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Old Jan-19-2009, 8:32 PM
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Icon47 Rolling Stone's Review Of First Album

Rolling Stone / August 6, 1970

I can't believe it, two of my all-time favorite bands being dissed in the same review. Probably why I always thought RS's album reviews were crap and I never read them. Like they say..."different strokes for different folks."
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Old Jan-20-2009, 8:09 AM
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And I quote:
"Trapeze scribbles towards a Bee Gees sound abortively?"
Right after the Pope becomes Jewish.

For some reason, this review reminded me of the famous
screen-test memo when Fred Astaire first came to Hollywood:

"Going bald, can't sing, can dance a little."

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Old Jan-20-2009, 1:12 PM
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Wink If this group makes it, I'll have to commit suicide.

Remember that insightful little nugget? You don't? Well..Uriah Heep have been snickering about that since it was first written by Melissa Mills back in the hallowed pages of Rolling Stone in a 1970 review of Heep's debut album.

Hey kids..you all know what revisionist history is right? Guess what?? Rolling Stone practiced that very thing back in 1978. It seems that they gave rather negative reviews of a Rolling Stones show, penned by Dave Marsh...and a stinging review of the current Bob Dylan album "Street Legal", the author of which has slipped my mind at the moment. OK, fine...the critics are expressing their opinion right or wrong. But check this out..a few weeks later, both reviews are attacked and re-evaluated by none other than one of the senior editors...again, I am not certain but it may have been Jann Wenner. If you don't agree with your staff, then fine, tell them in private. But that wasn't good enough....snide bits like "Marsh writes that when Jagger rested these were the slackest moments of all...well, what do you want Dave? A lion taming act could have hopped onstage while Jagger rested..." were sprinkled throught this "re-review" like garlic powder on a pizza.

Hold on kids..it gets better..

Did any of you ever get a copy of the "Rolling Stone Record Review Guide" or whatever the hell it was called back in 1979 or so..I got a copy from my brother for Christmas. It is basically a review from A to Z of rock and jazz artists with a 1 to 5 star review of the artists' catalog and and a critical review of said artist. You can guess who got the 5 star treatment...The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Neil Young.....These things often get updated and reprinted..the next volume comes out and guess what.....The Doors get reevaluated..and slammed...Yes gets the smackdown treatment and I think Neil Young got chopped back a few pegs....

As the late Doc Pomus often said: "Do you believe that ****??"

In the first volume, Trapeze is slagged as a five piece heavily influenced by its parent group, The Moody Blues that slimmed down to a Grand Funk style power trio with Glenn Hughes' Steve Marriott style screeches and yelps....and when he left to shore up Deep Purple Mel Galley and Dave Holland brought in Pete Kendrik and Pete Wright ( the names are theirs not mine) to turn into another boring guitar-vocal outfit. By the second printing Trapeze is dismissed with a simple "Break a leg."

So much for credibility.....

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Old Jan-20-2009, 2:10 PM
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Rolling Stone's Review Of First Album

Bill, I remember reading the entries for Trapeze in both editions.....the reviewer JUST DIDN'T GET IT...................
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Old Jan-21-2009, 7:18 AM
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The thing is, reviewers have their place in the world.
What's new - what's good - what's bad.
But sometimes, I think that a reviewer has "other issues."

Maybe envy; maybe basing a review on friendship
or the lack of it, among those artists being reviewed.
Or maybe using the space in a column to show the world
just how witty / sarcastic / or cruel you can be.
And forget about being accurate.

It seems to me that some people can't see (or review) GH
other than as he was years ago, and refuse to recognize that
"the dark years" are gone, and that our boy is cranking out
masterpieces each year, with the precision of a sausage factory.

Hey, just tell me if it's any good or not.
But.......then you also have to tell me..........why.

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Old Feb-19-2009, 6:57 PM
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Most reviewers were the precursor to message board trolls. Trapeze to me was the best rock and roll band I ever heard. Ever.
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Old Jun-02-2009, 10:09 PM
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i think that this review is two pounds of pure garbage

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From now on....

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Old Jun-03-2009, 1:03 AM
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I'm not a huge fan of the first album but that has more to do with the kind of music they were making than the quality of the songs. I do think this album some very good songs and I like to listen to it occasionally, just not as much as Glenn's other stuff.

But I don't really care about what Rolling Stone thinks of it, they have no credibility in my eyes.
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