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Old Feb-15-2004, 3:29 PM
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Icon20 CHAT with GLENN transcript - February 15th, 2004

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - February 15th, 2004

David: Hi - Glenn & Gabi are setting up their computer right now! So they will be about 10 minutes...

Esther: Hi all!!!!!

David: Hi Esther...

David: Hi - Glenn & Gabi are setting up their computer right now! So they will be about 10 minutes...

Esther: ok

Esther: It's like a miracle that I can be here today...

Esther: I had to be skiing

Esther: but I've got the flu

Esther: and I have to stay at home and now I can be chatting with you (an G&G of course

David: Yep

Esther: Hi Kat!!!!!

Kat: Howdy!

Kat: how are ya Esther?

Esther: fine... and you?

Kat: doing well here thanks

David: Hi - Glenn & Gabi are setting up their computer right now! So they will be a couple more minutes...

Kat: cool

Esther: oooook

Kat: hi Chip

Esther: hi Chip

Chip: Hi everyone

David: Hi - Glenn & Gabi are setting up their computer right now! So they will be a couple more minutes...

Esther: hi Gordo and oldhag13

Kat: hi old hag

oldhag13: hi Glenn + Gabi hope u r both well

Esther: I want a Glenn's face too

Kat: Esther found a face LOL

Gordo: Hi

oldhag13: hi ev'ryone

Esther: hi Gordo - Where are you from?? are you spanish?

Gordo: Thx David for running a great site

Gordo: Vancouver

Gordo: Canada

Gordo: Dr John is playing the Yale March 8

Esther: ooops... with this nick... it's "fat" in spanish

Kat: lol

Esther: I usually call my boyfriend Gordo hehe

Gordo: Glenn, It was nice to see Geoff Barton recent article about Tommy Bolin in DP

Gordo: LOL

Esther: Glenn is not here yet

David: Sorry - I'm not ignoring you everyone, just doing stuff in the background - Glenn & Gabi should be here in a minute or two....

Kat: busy busy David LOL

Gordo: great idea this chat room concept, davie

David: Thanks Gordo

Kat: hi capt

Gordo: Thx David

Chip: Hi Capt.

captminite1962: Good afternoon everyone

David: Hi - Glenn & Gabi are setting up their computer right now! So they will be a minute or two more...

Esther: Hi capt

captminite1962: Cool..

Gordo: I ve enjoyed so much off this web site.....pix, audio internet etc

captminite1962: Hope the shows in Japan were fantastic!!

Kat: looks like a bunch of people are making it in today

Esther: yes, it's a woooonderful site

Chip: Yeah, Gordo this site is great

Gordo: It's great to see Glenn Touring as much as he has been lately

Esther: yep, it's better and better each year

Kat: yep

Gordo: Wonder if Glenn will ever play up in Canada

Esther: you'll be able to ask it him directly in a minute

oldhag13: hope u all had a good st valentines day

captminite1962: And the European jaunt with HTP..i was amazed at some of the countries they are playing in!

Esther: Hi Shirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat: hi Shirl

Chip: Hi Shirl

David: Hi - Glenn & Gabi are setting up their computer right now! So they will be a minute or so...

Kat: mine was wet, how was yours oldhag?

captminite1962: Hello Shirl...

Shirl: Hello people! Looks like I'm just in time.

oldhag13: i'm still new + slow 2 all of this

Esther: yes, there are still setting up their computer..

captminite1962: Valentines Day..that evil holiday set up by madison Ave??

Gordo: Esther sounds like a Poet

Kat: lol

Esther: hehe

oldhag13: valentines? o.k.

Gordo: Not enough love going around

Shirl: Didn't see you there Kat - not 'seen' you on the boards for a while. You been okay?

captminite1962: The question is..am i single because i am bitter..or am I bitter because i am single?? And I am laughing at myself when I say that..

David: Hi - Glenn & Gabi are setting up their computer right now! So they will be a just a moment or two more...

Kat: oh yeah, just busy with the band lately LOL

Chip: Shirl, check your email after the chat

Gordo: Hello Jim

Chip: Hi Jim and Glenn

oldhag13: i keep missing wots being said coz i'm such a dollop!!!

captminite1962: Is that Big Jim?

Gordo: Get funky Glenn

Kat: hi Glenn!

JimWilson: Big indeed

Esther: Hi Big Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

captminite1962: Hello Glenn..hope your trip to Japan was great!

oldhag13: Glenn r u there yet?

JimWilson: Who is Captmidnite?

captminite1962: That is me..Bill Redford

Gordo: Let's wake Glenn UP

Gordo: SIR Glenn Hughes.....are you there?

Wally: Hey Glenn and Jim.

oldhag13: i'm soooooo slow typing!

David: Ok, everyone....Glenn & Gabi are ready

Shirl: Chip - thanks. Just started to do that then realised the time!!!

Esther: Now he's got his avatar

Kat: takes practice oldhag, you'll get it

JimWilson: Hey Wally!

Glenn Hughes: Hi. It is Gabi - Glenn is here hauling gee-tar strings all over the house to get ready for his trip

Gordo: Wally?

Glenn Hughes: He leaves tomorrow...

Gordo: You'll get my CD soon

Kat: busy, busy

Wally: Howz your cousin?

oldhag13: Glenn i luv ya!!!

Shirl: someone remind me how to get up my avatar on here

Esther: Hi busy G&G!!!!!

captminite1962: The very best to Glenn and Joe on their trip!

David: Ok folks - have your questions ready....

Kat: click on the little guy

Glenn Hughes: Shirl, it is Gabi - did i ever send you a thank you card?

Esther: (Shirl, click on the man on the left-down)

Shirl: Hello there Gabi. Yes, you did - you're very welcome x

Glenn Hughes: i ask becuz i have no memory left. there is not enough gingko biloba on the planet for me

Kat: lol Gabi

oldhag13: cant wait 2 c h.t.p mean fiddler london WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!

Chip: I can't remember to take my ginko-biloba

Kat: somethings about getting old are not so much fun LOL

danielb: Hi Glenn, thanks for doing this and looking forward to see you live soon. Onto my question. Does it bother you that you may remain "the industry's best well kept secret" for the rest of your musical career? Us fans obviously recognise your immense talent, not to mention your peers, but are you now comfortable with the knowledge that you may never achieve the same level of commercial success you did back in the 70s? I know you mentioned in an interview in 1996 that you can't keep "schlepping" around the world playing clubs forever, yet these are the kind of venues you will take in on the upcoming HTP tour of Europe. Furthermore, in that same interview you said that you wanted to compete with the likes of Elton John and George Michael. Have you changed the way you look upon things since 1996 or are you still trying to make that transitional step in your career (ie, sell more records, play larger venues)?

Glenn Hughes: danielb: i don't think about that. my life has changed dramatically in the last 13 years and i am on a spiritual path - if you get what i am talking about.

Glenn Hughes: old hag: thank you..

Kat: I have a question for Gabi

Shirl: I know exactly where you're coming from, brother.

martial: Hi Glenn, we are Cecile and martial from Belgium, great to hear you again. Did you have a great time in Japan?

Chip: I hear u might be doing a couple Sly Stone covers, I hope "If U want me to stay" is one of them. Perfect for you.

Kat: my friend Dani loves your glasses, she wants to know who makes them?

Wally: Hey Glenn,we met at Bolinfest. I was the "Canadian". Anyway, will you be attending this year?

Glenn Hughes: okay....Gabi is ready Kat!

Glenn Hughes: Japan was okay.

Gordo: Glenn, It was nice to see Geoff Barton write a positive review of Tommy Bolin appearance in DP. I'd spent a bit of time Emailing Geoff and had no idea he was going to write an article. What was your Favorite gig with Tommy. The Rehearsals?

Glenn Hughes: Kat: my glasses are Salvatore Ferragamo. They come in all the colors of the rainbow - i love them.

Gordo: Glenn, you should do an Unplugged CD

Glenn Hughes: my favorite gig with tommy was probably one of the shows in texas.

oldhag13: Glenn, d'ya remember biting my finger last october? mean fiddler (yeh, sure u do)!!!

Kat: she loves them too, can't stop talking about them since she saw them in LA LOL!

Shirl: Japan was 'okay' Glenn? I thought it was one of your fave places to perform?

Glenn Hughes: Gordo: i want Glenn to do an unplugged cd. we have thought about it...Gabi

Gordo: Texas, Cool

Glenn Hughes: i am sorry if i hurt you. i have great teeth don't i?

Kat: that would be awesome Gabi

Gordo: I think Glenn would shine on a unplugged CD

Esther: An unplugged could be great!!

oldhag13: managed 2 get 1 of ur plectrums

Glenn Hughes: One thing at a time, but i can promise you this in the next 3 yrs i will be making an unplugged.

Shirl: Considering that a lady in Brum thought they were false!!!

Esther: he doesn't need too much music to shine a lot

Kat: any word on the DVD, how is it coming along?

Gordo: Can't wait

oldhag13: yes u do have great teeth!!! great everything

Esther: yeah, tell us something about the DVD

captminite1962: Oh no..I remember Glenn teling that story!

martial: We'll see you in Germany next month with Joe, Cecile is near me but she's afraid to be part of the chat, please give her a few words and she will be happy!

Gordo: Dvdville


Glenn Hughes: The DVD - i have just completed the audio mixes for the DVD/CD & i have seen rough cuts of the footage, and i must say, that i think i have been captured wonderfully.

Kat: cool, makes the anticipation that much sweeter!

Glenn Hughes: I think it captured me wonderfully live. Everyone that has seen it so far has been knocked out

Gordo: Leaving to let others on board. Thx Glenn and Gabi

Glenn Hughes: Hi Cecile.

Kat: as well they should be!

captminite1962: The DVD shoot was an experience I will never forget..it was an honor to be part of the audience!

Kat: yes it was

oldhag13: cant wait 4 dvd

Kat: very special

Shirl: As I said in a recent post, pure genius when we get to view the finished product

Kat: yep

Glenn Hughes: I have a title in mind but i can't tell you yet as i have not told the record co. yet

Glenn Hughes: I hope we get it out late Spring, early Summer.

Esther: It was a pity that I couldn't be there in person... but you have to know that I was there in mind

Kat: ooohhh a witty one I expect LOL!

David: An email question from Lesley in Adelaide, Australia - would you ever consider touring Australia either solo, or with HTP?

Glenn Hughes: I would love to tour Australia, if it can be done.

Chip: any cool bonus features on the dvd?

Shirl: You feeling a little bit better Esther?

martial: Thanks Glenn and Gabi we're leaving the chat and see you in Germany. Bye.

Esther: yes... I'm a little weak now, but so much better than yesterday... thanks for asking, Shirl

Kat: hi Tod

Glenn Hughes: bye martial.

Tod: Hello everyone. I apparently can't spell my own name.

Tod: Hello Glenn and Gabi!

captminite1962: Hello Todd..that's 2 "D"s!

Kat: hehe

Chip: Jeez...Todd 2 d's

Glenn Hughes: Tod:, Todd:, either way is okay..

Shirl: Hello Todd

Wally: Any word on playing Bolinfest this year,Glenn?

Esther: Glenn... do you know if you'll be able to be signing before the show in Madrid?

Glenn Hughes: We haven't heard from them yet so i assume i will not be playing. I am annoyed that there are tapes/cd's of last years performance and I was not informed...

oldhag13: Glenn, hope u had a gud christmas + new year + st valentines day

Kat: sounds like everyone wants Glenn to come to town, I can agree completely

oldhag13: will u b meet + greet at H.T.P?

Glenn Hughes: I do not know the schedule yet for any signings yet or what will go on with that. The problem is that we have SUCH a long tour and signing every night in every city may not be possible. Also, last time i signed in Europe i got really sick - I need to stay healthy

David: An email question from Renato in Rio de Janerio, Brazil - are there any plans for a tour of South America this year - and specifically in Rio!

Glenn Hughes: In june i am supposed to be going to South America with Rata Blanca.

Esther: yes... I understand

captminite1962: That is a long tour you have Glenn..a lot of shows!

Wally: Will you be coming up to Canada?

Glenn Hughes: Also, it looks like I will do a show in Spain May 1st with Rata Blanca

JimWilson: I think GH and/or HTP would be able to tour the USA as part of a package of so called 'classic rock' acts this summer

Shirl: I think we understand that you can't be everywhere for everyone, Glenn. I'm quite happy to see you and Joe Lynn perform in Madrid and Barcelona. If I get the chance to say hello, it will be a bonus ...

Glenn Hughes: Esther: What is your last name?

Esther: really?? you'll be back in Spain in May?? grrrrreat!!!!!

Esther: My last name is: Esther Leal Pareja

Tod: Glenn the box set you mentioned is only available to about a dozen people, from what I understand. It's not being sold anywhere.

Kat: just made Esther's month LOL

Glenn Hughes: Yes - I can not remember the city but i will find out and tell David and Shirean to post this info...

Esther: I've already got my tickets for the HTP show

Glenn Hughes: Todd: - thanks for that news. We did not know - I am very glad you told me!!

Kat: hi pete

Pete S.: hi guys

Shirl: Hello Pete

captminite1962: Hello pete

Pete S.: how di dooo

oldhag13: Glenn, wot d'ya think of new group The Darkness?

Esther: I think that you'll see Shirl and me in the front row of the Madrid show

Tod: What are your thoughts about Tony Iommi's 'official' release of the "8th Star" sessions later this year?

Glenn Hughes: I think they are just what we need right now. In these weird times of rock music. They are fun and and I bet they are quite intelligent.

Glenn Hughes: I have been in touch with Tony and I love it. We both love this piece of work and now the fans can get the real mix and remastering plus an extra song.

Esther: Glenn... you know what? My boyfriend Sergio bought me an electric bass and now I'm learning to play it

Glenn Hughes: What kind of bass Esther?

oldhag13: no one comes near 2 the "voice" tho'

Glenn Hughes: I will show you how to play "You Keep On Moving" when i see you.

Esther: an 4 cords epiphone... wood and black... beautiful!!!

Pete S.: Hi Gabi 'n' Glenn...Glenn have you ever tried the earpieces that some singers use on stage?

JimWilson: Tocalo como 'El Papa' para nosotros un dia, Esther

captminite1962: Your own lesson with the man..That is cool Esther!

Glenn Hughes: I love epiphone! I had one in Trapeze - guitar.

Esther: it'd be wonderful!!!

Esther: it's beautiful... I'll take a photo of the bass at the show to let you see it

Glenn Hughes: Tonight I am having dinner with Chad Smith. We are doing a show in Orlando at the Hard Rock Hotel - another "Velvet Sessions" and Jerry Cantrell will be joining us.

Tod: As long as you're teaching people to play stuff, maybe you can show me how to play 'Way Back to the Bone'?

Glenn Hughes: This will be the last Thursday in April.

Kat: AWESOME! I'll be there!

Glenn Hughes: 29th April

captminite1962: I will be done with school..I would love to be there!

Tod: Hmm..Chip?

captminite1962: Road trip??

Glenn Hughes: Right now I do not know what they are going to do at the hotel - I mean, I know last time they had a special on rooms for fans - at this time we have not had any discussions on this - we just locked the gig this week...

Kat: a whole gathering! sounds fun!

Glenn Hughes: So I will keep you posted as i learn more

Tod: Hmm...nearby camp site?

Tod: Perhaps a few of us can sleep in the band's empty road cases, once they've set up the gear onstage.

David: Actually, we're one step ahead of you Shirean and I have spoken to Lou Carrier (Hotel Manager) and we'll be running another "Special Deal" offer working with Lou....so keep your eyes and ears peeled....more details later in the week at GHPG.net....

Kat: cool

captminite1962: That is cool David!!

Kat: but I don't need a room LOL!

Chip: Glenn, any info on the Vegas gig?

Glenn Hughes: Info on Vegas? It is April 12th. I know the club seats 100 people or so.

captminite1962: And i have a free ticket on Southwest to use!!

Tod: Hey, so do I!

Glenn Hughes: I do not know what they will charge for tickets - I know they have charged $25.00 a ticket.

Chip: Sorry Glenn, I meant any info as set lists, etc.

Wally: Will you be coming to Canada, Glenn?

Glenn Hughes: Oh, I don't give away set lists in advance. hahaha

Kat: lol

David: Keep an eye on this link for Vegas ticket purchasing details plus you can buy them from the hotel gift shop if you're local... http://www.palms.com/html/entertainm...nd_events.html

Glenn Hughes: I would love to go to Canada.

oldhag13: Any thoughts on doing Purple "cover versions" in ur own "style"?

Glenn Hughes: I am doing that at the moment - but i know what you mean. I am going into a stage where i am more interested in my newer songs.

Shirl: Hello again! Those gremlins LIVE in my PC. Ever had a dream where you're running like mad and still stood on the same spot - that's how I feel when the PC throws me out.

danielb: Did you know that Deep Purple played the Wiltern Theater in LA last night? Did you meet up with any of them by any chance ?

Wally: Those are 2 great new albums, Glenn.Its nice to hear some quality rock again.

Glenn Hughes: I did not know they were playing. i have no connection with any of them but David.

oldhag13: i mean 2 record, possibly in the future?

Tod: I'm gonna step out for a minute...I'll be back.

Glenn Hughes: old hag: i have already done that, although i did enjoy playing "Sail Away" with John Frusciante and Chad Smith

Pete S.: Glenn have you ever had a period of writers block and if so what advice on how to get over it.

Kat: hi Ian

captminite1962: Hello Ian

Pete S.: hi Ian

Ian: hello!

oldhag13: wotz it called then?

Glenn Hughes: I have only had writer's block when i was in the wilderness in the 80's. Since i have been clean and sober, the cup runneth over.

Pete S.: tanx Glenn

Glenn Hughes: old hag: it is not on one record.

Shirl: As much as I love the 'old' songs I'd be more than happy not to hear them again for a LONG time. Now is the time for you to concentrate on the 'now' - that's the spiritual path you've taken for some time and that particular road is long and exciting. For both you and us GHCPs

Kat: that's good to hear Glenn, means we will get to hear more and more new stuff every year

Wally: Do you ever perform Holy Man live? Its one of my favorite tunes.

Glenn Hughes: I mean, overall, I have done that at various times.

Ian: Glenn, I've had the pleasure of seeing you several times in Denver, and meeting you as well... I just wanted to thank you for always being so kind to not jus me, but all your fans!

Glenn Hughes: I performed it a few times with MKIII - I may do it again - I dont' know.

oldhag13: ever been 2 Lourdes? i'm thinking of going soon, maybe.

Glenn Hughes: I love my fans.

Esther: and your fans love you

Kat: that is evident

oldhag13: sorry, thought u meant 1 album

Esther: yes, it is hehe

Kat: Gabi....any progress on pics of the kids?

Chip: Sorry for repeating myself.........but I heard you might be doing a couple Sly Stone covers, I hope "If you want me to stay" is one of them, it would be perfect for you to do.

Ian: When HTP do their next live cd, will there be an inclusion of 'No Stranger to Love'?

Glenn Hughes: Kat - I need to get with it. thanks for reminding me.

Kat: np, I know how busy you two are right now

Glenn Hughes: Sly: That would be one of them that Chad wants to play as well.

JimWilson: Papa, have you considered playing some guitar on records in the future? I'd like to hear how you do......

Pete S.: Glenn apart from Gabi who do you usually run an idea with after the first inclings of a song?

Glenn Hughes: I absolutley love Sly and the Family Stone. My favorite American band with Crosby Stills and Nash from the 60's

Glenn Hughes: I always play guitar, little bits and pieces. Most notably the funky parts. I perfrom the bonus track on my new live DVD/CD alone

captminite1962: I was just listening to the Sly/Family Stone 2 CD Anthology yesterday...amazing work!

Glenn Hughes: There isn't a new live HTP cd...

JimWilson: 'Well" Part 2?

Glenn Hughes: Gabi gets my new song ideas - and the dogs.

Ian: How about The Eisley Brothers or Earth Wind and Fire?

Pete S.: lol

Kat: lucky dogs LOL!

Glenn Hughes: We haven't recorded a new live HTP cd. There isn't one for a few years.

oldhag13: wot about pop idol lol ?

Glenn Hughes: I absolutely love Earth Wind and Fire, also Ohio Players.

Chip: Skin Tight!!!!

Glenn Hughes: American Idol is funny. I wish I was 30 years younger and could go on in disguise.

captminite1962: Fire..Love roller Coaster..

Glenn Hughes: Skin Tight is one of my favorites.

danielb: What things about life do you know now at 52 that you didn't know at 22?

Esther: I was listening BTM yesterday and I thought that "I just want to celebrate" would sound exciting in the HTP shows with Joe

Glenn Hughes: I know about karma and I know it is better to love than be loved.

Chip: Sweet Sticky Thing!!!!

Glenn Hughes: i just want to celebrate: i don't think it is a good idea as HTP isn't a groove thing.

Glenn Hughes: Not yet anyway.

Esther: not yet

Pete S.: Glenn on the UK tour will there be your merchandise on sale as well as HTP?

oldhag13: do you meditate? i'm finding it hard 2 do

Glenn Hughes: I do not know Pete - I am not controlling that. It is the record co.

Ian: How about another Hughes Thrall Project... will there ever be another?

Esther: HTP2 is more groove than HTP1, I think

Glenn Hughes: I do not meditate - I speak to my higher power on my daily walks.

Shirl: HTP2 definitely leaves 1 in the dark, Esther.

Pete S.: i see ...i can do with a few more...lol

Glenn Hughes: There won't be another Hughes/Thrall project. I gave up a year ago on completing the 2nd album as Pat is too busy

Kat: walks are a good way to clear your head

Wally: Who Gabi?

Chip: With Dave Holland's trouble, I'm guessing there will be no more Trapeze?

Ian: Will you ever work W/ Geoff Downs again.

Esther: yes... I think so, Shirl, but I know people that thinks the opposite

oldhag13: been playing lotsa diff'rent Glenn albums 2 day

Glenn Hughes: I think it is highly unlikely i will work with Downs again

Shirl: Really, Esther?

Kat: I have been playing "Feel" alot

Glenn Hughes: I think Dave Holland's fate is in the hands of his creator. I can't really comment on this as I am totally shocked.

Glenn Hughes: Wally - it is Gabi - what did i need to clear up for you?

Esther: yes... I got astonish too when they told me

oldhag13: i also talk 2 "the higher power"

Esther: (this was for Shirl)

Wally: Your higher power (haha)

Shirl: I talk to myself a lot - it's a sign of old age!

Kat: lol

englishrob: Hi Guys

englishrob: Hello Glenn

captminite1962: Hello Rob

Glenn Hughes: hi rob

Kat: hi englishrob

Pete S.: hi rob

Esther: no, not really... I usually talk to myself too and I'm young. Just to now in what I have been mistaken to try to do it better the next time

englishrob: How was Japan Glenn? I just left a message for Joe on his machine

Glenn Hughes: Japan was okay.

Kat: hi ken

Shirl: Glenn - you said earlier that the Japanese dates were 'okay' - I thought that was one of your fave places to perform??

Ian: do you think you'd ever record anything w/ some of the legends of funk like Stevie Wonder, EWF, etc?

englishrob: I've got a pressie to give you Glenn. A DVD of DP in '74 at Leeds Poly

Ken in Ohio: Hi everyone, greetings from ohio

Glenn Hughes: Shirl: Japan was okay. The shows were fine. I just think the promotion and the record co support was minimal and I want that to change.

captminite1962: Hello Ken

Pete S.: Glenn who came up with the amazing "In My Blood" riff.......was it written on the bass?

Pete S.: hi ken

Glenn Hughes: I have performed with Stevie live and also EWF. But not in front of people - private events.

Shirl: It needs to change just about everywhere Glenn.

Kat: that it does Shirl

Glenn Hughes: The riff in "In My Blood" was written on bass.

oldhag13: gotta go lotsa luv, hugz,peace + Xs 2 EVRY'ONE especially u Glenn. c u in london 8th April... CAN'T WAIT

Ken in Ohio: Hey Glenn, are you still going to do some Summer shows with Chad and a ? guitarist

Pete S.: yeah it's hard for the guitar lol

Esther: There is a new radio station here in Spain of "24 hours of Rock" that promote the HTP show during all the day. I'm very happy of it

Shirl: Each year we relish the thoughts of seeing you perform yet again, but the 'higher' powers never seem to plug everything appropriately.

Glenn Hughes: Ken - Chad & Jerry Cantrell and I will be at the Hard Rock Hotel in April

Pete S.: bye oldhag

Ian: What are your thoughts on interperative artisits like Tom Jones or B.J. Thomas who don't write their own music but have good voices?

englishrob: Walter sends his regards and hopes to hook up with you in Madrid

Shirl: And I know that Lisa has explained the way it is

Ken in Ohio: Cool, I will try and make it in April

Glenn Hughes: I have no problem with Tom Jones or BJ thomas.

Glenn Hughes: I want to comment about Japan:

Glenn Hughes: The attendances were fine. The economy is really bad there right now and rock music in general from Limp Bizkit to HTP is suffering.

Wally: Glenn, are you familiar with the 70s American band Grand Funk?

Pete S.: any wah-wah for the bass this tour Glenn?

Glenn Hughes: I love Grand Funk. Just ran across Mark Farner in Japan.

Glenn Hughes: Yes. It is called "the envelope filter" and it is a one of a kind design.

Kat: Grand Funk was one of the first bands I ever started listening too...good stuff

captminite1962: WB David!

Esther: it's a pity because I've heard that Japanese people are very loyal with rock

Glenn Hughes: They are loyal to rock. Chad and I plan to tour Japan in the next few years.

Kat: wb David

Pete S.: sounded good at Rio's

Wally: I just saw Mark a couple months ago.I think you and him are a match made in heaven.

David: Thanx - computer crashed!!

Pete S.: wb David

Kat: UGH what timing huh David!

Shirl: your gremlins must be related to mine, David!

Glenn Hughes: My friend who manages Paul Rodgers manages Mark now - it wouldn't be impossible for a Hughes/Farner collaboration

Kat: cool

Ian: Any plans to work w/ Rick Derringer... or for that matter Ronnie Montrose (again)?

englishrob: What did you think of Cabo? Great place eh? Was Sammy around?

Chip: What was the stage intro music at the Dudley gig last Oct.? Was it something the club played or a recording of something the band did?

Wally: He still rocks big time and hasnt lost much vocally.

Ken in Ohio: Glenn the vocal solo in "Losin my Head" is out of this world ! please give us more of this

Glenn Hughes: I love Rick and Ronnie -they both have asked me to collaborate. I am so busy right now.....

Esther: Gabi... will you travel with Glenn in this tour??

Glenn Hughes: I loved Cabo. I will be hanging out there on some down time at Chad's place. Probably play there again with Chad, Jerry and Sammy.

Shirl: I do hope so, Esther

Pete S.: Glenn when the DVD is released are there any plans for songs from it to appear online....for PR purposes?

Esther: me too

Glenn Hughes: My tour manager and right hand man Carl Swann provided the intro music. I wanted a 60's lounge hammond trio.

Glenn Hughes: Any song online for the DVD is up to the record co. I do not know what their promo plans are as of yet.

Chip: Would love to hear some more funky, jazz stuff like you did between takes at the dvd shoot. Very cool stuff indeed!

Ken in Ohio: Any plans for HTP doing any gigs in the States?

Glenn Hughes: The vocal solo on "Losing My Head" was done spontaneously. But i knew what kind of vibe i was going for. I wanted it to stand out as an instrument.

Shirl: Okay Chips rub it in - just cos I wasn't there!

Glenn Hughes: If you listen to midway through the outro you will hear what seems to be a guitar feedback, but it is my voice

Shirl: Chip - one's enough!

Esther: it sounds Arabic or Indian

Glenn Hughes: We are trying to get HTP gigs in the USA...

Chip: Sorry Shirl......get your bum over here someday!!

Shirl: as long as the rest of me can come, too!!

Kat: lol

Todd: Las Vegas will welcome you.

Todd: Again.

captminite1962: I hope you are successful doing that Glenn..in regard to US HTP gigs!

Kat: yes Shirl, it would be fun to meet up with you over here

Shirl: Perhaps when HTP do US gigs!!

Glenn Hughes: The stuff we did in between the DVD Shoot: is very natural for me to write and play. Thank god that some of you fans "get" that side of me.

Pete S.: Many thanks to you ......Glenn and Gabi...David 'n' Shirean.....see you at Rio's.......bye

captminite1962: We apprciate all the colors you paint with Glenn!

Esther: bye, Pete

Mike McBain: Hi Glenn, Mike in the UK here, I just wondered if there was any truth in the rumour of you and Toni Iommi doing a gig at Donnington this year

Shirl: Amen, captminite

Todd: I'd love to hear you do an album with nary a distorted guitar in sight - acoustic piano, funky, horns, whatever.

Chip: I do "get it" Glenn. Would love to hear more of it.

Shirl: Acoustic piano and guitar and sax - wonderful

Glenn Hughes: Mike: I have no idea about that at this time. I would love to if Tony is available.

Esther: I love your "soulful" side... but I understand that sadly this doesn't produce too much money in these days... it's really a pity

englishrob: Glenn, what are your thoughts of Eighth Star being released officially later this year?

Glenn Hughes: I have no problem with it, as i said earlier. I think it would be good

englishrob: there's some great tracks on it

Wally: Glenn, what kinda live rig do you use? Your sound is almost Rickenbacherish.

Shirl: Gabi, Glenn - I'm signing out now. I look forward very much to seeing you soon xx

Kat: bye Shirl

Shirl: Bye everyone - catch you soon x

Esther: bye Shirl!!!

Chip: See ya Shirl, take care.

englishrob: bye Shirl

Esther: talk to you soon

captminite1962: Bye Shirl!

David: An email question from John Harjo in Los Angeles, CA - what brand of ear-monitors are you using (that Kevin Dubrow recommended)?

Glenn Hughes: I use the ultimate ears UE10 - these are with the Shure system. These are a bit different from the ones I had before, which were the 5's...and they are not great for bass/low end

Glenn Hughes: I think Kevin uses the 5's and Joe has just acquired the 7's, but if you play bass or drums you need the 10's.

Esther: Gabi... will you travel with Glenn in this tour?

Glenn Hughes: Esther: I would like to, but I must work and take care of the "kids"

Esther: well... perhaps another tour

Esther: wb Ken

Todd: I've got company, so I'm gonna take off. Chip, e me when you get a chance. Glenn and Gabi, thanks for making yourselves available - we'll see you here in Vegas in April. All my best to everyone!

Mike McBain: Glenn I know you recorded the UK shows you just played this year, are you intending using them or have you abandoned the idea..I like collecting all the recordings of shows I have been at and would love to here a recording of the Bradford and Cambridge shows

Glenn Hughes: We plan on releasing a CD of the UK shows.

Mike McBain: Thanks Glenn...been nice talking to you...see you in April

Esther: bye Todd

Chip: Bye, Todd

captminite1962: Take care Todd! Hopefully we will meet again in FL in April!

Todd: Gotta ask the Mrs....but we had such a blast last year I'd find it VERY hard NOT to go.

Todd: Cheers...

Esther: Glenn.. you'll play in countries where you haven't played before. How do you feel about it?

Glenn Hughes: I am excited about it.

englishrob: Glenn, did you manage to have a chat with Simon? if so, have you heard the Burn remasters yet?

Glenn Hughes: I think people are excited.

Glenn Hughes: I have not heard anything yet.

Ken in Ohio: Glenn how did you come up with the lyrics - "I'm goin down to Ohio, excuse me but I got to go" in "Standing on the Rock"?

captminite1962: That is really cool that you and Joe are playing in countries that are off the "beaten path" so to speak.

Glenn Hughes: I just fancied writing a song with the word OHIO in it, as it is a great rock state.

Ken in Ohio: You must come up to Cleveland again

Esther: Do you still fell nerves before a show or you're used to??

Glenn Hughes: I don't get nerves, I get excited

Esther: well... excitement is "good nerves"

Glenn Hughes: Yes. That is what i get.

Esther: I think that when someone loose this excitement he is finished... because playing became an habit

Kat: true Esther, you can tell the difference

englishrob: Glenn, the last UK dates were very important to you and Gabi. How do you think that they went for you personally?

Esther: I've been in a Dream Theater's show last week... great musicians, but no feelings.

thewheel62@aol.com: hello

Kat: hello

Glenn Hughes: I think the UK dates were tremendous. I loved the set list, I loved the audience. It was the best tour i have done. You can expect a follow up

Glenn Hughes: ...maybe early next year with some surprises

englishrob: great news

Claudio: Hello Glenn

thewheel62@aol.com: glen were the reports about you not being able to sing live when you were in black sabbath true?

Kat: ooohhh surprises, always a treat!

Glenn Hughes: Esther: i somewhat agree. i like to hear music with soul.

Esther: yes, me too... you know that

thewheel62@aol.com: i always liked that album!

Claudio: Glenn, I write from ITALY

Claudio: what do you think about italian fans?

Glenn Hughes: wheel: the truth is, i was in an altercation i got hit in the face. it bled all down my throat and into my sinuses. i could not sing and i had to have my throat scraped.

Kat: oh that's just horrible Glenn

Glenn Hughes: I love my Italian fans! I like to see grown men cry.

Claudio: I saw you in Genova

thewheel62@aol.com: When you were in Orlando you said hi to me on a video tape my friend made..thanks

Glenn Hughes: yes Kat, it was not fun.

thewheel62@aol.com: oh my thats not what the magazine said

Glenn Hughes: Genova was a very fun show. Although my wife was afraid I would be hit by lightening!

Chip: I have to go guys. Thanks David, for the opportunity, thanks Glenn & Gabi for participating. See you in Vegas!

Kat: bye Chip

captmidnite1962: Bye Chip!

thewheel62@aol.com: i read you and toni r still friends

Glenn Hughes: I have no idea what the magazines have said, but i have told this story a thousand times: I got hit in the face, and that ended the singing for the moment!

Glenn Hughes: Tony and I are friends, yes. He is a sweet guy

Claudio: You were great, and your bass sound fantastic

Ken in Ohio: Glenn have you heard the music of Chris Botti? That is what I imagine when you mention your future work with Jeff that is now on hold

Claudio: It was a Squier, maybe

Glenn Hughes: Thank you Claudio. I look forward to going back to Genova.

thewheel62@aol.com: cool, it was in jam magazine in Orlando

Glenn Hughes: I have not heard of Chris Botti...

Claudio: Glenn, I recently bought Hughes and Thrall, a real masterpiece

Claudio: but Hughes and Thrall II???

Glenn Hughes: Thank you very much Claudio.

englishrob: I heard some of the tracks that you did with Rata Blanca in Argentina. It sounded great. Did you have a good time there?

Glenn Hughes: I think there will not be a Hughes/Thrall II

Claudio: But there are some tracks on PT site..

Glenn Hughes: I love Argentina. I had a fantastic time. The audiences are unbelievable and I have made many friends there.

Glenn Hughes: I look forward to going back in June.

Esther: I've heard the Catena's album and I like your song a lot... great music and I think that Catena wants his voice to sound like yours

thewheel62@aol.com: I loved you and Tommy Bolin together, is there any unreleased stuff left the Bolin Archives hasnt released yet?

Glenn Hughes: I do not know about the tracks being on PT's site.

Glenn Hughes: There is only stuff of Tommy & I fooling around at my house and I can't release it. It is just jamming.

thewheel62@aol.com: you guys were so good together!!

Glenn Hughes: Tommy was dear to me and I like to keep his memory special.

thewheel62@aol.com: i have always loved come taste the band!

Glenn Hughes: Thank you.

Glenn Hughes: I forced Tommy to sing on the Teaser album as he wanted me to sing and i told him he had to do it.

englishrob: Do you know who the opening act will be for the European dates?

thewheel62@aol.com: thank you very much!

Claudio: I love all the things you did, Glenn

englishrob: DP? lol

thewheel62@aol.com: trapeze!!!

thewheel62@aol.com: man that was a great band!

Glenn Hughes: It will be Firebird in the UK and the rest of the time there will be some opening acts, but there will be a 70's groovy disco.

Glenn Hughes: I don't really like to have opening acts. it interferes with the sound

Esther: When and where did you meet JJ Marsh... I think that he understands perfectly the music of "the band that plays in your head"

thewheel62@aol.com: yes jj marsh rocks

Glenn Hughes: I met him at a wedding that I was best man at in Sweden. He was playing at the wedding.

thewheel62@aol.com: lol!

captmidnite1962: I was really knocked out by JJ at the DVD shoot..the intro he performed on "Mistreated" was a stunner!

thewheel62@aol.com: is there a DVD?

Wally: Its tough to get Firebird stuff up here but they do rock.

Esther: yes... now I remember... sorry, I've forgotten it

Kat: he was very good that day, and very nice to talk to, very humble

Glenn Hughes: JJ Marsh for the last 7 or 8 years has been my right hand man and I firmly believe in him. I get angry when certain people in the media say I should work with name guitar players.

Glenn Hughes: JJ eats them for breakfast.

thewheel62@aol.com: he seems great to me..

Claudio: JJ marsh is a great guitar player...

captmidnite1962: He does, Glenn.....what a find he is!!

Esther: He's perfect

Kat: Well then the media should make him a name guitarist LOL!

Ken in Ohio: In what direction do you see the next Glenn Solo release going into?

Glenn Hughes: The next album has been written. All I can say is, it is going to be more of a soulful groove rock album.

Glenn Hughes: Kat: you are right.

Esther: really?? grrrreat!!!! I'm wishing to listen it

Kat: me too Esther, sounds good!

David: Who will be in the HTP line-up this time around for the European Tour?

Glenn Hughes: JJ, Tomas Broman on drums, Kjell - I don't know his last name - on keys.

Ken in Ohio: Are you good friends with Ken Hensley? He has moved to Spain

Glenn Hughes: I have known Ken for 30 plus years. I hear he speaks fluent Spanish now

Esther: Probably he speaks Spanish better than me English

thewheel62@aol.com: How was it working with Pat Travers in the voices of classic rock?

captmidnite1962: Glenn..just wondering how your vintage Fender basses have been performing with all the live work you have been doing lately..

Glenn Hughes: Pat and I go back to 1975. Pat is easy to work with. Funny. Intelligent and he sweats a lot.

Kat: lol

captmidnite1962: LOL!!

thewheel62@aol.com: lol was that what the fan was all about up front?

Ken in Ohio: When will we see this next Groovy Soulful release. I can't wait

Kat: Any hope in the VCR problems that we will see more shows?

Glenn Hughes: I have two early 60's Fender basses that i don't travel with. The one you are seeing me with now is a '75 re issue that they made me that is essentially the "Glenn Hughes" sound and vibe.

Glenn Hughes: I hope not Kat..I am done with that.

captmidnite1962: For a moment i thought you meant to type "swears a lot"!

Claudio: Which bass will you play during European tour?

Glenn Hughes: Yes, the fan is for pat.

Glenn Hughes: I will play the Fender Jazz on the European tour.

captmidnite1962: I understand that Glenn..taking a vintage axe on the road can be a bit risky!

Claudio: GREAT!!!!!

thewheel62@aol.com: any plans to record together again?

Claudio: I love it

thewheel62@aol.com: im waiting for a cd copy of makin magic from amazon..

Glenn Hughes: I don't have any plans to record with Pat in the near future.

Glenn Hughes: I am too busy at the moment!

Kat: lol

thewheel62@aol.com: i really like your stuff with h+t

Glenn Hughes: Thank you.

englishrob: Glenn, are you going to make Joe wear a Wolves shirt at the Dudley show and take the flack from the WBA fans? lol

thewheel62@aol.com: joe lynn turner can really sing!

Esther: yes... your days seems that has 30 hours to do everything that you do

Glenn Hughes: I am sure Joe would wear a Wolves shirt if I asked him to. Hopefully we won't be relegated by then.

englishrob: hope not too

Glenn Hughes: Yes, and did you know Joe has a cute ass?

Esther: hahaha

englishrob: yes, i've seen it in the shower

captmidnite1962: *laughing*

thewheel62@aol.com: lol no way

Kat: I had heard that LOL

Claudio: Which bands will open the European shows?

thewheel62@aol.com: will hughes turner play orlando fl?

Glenn Hughes: Right now, there are no HTP plans for the USA.

David: it was mentioned earlier...but...Firebird will be support in the UK....he doesn't know band names for other Euro cities...some cities will have support bands and some won't....

thewheel62@aol.com: bummer!!

Kat: but we do get Glenn in Orlando!

Kat: hi Grace

thewheel62@aol.com: so i guess no cute butt..

Grace: hello everyone, sorry that I'm sooooo late

Esther: hi Grace

Kat: just have to deal with Glenn's LOL

David: 10 minutes to go everyone....

captmidnite1962: We missed you Grace!!

Glenn Hughes: HTP will never play in America unless someone can book us and it becomes a winning situation for all parties: I won't go out in one of those "80's" packages

englishrob: Glenn, have a word with Sammy and maybe HTP could tag onto the Van Halen tour? ?

Glenn Hughes: wheel: It is Gabi. I think Glenn's butt is the cutest, so it is not a total loss!

Kat: hehehe


Glenn Hughes: There is a rumor about HTP and Van Halen, but that is a wild rumor at this point.

thewheel62@aol.com: glen i just want to say you are awesome! and im glad you are still around and making music god bless you!

Glenn Hughes: Thank you and God bless

Grace: I can't scan up to see what questions have already been asked, so here goes...any chance of the Hard Rock Hotel releasing the GH performance that was videotaped?

thewheel62@aol.com: thank you

Kat: (no one asked that one Grace)

Glenn Hughes: Grace: it is Gabi - I would say at this time, no. There were a lot of covers and I don't really know who would want to pay for the licensing...

Glenn Hughes: The sync rights would be a bear too.

Esther: People... I think I have to go. I'm starting to feel dizzy because of the temperature caused by the flu

Grace: that's way too bad, Gabi, it was ANOTHER great GH performance

Kat: well then Gabi, what about a private gift to those who were there?

captmidnite1962: Take care Esther and be well!

David: Thanks Esther, keep warm....talk to you next time...

thewheel62@aol.com: take care hope u feel better

Grace: hope that you feel better, Esther.....

Esther: Greeting from Sergio. See you in less than 3 weeks. You know I love you. Thank both for all. Te quiero.

Esther: Love to all. Bye!!!!!!!

Claudio: Why don't you play Addiction songs in your shows?

Grace: OK.....how about any chance of the Shape 68 songs coming out under the pink Cloud label?

englishrob: bye Esther, take care

David: Folks - Glenn's computer just locked up....I'm going to answer the questions for him thru Gabi....bear with us....

Kat: bye Esther

Kat: bummer

thewheel62@aol.com: ok dave..

David: (Glenn Hughes) About Addiction - it's too hard to play and sing those songs live and also it brings back some bad memories...

Claudio: I think addiction is one of your best albums

Claudio: great songs

Claudio: great voice

Claudio: and SOUL

David: (Glenn Hughes) Thank you Claudio

captmidnite1962: i did hear Glenn say at the DVD shoot that "Blue Jade" is one of the toughest songs for him to sing....technically i think he meant.

thewheel62@aol.com: glen did you hear the news about dave holland?

Kat: there is always a lot of soul when Glenn sings

Esther: hope that Glenn have read my greetings... have it, David???

David: Esther - yes, not to worry, he got it

Claudio: I used to listen that album when I was down

thewheel62@aol.com: i hope its not true

Grace: Gh has no idea how much..."I don't want to live that way again"...........is so powerful....it doesn't ONLY have to apply to drugs or alcohol, it works equally well for people who are in a big depression

Claudio: It gave me power

David: (Glenn Hughes) Yeah, it's a bad thing....it's a shame

Ken in Ohio: Take care Glenn, keep bringing it from the soul.

Grace: it helped me a lot, way back when I needed it

englishrob: Glenn, you have the choice of someone else covering your songs. Who would you choose and what song would you choose for them?

Grace: Tell Glenn that I really appreciated talking to him on Rockline

Grace: by the way, this is the FAMOUS ax murderer of New Jersey


David: (Glenn Hughes) Prince, Stevie Wonder and Sting - for the song...Stevie, I would give "Coast To Coast", Prince "Coffee & Vanilla" and Sting, "He Loves Your Money"

captminite1962: I always thought that Tina Turner could have sung Coffee And Vanilla

Grace: Any chance of Shape 68 songs for release by Pink Cloud records?

David: (Glenn Hughes) Grace - I think you're crazy

Kat: lol

thewheel62@aol.com: glen have you ever met or worked with rick derringer?

David: Everyone - we have to wrap up now....if you have one last question - now is the time to ask it....thanks.

Grace: you think I'm crazy now? Wait until I stalk the New York area airports, while GH is on his way to Europe, We NYers will get our GH AIRPORT 2004 TOUR, yet, heh, heh, heh!!!

Kat: lol

David: (Glenn Hughes) I played with Rick at BolinFest in August of last year...

Blkops: Hi to everyone

Kat: Grace coming to Velvet Sessions again?

captminite1962: Looks like a trip to Orlando is in the cards for April...got to run..Take care everyone!!

Grace: Any chance of shape 68 being released by pink cloud records?

David: (Glenn Hughes) Re: Shape 68 - Possibly

thewheel62@aol.com: cool..that would be something to hear!

Grace: I hope so

Kat: cool

englishrob: thanks for your time Glenn, keep in touch and see you in the UK. Ainhoa sends her love. all the best

Grace: GH.......I was listening to the Christmas album this morning.........beautiful

thewheel62@aol.com: come back to orlando this summer!

danielb: Do you have any particular memories from playing Gothenburg Sweden?

Kat: he'll be here in april

David: Any last questions everyone....

Kat: none from me

Claudio: I was listening Tears (ASIA) Great backing vocals....

Grace: is there anything definite for Orlando, yet? I have to pretend to want to visit my daughter LOL

thewheel62@aol.com: will you release the song with toni iommi?

Kat: yes the 29th of April

David: (Glenn Hughes) danielb - good lookin' people

Grace: when was this announced?

Kat: Glenn said so earlier LOL

thewheel62@aol.com: house of blues?

Grace: great, great, great

David: Grace - April 29th at Hard Rock Hotel is confirmed...

Kat: hard rock hotel

Grace: that is so fantastic..a great place to showcase Glenn....hooray

Kat: wheel, keep posted to this site, David will post how to get in

thewheel62@aol.com: cool!!

Grace: looks like I'm driving down to Florida again

Kat: yep, gonna be great!

Claudio: Glenn, what do you think of "new" deep purple line up?

David: Ok...folks Glenn has left the building....

Kat: thanks for the chat David!

thewheel62@aol.com: bye glen..

Kat: and thank Glenn and Gabi

David: I hope you had all your questions answered...

englishrob: ok guys, take care

Kat: I did

Grace: well David, tell Gabi and Glenn how much we appreciate it, that they took the time to talk to us

thewheel62@aol.com: thanks dave..

Claudio: of course...

Kat: bye all

englishrob: bye !!

MsPoison: Good night from Madrid, Spain

Grace: and tell Glenn to take good care while doing all that traveling

David: You just have Grace

Blkops: When will a transcript be available?

David: We'll put the transcript up later on today or tomorrow...

David: We'll also include it in the next issue of CTC, which will be out soon too....

Blkops: Thank you, I forgot and lost track of the time, did I miss anything?

David: Lots

thewheel62@aol.com: ok so is it hard rock cafe or hotel? how do we get in?

David: Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando, Florida....

David: He also played there last March...

thewheel62@aol.com: i missed it,i dont get out too much..

David: Hard Rock Hotel link.... http://www.hardrock.com/locations/hotels/orlando/

David: We're working with the Hotel Manager on a "Special Deal" for a number of rooms....we'll post more info on that later in the week....

David: it will also include FREE entrance to the show for those who book a room using the deal....

thewheel62@aol.com: cool..thanks for the link..my wife and I stayed at the portifino across from the hard rock hotel and we wanted to stay there sometime this year

Blkops: Where were Glenn and Gabi...without my having to

Blkops: look up the tour schedule, Please?

David: They are at home in LA - he leaves next week....

Blkops: Thanks

thewheel62@aol.com: That sounds cool

thewheel62@aol.com: thanks I will check back later

thewheel62@aol.com: Take it easy, See Ya!

David: Keep an eye-out on the GHPG.net site for further details and if you're a CTC subscriber you'll get a separate email - all later in the week...

MsPoison: So the chat it's over

David: Yes, Glenn was here for the scheduled 10:30AM-12:30PM PST.....2 hours....

David: We'll have the transcript up either later today or tomorrow sometime....

MsPoison: My mistake


David: 7:30pm-9:30pm CET...

MsPoison: Yeah,

MsPoison: Anyway, next March I will see and here Glenn again


David: Hopefully your question was asked by someone else....that's cool - lucky you!

MsPoison: Yes in HTP, gig

Grace: well, take care everybody...see you all at the airports....ha, ha

Grace: bye.........

David: Bye Grace, see you next time.

MsPoison: Bye Grace

MsPoison: Well , best luck next time

MsPoison: And thx

MsPoison: Bye

David: bye

David: The regularly scheduled Monthly CHAT will be held on Wednesday, March 24th, 2004 at the usual time of 1:00PM-3:00PM PST. Hope to see some of you then
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did I miss something...8th star, new live CD, new studio album written and DVD almost ready?
Of course there is going to be Voodoo Hill II -
2004 is going to be GREAT year!!!

All The BEST!!!

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We did say that 2003 was a good year for our man, but 2004 seems to have that certain je ne sais qua. He couldn't work much harder if he tried ...
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Sorry i missed thc hat.

So a possible follow up tour to October 2003 solo eh..

Takings bets no Scottish gigs in 2005 then.
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