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Old Oct-23-2005, 11:31 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - October 23rd, 2005

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - October 23rd, 2005

Shirean: Hi everyone

Kat: hey Shirean

Kat: I finally remembered LOL

Shirean: Me too

Shirean: David will be here shortly

Kat: cool

Shirean: What have you been up to?

Kat: watching the weather channel LOL

Kat: u?

Kat: hi tony

tony g: hi

Shirean: Yes me too been cleaning up around the house all morning don't want anything flying around overnight..

Shirean: Hi Tony

Kat: are you and David ready for the hurricane?

tony g: you directly in harms way you guys?

gman: Hello.

Kat: depends on how far north she hits

Kat: hi gman

Kat: we will have tropical storm winds at the least

tony g: thats bad enough huh?

Kat: yep

tony g: damm

gman: Kat, are you in Florida?

Kat: this waiting to see where she hits is the worst, it can change from minute to minute

Kat: yepper

Shirean: Everyone in our neighborhood was bringing everything in - I guess we are ready for our 1st!!

Kat: in Orlando

Shirean: Hi gman

gman: Hi Shirean

Shirean: Hello Theresa

Kat: yep, don't want your belongings flying through the neighbors windows LOL

theresa: hi everyone

Kat: hi Theresa


tony g: hi

gman: Hi Theresa.

Shirean: David will be here shortly

tony g: cool

gman: When you hold monthly chats, do you have a particular topic?

Kat: hi rob

gman: Hello, english rob.

englishrob: hello people

Kat: whatever we wind up discussing was the topic of the chat LOL

gman: Gotcha.

Shirean: Yes Englishrob this month is all things GH

Kat: I would love to discuss Glenn tour dates, but none to discuss

englishrob: how is everyone?

gman: I'm just sitting here listening to SIKOR.

Kat: cool gman

englishrob: ok, no problem

gman: Opened it this week and love it.

theresa: i would love to hear about the new album he has been working on with chad

Kat: very good CD

Shirean: David heard some of it Theresa he said it was brillant

tony g: yes that would be cool theresa

gman: Yes.

gman: Glenn albums are always an event.

theresa: well, that is a given with the lineup they have, huh

gman: Question. How do you think Chad rates with Gary Ferguson and Frank Banali?

Shirean: Can't wait to hear it

gman: They're all great, I think.

Kat: well if it's a Glenn CD, it'll be good

englishrob: i was really impressed with chad on the spanish shows

tony g: still like how Wolfysmith went back stage with Glenn and Chad

gman: Wow. That's great.

Kat: yeah lucky

theresa: i'll get to one of his shows someday

Kat: would LOVE a show soon to see

englishrob: i guess you're all in the states then?

Shirean: How could they miss the CTC shirt!

Kat: it's been waaaay too long

gman: I wish Glenn would play more shows in the US. I saw Whitesnake recently in a club. Great show.

tony g: i am

Kat: yes I am in Florida

gman: I'm in New Jersey.

Shirean: Whitesnake in a club?!

gman: yes.

englishrob: is it windy yet Kat?

Shirean: Where?

Kat: not yet, very calm

gman: Big Club. Starland Ballroom.

Kat: it'll be nasty later as she moves closer tho

gman: Sayreville, NJ. Bon Jovi-ville.

Kat: cool up there now isn't it?

gman: yes.

Kat: brrrr

gman: Hi 50's, low 60's.

tony g: 42 in chicago

Kat: I'd freeze LOL

gman: Wow and Go White Sox, tony g

tony g: thanks im still in shock

tony g: no one can believe it

Kat: lol

gman: If the Red Sox could win...lol

gman: It's time for the White Sox.

Kat: lol

tony g: and so far winning

tony g: i hope so but we will see

Shirean: Theresa spoke to Chad about websites and stuff in AZ he told me he liked the work you did on yours.

Kat: so Rob's the only one who has seen a Glenn show recently?

theresa: Really? wow..that makes me feel great

englishrob: i guess so...a couple of spanish dates and the drum seminar

Kat: nice

Kat: I'm jealous

Shirean: Just thought you'd like to know

gman: Me, too.

theresa: i haven't been keeping it up too much lately as i have recently filed for divorce and have been a little busy...but i will be back to it soon

tony g: ouch

Shirean: Sorry to hear that ..

gman: Good luck with it Theresa. It's always difficult.

theresa: it's so much for the better..alcholic and a five year old don't mix...should have done it sooner

Kat: good luck theresa

theresa: ty

tony g: i hope it all works out for you

gman: Yes.

theresa: but i have big plans for the site if i can find the time, lol

Kat: lol

Shirean: Yes with them touring next year I'm sure you will be very busy

englishrob: what site is that theresa?

gman: yes, which one?

theresa: http://www.allchadsmith.com

englishrob: ok cool, i'll look it up

gman: Wrote it down, thanks.

theresa: i was aiming for his birthday to have the new one done but it does not look like it

gman: Have you had it for a long time?

theresa: three years

theresa: next month is three years

gman: Theresa, have you been a Chad fan for a long time or more recently?

englishrob: i'm sure that chad appreciates your efforts theresa

theresa: about 5 years...i really prefer the work he does with Glenn (hope that does not sound bad) I like the peppers but i'm more into the rock

gman: Cool.

Kat: I'm with you there Theresa

gman: Do you guys ever think of bands or musicians that glenn could work with?

tony g: so does anyone know anything new about glenn?

gman: Musical dream teams, so to speak.

Shirean: I want him to write a song with Prince

Kat: no and no LOL

Kat: ewww

gman: I want him working with Mike Slamer.

gman: Streets, City Boy, Seventh Key.

Shirean: and of couse sing a duet with Ms. Wilson

gman: Although, I love his current band.

gman: Ms. Wilson?

Kat: I've heard of City Boy I think, was that a long time ago?

gman: Ann?

englishrob: i thought that the song that glenn originally wrote for lenny kravitz would have been good for prince

Shirean: Yes - Ann

gman: Ann is so great.

gman: Glenn would work with w/Legs Diamond.

englishrob: my favourite female singer

gman: Another old band.

Shirean: Mine too

gman: Mine, too, Rob.

gman: She's so underrated.

Shirean: #1 Heart fan here watch out!

Shirean: http://www.theheartgallery.com

Kat: lol

theresa: that is a good site too

gman: What a voice.

englishrob: i'm a big fan too Shirean, but they don't get over here too often

Shirean: over where? UK

englishrob: yes

Shirean: I know I went to London to see them in 2004

englishrob: at hammersmith?

Shirean: Yes - David and I went

gman: That's great, Shirean. A real fan.

englishrob: yeah, i went too

Shirean: I have seen them every UK Euro tour since 1986

tony g: how good a hall is hammersmith? sound good?

englishrob: before that, i saw them on long island in '99 i think

englishrob: hammersmith is a good concert venue

tony g: cool

gman: Rob are you musician? sounds like you travel a lot.

Shirean: Hammersmith is awesome!

englishrob: not a musician, but i used to work for one

Shirean: David's gonna kill me I'm turning this into a Heart chat

englishrob: lol

Kat: lol

englishrob: yeah, it's all your fault Shirean!

gman: Lana Lane sounds a lot like Ann Wilson.

Kat: well then he should be here to steer the chat LOL

Shirean: Back to the topic Papa

Kat: hey capt

captmidnite1962: This is your Captain speaking...

Shirean: Hello you

tony g: aye aye

gman: Hello.

englishrob: hi capt

captmidnite1962: Good afternoon everyone...here with all things Glenn

captmidnite1962: OK..for some it is evening!

theresa: on the chili peppers forum, glenn was quite a hit after the norwich clinics and spain shows

Kat: cool

theresa: they were blown away by the voice from the posts that i read

englishrob: thats great

captmidnite1962: I envy Wolfy so.....

captmidnite1962: What a lucky man!

gman: Working with Chad introduces Glenn to a different audience, which is great!

Kat: Glenn always has that effect on people LOL

englishrob: it was a very enjoyable evening

captmidnite1962: Sure..these young kids see and hear Glenn and are knocked back

Kat: yep, not used to that talent

captmidnite1962: Of course..us "old kids" have a blast too!

tony g: fused tour - whats up??????

Shirean: No news yet..

englishrob: and it was a very nice venue in norwich too!

tony g: no news nothing?

tony g: damm

Shirean: Don't worry once we know anything we'll post it

gman: I hope Tony is not waiting for a call from Ozzy. lol

captmidnite1962: I saw that from the pics......way better than the Brookdale, right

theresa: it's a shame their House of Blues thing did not pan out earlier this year

tony g: i know you will Shirean

englishrob: have patience tony, glenn and tony have only just finished their own tours

Kat: the worry is, will there be anything to post?

tony g: i know guys

tony g: just the anticipation

captmidnite1962: All in good time folks..

Shirean: Yes that was a bummer about the HOB gigs that would have been excellent

theresa: i might actually have made it to one of them

Shirean: Me too!

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah...I hate their "no pic" rule but the rooms and the sound is cool

englishrob: i'm sure it will happen...eventually

tony g: if they come hear im taking vacation

tony g: stay at hotel downtown all that good stuff

captmidnite1962: I hear that Tony...I need a vacation!

Shirean: Me too

captmidnite1962: And Theresa...thank you again for that cool avatar!!

theresa: the only way they come close to me is if they are lost on their way to somewhere important, lol

gman: Me too and I just came back from one. lol

tony g: hob here i can go right upstairs to the hotel

theresa: you are welcome

captmidnite1962: Oh oh...duck!!

Kat: hi Grace

gman: Hi Grace.

Kat: lol

tony g: hi Grace

Kat: did she come armed?

Shirean: Hello Miss Grace - got your voicemail "Thank You"

captmidnite1962: Hello Grace!

Grace: Hello everyone......

englishrob: hi Grace

Grace: Your welcome, Shirean....it's just that I'm worried about Wilma....I have a bad feeling about this one. Betcha' you didn't know that I'm a phone stalker, too, huh?

Grace: Hey, I see that Kat is in on the chat.....you know that all of us GHCPs wish you the best with this horrible situation.

Kat: thanks Grace

Shirean: Thanks Grace

Kat: we shall muddle through

captmidnite1962: You always get through don't you?

Kat: should be interesting for the Florida newbies LOL

gman: My cousin lives in Naples.

Grace: nope, sorry to destroy my "image" but it's hard to type WHILE HOLDING AN AX!!

Shirean: I hope they left

Kat: lol

gman: Lots of hurricanes since moving to Florida.

gman: Eight months I think.

Kat: well, I've been here 25 years, and we really haven't had many

Kat: the worse were 3 last year one right after the other

englishrob: we havn't had many either Kat lol

Kat: lol

tony g: ice and snow dont seem so bad right now

captmidnite1962: I bought a bunch of CD's recently...among them was the 1st Voodoo Hill...I had never heard it and i really enjoy it!

gman: Just bad government here in NJ.

Kat: wasn't there one earlier this year that almost made it there?

gman: Capt it IS really good.

Grace: ...................and all of this "activity" is supposed to be because the temperature of the oceans has risen by a few degrees, right?

Kat: yep Grace

englishrob: no, but we've had a couple of twisters

gman: That's what I've heard, Grace.

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah....Glenn gets a lot of that "Feel" style in his vocals

tony g: i read that in national geographic

Shirean: Got a favorite track Capt?

Kat: in the last 2 years I've had enough of these weather "firsts" LOL

gman: Capt. love "The Gypsy".

captmidnite1962: Hmmm....I will let you know Shirean....but it is a real gem....

Kat: I was just listening to "Feel" the other day driving around

englishrob: hope you've all seen that clip of glenn in the studio singing "golden one" from the voodoo hill cd"

captmidnite1962: "The Gypsy" was always a favorite DP track

Shirean: Well there he is!

Kat: hi david

gman: Hello, David.

captmidnite1962: When I get high speed..I will watch all these killer clips that i have been missing

tony g: me too

David: Hi everyone....better late than never

englishrob: it's on the dario mollo website

Kat: lol

englishrob: hi david

captmidnite1962: I don't care what Ritchie Blackmore thinks of Stormbringer....I have always enjoyed it....for the funky elements that entered the mix!


Kat: lol Grace

David: You talking about "Golden One" Capt'n?

captmidnite1962: Yes...I just got the 1st Voodoo Hill...I was telling everyone that I had never heard it and how much i enjoy it

David: the vid snippet is in the "Memorabilia" section....blows me away everytime I watch it!

captmidnite1962: And indulge me by allowing me to insert a shameless plug for NEH Records....They are fabulous

Grace: Hey captain.....name one "guest appearance" by GH where he DOESN'T dazzle your eardrums.....that's why whenever anybody new asks "What albums to buy" I always answer with: "buy whatever you can find......you won't be disappointed."

englishrob: it's an awesome clip

Shirean: They don't have a fast enough connection David to enjoy it

David: Bummer!

gman: Capt. They are.

captmidnite1962: Grace...if i find one..you will be the first to know!

captmidnite1962: David recommended NEH....after Buccaneer shut down

tony g: david how about the new songs glenns working on?

gman: NEH is where I got Voodoo Hill from.

tony g: neh is cool

captmidnite1962: I also got the new Journey from NEH too...and that is a solid disc

Grace: we ought to have a "thread" that says.....what is GH's worst recording? That question would make people think really hard, huh? So few possibilities to choose from.

captmidnite1962: Hmm..would the Bobaloos take that prize??

gman: I've played Addiction once and never again. Not a fair chance, really.

David: they're huge - he played me some very, very rough demos back in August, just the voice and acoustic bass guitar - when Chad and JJ get into the mix, they're going to be awesome."

gman: Oooh.

David: I'm bias of course

englishrob: i really like addiction, very deep

tony g: great

captmidnite1962: After "Feel" "Addiction" is a real sonic sucker punch...very dark

tony g: cant wait

gman: I did love "Feel" very much.

captmidnite1962: I love all of Glenn's "kids"

Grace: My choice would be "Make my day" not because it's bad, but because I picture Clint Eastwood singing background vocals.....

Kat: lol

gman: lol

captmidnite1962: What is Make My day from?

Grace: I usually pick an album at random....if it's something that I haven't listened to lately, it's almost like a new CD for me................so I have NO favorite album.

David: so EnglishRob did you get any indication that GH might pop-over for Chad's clinic in Birmingham in a few weeks?

Shirean: There's a good trivia question anyone?

englishrob: no, not that i know of

captmidnite1962: Go ahead Shirean...

Grace: uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....from now on, I think

englishrob: i think he already has enough air miles lol

David: it'd be a good excuse to see the Wolves if nothing else

theresa: i think chad is only on for 45 minutes each day at the birmingham thing

tony g: thats what i do Grace i close my eyes grab a cd and bring it to the car

englishrob: he doesn't need much tempting lol

captmidnite1962: I have about 350 discs on the computer....

David: that's for sure!!

gman: I try to not to playout albums. Gives me a chance to find something new about an album.

captmidnite1962: Talk about a killer jukebox!

englishrob: especially as they're doing well

gman: yes.

gman: about the jukebox.

Grace: my car...........where I can play stuff REALLY LOUD, has the 3 bonus tracks from Fused permanently in the car Cd player. Can't get enough of the Innocence.

David: yeah, can't say my team are doing well this season (Villa), never hear the end of it from certain quarters!!

captmidnite1962: I can only imagine the sight of Grace rocking out on the highway!!

englishrob: lol, i bet!! i'm happy with my team so far (spurs)


Shirean: Grace I was listening to it this morning on the way to Starbucks

tony g: my team is doing great so far

Grace: a few thousand plays ago, I finally noticed the guitar chords that Tony plays while Glenn is doing that 50-second ending. Makes me think of a diamond (Glenn) which is in a beautiful setting (Tony)..........if either GH or TI ever need an auditin tape (ha, ha) that 50 second clip ought to do it.

Kat: hey shirl

Shirean: Hello Shirl

englishrob: hi shirl

David: well they might if Sanctuary goes belly-up

Grace: hey.............my favorite annoying British person

David: Hi Shirl

Kat: lol

captmidnite1962: Hello Shirl..I just got your e-mail....

tony g: the car is the only place i can hear anything with a four year old in the old in the house

Shirl: Hi everyone - thought I'd check out what was going on with ghpg.net and then realised that the CHAT's in progress!!

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah Tony..a 4 year old can outshriek Glenn anytime!

Grace: how are you, SPARKLE............"

Kat: lol

Shirean: tony G - I'm with you there! Hey David, now you know why I always offer to go get coffee for us!

Kat: lol

captmidnite1962: Oh oh..the secret is out!

Shirl: Hi Grace - and Kat - how's things where you are??? I was thinking of you today after watching the latest news

gman: Hi Shirl.

tony g: but my 4 year old did want to hear glenn in the cari have to say

Kat: so far so good Shirl

Grace: Hey................has anyone mentioned yet, how happy we are that Chip and Todd are with "The Traveling Circus" this week-end, therefore they're not here?

Kat: lol Grace

Kat: I hate this waiting Shirl, to see where she will hit

Shirl: I saw Chip's post - where are they? I've missed a lot on teh boards lately

Grace: The latest news Shirl, not me, the cops can't proove anything on me

Shirean: I think they were going to see Queen at the Hollywood Bowl

David: Our one is into that recent Russian outing with JLT - it's hard to put it on, but he insists!! And you can't say no to a whining 7-year old

Shirl: Kat - I can't even imagine how difficult life can be when you're 'waiting' as you say

tony g: i dont know about you guys but sometimes that travelling show doesnt sound so bad

Grace: They went to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

Shirean: I think it was this weekend not sure

gman: Traveling Show?

theresa: i can relate to the whining child thing...which is why we are watching Beauty and the Beast..again.

Kat: hey shirl, saw that post about your new job, sounds like you are doing much better now

Grace: I've never been there, but supposedly it's a magnificent setting, even before the music starts."

tony g: i know what you mean david

Shirl: Theresa - you there? Did you ever get the CD?

theresa: no i didn't...i thought you did not send

Shirl: Right Kat - nuff said. Life's wonderful again!

captmidnite1962: The Chip And Todd traveling road Show....

Shirl: Theresa - ?????? It was sent weeks ago!!!

theresa: oh no...really?? i did not get it

theresa: crap

captmidnite1962: Where no drive is too far...no Super 8 too scary for these hardcore masters of the road


captmidnite1962: I need to come up with some theme music for that!!

gman: Thanks, Capt.

David: from what Shirean told me, there's not a lot to do in Phoenix!!! So they have good reason!!

Grace: I think it's amazing how there have been several postings how LITTLE KIDS enjoy Glenn's music so much.

Shirl: Theresa - crap indeed. Email me again with your address (I've got it somewhere) and we'll try again.

theresa: it was not the original, i pray!

Grace: The Shell song...............for one.

Kat: my son is a teenager and enjoy's Glenn's music

tony g: thats my guy asked for that Grace

captmidnite1962: Hey Kat...I bet your son tells his friends how cool his mom is!

Kat: of course, sometimes I wish he didn't like the same music as me, my CDs tend to disappear LOL

Shirl: no, not the original ...

Grace: remember when we had that thread about young kids being too smart today, and they don't buy the bubble gum junk and are getting into (for want of a better name) classic rock

theresa: thank god...my blood pressure jumped on that one

captmidnite1962: My nephew is in that category....his tastes are very eclectic

Kat: yep, my son is a huge classic rock fan

gman: Grace, so there's hope for the future? lol

Kat: he didn't care too much for the Doobie Brothers concert last week, too bluesy for his tastes

Grace: my oldest daughter is into Nat King Cole

David: rock on

gman: Wow, that's great.


Shirl: I grew up on Nat and Sinatra

captmidnite1962: Hey Kat..did he like Grand Funk?

Kat: but Grand Funk is one of his faves lately LOL

Kat: he loved it

tony g: you guys i got to go hope to make it back in time

Kat: stole 2 of my Grand Funk Cds LOL

Shirl: Bye Tony

englishrob: bye tony

David: see 'ya Tony

captmidnite1962: My sister and her husband took the kids to see GFR in VA a few months back..they loved it!

Grace: my youngest is into Pat Metheny jazz............especially since the Drum Corps that she was in, used PMs music for their program for 2 of the 4 years that she was in Drum Corps

Shirl: Pat Metheny, Grace??

Kat: very cool Grace

captmidnite1962: I saw Pat in San Antonio in 1984..a killer show

David: you must have put them off the heavier stuff, so no Motorhead then!

Shirl: BIAM

Grace: you know............I'm not supposed to mention the Alchemist, but Glenn really gets into the jazz vocals of that CD beautifully

David: it's good album, shame about the circumstances

gman: Alchemist?

captmidnite1962: I have never heard that either..and knowing the heartburn Glenn had over that whole thing....

Grace: You all know how I "decorated" the GH Christmas album? Well, I also decorated all the pictures of that EVIL Carl Kennedy, and put pictures of GH in the liner notes booklet.


schreinermusic: hi everybody...hope u had a good tim so far

Shirean: Hi Schreinermusic

David: Hi Achim

captmidnite1962: Hmm..lots of mustaches and devil's horns Grace?

Shirl: Hi Achim

gman: Hi Shreinermusic.

gman: If you like bluesy, funky, jazzy instrumental rock check out Swedish band Plankton.

David: Plankton are very good.

David: Glenn's new "Euro" drummer is from the very same band!

gman: I just have their first one. Will get 2nd.

David: You can get them in the States via Grooveyard Records (same as Craig Erickson's releases)

David: Grooveyeard also distribute Thomas Larsson's solo record - so they're all there!

Grace: I know that lots of GHCPs use big companies, but you can't beat a good "mom and pop" store, once they know you, and know what you like.

captmidnite1962: Like Zig Zag records?

gman: I just got that. Love the guitar playing on it.

schreinermusic: I listened to some snippets of Larssons solo CD...sounds great

David: another GH connection,eh!

schreinermusic: Reminds me a bit on Jockes CD...

captmidnite1962: I would love to get my hands on the Albatross CD soon!

schreinermusic: Me too...LOL

captmidnite1962: Any news David?

David: Don't worry he's been told!!! He's supposed to be working on it (distribution wise) as we speak!! Hope so anyway.

captmidnite1962: I was listening to the 12 minute "teaser" earlier..

gman: Teaser of new Glenn material?

schreinermusic: Talking a bout "Teaser"..Iven been visiting Tommy's website last night very long and enjoyed watching the video of the James Gang doing "Walk Away"

David: he's actually writing for the follow-up and debating whether to use a dedicated vocalist rather than doing it himself. I told him he should stick with it himself, but he's not sure if he can pull it off live what with the guitar playing and all....he's not done that before.

captmidnite1962: No..a preview of JJ's CD

schreinermusic: oh..I see

captmidnite1962: I did download one of those JG videos.....it was cool!

gman: Thanks, Capt.

schreinermusic: I found Joakims voice fits to the music very well. He's done a great job

captmidnite1962: I think I downloaded The Devil Is Singing Our Song

David: That's what I told him. But it depends on what direction the band take, so it's up in the air.

schreinermusic: I didnt manage to download it since it was a flash presentation..

captmidnite1962: JJ said "The vocals, they aren't Glenn but not too bad....he is so modest!"

gman: Are you guys familar with soulful Swedish singer Leif Sundin (Great King Rat, MSG)? I wish he'd work w/ a guitar player like JJ or Thomas Larsson.

Shirl: Have to go everyone - taxi service to daughter and friends! Take care x

gman: Good bye.

Kat: bye shirl

Grace: take care, shirl....................

schreinermusic: bye shirl

David: Bye Shirl

Shirean: Cheerio Shirl

captmidnite1962: Leif Sundlin was on the Michael Schenker Story...

schreinermusic: Haven't heard of Leif Sundin so far...sorry

captmidnite1962: The live collection from Tokyo

gman: On the CD Written in Sand. He's wonderful.

captmidnite1962: He sang on that along with David Van Landing

Kat: hey wolfy

englishrob: hi wolfy

gman: Hi Wolfy.

Wolfysmith: evening everyone

captmidnite1962: There is the lucky man!

schreinermusic: Hi Wolfy...great constributions of Norwich, mate

captmidnite1962: Thanks for all the pics and cool movies Wolfy!

Grace: OK, I give up........Shirean and David

Grace: we need a new catagory............Rock Family Trees. It seems that everybody (except me) know who was the drummer on track 2 of some group's third album, etc. etc. etc and I hope that Todd (Mr. Encyclopedia) writes that book.



Kat: it is so hard to keep track isn't it?

Wolfysmith: it was a great night. glad you all enjoyed my review

captmidnite1962: Yes it is!

gman: I don't do such a great job myself.

schreinermusic: yes..indeed there is a great knowledge out there...

Grace: Hello Lucy's daddy.......................how's that little GHCBaby...........does she know MORE GH song lyrics yet?

englishrob: yes it was wolfy

captmidnite1962: I was part of that "UFO spotting" group at the Hard Rock Hotel with JJ last year..that was cool!

Grace: perhaps she can sing backing vocals on Glenn's next CD?

schreinermusic: lol

Kat: that's not a good sign, they both disappear

Wolfysmith: hi Grace. whenever im on the pc she says Glenn Hooos, and makes me play Camel Toe Stomp!

schreinermusic: maybe connection broke up...

captmidnite1962: I am sure they will be back

David: Arghh, sorry about that sudden disappearance!! Just a massive power surge!! Wilma must be on her way!!

Kat: wb David

Kat: fun fun

Grace: our wish is their command...............David's back already1

theresa: have to go...dramatic 5 year old is "starving!"...nice chatting, see you all around

Kat: I dread the thought of losing power tonight, too dang humid

englishrob: bye theresa

gman: Nice chatting with.

gman: you.

schreinermusic: bye theresa

Grace: wait a minute....my daughter PROMISED ME that she was too far north (top third of Florida) what are you doing having trouble from Wilma?????

David: Yeah, we had a power surge, everything seems to be back, although Shirean is done, as she's now having computer trouble!

Wolfysmith: David, I was only saying on the chat after you moved that it was from the Quake zone to the wind zone..... and look what has been happening since then!

David: Hi wolfy - didn't see u there!

schreinermusic: i hope you americans of us are all fine regarding Wilma

David: yeah, but rather this than quakes though, at least you can prepare for it. I've lost count of how many quakes we've been through!!

Kat: we are expecting hurricane force winds here tonight Grace

Grace: I have a very bad feeling about THIS ONE

gman: Didn't Mexico slow this one down considerably?

Grace: yeah Kat.............and tornados, too

David: we should be alright in Central Florida, it's folks like Kenny & Carolyn further South that will be worse effected

Kat: she's close enough to Orlando, she should be prepared too

schreinermusic: Here in Germany we are pretty save from these kind of nature
Kat:astrophes....thank God

Kat: yes it did gman

schreinermusic: I heard there's another new one coming called Alpha....

Wolfysmith: theres about 8000 Brits in Florida this time of year according to the BBC news.

gman: I guess it's never enough, though.

Kat: even marion and sumter counties are having voluntary evacuations and closings

captmidnite1962: In the sticks here we get all the leftover rain from the hurricanes

Kat: they expect alpha to stay east of the US

Grace: we can live with leftovers

englishrob: yeah, i've got a friend in miami at the moment and i don't know what is worse...the hurricane or him rehearsing with yngwie lol

Kat: lol

David: wolfy - you got your Birmingham drum clinic tix yet

Kat: lol rob

captmidnite1962: Hey Grace..the Northwest is pretty waterlogged right?

Wolfysmith: not yet david. Chad is on both Sat and Sunday. Not sure if i am gonna go.

Grace: how about the end of the Innocence? Paul

gman: OMG, Yngwie Malmsteen. lol

Kat: poor guy rehearsing with him from what I've heard about him

englishrob: he's used to it by now lol

schreinermusic: when u look at Yngwie the term "heavy rock" gets a whole new dimension..LMAO

Kat: lol

Grace: yeah, we got tons of rain, but we needed it, only not a month's worth in a week

David: he's got a good keyboardist though

gman: I live in NJ, too. I concur.

Kat: some places in Mexico got 5 FEET of rain from Wilma in 24 hours

englishrob: has he? who?

Grace: where in Jersey?

gman: Union.

Grace: are you near the Meadowlands?

captmidnite1962: I am in southern Virginia...but I grew up on Long Island

schreinermusic: Is it still the swdish guy named Johannsson?

schreinermusic: swedish

Grace: ahh.............................route 22?

gman: Exit 138 off the GardEN State parkway.

gman: and off of

gman: Rte 22.

englishrob: no, not any more

gman: I like Dougie White from Cornerstone and Yngwie's band.

schreinermusic: Doogie Whites has a great voice...i liked him in Rainbow too

gman: Grace where are you?

englishrob: errr i think you'll find that joake is not in the band now

englishrob: doogie is my mate!!

schreinermusic: Cool

Wolfysmith: i loved that last Rainbow album he did.

gman: Rob, what a voice he has.

David: Lars Pollack

englishrob: yeah, he's agreat guy...and a big glenn fan

Wolfysmith: Im going to see Graham Bonnet next sunday night - here in Cannock

schreinermusic: a classic rock singer in verey sense of the word

David: think he's with Yngwie these days anyways!!

schreinermusic: every

Grace: north-west Jersey..near the Pennsylvania Poconos, but I'll always be a New Yorker

englishrob: i don't think they know who the keyboard player is lol

David: yeah....the swedish guy!

captmidnite1962: So will I Grace!

Grace: but ocassionally I do the 287 shuffle, and I go shopping on 22

gman: Grace I was born in Italy but grew up in Brooklyn and Queens in NYC.

Grace: are you guido?

gman: Yes.

englishrob: maybe they'll tour without one lol

Grace: yeah, I remember when you first signed on..............

David: yeah, doubt you can hear him anway!

gman: Haven't been on much lately, but I'm back.

captmidnite1962: Good to see you GMan!

Grace: who just used that evil word "TOUR"????

gman: Great to be here.


englishrob: sorry Grace

gman: I saw Yngwie w/Alcatrazz on Long Island.

Kat: poor Grace only gets the airport tours LOL

David: oh, that 4 letter word, you mean?

Grace: at least you're not one of those phony "people" who are swamping GH.com

Kat: of course, it's been so long for me too, I may have to join her LOL

captmidnite1962: NY is a great place for live music...

David: One of these days Grace you should get on one of those planes!

Grace: yeah, THAT 4 letter word

captmidnite1962: And living where i do now..I appreciate that!

Grace: hey, I just spent $733.95 on car repairs

David: good excuse to see Italy and say hi to Roberto!!

captmidnite1962: Ouch!!

gman: I bet you guys have seen concerts at L'Amour in Brooklyn.

David: sure he'll be t*$@ing in the Summer I expect!

englishrob: ok guys, time for bed....catch up with you soon

Kat: from your lips David....

Kat: bye rob

englishrob: take care

schreinermusic: bye rob...was great to meet you

captmidnite1962: I was further east GMan....saw UFO at Malibu down in Lido Beach

David: ok thanks for stopping by Rob.

englishrob: no probs. byeeee

Grace: but believe me, if I had been able to get some of the other GHCPs to help me high-jack a Staten Island Ferry, we could have made it to the Spain and Portugal concerts

Kat: lol!

gman: Speaking of Staten Island, anybody know whatever happened to Vito Bratta from White Lion?

Grace: you know Kat, I would ask you to meet up with my daughter from Oviedo, but she thinks that ALL PEOPLE from the internet are ax murderers.that's where my "legend" first began, ha, ha

gman: I need to find that guy and get him to make music again. He was dynamite.

captmidnite1962: Wasn't Vito Bratta's father a classical violinist..or something to that effect?

Kat: but you've met me Grace, I don't have an axe LOL

gman: I've heard he was from a musical family.

gman: I've heard that he's a pizza chef.

schreinermusic: i own some axes..but only guitarwise...LOL

Kat: lol

gman: Now, anyway.

Grace: nope.........but there has always been music excitement from the 5 boroughs...music from Manhatten serves as an inspiration, I think

captmidnite1962: Grace has a Sharpie that transforms into an axe

Kat: of course, the stories I could tell of some freaks I met on line LMAO

Grace: tell my daughter, Kat

Kat: but I have also met some very cool people from all over the world LOL

gman: you know, good Internet experiences never make it on the news.

gman: I've met some cool people, too.

captmidnite1962: That's right GMan...only the horror stories

gman: I've met some more today.

gman: Exactly. Capt

Grace: my cousin was in a very good band....they made me "the equipment manager" not because I was brilliant, but because my dad had a BIG Chevy Impala with a big trunk (boot) so it could hold lots of equipement

captmidnite1962: Lots of equipment...or lots of bodies??

Kat: lol

Grace: I wasn't supposed to figure that out, though

gman: Grace, was that band American Angel?

gman: My brother knew someone related to that band.

Grace: no..........once you put in the 3 Marshall amps, there wasn't too much room left for "music lovers"

Kat: lol

captmidnite1962: *laughing*

gman: Bodies? Jimmy Hoffa anyone?

Kat: lol

gman: Achim he was a corrupt union leader that disappeared.

gman: His body was never found.

captmidnite1962: You have to be ingenious Grace..my brother plays the drums...he took the front seat out of his VW and could fit the whole kit in there

schreinermusic: Oh thanks...now I see...LOL

Grace: no.........this was a hundred years ago, jobs and the Army broke them up.......but John Corso is still a musician. He could hear something once, and then play it back to you. And John Spnelli was a drummer from heaven

Grace: My cousin was the bass guitarist, funny co-incidence, huh?

Grace: oops, John Spinelli

gman: Achim, do they still remember Accept in Germany?

Wolfysmith: hi Tony

captmidnite1962: My oldest brother played trumpet in a band back in the late 60's...the drummer at one point was Dom Famularo

schreinermusic: Hello Tony....ohayo gozaimasu

David: Welcome back Tony

tony g: you guys still here?

captmidnite1962: Still here tony!

schreinermusic: Sure I remember...was very famous here with Udo as the lead singer and a great guitarist

David: Wrong Tony, Achim!

schreinermusic: oops...sorry

schreinermusic: lol

tony g: cool had to go get the meatballs

captmidnite1962: You thought it was Tony Takano?

gman: Achim, Wolf Hoffman, the guitarist is now a photographer in Nashville, Tennessee.

Grace: hey........we only have a few more minutes left................so do we buy Hawaiian shirts for the US "Fused" Tour or not................boo hoo

David: Right, can't quite hear Tony T saying "meatballs" !!!!!!!!

schreinermusic: Yes..I did...my foult....sorry...but HELLO anyway...LOL

captmidnite1962: I always thought Fast As A Shark was just hysterical!!

tony g: good one david

schreinermusic: The intro was cool of that song..

tony g: guten tag

gman: Yes.

Kat: I hope so Grace LOL

David: well it won't be a winter tour if that's what u mean Grace

gman: Good night everybody. See you on the board and next chat. Nice meeting you all.

schreinermusic: Guten Avend as we have nearly midnight...

captmidnite1962: Hey David...you better watch that meatball talk with Grace around....

Kat: night gman

David: Bye gman

schreinermusic: bye gman

captmidnite1962: Later GMan

tony g: i brought it up guys

David: not literally i hope tony


Kat: ewww LOL

tony g: of course not

Grace: take care of yourselves, everyone........let us know how you Florida people make out......keep your GH CDs dry

captmidnite1962: Good bye Grace!!

David: bye Grace

schreinermusic: bye Grace

Kat: that was fast

captmidnite1962: She let you live David!!

Kat: lol

David: This time!!

tony g: wolfy loved your thread about meeting glenn and chad

Wolfysmith: David, did you see Villa's result - 2-0 loss to Wigan. Im suprised Shirl hasnt posted the result on here just to give you some stick.

captmidnite1962: Yes Wolfy...how cool was that?

David: yeah, i was talking about that with EnglishRob earlier!!

Kat: well, I am off to cook dinner, chat with y'all next time

captmidnite1962: Later Kat!

Kat: David and Shirean stay safe tonight

schreinermusic: gotta go as well....thanks for chatting...see you all later

Kat: bye!

tony g: bye Kat

David: bye Kat - you too. Although tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of it.

David: by achim

Wolfysmith: Tony, it was great. not much i can say to describe it.

captmidnite1962: Same here......till next month....same Funk time...same Funk channel!!

David: thanks Capt'n talk to 'ya then.

captmidnite1962: OK..be well!!

Wolfysmith: sorry i was late on here tonight. i'll have to read it all tomorrow.

Wolfysmith: see you next month David

David: I'll try to get it transcribed tonight, before we lose power again, tomorrow probably!!

David: The next Monthly CHAT is on Sunday, November 20th, 2005 at the usual time.

tony g: ok guys hope its all cool with you all in Florida bye

Wolfysmith: and you Tony. good night from Cannock

David: bye Wolfysmith, thanks again for the awesome report, pix and clips

Wolfysmith: See ya

David: Bye 4 now.....
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Review of the chat........

1. Wolfy's daughter Lucy calls our boy: GLENN HOOOS

2. GHCPs know how to respect an ax murderer

3. Don't buy Hawaiian shirts for the US Fused Tour just yet

4. Florida GHCPs have their GH CDs protected from the storm

5. Chip and Todd were traveling with the circus and missed the chat

6. And gman in Jersey, and the Captain in Virginia,
are going to contact me by e-mail, so we can figure out
who has the necessary machinery to make a few copies
of "The Alchemist" (which is allowable because EVIL Carl
Kennedy gave no credit or money to GH for his vocals on this CD).

Which is why I covered up his face, and put "paper doll cut-outs"
of GH's face there instead. And Mr. Kennedy is very ugly-looking,
so Glenn's face makes this CD booklet LOOK BETTER, too.

So let's figure out how we three can finagle this, OK?
This is another beautiful CD, with the taken-for-granted "Voice."
But it's a different "facet" of the GH "Diamond."

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addition to the Chad: the Swedish keyboard player

Hi all,

I'm terribly sorry I missed the chat, and I do hoppe that all you people affected by Wilma are still doing fine!

Here's a little addition - Grace, especially, will love this

The Swedish keyboard player in question must be
Jens Johansson.

Brother Anders Johansson, originally also a classically trained pianist, is a well known session drummer.
The both of them did a memorable instrumental album with Guitarist extraordinaire Allan Holdsworth, called Heavy Machinery.
They also play on the Deep Purple Tribute CD Smoke On The Water that has the Glenn/John Norum version of Stormbringer.


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Now if only you could get these guys together
to do an acoustic version for you, of:
"Onward Christian Soldiers"..........

Thanks, Chris.
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