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Old Jan-21-2004, 7:36 PM
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CHAT transcript - January 21st, 2004

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - January 21st, 2004

David::[/b] Hi Kat....

Kat: Howdy David

David: Seems like ages ago since we were in LA, eh!!

Kat: yep LOL

Kat: too long already

Kat: I'm hoping all goes well with the dates Glenn mentioned, so I can see him perform soon

David: I'm sure we'll hear something one way or the other soon-ish....

Kat: cool

Kat: I am looking forward to them LOL

David: Today we have Lisa Walker as a Special Guest...she should be here shortly....

Kat: cool

David: She is HTP/JLT and GH's USA media person...

Kat: maybe she could give me tips for the band I work for LOL

David: Cabo sounded like fun...quite a set list!

Kat: yeah I saw that, wish I was there to hear those songs

Kat: did they have a good time there for the gig?

David: Apparently....

David: the crowds went wild...by all accounts....

Kat: as they should LOL

David: probably most of them knew Chad Smith, so it was cool they played quite a bit of Purple towards the end...

David: if they didn't know Glenn walking in...they sure did on their way out!!

Kat: yep, I'm sure he loved that

Kat: and hopefully will make an effort to see him again

David: a GHCP flew in from New Jersey which was cool

Kat: I saw that, very cool

Kat: takes dedication LOL

David: funny...I told Lisa that most folks don't show up on time...so she's taken me at my word

Kat: I guess so LOL

Kat: I wanted to make sure I showed up on time, I totally forgot last time till it was over

David: so we heard today that XM Satellite Radio are now playing songs from SITKOR....this is very good news....

Kat: i saw that! very cool

Kat: hi Shirean

Shirean: Hello there

Shirean: David - where's lisa?

David: she is running late....

David: talk of the devil

Kat: hi Lisa

Lisa Walker: HI...sorry my mail server bombed out and I just got on.

Lisa Walker: My web guy says never store **** on a server

Kat: lol

Lisa Walker: he is right

Shirean: Hello and goodbye Lisa...sorry, but I gotta run

Lisa Walker: Shirean....bye

Lisa Walker: Hey Kat, nice to meet you

Kat: you too

Lisa Walker: I already know David

Kat: I did see you once Lisa

Kat: at The Kitchen opening with JLT?

Lisa Walker: When?

Lisa Walker: VCR show

Lisa Walker: Why didnt you say something

Lisa Walker: Or maybe you did?

Kat: I tried but you were busy hustling JLT around the crowd LOL

Lisa Walker: LOL LOL it is my job

Kat: it was kind of crowded at that point LOL

Lisa Walker: It is like babysitting in a way

Kat: I noticed LOL

Kat: maybe next time, it won't be so hectic

Lisa Walker: Joe is also a talker...I love him but...when he needs to move on he tends to move on in a situation when there are alot of press ops

Kat: but I'm important too LOL

Lisa Walker: Glenn was so gracious at that event

Lisa Walker: I AGREE YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat: I wanted to chat a minute, but at least I did get him to pose for a picture during the concert LOL

Kat: Glenn is always gracious LOL

Lisa Walker: You have to make yourself more known though...David can say this also...people tend to be too shy in meet and greet situations

Kat: yep, I could have asserted myself more, but I didn't

Kat: next time, I will LOL

Kat: hi Grace

David: Hi Grace..

Grace: hi everybody

Lisa Walker: Believe me, we had so many obligations that night, if i was courting him away it was for good reason

Kat: I know, it was nuts that night!

Lisa Walker: Or...Kat email me first and i will make sure you get vip treatment

Kat: hopefully it will be better next time

Kat: ohhh cool, thanks

Lisa Walker: i will start typing in lower case to keep up, hope it is ok

Lisa Walker: no punctuation ok?

David: no problem....

Kat: k

Lisa Walker: hi Grace

Lisa Walker: Grace, where are you from?

Grace: native New Yorker, living in Jersey.....I'm the one who sent you the CD World magazines

Lisa Walker: DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat: geez Grace, you always have everything LOL

Grace: I wanted you to try to get an interview with GH for the magazine

Lisa Walker: OK now I remember. Joe also has a friend named Grace and that is what got me confused. thanks so much for that package.

Lisa Walker: i tried, but it seems politics might have been an issue

Kat: I hate that....politics in music

Kat: too much

Lisa Walker: If this chat is going to be published online i cannot tell you what i mean by politics, but lets just say it has to do with how much money record companies spend on ads

David: yes...it'll be transcribed later...

Grace: I don't know if you read the 2 GH websites religiously, but Cd World stopped printing it

Kat: yep, the big three control way too much

Lisa Walker: I read the GH sites frequently, but cannot keep up with everything...so Cd World...not publishing it....who is?

Kat: I work for an indie band LOL

Lisa Walker: Amen Kat about the big 3

Grace: Let's just say that Glenn isn't a 15 year old rapper.....flavor of the month

Kat: exactly Grace...it's disgraceful

Lisa Walker: Basically....if a record company places any kinds of ads in any mag be it MAXIM or BLENDER or whatever it shows support

Lisa Walker: This means if Glenn's record company places an ad for XYZ band they might still support GH

Lisa Walker: But if there is NO SUPPORT....NO FEATURE!!

Kat: unfortunately

Lisa Walker: Journalists and editors will say this is not true. Bull****. it is true

Grace: I like to say: if NOBODY knows about GH's music, then Nobody will buy it

Kat: Thank God for the Internet, or we wouldn't know about all the GOOD music out there

Grace: and NOBODY will show up at his concerts

Lisa Walker: Grace I agree

Kat: someday hopefully that will change

Grace: yeah, remember when Esther posted that EVERY concert in Spain has posters, but there were none for GH

David: But some good news today....XM Satellite Radio are now playing tracks from SITKOR....in addition to those from HTP 2....

Lisa Walker: AMEN! David!

Lisa Walker: The only way we can get record company support is to buy the USA version

Grace: thank God they didn't wait for HTP 3,854

Kat: lol

David: but for a while there, it felt like it, eh

David: seriously though....hopefully they'll narrow the 90-day gap...down to 60, then 30, then hopefully one day a worldwide synchronized release...

Lisa Walker: AMEN David!! A synchro release would be cool

Grace: I live in "WDHA LAND" and they advertise themselves as The Rock of Jersey.....you call them up and ask for a Glenn Hughes number, and their computer tells then Deep Purple....so they play the original version of Burn, with David Coverdale...it makes you crazy!!!!!

Kat: no doubt Grace

David: at least it's not the Village People

Kat: radio seems to be a lost cause these days

Lisa Walker: Grace....I agree....a lot of computerized radio in the USA

David: but...I know what you mean!

Lisa Walker: Kat i agree

Lisa Walker: Speaking of that, do you guys have any questiuons for me about what or how things are handled?

Kat: I'll just keep playing good tunes on my CD player LOL

David: Sure Lisa, how does something like a "Rockline" come about...

Lisa Walker: I have to pitch the show producer

Lisa Walker: WAYYYYYY in advance

Kat: what is the best way to promote upcoming shows?

Lisa Walker: It is not something that is spur of moment. It took several media kits, emails, phone calls

Lisa Walker: Kat I will answer hang on

Kat: k

Lisa Walker: Rockline and shows like that, take a lot of lead up promo

Lisa Walker: I have to position GH and JLT against all other artists, who are also being pitched at the same time

Grace: I don't want to get the whining award, but WHO are the people who decide where Glenn does a solo show? The Hard Rock Hotel Orlando was beautiful, but someplace like the "US TOUR" of Jersey , Virginia and Queens, New York was horrible!!!!

Lisa Walker: Grace---that is GH's management

Grace: you think that "Rockline" would remember Glenn's appearance from last year, he blew Bob Coburn away with his 2 acoustic songs

Lisa Walker: Yes Grace, but it also works AGAINST us...Glenn is NOT a household name and 1 year later is too soon

Kat: those are heavy odds to fight against

Grace: well, if Glenn's management is actually paying the people who book him into such horrible places, they should get fired

Lisa Walker: For us to get whole show devoted to GH and JLT was a big deal and a tribute in part to GH's past excellent performances

David: definitely....and they certainly played a good number of new tunes....

Grace: OK..looks like it's back to my "T-Shirt" idea, huh?

Lisa Walker: To Kat....best way to promote a show - you mean club or major venue?

Kat: club

Kat: Grace and her T-shirts LOL

Lisa Walker: Grace....I am not sure I was working with GH in any capacity in those shows you refer to

Grace: no, I'm certainly not complaining...it was great to have such a great opportunity for GH and JLT to get the publicity

David: 2001

David: before your time I think Lisa...

Lisa Walker: Bottom line...promoting shows? Our audience has kids, houses, jobs....easily distracted"

Kat: yep

Lisa Walker: 2001, yes before my time David, you are right

Lisa Walker: GH and JLT have a rabid fan base but it is the mainstream person I am after

Kat: so what would be the best return for promoting a show like that

David: sure...but right now in the USA....90% of people who go see Glenn have either just stepped off a plane or driven 5+ hours to go see him!!

Kat: lol

Kat: or went on a cruise LOL

David: they're all married, got mortgages....cats, dogs, kids...you name it

Grace: and only after reading about an appearance from the websites

Lisa Walker: no offense, but i love you guys, so does GH and we know you are THERE and we NEVER take you for granted. But I want to woo that guy who had that vinyl copy of "Stormbringer" and who never bought the CD re-issue and who forgot about GH

Kat: yep, so how do you do that? LOL!

Grace: that means..Jay Leno and the Tonight show, for starters

Lisa Walker: Kat if you are talking money/return that is out of my dept ...sorry wish I could answer that

Lisa Walker: Grace...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat: no not money, I'm talking numbers showing up to the show

Grace: I wish Preziosi were adding his 2 cents to this chat....

David: go get him

Kat: where is the best place to concentrate efforts to get the bodies in the door

Lisa Walker: My goal is to bring GH and JLT to the mainstream one bit at a time...we have had ENORMOUS success for all the USA releases

Lisa Walker: Bodies....find out where the fan base gathers, hangs out, what they read, what they watch and what they listen to

Grace: I keep thinking about the millions of people (they can't ALL be dead, who were at California Jam, and the people who filled the (6,000) seat Radio City Music Hall for 2 nights..those are the fan base people we have to get

Lisa Walker: It also does not hurt to have a show on nights when the best available audience is....AVAILABLE

Kat: very true

Lisa Walker: Grace...you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right about Cal Jam. I was there you know

Kat: good point Grace, we can't be the only people still paying attention

Lisa Walker: I am not dead...but most of those people are not music heads

David: ...a huge congrats by the way for JLT on VH1 Classic....as you say...it all helps...and hopefully he had the chance to mention both Glenn and HTP....

Lisa Walker: David thanks!!!!

Lisa Walker: Joe and Amy Scott plugged HTP

David: Excellent news - will try and catch the show...but not at 6am

Lisa Walker: David.....we just said 6am because we are not sure when his segments will run

David: ...just kiddin'.....

Kat: lol

Lisa Walker: They will run intermitently all weekend

Lisa Walker: ..back to the prospective audience, they have 2.5 kids and anyone who has kids knows they delete your attention from music sometimes, keeping up with news

Kat: not mine, he enjoys it right alongside me LOL

Kat: he loves Glenn and his music LOL

Lisa Walker: Kat...god bless you and your child how old?

Kat: 12 and a half (can't forget that part LOL!)

Lisa Walker: 12....I used to teach middle school

Kat: hmmm usually VH1 will put out a schedule of when, I watched the Def Leppard ones as posted

Kat: oh poor you, good thing you got out of that LOL

Lisa Walker: They have been slow about posting web site content since the New Year

David: Which territories are you responsible for Lisa?

Kat: figures

Lisa Walker: USA ONLY

Lisa Walker: I also set up a TON of world press but I do not get paid for that

Grace: that's the tough nut you have to crack

Kat: yep, it seems so hard here

Lisa Walker: Grace---it is tough but we have had such enormous success as compared to artists similar to GH and JLT on BIGGER labels!!! It is a tribute to GH and JLT's musicianship and also graciousness and candidness with the media

Grace: the way I see it, there has to be SOME agreement with some of GH's previous record companies

Grace: then when people walk into a record store,

Grace: there's a cardboard stand that has Glenn's name

Grace: and HAS TO SAY (unfortunately) formerly of.....blah, blah....THEN people will say, Oh, yeah, I remember that guy....they buy something Glenn Hughes ....AND then we've got them, heh, heh, heh!

Lisa Walker: Grace...the agreement thing you mention is out of my league

Lisa Walker: I have nothing to do with retail or tour publicity

Kat: all up to the record company huh?

David: Lisa, will you be involved with promoting Glenn's DVD prior to and after it's release? Or is that just going to be handled by Frontiers Records (Italy) as they're distributing it worldwide, from what we've heard so far....

Lisa Walker: David---if it is Frontiers, then it will be handled by them unless GH's management wants to hire me to help

Kat: nice plan Grace

Lisa Walker: Grace I agree, but this is not my area and when I even go there it is "stepping on toes" and I like to "keep the peace"

Kat: of course Grace, first you need the store to get in some CDs to sell

Kat: howdy capt

captmidnite1962: Good afternoon everyone!

Lisa Walker: David, back to Frontiers....I thought they had a USA PR person they pay on retainer. If they do...I doubt I would be involved but thanks for the tip

Kat: if not they can pay me to do it

Lisa Walker: Hi Capt Midnite

Lisa Walker: Kat....you go girl!!!!!!!!

David: Hi Capt'n

Grace: hello Capt'n

Grace: I can be in charge of t-shirts and bail money......

captmidnite1962: Joe said something in that one interview that summed up the position of not only him...but many acts of his and Glenn's vintage.."i'm not worried about not making money..but more concerned about not losing my butt..

captmidnite1962: Regarding touring..

Lisa Walker: Capt--YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace: lisa, we all really do appreciate everything that you've done for GH and JLT, too, it's just that we are all so frustrated at the talent that GH has, and the garbage that gets the publicity and fame and money, instead of him...........

Kat: amen

captmidnite1962: When someone..and I will use Robin Trower as an example...can't tour because he loses his shirt in the current business environment..that is a shame!

Kat: yes it is

Lisa Walker: There is a lot of politics

Kat: too much

Grace: but we know that you have been knocking your brains out, as has been shown by recent publicity

captmidnite1962: It is great to see that Glenn and Joe have someone in their corner!

Lisa Walker: It is all based on how much the record company spends

Lisa Walker: Thanks Grace

Kat: yep, you do push for them a great deal

Kat: back to the big three and all their money controlling all

Kat: and with their "manufactured" artists

Grace: we all know it's a cut-throat business, but at some point don't the record companies realize that they spend a million a month on "artists" that are (unfortunately) going to be has-been's by the time that they are 20 years old?

captmidnite1962: Youth sells...

Kat: get 2 high selling CDs then dumped for the next "flavor of the month" as Grace so aptly put it LOL

David: Hi Frank...

Lisa Walker: HI FRANK!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!

Frank B: Hey Lisa and Everyone!

Kat: hi frank

Lisa Walker: It is NOT always flavor of month guys

captmidnite1962: sad to say..but "our guys" aren't twenty somethings..

Kat: more often than tho

Lisa Walker: That damn Mr. Big thing was advertised everywhere. Duh. They spend money they will get the publicity. Only good thing for me is JLT is on that


Kat: but they need money to spend

Frank B: Anybody here see Glenn's Cabo shows?

Kat: nope

Lisa Walker: The record comany spent money for whatever reason to promo that Mr Big thing so that is why you will see news of it everywhere

Frank B: I saw setlist and it looked like a great show

David: keep in mind these are the same companies that are losing sales left and right...and telling artists to put just 5 or 6 songs on an album, because the remainder are considered "filler"....that just shows you where there heads are at....

Frank B: Isnt' that Mr. Big thing getting a US release soon?

Lisa Walker: David..I agree

captmidnite1962: Sure..if the record company really wants to get behind an act..they will spend whatever it takes..

Lisa Walker: Frank...the Mr. Big thing is already out in the USA last I checked, but in any event it has been supported by paid ads

David: think it was a couple of days ago (Mr.Big)...

Lisa Walker: David I agree

Frank B: Is it any good? I usually buy the Tribute albums, but rarely are they any good

Lisa Walker: It just shows you...you gotta advertise

Kat: yep

Lisa Walker: The fact is I get a thank you from about 75% of ALL media outlets we service. That is unheard of. They appreciate GH and JLT

Lisa Walker: My job is alot like telemarketing..haha

captmidnite1962: Sure they do..not only because of the talent..but because Glenn and Joe are both "no BS" types....they really appreciate their fans!

Kat: well I don't know Joe, but I know what Glenn is like, so I'm sure that helps a lot

Lisa Walker: Kat---Joe and Glenn are both 2 of my favorite people

David: I really hope Chad Smith's presence will help GH out, a pity he couldn't do the HTP tours...that would have opened up a whole new audience..."

Kat: lol

Lisa Walker: David....you are SOOOO right, Chad has gotten a lot of attention for HTP and GH

captmidnite1962: Glenn is just going non stop!

David: You think we're bad, the RHCP crowds are younger and even more crazy...and each have their own favourites within the band! Chad is very popular!!

Kat: geee David what a surprise...lunatics for a band LOL

Lisa Walker: hey guys hoping you ae not judging me by my typos

Kat: Joe seems nice, I did meet him once and he was very nice

Lisa Walker: Capt...very well said amen

captmidnite1962: I do believe I am the worst typist here..bar none!!

Kat: lol

Lisa Walker: Joe and Glenn and I are all in the same space spiritually

Kat: very cool

Lisa Walker: That is really why we all combine forces

Frank B: I've been fortunate to meet both and they are both really nice and I've met some not so nice "rock" personalities and the guilty shall remain nameless!

Grace: listen folks, I have to run....love to everyone..and thanks Lisa, for all of your hard work..take care, all.....Grace

Lisa Walker: Yes Frank i agree

Kat: bye Grace

captmidnite1962: Good bye Grace!

Lisa Walker: Grace thanks for your kind words email me any time

Kat: yep, and the other "stars" around them that they work with all seem to be the same way as them, which is very cool

captmidnite1962: That is true...birds of a feather i suppose!

Lisa Walker: Kat very true...hey guys...I just got buzzed by the Fed Ex man...have to go downstairs...be back in about 1-2 mins

David: Lisa...probably not your area...but did the recent contact with Ritchie Blackmore come as big surprise to JLT and presumably GH...

David:...I have the whole story...back in a minute..

Frank B: What do you guys think of HTP2?

Kat: I like it, I haven't played it very much yet, but I like it

Kat: I need a few more listens tho

captmidnite1962: My sentiments have been echoed by several others..i don't think it is as catchy as the first one..but in the long run it is a better CD..

Frank B: I loved HTP1, but it was obviously very derrivative of DP/Rainbow as is a lot of their solo work, but....

David: aside from GH/JLT (not to brush 'em side LOL) and next to SITKOR, it's JJ's masterpiece performance...

captmidnite1962: In fact..I am going to put it on now!

Frank B: I think it breaks new ground for them

Kat: I got one the same time as I got 2 and haven't been able to fully experience them yet LOL

David: I was so pleased I had a second chance to tell him so last week...

captmidnite1962: And JJ..what a find he is..I was floored by him at the DVD shoot!!

Lisa Walker: Hi guys I am back

Frank B: JJ has come into his own on Songs and HTP2

Kat: wb

Kat: yes JJ was very cool

captmidnite1962: JJ's intro to "Mistreated" was amazing!

Kat: yep it was, even Glenn looked on in amazement!

David: didn't I tell you You were warned...

Frank B: I think Glenn said he had JJ go pull out the old Free records and listen to Paul Kossoff or something like that. He has much more "feel" in his playing

Frank B: He plays very lyrically now, as opposed to just running up and down the fretboard

captmidnite1962: Oh man..Kossoff..now there was a man with killer tone and feel!

Frank B: He'd kill you with one note

captmidnite1962: or make you cry with 3...

Lisa Walker: David...The Blackmore thing

Lisa Walker: Joe received an email from Carol Stevens about something she had read online. He replied and they got a dialogue going. One thing lead to another and then Joe was talking to them about possibly....note, I did say POSSIBLY, not definitely, doing something on a future Blackmore's Night CD

Kat: sounds like it would be cool, if it comes about

David: hopefully it'll workout....at least there's now communication...

captmidnite1962: that would be cool...the Blackmore connection

Lisa Walker: David...amen !!!!!!!! Exactly what I said to Joe

Frank B: Maybe Joe could convince RB to play a track on the next HTP

David: as you can imagine HTP 3 with Blackmore would have a lot of people down the record stores!! Even if their direction may not suite his style of playing anymore!

Lisa Walker: Joe and I talked a lot those days and all I said when this topic was brought up was that I was happy about the door being opened.

Lisa Walker: David....so true

Lisa Walker: Frank...I know Joe wants RB to play and this has opened the doors

Frank B: Think of the new HTP line up Glenn on bass/vox, Joe on vox, RB on guitar, Lord on keys and somebody really good on drums

captmidnite1962: I am glad that JLT and RB still have that connection!

Frank B: What would you call it. HBT?

Lisa Walker: Frank...musically that would be awesome

Lisa Walker: LOL Frank

Frank B: I think if we get one track out of RB, we'll be lucky

Lisa Walker: Frank..amen

Frank B: You know I loved Rainbow, but somebody wrote an article that no single Rainbow album was great the whole way through (something to this effect)."

captmidnite1962: I broke out "Slaves And Masters" not long ago..and had to say.."this is a great record..and it gets no respect!

captmidnite1962: And that is a shame!

Lisa Walker: CApt Mid--AMEN!!!!!!!!

Frank B: That said, I really think that S&M is a more "complete" record than anything Joe anyone else ever did with Rainbow, but it was released at the dawn of grunge

captmidnite1962: I thought Joe was a great fit for Purple

Lisa Walker: Frank....amen on the s and m comment

Lisa Walker: Joe can sing ANYTHING

captmidnite1962: I know that Joe did a lot of work on what would become "The Battle Rages On"...

Frank B: If that record were released in say 88, it would have sold a lot and it did okay as I recall

captmidnite1962: But i like Joe's title better!

Frank B: The Holy Grail of unreleased JLT material. Doesn't Glenn have a Warner Bros. record in the can too?

captmidnite1962: Yes he does..I think Robin George was involved with that

Frank B: Wasn't Don Dokken involed or is that something else I'm thinking of

captmidnite1962: Glenn has been asked about having it released..but I believe it is out of his hands..

Lisa Walker: Hey I am just sitting back and reading what you guys write...I am a dunce when it comes to this kind of stuff

Frank B: Joe also has a follow up to Rescue You that was near completion too. It's quite amazing how both of these guys paths have crossed over the years.

Kat: lol I know the feeling

Lisa Walker: Kat..LOL I am with you sista

captmidnite1962: Lisa..it is because i have no life!! LOL!!

Frank B: I love Glenn & Joe, but I have to admit I am a bottomless pit of "useless" info about artists I don't even like

Lisa Walker: Capt mid at least you admit it (kidding)

captmidnite1962: So am I..it is almost embarrassing!

Lisa Walker: Frank is indeed my go to guy

Frank B: Maybe we should get on R&R Jeopardy Captain!

Kat: hehe

Lisa Walker: for facts that my geriatric brain cannot remember

captmidnite1962: yes..we could clean up!!

Lisa Walker: I do have one more parting question before I head out..

Frank B: I saw one epidsode where Dave Mustaine trounced George Clinton and Moon Unit Zappa

Frank B: What's the meaning of life?

Lisa Walker: Does anyone have any questions about anything media realted about GH or JLT?

Kat: hey I just watched that movie LOL

captmidnite1962: Ask Monty Python!!

David: Lisa are you able to comment on any South American HTP appearances that maybe on the horizon....received some questions from Brazil...where rumours are rampant about tour dates and even a HTP DVD to be filmed down there!!

David: not sure where they start...but the way it's explained it's almost gospel

Kat: since you are the USA PR person, does that mean there may be hope for USA HTP dates to promote?

Lisa Walker: OK....about South America...I cannot confirm or deny any rumors of a DVD shoot for HTP or JLT. For GH, I am not sure at all. Maybe he has something planned I do not know about. However, we have GH and JLT talking to most of the major print mags in South America.

David: Ok...that should keep'em at bay

Lisa Walker: Kat....we would love to play the USA. The problem is it has to be profitable.

Kat: yes so Glenn says LOL

Kat: but maybe a date here or there? a crumb?

Lisa Walker: Hi reddog

David: Hi reddog

Kat: hi reddog

reddog: hello

Lisa Walker: About USA dates...that is not my area that is management

Frank B: hi

captmidnite1962: And the way the business is run for acts to tour..it is tough without tour support

Kat: well then, are they talking to a lot of print mags here?

Lisa Walker: If they book the dates and hire me to promo them I will do my best

Lisa Walker: Kat...print mags print news but not full blown features

Kat: bummer

reddog: no confirm on Vegas date yet?

reddog: or rather, is there any confirmation on The Palms

David: not yet reddog...as soon we hear something solid, you'll see it on the site...

reddog: thanks David

David: meantime, this link is worth keeping an eye on

David: http://www.palms.com/html/entertainm...nd_events.html

reddog: i have thanks

Lisa Walker: How many mainstream fans do you think REALLY READ print mags? Not many

captmidnite1962: I think I am too old to read them!

Kat: true, but then back to the original thing, where are they hiding? LOL!

reddog: i cant read

reddog: i just rock

Kat: seems maybe corporate newsletters might be an area to look at then

Lisa Walker: Kat who hiding where?

Lisa Walker: Kat...we are already doing that

Kat: the audience to get to the shows

Lisa Walker: I just had HTP and GH news go out to over 1500 music industry execs today

Kat: good

Lisa Walker: the shows are a different thing

captmidnite1962: Wow!! That is great news lisa!

Kat: so what "news" was it ?

Lisa Walker: show publicity is raw...it is dependant on many physical factors

Lisa Walker: Kat not sure what you mean about news

Kat: you send you sent out news today

David: Lisa, is there anything else you're working on with GH/JLT and HTP you can talk about...promotion-wise, that we should look out for?

Lisa Walker: David...I am not working on anything I can talk about now.

Kat: to the record execs LOL

Lisa Walker: Kat...news..VH1 Classic and JLT on VH1 Classic

Kat: ohhhh ok LOL

Kat: hopefully they will take a look see then

Lisa Walker: We got GREAT coverage about the VH1 thing

Kat: it's a big audience, quite the coup LOL

Lisa Walker: We are looking to have GH do the same when he returns from Europe

Lisa Walker: Kat....thanks for recognizing that indeed this is true

Kat: wow, that would be cool

captmidnite1962: I have seen that Folgers commercial..and have to grin every time I hear JLT singing "Feels Like The First Time"

Kat: lol yep me too

Lisa Walker: Does anyone have any questions about what it is like to be on tour with the guys?

Lisa Walker: I think JLT's comercials are great

David: What is it like to be on tour with the guys?


Kat: lol

Lisa Walker: Do you have 3 hours haha

Lisa Walker: Ask specific questions

captmidnite1962: Ah..the stories you could tell..

Lisa Walker: I could fill a book

Kat: I've seen the hurry around and be here look with you already LOL

Kat:...so true

Lisa Walker: Well I do have to get going

Kat: bye Lisa

Kat: I'll email you

Lisa Walker: Please keep up the great support of GH, JLT and HTP

Lisa Walker: Please all keep in touch

David: Ok Lisa....many thanks for taking part...will catch up with you off-line....

captmidnite1962: Good night Lisa!

Lisa Walker: Thanks to everyone, David and Shirean you are the best and to all GH fans you all ROCK!

Lisa Walker: Love and Light

captmidnite1962: Oh man..what a year this is shaping up to be!

Kat: yep

David: Well, that was fun...I'm pleased Lisa was able to join us....

Kat: hoping the dates Glenn mentioned come to fruition

captmidnite1962: Yes it was David..

Kat: yep

Kat: too bad everyone else missed it

captmidnite1962: Todd was napping again!!

Kat: lol

David: ...hopefully folks will see they missed out again

captmidnite1962: OK..I am going to eat dinner..will keep an eye out..have a great night folks!

Kat: night capt

captmidnite1962: Good night!

David: Alright Capt'n....talk to you soon...don't forget about VH1 Classic the week of Jan.31st....

Kat: well they missed out on me LOL

captmidnite1962: I won't..sounds great!

David: we might actually hear the words "HTP" on USA Cable TV! What a concept, eh!!

captmidnite1962: *shocked look*

Kat: YAY! LOL!

Kat: well I best go cook some dinner, the natives are restless!

Kat: hopefully chat with ya soon

Kat: bye

David: ok, hope to see you next time...

David: bye 4 now...

David: The next scheduled Monthly CHAT will be on Wednesday, February 25th at the usual time of 1:00PM PST.
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Old Jan-21-2004, 11:52 PM
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Oh geez....man I am sorry I forgot about this......and I even looked at it late Wed Am before going to bed....Rats!!!!!!

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Old Jan-22-2004, 1:17 AM
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That makes three for me...

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Old Jan-22-2004, 4:15 AM
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So sorry I missed you Lisa. I was really looking forward to it. Daughter rushed to hospital - blood clot - so I've come home to freshen up. Have now printed off the trancript and will read it on the ward later.

I hope to catch up with you again sometime. x
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Old Jan-22-2004, 5:28 AM
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Wow! I hope she is doing better now. Good luck to you and your daughter.

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Old Jan-22-2004, 6:12 AM
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You and your family are in my prayers. I hope things get better. Sorry I missed you also,
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Old Jan-22-2004, 2:38 PM
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Thinking of you, Shirl.
You know that I hope that things
will be well with your daughter very soon.
Take care of yourself, too.
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Old Jan-25-2004, 7:12 AM
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After reading the transcript Lisa, it looks like us GHCPs have a lot to thank you for! Very interesting reading ... and I hope to catch up with you again sometime.

Thanks also to you, Grace and Kat for your kind words. My daughter is back home now with daily injections, and back in next week for further tests.

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Old Jan-26-2004, 9:39 AM
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Sorry for missin' the chat sess.,i was playin' a soccer match in Finland..(on the net!!) and forgot about it.

Shirl glad things are better with your Daughter.

Pete S.
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