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Old Aug-21-2002, 1:55 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - August 21st, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use the Printable feature, click the icon at the bottom of the page!

CHAT transcript - August 21st, 2002

Shirean: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hello

Pete S.: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hiya Pete

Pete S.: hi shirean,how are you

Shirean: Doing good - enjoying the summer

Shirean: How are you?

Pete S.: i've got a glass of wine,htp on headphones(3 yr old daughter asleep) and feelin' good

Shirean: Hahaha

Pete S.: i've also persuaded a die hard blackmore fan to come to see glenn at london

Pete S.: not bad eh?

Shirean: That's great should be a great show - I'm counting down the days!

Pete S.: same here

Shirean: I forgot are you going to Dudley too?

Pete S.: hey we've got the ghpg t-shirts last week and the quality is great

Pete S.: no just mf

Shirean: So will you be wearing your shirts to MF

Pete S.: yes indeed,...i got the btm and my wife shel got the ladies tank top.....the print is quite thick...should last

John H: Enters Chat

Shirean: That's great!! I'll be able to spot you both for sure that night!

Shirean: Hi John

John H: Hi Shirean and Pete S

Shirean: David will be with us soon he's stuck in a meeting

Pete S.: at the bar.......hi john

John H: I just want to Celebrate 50 years of GH

Pete S.: when the backing bands are on.....

Shirean: So did everybody post GH a b-day message?

John H: I did

Pete S.: i second that john

John H: I sent him a card too

John H: The cards are so stupid

Shirean: David and I will see you at the bar!

Pete S.: yes

John H: in those hallmark stores

John H: but amazingly

John H: I found a rock card

Shirean: That's great he'll love it

John H: It had a cat playing a guitar in front of some amps and just said Rock On inside

John H: I can't believe it

Pete S.: 2 pints of lager then shirean!!!!!!!!

Shirean: Yes pleeze!

John H: It was perfect

John H: cause I know he likes cats

Pete S.: no i mean......ha ha

John H: I'll have a pint of bitter

Pete S.: how much?

Pete S.: london prices

John H: You mean the card

Pete S.: shirean were you able to contact glenn today?

Shirean: Just give me a Newcastle or Boddington's I'll be HAPPY

John H: or the beer

Pete S.: beer...john

John H: sorry

Shirean: Yes Pete heard from Gabrielle last night - we had sent them a package of goodies

John H: I mentioned on the Purple Forums

Pete S.: about 2.50 pounds?

John H: at Highway Star

John H: it's Glenn;'s BDay

Shirean: Great let's hope they stop by

John H: theres some nice messages

Pete S.: nice one shirean!

John H: You might see me at those UK shows

John H: Even though I can't afford it

Shirean: The gh.com looks great, Fedors been working hard

Pete S.: meet at the bar john....

Shirean: That's great news John I'll see you at the bar also!!!

John H: For sure I love Briitish Beer

John H: I can't drink on gigs anymore

Pete S.: yes

John H: so I bought some Bass Ale

John H: it's great

Shirean: So what do you think of Glenn doing the Legends tour thingy?

John H: bought it a couple of days ago

Pete S.: ooooohhhhhh good stufff

John H: It was on sale like seven bucks for a six pack

John H: I was thinking it was gonna be like eleven

Pete S.: news to me shirean.... i'm outa touch lately

John H: six is a lot for me

John H: so it will last a couple of weeks

John H: I think it is great

John H: the tour

John H: because it's necessary to go out with other artists like that

John H: It's sad because Glenn really can't draw on his own

Pete S.: back in a mo

Shirean: I think if nothing else it will get him tons of exposure!!

Shirean: He's playing all the big places in the UK

Pete S.: did you like me poll?

Shirean: Yes indeed thanks for contributing

Pete S.: just fun....

Pete S.: hows david?

John H: I didnt see the poll

John H: Ill have to check it out

John H: which forum is it in

Shirean: David okay just pissed off with his job at the moment

Pete S.: why?

Pete S.: ummm the first one..john

Shirean: he's in the IT field need I say more ;(

Shirean: maybe he can tell you about it when he get here

John H: I see your BDay post

Pete S.: oh i see,i thought it was the ghpg....i was shocked!!!!

John H: I think thats what you mean

Shirean: Nope he has a REAL job too Pete [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Pete S.: cheers john

Pete S.: oh no thats a pain

Shirean: He wishes he could get paid for ghpg.net

Pete S.: i thought this was full time with the amount of input etc

Shirean: It is but...

Pete S.: thats why i got the t-shirts to pay for your beer...

Shirean: Just wait to see what we have in store for the fans!

Pete S.: ha ha

Pete S.: clue?

Shirean: David and I are working hard you'll love it

Shirean: Stay tuned!

Pete S.: clue? go on

Pete S.: when shirean approx.?

Shirean: I already said too much..

Shirean: David will kill me [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: ha ha

Pete S.: can't wait

Shirean: So John sorry your gig got cancelled

Pete S.: does that mean your're gonna delete this

Shirean: Um, no Pete - quite the opposite in fact [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

John H: Me too

John H: Really the drummer in that band

John H: is so awesome

Pete S.: what gig john?

John H: He's as good as any of Glenn's like Shane or Gary

John H: and then the other guys were very good too

John H: We also have a female singer who seems free from Diva like behavior

Shirean: You guys do covers right?

John H: Pete it was going to be on a US Navy Aircraft Carrier

Pete S.: we did a gig last thursday

John H: and actually the first set was sposed to be right now

John H: thats right covers

John H: In San Diego

Pete S.: oh what a pain...john

John H: Are you playing covers also and where was your gig

Shirean: San Diego the home of ELLIS

Shirean: One of these days I'll get myself to one of their gigs

John H: I miss not playing and it was on GH's BDay rather than the money oh that is a loss too

John H: What is Ellis's music like

Pete S.: in barrow... mainly covers..we have a new drummer(2 months ago)

Shirean: give a listen ellismusic.com

Shirean: Give it a Listen - you'll love it...

Pete S.: usually 50/50 covers/original

Shirean: Do any of you do any Glenn songs?

Pete S.: no chance...i can't/won't sing that good...ha ha

Pete S.: plus it's more like nwobhm

John H: I was doing Coast to Coast

John H: and This Time Around

Shirean: hahaha

John H: on my cruise ship

John H: Actually messed with Coast to Coast for several years

Shirean: That's great John I love both of those songs

John H: I'm trying to get this band Im playing with Sat to do Gettin Tighter

John H: We're sposed to rehearse tonight

John H: I may have to play bass on it

Pete S.: love to do "on the ledge"...we're gettin a k/board player

Pete S.: john what do you do?

Shirean: Hope HTP add that to the Euro set list!!

Pete S.: play

John H: Shane was supposed to play

John H: at this jazz fusion club in LA tonight

John H: with Dokken'

John H: Dokkens bass player

Pete S.: is it not on?

John H: Barry Sparks

John H: so I checked again

John H: yesterday and now they aren't playing

Shirean: Barry Sparks is great David and I met him in Hawaii with VCR

John H: I saw him with Dokken and Norum in Feb

John H: he played great

Shirean: Hang on a minute think I got my players mixed up

John H: Don't know what Don's problem is

John H: Cause John Norum was playing awesome

John H: I think you mean Barry Dunaway

John H: and they are both ex Yngwie Bass players

John H: so there lies the confusion

Shirean: Yep I stand corrected the Barry that played with Saraya

Pete S.: john

Pete S.: whats your instrument

John H: Main instri,emts are Keys and Voice

John H: I also play guitar lead and rythym

John H: and bass guitar and keybass

Pete S.: nice one mate

John H: Im playing keys bass and keybass with a band three nights a week right now

Pete S.: got any recordings?

David: Enters Chat

John H: Im not that thrilled with bass playing but do it if asked... Funny enough I do kind of enjoy it on gigs but don't pick it up for fun

Shirean: Hello David

John H: Just some videos

John H: and what do you play Pete

John H: Hi David

David: Hi everyone - finally managed to get here today [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: hi dave

John H: I love playing lead in the styles of Blackmore and Bolin

Pete S.: vocals now...originally guitar

John H: Guitar

John H: Last year on my ship I played lead guitar for six months

Shirean: David - Pete's got the beer lined up for us at the Mean Fiddler

Pete S.: have you had a celeb. drink dave?

Shirean: BEERS

John H: Cool Pete

Jon L: Enters Chat

David: cool - line 'em up [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Jon L: hi everyone

Pete S.: yeah i got the t-shirts mate

David: John H - did you decide if you're going over?

Shirean: Hi Jon L

Pete S.: hi jon

John H: I can't really afford it

John H: but I really want to

John H: No I haven't made the final decision

John H: There's talk of me working for the doors

Jon L: have any of you seen the KLF vidoe with Glenn?

David: Dudley's not far from Bolton (I think), well closer than London!! You mentioned your friends are there, right?

John H: Because that would put me in Toronto Canada

John H: on Sept 28

Shirean: Yes that's a great one!

John H: Right now there are problems with the management of this Doors thing

Pete S.: no jon

John H: They don't want to pay anybody

David: very cool - well, that would be more a priority.....

David: um, well may not - no pay, no way [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Jon L: I downloaded it off kazaa last week. pretty cool.

John H: That's right it's close

John H: So I think I will fly to London

John H: and then take the train to Bolton

John H: or have my friends drive me

John H: and then take the train to Dudley

Shirean: we will be on that train to Dudley..

David: Shirean...you been spilling the beans....will have to read it later [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Shirean: from London

Pete S.: whats happening at bolton thats not far from me

Pete S.: about an hour anyway

John H: My friends Linda and Robin Booth live there

John H: They used to own a foundry/engineering company

Pete S.: aaahhh nice one

John H: Built hangar doors and the anti terrorist blast windows at ten downing street which I think cost something like ten grand a piece!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shirean: David not to worry didn't spill too many

David: ha, ha - ok then!

Pete S.: david....on the ledge...in the uk it's a must

Pete S.: ha ha ha ha

David: I hope so!

David: Emerson is in town a day or so after....maybe he'll get their early for the HTP show!!

David: that would be cool!

John H: Well folks I must run

Pete S.: how come not in japan?

John H: I have to take my car in

John H: the new cd player is coming out of its socket

John H: so they installed it wrong

Pete S.: take care john.....catch you later

Shirean: okay bye John let us know if you'll be joining us in the UK next month..

John H: So cheers to everybody and play some GH today loud

John H: I sure will because I want to meet all of you

John H: You will hear from me

David: Yeah I know John - we're expecting HTP Live, The Alchemist and the new Best Of .....any day now - it's great!!

John H: Thanks for the great site

Pete S.: feel on now

John H: See you

David: Ok, John keep in touch re the trip....

Pete S.: see you john

Pete S.: farewell

Shirean: Jon L I forget where are you based?

Jon L: detroit-ish

Pete S.: dave...seen the pics where glenn has the mic only....any ideas what song?

Shirean: That's right there's alot of John's on our board :-)

Pete S.: or just talking etc

David: Pete S - which pics do you mean?

Pete S.: is it on your site...or another can't remember?......must be talking then......gh russia?

David: Pete - what's he wearing - jog my memory a bit....

Pete S.: uuuuhhhhmmm can't remember but looks recent

Pete S.: ie htp

David: from the Live photos?

Pete S.: yep

Pete S.: it was live looks outdoor

Pete S.: must be from another site

Pete S.: got a feeling a russian site or similar???????

Pete S.: i was just messin' one night

David: Oh you mean the VCR show in Vegas? That would be him either talking or singing backup vocals....

Pete S.: yeah quite possible

Pete S.: did'nt see joe

David: Pete - he's wearing a blue T-shirt right?

Shirean: Bye

Shirean: Maui on it

David: ok Jon - I'll increase the limit in a few minutes - if it doesn't work let me know - so we can figure something else out...

Pete S.: yeah i think so....but i know that's htp so i did'nt want to push that

Pete S.: farewell jon

Shirean: So David can you think of any good pubs around the MF where we can meet up with Glenn fans before the gig?

David: take your pick [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: hey guys if you want to quit tonight just say i won't be offended

Jon L: take care guys

David: there's that one next to the Borderline....

David: See ya next time Jon...

David: Thanks Pete [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] we can hang for a few more minutes [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: huges turner....

David: is the the Cambridge Arms....can't remember, it may have change hands by now!

David: glen huges [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

David: jeez..it's not that hard is it!!

Pete S.: indeed....probabaly some caberet act!!!!!

Pete S.: pie and peas!!!!

Pete S.: David i was saying before that i've persuaded a coulple who are die hard blackmore fans to come with us to london gig

David: I think your Blackmore friends will love HTP....although they might not admit to it 'til later [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: well they did'nt like shoe shine music!!!!!!

Pete S.: hey have you both got a drink close?

Shirean: So did we decide on a pub?

Pete S.: in your hand

David: humm...only Coffee!!

Shirean: Sprite here

Pete S.: ok david next time you type....and it appears we'll drink to glenn

David: Great idea....CHEERS all...

Shirean: Cheers Glenn

Pete S.: cheers glenn

Pete S.: ha ha

David: need some Brandy in my Coffee [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: 50

Pete S.: or you need some coffee in your brandy eh?

David: you got it!!

David: ha

Pete S.: what time have you there

Shirean: 2:40

David: 2:45pm

David: what's 5 minutes between friends!!

Pete S.: 10.42pm

Pete S.: into the void(((standing on the ledge)..............on the ledge?

David: So we're expecting a few CD's in the next week or so - HTP Live, Alchemist and the "Best Of" (although nothing new on that one...)...

Shirean: via Roberto http://www.legends-of-rock.com/

Pete S.: is this a link?

David: should keep us busy 'til October!!

David: yes that link works - although there's not much to it right now...

Pete S.: yes a good follow up after the gig

Shirean: http://www.legends-of-rock.com/

Pete S.: thanks shirean

Shirean: Looks like they are still working on it

Pete S.: that'll be great....have to save up!!!!

David: Don't know who booked that tour....but talk about a zig-zag schedule - they're going up and down the country almost daily!!

Pete S.: hey guys ...i thought on the....ledge was the key track on htp.....so live?

David: I should think so....I think it would be a mistake not to play almost the whole album, especially for the UK shows....

David: My current fave is "Ride The Storm"....but it changes on each listen [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: yes indeed .....but the purple tracks may dominate etc

David: Glenn is superb with his gritty hard rock vocals....love it!

Pete S.: run run run

David: it would suck if it's dominated with Purple songs....one maybe, but not 3 or 4....

Pete S.: yep i've seen jlt in a different light after this album

David: that's just my opinion however [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: yes i agree david

David: JLT is actually very good live and can pull all the stops out....we were pleasant surprised by that when we saw VCR earlier in the year....

David: and you have to be pretty good to keep up with Glenn who is so vocally domineering onstage...

Pete S.: with rainbow...i prefered dio then it was bonnett....

Pete S.: it got more commercial...

David: Yeah, I liked Dio with Rainbow, then Sabbath and his first solo record...after that I lost interest....

Pete S.: yeah.....H Hell was the best sabbath album.......but a lot of ozzy people argue that

Pete S.: in my opinion anyway

David: I don't look at it as a "Sabbath" album but just good music....

Pete S.: yes david after the fisrt dio album...it started to get "polished

Pete S.: mind you ...glenn's sabb. was really good and probabally underrated

Pete S.: a bit like stormbringer....takes time too sink in!!!!

David: yeah, I never accepted that as a Sabbath album...but just a great piece of music....I only bought it at the time 'cuz Glenn was on it.....

David: it had been a little while at the time since he'd been on a whole album....so was anxiously awaiting that release...

Pete S.: yeah i rember now....it was an age

Pete S.: what is the phenominar stuff like.....good line up

Pete S.: sorry about spelling!!!

Shirean: Its great stuff

Pete S.: what type....rock, funky......did it sound dated?

Shirean: rock...

Shirean: no I don't think its sounds dated

Pete S.: hey that's good,i'm pretty new to that stuff....will there be any on the jukebox soon?

Shirean: I'll see that something is added to the Jukebox next month - just for ya :-)

Pete S.: nice one....tanx shirean

Pete S.: now that david is quite........any clues on this special....teee heeee

David: "Dance with the Devil" is in the Jukebox right now....

David: from one of the Phenomena albums...

Pete S.: right....but this special thing for the fans......

Pete S.: spill the beans....

Pete S.: i'm only kiddding!!!!

David: and "Double 6, 55, 44" from the second release...

Pete S.: tanx

Pete S.: david....there is going to be a surprise for us all then?

David: at the end of the month you'll "see" what we're talking about [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: now i'm pushing it are'nt i

Pete S.: at the gigs you'll be backstage afterwards....party etc?

David: JB's is open 'til 2am I think...but we'll play it by ear....we have to get the train down the following day....we might "save ourselves" for London!!

Pete S.: good idea

David: not as young as we used to be - haha [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S.: i know the feeling.....38

David: snap!

Pete S.: at least we've been around the prime times..........what 38........good stufff

David: looking forward to it....

Shirean: hey guys gotta run - see ya soon

Pete S.: right....are you gonna kick me off now......it's nearly midnight here?

David: yeah, I for one should probably get back to work!

Shirean: I mean "Lads"

Pete S.: hey chaps thanks a lot this could have ended hours ago

David: September 18th will be the next session...

Pete S.: day after me birthday!!!!!

David: but keep your eyes open on September 1st...

Pete S.: well you know i'll be there.....1st why....is that a clue?

David: no - just the day you'll "see" what were talking about!

David: ha ha

Pete S.: ok mate........farewell.....goodbye to shirean....and take care mate

David: We'll be putting transcript up a little later on tonight....

David: ok - talk to you then....cheers again!

Pete S.: ok nice one......

David: See ya next time, bye...

Pete S.: ok david nite
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