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Old Apr-20-2005, 8:29 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - April 20th, 2005

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - April 20th, 2005

Judit: hi!

Kat: howdy!

Judit: how are you?

Kat: fine, and u?

Judit: me too thanks

Judit: i think we haven"t meet yet

Kat: no we haven't

Judit: i'm Judit from Hungary

Kat: cool

Kat: I am from USA, Florida

Judit: great!

Judit: nice place

Kat: yep

Kat: I am surprised David isn't here

Kat: He always "opens" the room

Kat: did you get to see any shows on the tour Glenn just finished?

Judit: yes

Judit: of course

Kat: nice

Kat: hope I get to see at least one soon

Judit: you should

Judit: it was really fantastic

Kat: I hope

Kat: waiting on tour dates to be finalized, and hoping here is on the list LOL

Kat: I bet it was

Kat: everyone seemed to have a great time

Judit: yes, it was the best of all hughes shows that i've ever seen

Kat: sounds great

Judit: the feeling and everything was perfect

Kat: that's what everyone said about the shows

Judit: what else could we say?

Kat: lol

Judit: what's your favourit song?

Kat: hard to say, it changes all the time

Kat: most of the time it is "Written All Over Your Face"

Judit: i can imagine

Judit: oh i love it too

Kat: I wonder where everyone is today?

Judit: i can't imagine

Kat: must be one of those days for them LOL

Judit: haha, yes

Kat: I have a bunch of workers outside working on repairing my roof from last years storms

Judit: pf, i know how that feels, some times ago, i just woke up and realized that the workers see me!

Judit: my window is near my bed haha!!

Kat: haha

Kat: a show for them LOL

Judit: haha, yes you can believe how i felt!

Kat: lol

Judit: i'm listening to Gasoline at the moment

Kat: nice

Judit: i love that song!

Kat: I am listening to hammers and saws unfortunatly lol

Judit: horrible

Kat: I did have "Soulmover" playing in the car today as I drove around though

Judit: nice

Shirean: Hello all!

Judit: hi!

Shirean: Sorry a few mins late

Shirean: I'll be hosting the chat this afternoon

Kat: hello Shirean

Shirean: Hi Kat

Kat: so you get stuck with us huh?

Kat: I never seem to get the time right LOL

Shirean: Yes, David is Orlando so I'll be hosting the chat this time

Kat: oh David is here?

Shirean: Yes

Kat: cool

Kat: so how ya been?

Shirean: Good, how about yourself?

Kat: just fine

Kat: finally getting my roof repaired after last years storms, it's very loud here LOL

Shirean: Did everyone lose their roofs?

Kat: here and there

Kat: 3 hurricanes came through here so a lot did

Shirean: So are any of you going to Glenn's upcoming gigs in Europe?

Kat: I wish

Shirean: Judit - where are you from?

Kat: no traveling for me

Judit: sorry there

Judit: Hungary

Shirean: That's cool - did you catch GH on the Soulmover tour?

Judit: yes, of course

Judit: it was really frenetics!

Shirean: Yes indeed, I went to a few of the UK gigs had a blast.

Shirean: Kat,

Kat: yes

Shirean: I really hope GH,CS get some gigs here in the US soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Kat: me too, since my travel budget is nonexistant

Kat: I am very envious of all who have seen these shows LOL

Shirean: At the Bradford gig Glenn introduced me & David to the whole venue, in between songs - I just about died!

Kat: lol

Kat: sounds like Glenn LOL

Shirean: Hello Chad - how are you?

Kat: howdy soulmover

Judit: hi there

soulmover: howdy im great

Shirean: Nice you could make it to the Chat!

Shirean: Where's Papa?

soulmover: watching the football at home

Shirean: I figured as much..

Shirean: So what's going on in your world?

soulmover: this is my 1st chat..im excited to talk to you guys

Kat: we are glad you are here

Shirean: Great!

soulmover: hi kat

Kat: I was listening to Soulmover today in the car as I drove all over

Kat: hi chad

soulmover: hope you didnt hit anybody

Kat: naaa I paid attention...for the most part LOL

Shirean: Chad - David is in Orlando so I'm hosting the chat this month

Shirean: He might stop by later

soulmover: whats he doin' there....nice job by the way

Judit: oh, i have to leave, i'm very sorry about it

Kat: bye judit

Judit: take care

soulmover: c-ya

Shirean: He is looking at property for us

Shirean: Bye Judit

Judit: bye bye

soulmover: so your moving?

Kat: oooohhh cool, new neighbors LOL

Kat: maybe then we could get Glenn here more often LOL

Shirean: Yes, it's getting way too expensive here in San Francisco for us.

soulmover: i hear that....is there an improved dvd version or not?

Shirean: Yes

soulmover: tower records has them?

Shirean: Yes, but not mine unfortunately - I ordered it from Amazon

Kat: I hope I'm still in it LOL

Shirean: How's Nancy doing?

soulmover: cool...had dinner with Gab and Papa last night...trying to figure out some dates to play. S.America in Aug. looks like..maybe some S.Cal. shows in July

soulmover: great ..and Cole is too.

Kat: pssst don't forget Orlando LOL

Kat: Cole is the new addition?

soulmover: would love to come back to fla....yep big boy

Kat: nice

Kat: bet he keeps you both very busy

soulmover: oh yeah...but he's really a good baby

Shirean: That's great - I'll be in LA July 15-17th keep those dates in mind ok

Kat: lol

Shirean: So your going to play with Papa in S. America?

soulmover: will do..Key Club, Coach House

Shirean: Awesome, I'll be there!

soulmover: yeah. just in brazil then i gotta get back..he will keep going with his new drummer

Kat: busy, busy guy Chad

Shirean: New Drummer?

soulmover: we havent played together in over a year..yeah, i dont know his name..thomas left i guess

Kat: wow, has it been that long?

soulmover: yep.right around my wedding..cabo a week later and that was the last.

Kat: ahh yes, the bachelor party stories LOL


soulmover: i gotta tell you guys..the new Tony/Glenn record is amazing!! heavy, heavy stuff..papa sounds geat too

Kat: great! can't wait to hear it

soulmover: what bachelor party...was i there .lol

Kat: so much good stuff from Glenn this year


soulmover: he's on a rollllll.

Kat: he just gets better and better with age

Shirean: I can't wait to hear it - I met Tony briefly in Dudley, he was really nice

Kat: cool

Shirean: Talk about too many people on a bus, you could not move

Kat: lol

Shirean: Will JJ be playing with you in LA?

soulmover: yep

soulmover: i miss him..looking forward to it

Shirean: Have a great time at the festival gigs in May! Wish we could be there..

soulmover: you mean june 11?

Shirean: Yes

soulmover: trying to line up a small show in London too. After the Metal Hammer award show.

Shirean: What venue?

Kat: sounds cool

soulmover: dont know yet

Kat: you just love to keep busy don't you?

soulmover: sure..what else am i gonna do

Shirean: You were missed on the Soulmover tour!

Kat: it must be hard keeping straight with all the different songs for the different types of gigs

soulmover: awwww...i loved coming here too see all the pics and reviews and how great it all went

Kat: the pictures were great, people got some really good shots on the tour

soulmover: sometimes it does boggle my small pea brain..lol

Kat: lol

soulmover: yeah...fine form..i waas a little jealous though

Kat: I bet

Kat: I really hope we get some of the soulmover shows over here

soulmover: me too..papa needs to play here

Kat: yep

Kat: hopefully all the music he's putting out this year will get some major support behind him for a tour

soulmover: i was happy to hear a lot of younger fans were coming out..

Kat: yeah, that was good to hear

Kat: at least I'm not the only parent showing their kids what good music is LOL

Kat: my son loves Glenn's shows

Shirean: David just called he will be on in 20 mins.

Kat: cool

soulmover: well..i gotta go ..nice chattin with ya...tell David i say hey..or i'll try to come back...

Kat: bye chad, nice chatting with you

Shirean: okay - bye Chad

soulmover: adios

Shirean: That was nice of him to stop by

Kat: too bad there weren't more here to talk to Chad

Kat: yep, very nice of him

Shirean: I know bummer

Shirean: Most people don't get here till the last hour

Kat: oh well, they'll be kicking themselves later

Kat: yeah true

Shirean: Haha

Shirean: You will have to try and make those LA dates he mentioned

Kat: I wish I could

Kat: they sound really great

Kat: but this roof is costing a fortune, even with a good pay out from the insurance co

Shirean: Yes, the Key Club would be awesome right on the strip

Kat: yeah that was one of the places I was looking at when I was walking around there

Kat: Rick James was standing outside the club chatting with people

Shirean: Are you kidding?

Kat: nope

Kat: on the side where those tables are? that's where he was

Shirean: wow cool

Shirean: Did you say Hi

Kat: yeah and waved LOL

Kat: got a pzzled look and a little wave in return LOL

Shirean: What no superfreak from you..

Kat: ummm nooooooooooo

Kat: I'll leave the singing and dancing to the professionals LOL


Kat: wouldn't want to scare anyone

Shirean: I can't wait for my son to go to his first GH gig but he's a little on the young side to see the crazy world of R'n'Roll

Kat: yep, a few more years for him LOL

Shirean: Although GH gigs are pretty CLEAN..

Kat: I'm sure he'll love it when he gets the chance

Kat: true

Kat: I think the second concert I ever took my son to was Def Leppard show

Kat: Everclear played just before them, that was when the body surfing started

Shirean: how old was he?

Kat: when Def Leppard hit the stage it became naked body surfing, and we were right up front LOL

Kat: 11

Shirean: Hi David

Kat: hi david

Shirean: Chad left boo hoo

David: Hi - nice of him to stop by though

Kat: yes it was

Shirean: Wish more people would have been here he wanted to talk

Kat: so you enjoying our lovely weather today?

David: it's very pleasant

Kat: yes he did, and we weren't keeping him occupied enough

David: maybe next time folks will get off the couch and come join us


Kat: would be nice, it's a lot more fun when there are more to chat with

David: maybe we'll ask him for a schedule CHAT like we do with GLENN - although, I'm afraid we'll get bombarded what with the Chili Pepper connection!

Shirean: I'm sure he wouldn't mind

Kat: yep, then we wouldn't be able to get in LOL

Shirean: Although, we can only handle 25

David: word spreads quickly and would like it to keep it on topic (GH related)!!

Kat: but it wouldn't stay there

Shirean: I know

David: maybe we can label it as a "very special guest"

Shirean: Then they will think its Papa

David: will have to think about it!!

Kat: well, it'll just have to be both of them then

Shirean: plus Gabi cuz Papa needs her to do the typing

Kat: (I don't want much do I?)

Kat: true

David: well, i'm going to have to run, just wanted to check-in and make sure things were running smoothly - makes a change Shirean is in charge

Kat: she is keeping me company LOL

Kat: hi grace

David: looks like it's ladies night, anyways!!

Kat: lol

grace: hello everyone, what's cookin' today?

Shirean: Bye David

Shirean: Well you missed Chad

Kat: just boring everyone to death. How are you Grace?

David: hi grace - I have to say "hi & bye"....Kat & Shirean can fill you in.

David: bye

Shirean: Papa is at home watching football

Kat: bye david

grace: don't need bail money from the GH Fund, so I must be doing OK.


Kat: well it's early in the year yet Grace LOL!

grace: hello and goodbye Shirean and David...........

grace: right, Kat

Shirean: I'm still here Grace. David is in Orlando

grace: David is at Kat's house in Orlando? Wow,

Kat: lol

grace: Us Gh fans are really friendly, ha, ha.

Shirean: He's at his hotel

grace: (I'm just joking, Shirean.)

Kat: he'd be going nuts with all the sawing and hammering at the moment LOL

grace: building a GH wing to your home? Lovely.

Kat: yeah that's what it is LOL

Kat: well I am oof, have a good evening all!

Kat: off too LOL

grace: so is the discussion how we are all moving to South America, or Holland, or Bulgaria for the NEW concerts?

Shirean: Chip has a very impressive wing - Grace

Kat: I know Grace LOL

Kat: bye all

Shirean: Bye Kat

Shirean: And then there was 2

grace: bye Kat

grace: hey Shirean, that's from Agatha Cristie, from 10 little Indians, huh?


grace: so that leaves just you and the ax murderer, huh?

Shirean: Chad said GH and him are trying to schedule some LA dates in July.

grace: seriously, what was everyone talking about before I waltzed in?

Shirean: scroll up ..

grace: LA in July, what about Letterman in June, here in NY

Shirean: No mention of that

grace: Boo Hoo

grace: Hey

Shirean: It still may happen you never know..

grace: since it's just you and me

Shirean: yes..

grace: it seems that it's left to me to thank you two, for all the hard work that you do. After the recent ROYAL NUPTUALS

grace: (sp?)

grace: there were comments re-broadcasted about Princess saying that there were 3 in her marriage

grace: In a much better AND HAPPIER context, there 3 in your marriage, too

grace: #1. You

grace: #2. David

grace: #3. The Glenn Hughes Picture Gallery

Shirean: There is actually a #4.

Shirean: David, Myself, GHPG.net and The Heart Gallery

Shirean: www.theheartgallery.com

Shirean: Can't forget the Wilson sisters

grace: right, the GH prze guitar department

grace: oh, them......yeah, your right!

Shirean: I'm going to see them in LA in July

grace: great......a small club, or a stadium type place

Shirean: outdoors...a festival!

Shirean: This is the first chat I have been to in months!

Shirean: Do you make it every month?

grace: you must be on a friend-name basis with them as you are with GH, right?

Shirean: Yes, I know Ann & Nancy, but not as well as GH.

grace: nope, just whenever I DON'T have a senior moment,

grace: isn't it great when someone that you admire for their music, doesn't turn out to be (let's say) a total jerk, offstage?

Shirean: Chip you missed Chad!

Chip: That's what happens whey you're late.

grace: and Chip won't be able to be on this chat, Shirean, because I think the cops found out......oh, hello Chip, welcome to the chat

Shirean: Better late than never

Shirean: How are you?

Chip: Yeah, have been busy with the new house.

Shirean: you moved

Shirean: Still in Phoenix?

Chip: Will be moving this weekend to Scottsdale. ONly 5 miles from where we are now.

Shirean: Wow that's nice still got room for your GH wing?

Chip: An even bigger wing for all things GH!!!!

soulmover: hey guys, im back

Shirean: Hi Chad

Chip: Plus 3 extra bedrooms for any GHCP coming through Arizona.

Chip: Hi Chad

soulmover: howdy Chip

Shirean: Cool - save a room for the Harrison's

grace: I think this is how the famous "Living Room Tour' first got started

Chip: Chad, have you ever met Virgil Donati? He's an animal on the drums. Saw him play last night.

soulmover: david check in?

soulmover: yes..the thunder from down under..he's quite a player

grace: remember, how "Kenny from Atlanta" was going to have a barbecue before, during and after Glenn's concert in his house?

Shirean: David will be here in 5 mins.

soulmover: thanks shirean

Chip: Everyone must be busy these days....kind of a light chat today.

Shirean: Chip where did you get your Dvd? Tower

Chip: Yes, Tower.

Chip: It's funny Tower had this release, but not the original live CD or DVD.

soulmover: record store or tower video ?

Chip: THis one is called Tower Records, but they do have a decent video department.

grace: I really enjoy the variety on Soul Mover, if I didn't know that it was a new album, I would think it was a compilation, there's such different sounds from each song, depends on your mood.

soulmover: is it some kind of bootleg Chip?

Chip: Yes, Soulmover is a great album.

Chip: I don't think so. It's on Dead Line Records, which I have seen before. Not sure if it's legit or not.

soulmover: puts me in a good mood grace..lol

grace: but if soulmover happens to bump into Chad Smith, I wish he would tell him that "She Moves Ghostly" is gonna cost me a speeding ticket one of these days, from playing it on my car Cd player, and I'm gonna tell the cop to sent it to CS, since his drumming is responsible


soulmover: hah..i'll tell him...must be the cray congas with wooden spoons

grace: must be

soulmover: the sync problems are better on this one yeah?

Shirean: What about the lighting?

soulmover: too dark huh?

Chip: Synch problems seem to be better, yes.

Shirean: Yes, I think so

Chip: Hi David

soulmover: thats that fine quality control comin from Frontiers...they should be shot..hey david

David: Hi again! I'm on a real slow dial-up line, so forgive me if I'm slow in responding!!

Chip: I'm glad you're blaming Frontiers, Chad. I thought I was going to have to leave because of my shirt was distracting and it held things up a few minutes.

grace: listen, I love you guys, but I've got to do some running around now. NO question to ask, because when it's definite, we all will hear about it.....but I really hope that GH does a show on Letterman...or at least le's us NY fans know when to meet for the airport tour before Holland or South America.

Chip: Take care Grace. Talk to you later.

David: ahh, the newly discovered US edition of the SLITCOA DVD....yeah, at least they bothered to look at it again, especially for such a large market as here....

grace: bye to everyone

soulmover: see ya grace

Chip: David, is this new release legit? IT seems to be.

David: thanks for stopping by Grace, talk to u next time.

David: so Chad I was going to stop by the HRH this evening, but it's always such a bummer when GH is not there!! But hey, might get to listen to some Trapeze while walking around

David: Chip - yes indeed, put out by Cleopatra records over here....

soulmover: HRH?

Chip: Good. Now I won't feel guilty about buying it.

David: did you get the US "Soul Mover" CD - they have a nice video splash screen when u popit in the computer - it's kinda cool effect.

David: Hard Rock Hotel Orlando

soulmover: oh duh..gotcha..that was almost a year ago. times a flyin!

David: it seems like yesterday re HRH, what with being here....spooky!!

David: "i'm over here now" for a couple of days!

Chip: Haven't had a chance to get the US version yet. Want to get several to pass around to friends.

soulmover: is sanctuary involved with cleo records somehow...

David: no, not that u can tell from the label printing....i think they've released other GH albums before, so they're probably tied to them contract wise, I dont' know, just guessing....

David: did u hear JJ's new one yet? Man, what an album, you can hear all his influences, yet at the same time it's very unique and could do really well over here if given the chance. A couple of good radio friendly tunes too!

Chip: How close are we from being able to order JJ's CD and Glenn's "Freak Flag.."?

soulmover: yeaah..it sounds great.he's so talented..very proud of that boy

Shirean: I hear Schenker all over the place

soulmover: what do you guys think of glenn doing i dont need no doctor..humble pie

Shirean: Was listening to it this morning in the car - its fantastic

David: i think they have to press some more "FFF", so not sure on timeline. JJ is working on getting his out very shortly.....

David: oh yes please, it's a must play tune!

Shirean: David, did you just faint ..

David: here at least, there are quite a few Steve Marriot fans!

soulmover: hahahahahahaha

Chip: I agree. I'd love to hear Glenn doing some Pie.

David: but u must do here too, not just in Europe only please


soulmover: he could do that some justice..maybe in Europe we can work it up

David: please talk GH into playing "Dark Star" too

soulmover: why doesnt he...i'll smack him around a bit ok

David: thanx

David: that was my only "complaint" when we saw him the UK!

Chip: 2 or 3 more songs off of Soulmover would be nice

David: thought Seventh Star could of gone, but I understand he has to pick a set that he can play everywhere vs chopping and changing every night...

soulmover: we will play for 2 hours in the clubs...i told papa last night...i warned him cause i want to play eveything!

David: good - 'bout time Really hope you can work things out for some dates over here too.

soulmover: i gotta go now..great talkin with ya'll bye for now

David: thanks for stopping by, appreciate u taking the time.....

Chip: Bye Chad. Thanks for stopping by, it was great "talking" to you.

soulmover: you too guys....bye shirean

Shirean: Bye Chad, thanks for joining us.

Shirean: Still there Chip?

David: I was late to the Chat but Chad mentioned they were working on some US dates.....it'll be in the transcript.....

Chip: Yes, I think so. I got lost a while back.

David: The next CHAT will be at the usual time, 1:00PM PST on Wednesday, May 25th, 2005.

Shirean: Gotta run, best of luck on your move Chip talk soon!

David: I've gotta go too, but i'll see u next time.

Chip: I'll email you guys privately later. Hope to see you on the next Chat. Bye.

David: bye

Shirean: Bye
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Thumbs up Now how chrome plated cool is that??

Oh man...I just KNEW I should have listened to my mother and gone to medical school...then I could have become a world class brain surgeon and been at home during the day for the chat...instead of lying on my back underneath a greasy truck....What can I say?? You were right Mom!!

Ok..enough of my silliness...

That was totally cool that Chad put in an appearance on the chat...I am REALLY sorry I missed that one! Sounds like you "Left Coast" folks might get a Glenn fix later this year....you lucky devils!!

To David and Shirean....hope your move goes well and that you enjoy your new home....any tips on moving, just give me a shout!! I hold a black belt in moving!!

I am looking to do the same....living here in the sticks is messing up my mind.....imagine, if you will, the fragrance of manure wafting through the air...must be springtime!!

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I am late...

Anyway, I am so excited about soulmover's picking up such a good tune like i don't need no doctor by pie. This is one of my best favorite tunes ever! Only GH can do this when steve is gone.

Soulmover's got a good sence of music. He may be able to enter into music industry
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