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Old Feb-19-2003, 2:45 PM
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CHAT transcript - February 19th, 2003

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - February 19th, 2003

David: Afternoon all !!

David: Hi Shirl

David: Quiet today, so far!!

Shirl: Hi David - quiet to say the least

Shirl: Can't stay on very long tonight either ...

David: To be honest....we completely forgot about today's session until this morning, so only put the reminder out a few hours ago!

Shirl: Can I just ask David - did Chris (Mazzeo) acknowledge his superb competition win?

David: Oh yes, indeed - he's over the moon!

Shirl: Can you believe I forgot about it - not like me at all - eldest daughter reminded me!

Shirl: Where's Chris from?

David: East Coast....if I remember correctly.

David: USA

David: Hi Kat...

Kat: hi!

Shirl: I was so looking forward to the prospect of coming over for the gig - but you know of recent events which have left things in a mess.

Shirl: Hi Kat - quiet tonight!

David: so far....

Kat: hi!

Kat: yep it's early tho

David: Thanks Kat for your pictures and review of the recent Orlando gig...

Shirl: I saw the photos you took of the meet and greet - wasn't it the first time you met our man

Kat: you are welcome, sorry it was such a small review LOL

Kat: yep it was

Kat: he was very nice

David: Was it mainly the Purple songs he did?

Kat: and the concert just blew me away!

Shirl: Hey Kat - I was supposed to review the Notts, UK gig in November but by the time I got on-line, everyone had done the job for me!

Kat: yeah

Kat: I am not sure what the other song was, I wasn't too familiar with it

Shirl: David - you've had the privilege of seeing Glenn at home and here in the UK - are the crowds VERY different?

David: So are coming to The Hard Rock Hotel gig in March?

Kat: but he was onstage the whole show with everyone else except Pat Travers

Kat: I don't know, my friends band has a show the same night plus it is my wedding anniversary

David: US crowds are more into Trapeze than Purple (at least the ones I've been with)...but it really depends what part of the country you're in!

Kat: but I would love to go, I'm sure it will be awesome!

David: it will be a special night....with more from his solo albums vs. Purple etc.

David: so we're told...

Kat: cool, that sounds interesting

Kat: I haven't heard much of his other stuff, but I am sure I would love it

Kat: I really need to pick up some of his other CDs and give a listen

Shirl: Glenn was going to come over in April initially but when I read about his commitments recently it seems that we will have to wait until Autum - that right?

David: sounds like you need to pay a visit to Amazon.com and pick up all his solo CD's!!

David: Shirl...yes, September-ish....

David: a bummer, as was looking forward to April....but it'll be worth the wait...

Shirl: Kat - there are some wonderful people on here - you can build your collection slowly but surely once you get to know a few of them

Shirl: Were you and Shirean going to come over in April?

David: that was the plan....

Shirl: And even better - are you both coming over in September?

David: whenever GH is over....

Shirl: We only got two HTP gigs last year - any idea how many this time?

David: nope!

Kat: yeah everyone here seems very nice, I have been having a good time checking out the site

David: Kat...did most people at last week's show seem to be there to see GH or not? What was your impression?

Kat: well most of them seemed to be there for all the diff performers

David: that's cool

Kat: but at the meet and greet I met some really die hard GH fans

David: great news!

Kat: all these obscure CDs they wanted signed and stuff , it was cool

Shirl: Daft question David - but even though I'm not now able to come over for the gig, will any of GH fans be able to have a ticket anyhow to add to our collection?

David: Don't think so Shirl...but I'll see if I can get some extras after the show is over...I'm not sure if it's going to say GH on them...

Shirl: Sorry guys - just got the call I'm waiting for from my daughter - short and sweet, to say the least.

David: ok....see ya!

Shirl: That would be great David - bye Kat

Kat: bye

Shirl: Hope to speak to you along the way x

Kat: so you will be here for the hard rock show?

David: Yes....indeed!

Kat: cool!

David: Will be there for 2 days....

Kat: I still may get to go, have to wait and see

Kat: going to visit the park while here?

David: doubt it....it's only a quick visit....was at the California one, just last year...

Kat: yeah they can be a lot alike LOL

David: exactly!!

David: Pre-purchase tickets for the upcoming GH show are only available if you book a room at the hotel....

Kat: really?

Kat: then I guess I can't go LOL

David: from now thru February 28th...there is a special 50% discount on a special block of rooms for GH fans...

Kat: yeah I saw that

David: it won't be announced locally until a few days before...

Kat: ohh

David: even then you have to call a number....

Kat: typical LOL

David: there are still a few rooms available....as of today.

Kat: don't need one of those, it's just across town

David: ahhh well....keep your eyes'n'ears peeled....

Kat: would be cool to go to to celebrate my anniversary

David: might be on the radio/local music rags etc...stop by the hotel and ask at the reception desk the weekend before....you never know!


Kat: it's a lot easier when you know a band playing and can get tics from them LOL

Kat: that was the one and only show I have been to there LOL

David: the place holds about 400-500....so its reasonably small and initmate...Loverboy are playing there next Thursday night...

Kat: oh cool

David: between you and me

Kat: lol

be!!man: hallo guys BC from Sweden online!

David: Hello be!!man !!

Kat: hi BC

David: what's up...

be!!man: Just popped in 4 the first time

Kat: well hopefully I will get tics for my anniversary

Kat: cool BC, my first time here too

David: it's a little quiet...we forgot to announce today's session until a couple of hours ago...

David: been busy!!

Kat: lol

be!!man: so, what's up?

David: Did you manage to read the transcript from the GH chat we had the other week?

Kat: oh btw thanks for putting my pics and mention up on the news page, it is cool!

Kat: no I didn't read it yet

be!!man: wonderful reading

David: Hope you discovered a few new things...

David: no problem Kat...

be!!man: I did a show with HTP last year, Glenn was a wonderful guy!

be!!man: like a brother

David: ahhh...the promoter guy?

be!!man: yeah

David: thought I recognized the BC

be!!man: I was so blessed those 3 days we had together

Kat: cool

David: Hi Pete...

be!!man: JLT is also a great guy

Kat: hi pete

David: Kat...you should add the HTP album to the list of CDs you need to buy!!

Pete S.: howdy all

be!!man: Hi!

Kat: yes that was one I want to get

David: So far...USA, Sweden and now UK are all represented here today!

be!!man: luv the Internet

Kat: I always liked JLT's stuff too

David: Thanks for stopping by the GH chat Pete...pleased you got your question answered...

Kat: lol

Pete S.: yes indeed David....it's a pleasure to be here as always

be!!man: hahaha

Kat: lol

David: sorry...couldn't resist for the newbies here!!

Kat: cool stuff

David: it's in the "Audio" tab...just click on the one you like!!

be!!man: really cool, haha

Pete S.: hey did Glenn try them?

David: no...but I heard Gabi laughing her arse off when she heard some of them...

Kat: lol

Pete S.: buggered Up

David: and he really was shovelling ****e when we first got 'em on the phone!!

David: funny as hell....

Pete S.: lol

Kat: bummer!

Kat: lol

Pete S.: whats new then dave?

David: looking forward to the Orlando show in March....been playing BTM a lot...since we're supposed to getting a song or two from it....I hope!!

be!!man: Have you heard something of those new Shape 68 songs?

David: yeah...have been lucky enough to have seen them...

be!!man: Are there any hits?

David: they're all good....but there are at least 2 that could easily be released as singles...

David: you can read a "blow by blow" review at http://www.ghpg.net/shape68.html

be!!man: I can picture myself Glenn singing on an MTV video, that would be great for him

be!!man: Have you heard if there's a record deal?

David: no news on Shape 68 deal as of yet...

David: hopefully Frontiers (new label) will cough up the $$ for a video from the new album....

Kat: that would be great

Pete S.: what happened about MTM?

be!!man: I'm looking forward promoting Glenn and JJ in Scandinavia this fall

David: lack of support, I guess....

Pete S.: ah

be!!man: I'll do a show next Thursday with Conny Bloom along with Thomas Broman (of the HTP Europe band) next week

Pete S.: what do you do b!!man?

be!!man: To bad U americans didn't get to see them live

David: very cool....he was also on Jeff Scott Soto's Humanimal....

be!!man: I'm a promotor

David: Broman, that is...

Pete S.: nice one

be!!man: the drummer

Pete S.: which country

be!!man: you should have seen him after the show

be!!man: he was swetting like xxx

be!!man: from Sweden

Pete S.: Sven, eh?

be!!man: xcuse my bad spelling...

Kat: not a problem

David: Hi Todd....

Todd: Hi David....hello all!

Kat: hi Todd

be!!man: I have swedish radio interview w/Glenn and the Swedes, maybe I should post it to this site?

Pete S.: England soccer manager

be!!man: Sven rules

David: Definitely BC....

Todd: I just logged on and realized this thing was RIGHT NOW.

Pete S.: hi Todd

Todd: Hi Pete

be!!man: It's partly in Swedish

David: yeah...we posted the CHAT info a little late this time...usually we give you a few days notice!!

Todd: That's alright.

be!!man: Maybe Sven can translate it

David: BC....well, if you can translate as much as you can...that's fine...we have some other Swedes, who might help us out....

Pete S.: lol

David: So Todd are you all booked for Orlando?

Todd: I sure am...and counting the days.

Kat: cool

David: I hear 'ya.....so pleased he's supposed to play some SOLO songs!!!

Todd: The extremes we'll go to....

Pete S.: you lucky people

David: I hear ya!!!

Todd: Same here, David! I think it's great that we'll see a solo show.

David: although they'll be the obligatory Purple numbers...the hotel Manager wants 'em!!

David: he's a HUGE GH fan!!

Kat: lol

Todd: I remember how exciting it was to see Shape 68 for the same reason...it was not just Bolin, Purple and Trapeze, as great as those are.

be!!man: I'm jealous...

Todd: Nice to have GH fans in places like that.

Pete S.: hey Kat ....great pictures

Kat: thanks pete

Pete S.: near the stage?

David: Kat was saying there were a bunch hard-core GH fans down in Orlando last week at the the VCR gig!!

Kat: about 12 rows back

Pete S.: excellent

Todd: Kat, how did Fergie sound comparatively?

Kat: i was front row of the common peeps, the rest were sponsor slots

Kat: he sounded great, they all did, but GH just blew everyone away!

Pete S.: you did well then considering

Todd: That goes without saying...

Kat: his range was amazing

Todd: I like Fergie...couldn't think of the Toto stuff he did. But I have his solo album Equilbrium, and ti's not too bad. In a kind of Chicago/Journey/Toto kind of way.

Kat: cool

be!!man: Bye guys, have to go. It's been a pleasure to take part for the first time in the Chat room, God bless and say "Hi" from Bjorn to Glenn if you have chance!

Kat: by BC

Pete S.: cheers mate

David: You just did!! Look forward to that interview...have fun next week!

Todd: Cheers, Bjorn!

David: Do you know if Chip is coming...Todd?

Todd: He wasn't when we last spoke, but he got excited after reading the transcript of the chat with Glenn. So he's thinking.

Todd: And thinking....and thinking about it.

Pete S.: lol

David: Cool...tell him to hurry up...he's only got 'til Feb 28th to get the "deal"....

Todd: He said not to be terribly shocked if he walks up and taps me on the shoulder at the show.

David: as long as there's a beer in his hand, eh!!!

Kat: lol

Pete S.: would you have to travel far David?

Todd: Yeah, no doubt. As long as he's coming from the bar...

David: it's about 3000 miles...6 hour flight...

Todd: No water to cross this time though, David!

David: half-way to UK!!

Pete S.: bloody 'ell

David: and more expensive to get there for some odd reason!!

Todd: For some...


David: $299 to London....close to $500 to Orlando....go figure!!

Kat: wow

Pete S.: somethin' wrong there

Kat: blame it on Mickey Mouse

David: yeah, it's very "mickey mouse"!!

Todd: Orlando's not like coming here to Vegas, where all the flights are cheap.

Kat: nope, nothing cheap about Orlando

Pete S.: why?

Pete S.: disney?

Kat: too much of a tourist industry here

Kat: all the fat cats need to line their pockets

Pete S.: got ya

Kat: and not let it trickle down LOL

Todd: Lost of tourism here, too. But it's underwritten by the casinos, and they make their money once they get you here.

Kat: yep, where as disney just likes to keep socking it to you at every turn

Todd: There, you blow money on 'things'. Here, you blow money on the chance to win more money.

Kat: yep LOL

David: Well, at least we have a GH fan...who cares...as the Manager of one of the biggest hotels down there...

Kat: true that helps David

Todd: David, you or Shirean going to the Bonnet gig Friday in LA?

David: No...Todd...would really liked to have been there....but couldn't work it out...

Todd: Jeff should be there. I'm interviewing Bonnet tonight, for a piece on The Fuze soon.

David: it should be a good gig....say "Hi" to "SATAN" for us!

David: cool...is he getting up for a song or just there for support for HS?

Todd: He said hopefully getting up for a sing.

Pete S.: well i'm goin' to bed, nice meetin' you Todd & Kat, see you David...take care

Kat: night pete

Todd: Ciao, Pete.

David: Ok Pete....talk next time...

David: March 19th...same time...

Pete S.: will do

Pete S.: ok

David: Kat...another singer for you to checkout....Jeff Scott Soto....Glenn is on one song on his new album, "Prism"....

Kat: cool

Kat: I'll add it to my list

David: if you like the funk...also get "Love Parade" from him....

Todd: A lot of the same tendencies as Glenn.....funky, melodic, underrated, frustrated by past rock glory...

Todd: And a HELL of a nice guy.

Kat: sounds good!

Kat: cool

David: but another one that never gets any gigs in the USA!!!

Todd: James Gaden put a few samples up on the GHPG...go look for them when you get a few minutes.

Kat: figures

Kat: I will

David: they're in the "Off Topic" forum....

Todd: If I think of it, and you're interested, I'll make you a compilation of his stuff as a teaser if you think you'd be interested.

Kat: I haven't ventured to that area yet LOL

Kat: yeah sounds cool

Todd: Then maybe you'll want to check out my interview with Jeff at www.jeffscottsoto.com - no pressure!

Kat: hehe

Kat: I will

Kat: there I saved the site to check it out later, thanks

Todd: Good enough.

Todd: David, when were those live Play Me Out clips in the Jukebox recorded?

Todd: Actually, I know when. But was it a GH solo show in 1976/77?

David: sometime between March and November 1976....in Texas.

David: just after he left Purple....they were warm-up gigs for some European Trapeze shows...

David: but the Euro tour eventually was cancelled...

Todd: So was it Trapeze, technically?

David: Trapeze all the way, including Terry Rowley on Keyboards...

Todd: yeah, I heard that. So a four-piece, then?

David: yep...

Todd: Did you check out the HiWatt link I gave Billy the other day? Nice page on Glenn.

David: Yeah...I had seen that a while back...

Todd: OH!! Well, I won't burden anyone else with my old news....

David: haha

Todd: But did you see the pix of GH signing some stuff from Sabbath fans back in '94 over on the Sabbath page?

David: Yeah...with the hair!

Todd: Yeah! Sorry...old news.

Todd: Gotta wake up pretty early to get one past you, eh?

David: haha

Kat: lol

David: believe or not...Shirean and I do have a life!!

David: haha

Todd: So Kat, you rounding up a local gang of GH fans to make a hometown showing there in Orlando?

Kat: lol

Kat: don't know if it's possible to go without a room

Todd: Yeah, Shirean's gotta make time for Heart, too!

David: don't start on that one!!

Todd: Uh-oh. I mis-spoke.

Kat: lol

David: the Velvet Sessions gigs aren't usually announced locally until the week before....

Todd: Is that really the case? No one can buy tix either?

David: That's correct...

David: when it is announced...you have to call a number...to get on a list...

Kat: and be a lucky person

Todd: I was paranoid when I made my reservation...I was asking the guy "Now, you're SURE I'll get my tickets when I check in?"

Kat: lol

David: so we're very lucky that the Manager is a GH fan...otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to get this deal for everyone!

Todd: Bravo, then!

Todd: Is it seated? Standing?

David: Standing room only

David: 400-500 max capacity...

Todd: Is there preference for guests of the hotel, or every man for himself?

David: Cheap Trick were there last month...Loverboy this month...

David: from what I understand, it's every man for himself...once you get in...

David: don't forget the Meet'n'Greet....supposedly a luncheon or breakfast...

Todd: My wife will be scared...not really, just peeved.

Kat: again for the hotel people LOL

Todd: On the day before or the day after?

David: TBD...

Todd: After..after...after..after....after....after

David: Hope so....or day of....would work for me!!

David: won't arrive until late on the Wednesday night!

Todd: I'll be arriving on the day of the show at about 3pm.

David: ok...I'll see if we have any influence!!

Todd: Pull, David...PULL!

David: haha

Kat: lol

David: last we heard it was day before or after the show!!

David: can't see day before working for anyone?!?!

Todd: I should think logic would dictate that folks won't be there until the evening before or the day of the show.

David: you would think...

David: hopefully it'll be lunchtime the day after....can't see myself getting up too early...morning after!!

Kat: lol

Todd: Nor Glenn. When I called him for that interview a while back, he wasn't up yet at 9:30. Does he usually get up that late?

David: he's usually an early riser...perhaps he was sick that day?

Todd: So JJ will not be in the band in Orlando...it'll be Kollman and who?

Kat: well guys I gotta go! chat with you soon!

David: Dave Schultz (ex-Goo Goo Dolls) keys...

Todd: Bye Kat

David: Bye Kat....hope to see you in March!!

David: Shane Gaalaas on drums

Todd: Basically Shape 68 doing no Shape 68 material. It'll be nice to see Shane Gaalaas. I saw him pulling double-duty on the Vinnie Moore/Michael Schenker tour a few years back. Great drummer.

David: You got it!!

David: should be interesting to hear Kollman's interpretation of GH solo material....

Todd: I think Kollman's fun to watch. He's like a younger Tommy Shaw, visually. And did you hear any of his stuff with Mogg/Way?

David: yeah....I've also really got into Cosmosquad as well...great stuff.

Todd: Chip got the $ign Of 4 album he did recently, and that's supposed to be pretty good. CosmoSquad is all instrumental, isn't it?

David: yes, instrumental only..

David: but it rocks!

Todd: Really hard? Melodic?

David: and everything in between...

Todd: Kinda sound like Ohm, the band featuring ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. Saw them open for Purple back in '98. Great trio.

David: yeah similar....in fact, I think they cover one of Poland's tunes...

David: on the "live" album...

Todd: Wow...that's wild. I'm sure Jeff Kollman knows Chris Poland.

Todd: As a friend, I mean.

David: for sure....if I remember he gives him a big "thank you" during the performance...

Todd: Heck, he may have been at that live gig when they were recording.

David: i'm talking about the "Live at The Baked Potato" cd...

Todd: Right, that's what I thought.

Todd: What do you think of Roger Glover remastering Burn?

David: strange, eh

Todd: Or doing the production on the remaster, rather?

David: doesn't seem right to me....

Todd: Flies right in the face of what Glenn was saying.

Todd: But at the same time, I kind of didn't see Glenn getting involved in it as a serious undertaking.

Todd: But I trust Rogers' judgement. He was a member of Purple, he knows the band members, he worked with producer Birch himself...so I think he'll do right by the album.

David: hope so...

David: i'm sure we'll hear about if he doesn't!

Todd: Roger's friends of all involved, so I know he'll be aware they're all watching, in a manner of speaking.

Todd: Well, maybe except Ritchie. But he's a strange bird.

Todd: Bird not meaning to be taken in the British context.

David: haha

Todd: I was playing the 1st Trapeze album the other day. That thing came out before I was born. Here I am a devout fan of the man all these years later.

David: Yeah...we've also played it alot recently....it's still sounds great...although a little dated...but still very playable!

Todd: Some of the song titles are pretty funny. But there's some good material on there. I really like Send Me No More Letters.

David: I hope he plays a song from it in March!

Todd: Is there really no one else on that album doing any singing?

David: I think there are....

Todd: I thought so too...some of the vocals sound different. I was trying to picture Glenn playing the trombone.

David: lol

Todd: What are your expectations for the show in March? What albums do you think he'll pick from?

David: that's a tough one...you just never know!

David: BTM for sure...I hope

David: hopefully Feel too

David: Play Me out

Todd: I'm hoping for something from them all...really going out on a limb and doing Save Me Tonight or The Way It Is.

David: I hope it will be for the fans kinda a show...the set list I mean...vs. the usual play it safe golden oldies...

Todd: Something with more electronic keyboard sounds behind it, or some string effects. Just different textures and sounds throughout.

David: exactly

Todd: We'll find out soon enough. And the excitement will be palpable come March 19 chat!

David: so far it sounds promising...hopefully they can record it for release sometime!!

Todd: GH should do a Pink Cloud release of something like this. So many artists do...

Todd: Well, tell Shirean hello from her friend here in Las Vegas. I guess she's heading this way next week?

David: yeah....next weekend....her sister's 40th B-day celebration!!

David: plus other mayhem, no doubt

Todd: I dunno if she has my number, but if she wants to get together with my wife and I for a drink, we'll be happy to if we're free.

David: ok...sounds cool....I'll tell her....shoot her an email with the number...

Todd: Will do.

Todd: Thanks for staying on and shooting the breeze with me, David. I'm looking forward to next month.

David: No problem....yeah, it's going to be blast....definitely going to make the most of it....a USA GH show...is always a treat!

Todd: You guys do an awful lot on behalf of the GH fans and on behalf of GH. It's nice to have you two as middle man. We'll talk soon.

David: Thanks Todd....

Todd: Cheers!

David: Surprised JohnH isn't here....he usually makes an appearance...guess the late notice threw him off!

Todd: could be...he'd usually be 1st to arrive!

David: well, now we know not to forget the reminders!!

Todd: Yeah, we can't have just me and you talking. No one will want to read that chat transcript! Ha!

David: haha

Todd: And I don't think Chip is off work yet, or he'd have been here. He just went to Whitesnake the other day. I need to call and see how it was.

Todd: I went to BOC instead.

Todd: No, wait. He's going this Friday night. That 's why he couldn't make the Bonnet show.

David: I'm not a big late-80's Whitesnake fan....only the early stuff...saw them countless times in late 70s/early 80s in UK...guess I'm spoilt...

David: couldn't adjust to the change....

Todd: I don't really care much for the post-84 stuff. I really like Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden. Ready An Willing is my favorite album by them.

David: yeah, that's my era too!

Todd: Company Of Snakes isn't as classic, but it's nice to hear them doing new material with the classic sound.

David: haven't heard it...

Todd: I guess they're doing more old material for UK fans who go further back with the band.

Todd: Whitesnake, that is. And Gary Moore is opening for WS on the Monsters Of Rock UK Tour.

David: it wouldn't surprise me if it's the same setlist as the US shows..

David: i hope the UK fans don't get too disappointed...

Todd: I bet it's not. Is 'Snake doing Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City in the US?

David: No....but I'd be surprised if he really does it.

Todd: I'll have to check DC.com and read a bit.

David: i guess I'm cynical in me old age....it's all about the $$....not much else...

Todd: I'd think the money in the UK was behind the band all the way back, and not just '84-89.

David: well, hopefully he'll give 'em what they want....

David: that would be cool

Todd: If they dig deep and pull a few golden nuggets out of their repertoire, you gonna wish you were there to see it?

David: no....my Whitesnake days are long gone!!

David: i only bother for GH these days

Todd: I read a DC comment the other day that, perhaps at some point, DC would have Moody and Marsden up for a jam. That I'd like to see.

Todd: Unlikely to happen, tho.

David: it'd be great if it happened on this UK leg....but like you say, unlikely.

Todd: Ah well. I s'pose I should be going. I have to pick up some micro-cassettes for tonight's interview, and some other things.

David: Ok, great talkin' to ya....perhaps next session too..if not, on March 27th!!

Todd: You got it!

Todd: Bye, David

David: bye for now....
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CHAT transcript - March 20th, 2002 Webmaster Fan CHAT Schedule & Logs 0 Mar-20-2002 8:16 PM

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