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Old Apr-27-2008, 9:29 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - April 27th, 2008

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - April 27th, 2008

Chip: Hi Dani, looks we're the first ones

Dani California: Hello Chip

Dani California: yep

Dani California:

Dani California: hi guys

purplemusic: hello all

Dani California: Hi Susan

TexasSusan: Hello

Chip: Hello, trap and purple

TexasSusan: Hi Mama Dani!

Chip: ..........susan

Dani California: hi Shirean

TexasSusan: Hey Chip!

Shirean: Hi all

purplemusic: i guees we're the early birds

Shirean: yes indeed

Dani California:

trapezoid: Howdy folks

TexasSusan: Roger says hello to everyone, too.

purplemusic: so everyone is doing well in Glenn Hughes land i hope

Dani California: Pete say hi to everyone

Dani California: hi brother Roger

Shirean: Hey Pete - Congrats to you both

TexasSusan: Hi, to Pete, too!

Dani California: thanks a lot

purplemusic: so, did we decide to go w/ the legaly binding poll to name that baby ?

Dani California: o we are ready with the name if is a boy

Dani California:

TexasSusan: Are you going to find out the sex ahead of time? Or let it be a surprise?

purplemusic: so has anyone on here seen glenn since the detroit show ?

Shirean: So will we see you at any of the upcoming Glenn gigs?

Chip: I saw Glenn a couple days after Detroit at Mel's party.

purplemusic: i'm still waiting on the anouncement of somw more dates in the states

Chip: Let's hope there are several US shows to choose from.

purplemusic: cool i wonder if he's breaking out any of the new songs yet

Shirean: I was 7 months pregnant when I went to see Glenn at the Tommy Bolin Tribute shows in Denver - David would not let me go up front

Dani California: if is a girl the proud daddy will take the decision

purplemusic: i am hoping for a few chioces for shows in the states

Dani California: yep we will come on the UK gigs

Shirean: Great I'll see you there

Shirean: Just made our flight plans last week

Dani California: hopefully we will know what is the baby on Tuesday when I have to be at the hospital for a scan

Dani California: so I am very happy to say that if the baby is boy, his name will be GLENN

Dani California: guess why?


purplemusic: i'm going to try to get my passport in the next couple of weeks, so maybe me and the wife can come over and see a few shows

Shirean: Great purplemusic hope to see you at the UK gigs!

Shirean: Chip are you coming over for the UK gigs?

Chip: No, not this time.

Dani California: yep, will be great to see as much as possible GHCP'S on the gigs

trapezoid: Looking forward to some U.S. dates, willing to travel.

Shirean: Yes we want US dates too!!!

TexasSusan: Here, too

purplemusic: i hope so too

trapezoid: Dani, that's a great choice for a name

Shirean: David will be here soon

TexasSusan: Roger says, US...and Texas, too

purplemusic: i'm willin to fly to anywhere in the state, just waiting to find out where

Dani California: yes indeed

trapezoid: Love Texas!

Dani California: me and Pete Love Glenn's music, and he is our best friend, so the choise was very easy

Shirean: Glenn will be touched

purplemusic: Glenn certainly talks about how much having dates in the states mean to him, hopefully he can get a good bit of them scheduled. i think that we've shown our willingness to support him here

Dani California: when I told him he was very,very happy

Dani California:

Shirean: What do you think of the soundbytes from F U N K?

Dani California: they are fantastic

purplemusic: everything sounds good. i'm looking foward to having the full disc

TexasSusan: Ready for more than soundbytes

Dani California: we just can't wait for the album

Dani California:

Chip: I've only listened to the first four that were released. Saving the rest for when the CD arrives....sounds good !!

Shirean: I can't wait to get the full CD

TexasSusan: Collin was jammin' to the Love Communion video on the computer last night. It was very cute. He really loves it!

purplemusic: i'm just hoping that it will be available here on the release date

Chip: NEH sometimes gets your CDs to you a day or two before the release date. I think that happend to me with Soul Mover.

Shirean: David said he saw it on Amazon for a whopping $32.00 - I asked him if that was a price error.

TexasSusan: I will order from them this week then

TexasSusan: From NEH...not Amazon then. LOL

purplemusic: both Grace and i had trouble getting a good responce when we tried to find out a solid release date from retail

David: Hi everyone....better late than never!

TexasSusan: Hello

Chip: Hi David

purplemusic: i know we can order it online, but it should be available in the stores too

purplemusic: hey David

Dani California: hi David

trapezoid: Howdy David

Chip: Trouble is, that most stores don't carry stuff like Glenn, so you have to order on-line.

Chip: Best Buy used to carry Glenn's stuff, but haven't now for some time.

purplemusic: well i own a store that carys Glenn and my distributor didnt know about it

David: Hey purplemusic.....you have to understand Frontiers isn't a huge label - they distribute worldwide, and it is available, but you're not going to find it in FYE, Best Buy, Walmart, Circuit City and the like. If he gets a USA deal as with M4TD, only then will it start appearing here in the States on the major store racks.

purplemusic: well i hope that he gets some extra exposure w/ this record

David: The reality is, music is purchased more online than in a store and on that front he has all his bases covered, thank goodness!

Shirean: Frontiers only sent us 1 promo copy so we can't have a contest giveaway

Chip: purplemusic - did you participate in National Record Store day last Saturday?

David: I would of, if there was one closeby


trapezoid: Wish radio stations would get copies and drum up response.

David: Yeah, if this one doesn't do it, I don't know what he has to do to make that happen. We all thought "Soul Mover" might be "the one" a couple of years ago....but hopefully this will attract a much wider audience....if so that will do it for sure!

David: Oh and the promo had some Italian guy telling us what we were listening to every 30 seconds!! After the first song, I turned it off and decided to wait for the real deal, as it was really annoying!! So you're not missing much, by not having a promo competition giveaway this time!

David: We hope to have another Podcast soon....it's been a while since we did one last!

David: Dani/Pete - you guys going to Bedford next week?

purplemusic: i'm looking foward to the next podcast

Shirean: Hey Chip got an email from Ko the other day he was going to see Chad and the boys in Toyko

Chip: That's cool Shirean...that's one place I'd like to get to someday. Maybe Ko can put me up

purplemusic: their new stuff sounds good. hopefully, they can get a cd done , even a live one would be cool

David: It's coming in June I think....and Cosmosquad featuring Jeff, have a live DVD out around then too

purplemusic: all of the video clips posted on here have been good

Dani California: yes David, we will come in Bedford

Shirean: Make sure and give us a full report of the gig!

purplemusic: yeah, you know how we like details

Dani California: David and Shirean, will you come in Bedford?

Dani California: would be great to see you both

David: No unfortunately, but we'll see you in June

purplemusic: David, has Glenn said anything to you recently about playing some more in the states this year ?

David: nothing is firmed up yet, but if it happens it'll probably be anywhere from September thru November. He might be doing some more appearances with the Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp in August around the country.

David: Each of those culminate in a one-night "open to the public" gig, usually on the HOB circuit.

TexasSusan: Well, I feel a Sunday afternoon nap callin' me Y'all take care. It has been good talking to you.

Shirean: Bye Susan

David: Bye for now Susan.

Chip: See ya Susan

Dani California: bye Susan

purplemusic: seems to be a bit slow in here today

David: Recently, this is about "normal" for some reason!!

David: Once the album is out perhaps folks will wake up and have more to say

Chip: ....and the tour starts.

Shirean: Hi tony g

purplemusic: so, since not much going on, how about a little misc GHPG trivia

Dani California: hi Tony

Chip: HI Tony

purplemusic: hey toni g, welcome

tony g: hi everyone

David: Hi Tony

purplemusic: David, i notice every now and then in the list of people logged on, there is a plus sign, what does that mean ?

tony g: whats going on?

trapezoid: Hello Tony

David: you mean the flag here on the right-side?

purplemusic: no, every now and then i see a plus sign after somebodys name

purplemusic: i've seen it after Glenn's name a few times, but not just him

David: Not sure haven't seen that appear before, click on it to find out!

purplemusic: ok

David: Oh you mean over on the Fan Forum! That means that you added that person to your "Buddy List" and so you'll see a '+' sign next to their name.

purplemusic: oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that makes sense to me now

purplemusic: i forgot that i had some buddys!

David: So Tony, have you got F U N K on order?

tony g: yes sir

David: Excellent!

purplemusic: so how are we doing on the site, seems like we're picking up new people, but i guees we lose some too

tony g: im ready to roll -im really excited about this one

Dani California: that is a good question

purplemusic: i'm assuming that FUNK will be on i-tunes too

purplemusic: as well as the new video

David: It should be on iTunes, but probably not straight away. Not sure of Frontiers schedule, although I'm waiting on an answer to that question - should know shortly and will post on it when I do.

tony g: i tried not to listen to the samples too much so i can really enjoy it fresh

David: I doubt the video will be on iTunes - only on the CD - but again, I dont' know for sure.

purplemusic: how are we doing on donations to the site. i've been trying to give a little something every month, w/ a new month right around the corner

purplemusic: i assume more funds equals a better, further reaching site

David: Most definitely! We've had a couple including your own (thanks again). It all helps cover our costs, plus allows us to add new features and such.

purplemusic: well, we apreciate all that you and Shirean do, so we wanna do our part too

Shirean: Thanks

Dani California: yep,a very big thanks to you David and Shirean

tony g: the YouTube link is really good

Dani California: for everything

Dani California:

purplemusic: yeah, it was a good addition

David: Thanks. The YouTube thing was a b^$ch to get working, but it turned out good in the end Pleased you guys find it a useful addition.

trapezoid: My favorite web site, you do a great job

Dani California: our favorite too

purplemusic: i use the GHPG as my home page, no where else that i'd rather start my on-line journey at

Dani California: GHPG is the best ever

Dani California:

Shirean: Thanks

David: Tony - yeah it's really hard not to listen to the samples - we've tried our best not to - am really waiting on the full CD so we can hear it in glorious HD stereo.

purplemusic: i have also shyed away from the samples as much as possible, i know that i'll wear the cd out when i do get it

tony g: i wore a couple of cds out the last two times

Dani California: I am going to bed, the baby make me feel sleepy early bye everyone, was great to talk with all of you

purplemusic: bye and take care

David: OK, thanks for hanging out Dani - nighty night to Pete too

Chip: Bye Dani

Dani California: thanks everyone,see you soon

Shirean: Chip. How's Todd doing? I meant to send him an email.

trapezoid: Bye Dani

tony g: i got the divine cd on itunes first last time- when i got the cd from FYE the clarity of it blew the itunes copy away

Chip: I don't hear from him much since he became a Daddy Was thinking of calling him later today.

Shirean: Tell him I said Hello okay.

Chip: Sure will.

Shirean: I see him on the website pretty often - hope he's feeling better

David: Yeah, CD quality is always better, but iTunes is usually good enough for the headphones

tony g: todd has a 24-7 job for atleast two years

Chip: I think he's doing much better.

purplemusic: so, when is the last time that glenn joined in on one of these chat sessions ?

David: Last year purplemusic - we would have had him on already this year, but his schedule has been outrageous! Perhaps after the Summer he'll join us again. He's off to the UK again this week!!

purplemusic: well of course, we all wish him well and a safe trip

David: Now he's on MySpace, YouTube and Facebook, there's actually less need for regular visits to the CHAT. He's got lots of ways to get the message out - but it is a good avenue to get YOUR questions answered directly. So it's cool when he stops by.

tony g: i gotta ask-any word on any USA dates? im still in shock from it all

purplemusic: so , do i need to apply for a special log in name for the chat to get my pic. icon .

David: Yes, you need a separate login ID etc to customize you Avatar on the CHAT. It's a seperate thing from the Fan Forum.

David: Mentioned that earlier Tony....but if it's going to happen it'll anywhere from September-November. He might be doing some Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp appearances around August.

tony g: thanks

purplemusic: in shock from what tony the lack of dates, or the fact that he played here this year ?

tony g: the fact that i couldnt -NO WAY COULDNT- make the new date for detroit

purplemusic: well tony i hope to see you at the next SET of U.S. dates set

tony g: its my dream

trapezoid: David, myself being new to the site, what does "PG" stand for in GHPG?

Shirean: I got this one David - "Picture Gallery"...

David: When we first started the site we didn't envision it becoming what it has turned into....so probably would have chosen a cooler name if we had known! But it's stuck and is easy to remember, so in the end, it's turned out alright

tony g: as well it should be


trapezoid: Thanks, that makes sense. I guessed Glenn Hughes Plays Guitar

David: If you click the "10 year" image link at the bottom of each page, you can see what the site looked like at the very beginning.....quite embarrassing really! But it was, what it was, and so we didn't need to have anything too hip at the time

purplemusic: i'll have to check that out, ive never noticed

tony g: just looked -looks cool to me David

purplemusic: i'm hoping that when glenn does play the states this year, maybe he'll let us have a fan contest here to choose the encore songs or something cool like that

David: There might be a contest, but doubt he'll waiver on the setlist It's all about the F U N K this time around

purplemusic: well a fan has to have his fantasys you know so much good music that's not played... no offence to the good songs that do get played, but we all have our own little favorites

purplemusic: i dont see the 10 year image thing

David: Scroll all the way down....you can't miss it!

purplemusic: i see it now thanks

Shirean: I gotta run now - I got kid duty take care all see you next month!

Chip: trapezoid...how's that mid-west weather..have you dried out any?

tony g: it was sweet around here until a couple of days ago

purplemusic: see you later Shirean

Chip: See ya Shirean. Take care.

tony g: bye Shirean

trapezoid: Bye Shirean

trapezoid: Hi Chip, to the south has been getting most of rain. St.Louis area hit hard! Can't get in much cycle time

Chip: My parents live west of St. Louis, they've been getting hammered with rain this year.

purplemusic: well guys i've enjoyed the company, but i think i'm going to sign off now

tony g: ok see you later

Chip: See ya purplemusic.

Chip: trapezoid...did you go see Trapeze in St. Louis back in 1994?

trapezoid: Bye Purple, take it easy.

trapezoid: No, the 90's were a hecktic time for me. Did you see them?

Chip: Yeah, that was my only time. Back in their hey-day, I was a just a hair too young to go see them..didn't quite have my driver's license then.

tony g: Shirean: i turned on A&E this morning and saw Heart

tony g: private sessions? i think was the name

David: Shirean left already - but says, yeah, that was from last year, good to see it in HD.

tony g: HD huh? -im not that lucky yet

David: it really does make a lot of difference, well the audio anyway, just as much as the picture! Especially for music related things....

tony g: that fiber optic cable kicks ass to me

tony g: DTS is great

David: Hopefully they'll be a few more folks on here next time, what with the new album having been out for a couple of weeks by then.

tony g: as some certain people say around here is it time to bounce?

Chip: I think so tony...I've got some chores that need finishing. See ya guys on the site and hopefully here next month. Later.

David: OK then, next month the Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, May 25th at the usual time.

tony g: all right see all you GHPG.net homies later

trapezoid: Bye Chip, Keep on rockin'

David: Bye for now

trapezoid: Thanks David, Have a great month

David: OK, hope to see you next time. Bye for now...
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Old Apr-28-2008, 5:20 AM
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That was fun! First time in a chat for me. Tonyg and TexasSusan- sorry I couldn't say bye. I have ten thumbs when it comes to typing! Things happen pretty quickly during chat. Also i must need glasses, picked the wrong smilies when responding to Dani and Shirean. Looking forward to next time
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Old Apr-28-2008, 9:25 AM
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It was great chatting with you, Kevin. I had worked outside in the yard all morning and was fading out quickly in the afternoon or else I would have stayed on the chat longer
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Old Apr-28-2008, 8:40 PM
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I know what you mean, this weekend was busy here too. Susan, tell Roger his latest music is soundin' good! "Must be April Blues Day", hit the spot after tough day
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Old Apr-29-2008, 10:02 AM
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Thanks, Kevin!! I sure will. I tell ya, that little recorder gets worked overtime. Roger comes up with multiple songs everyday. Blows me away. Now if he would just get a new band and a record deal....LOL
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Old Apr-29-2008, 4:43 PM
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Thanks Kevin, April was one of those days. LOL I appreciate you listening
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Old Apr-29-2008, 7:32 PM
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Amen to that Roger. Usually March is the tough month, but April seems to have taken it's place. I mentioned in chat my fondness for Texas. Always had good experiences there when driving semi OTR. The people, the food and the music! I can see why Trapeze spent so much time there. Keep that music crankin' out, enjoying it. P.S. (who makes the best salsa?)
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