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