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Old May-22-2006, 12:08 AM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - May 21st, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - May 21st, 2006

David: Hi Tony

tony g: Hello

tony g: how are you

David: Good, just got back from a couple of days at the Beach, so a little sun burnt right now

tony g: i wish i could say that, its cool here

tony g: just enjoying the chili video you put on

David: Cool, they're one of the few like GH, who can pull it off live too

David: You're going to Lollapalooza to see them, right?

tony g: i know wanted to go see them

tony g: well no maybe see its 130.00 for a 3 day pas

tony g: thats why i asked chad which day - of course he probably didnt know

David: ahh, yeah that's steep, especially since they're probably the only one's you're interested in seeing.....?

tony g: exactly

David: haven't they given the line-up for each day, yet?

tony g: i dont know about anyone else but i always liked the way flea plays bass

David: we've spotted Chad on the site a couple of times this past week, perhaps you could ask the question, on the off chance he stops by again before then.....

David: yeah....the new album is very impressive....a lot to digest, but after a few listens, there really isn't any filler on there.....Frusciante is outstanding this timeout....

tony g: and of course chad supports glenn so i thought it i should support him (of course i know he dont need my help he has one of the biggest bands ever)

tony g: but i can always get a scalper ticket we will see

David: just had a look on the Lollapalooza site....yeah, they don't have each day's line-ups announced yet....

tony g: but any way do you think i should go ahead and order glenns cd -now that i think about it most of his cds i have are imports anyway so what the hell

tony g: im really excited about this one

tony g: extra excited

tony g: im waiting for matteos cd from neh right now

David: Most definitely Tony. You'll be depriving yourself if you wait The USA release may happen in July, but there's no guarantee right at the moment.

David: NEH will have it the week of the 9th, so you'll have it just a few days after that. You can pre-order from them now too.

tony g: ok ill get set up later today

David: The Moonstone CD is pretty good, Glenn's contributions are worth the price of admission!

tony g: i want to hear steve walsh too

tony g: where the hell is everyone?

David: As always, most folks show up 30 mins into it, no idea why, just the way it goes!!

tony g: so are you planning on going to europe to see glenn?

David: Of course

tony g: cool

David: Wish we didn't have to go all the way there, but that's just the situation we have to deal with unfortunately.

tony g: believe me i know but i will always keep hoping

David: you going to the GH Fest in Arizona?

tony g: are you going when he talked about using the strings?

tony g: no my wife cant understand that one

tony g: otherwise i would love to go to arizona i love the heat

David: probably

David: what about the strings Tony?

David: Hi Grace

Grace: hello everybody........

Grace: strings? are we talking about music for the divine?

tony g: are you going to the concert where glenn said he would have an orchestra

tony g: hi Grace

Grace: hello tony g.........

David: ahhhh, maybe, waiting to hear the date(s) on those. Although the live shows will have some string parts programmed through the keys, if my understanding is correct.

tony g: im glad to see you got to see glenn Grace

tony g: ok i see

Grace: our boy (as previously mentioned) is......ONE CLASS ACT

Grace: what concert with orchestra are you guys talking about? is this "new" news?

Grace: or is this a case of a tour for M4TD, trying to copy the music from the CD?

tony g: hey guys sorry got to go get some medicne for my son hope hear from you all soon by

David: no Grace, they're trying to put together some gigs with full orchestra in-tow in Europe just before the European tour. Nothing confirmed yet, but that's the hope.

Grace: take care tony

David: Bye Tony. Thanks for stopping by.

wolfysmith: Hi Grace. Hi David. everyone late as usual!

Grace: Europe? BOO HOO. How long do you think that it will take for the North American continent to move around, so that I can drive to Europe for a GH tour?

David: Hi Wolfy....

David: Yes, as usual wolfy

Grace: hello Lucy's daddy.......how's our GHCP baby doing, OOPS, I mean our big girl?

wolfysmith: She's recovering from Chickenpox at the moment.

Grace: oh, the poor baby.....and poor mom (mum) and dad, too

David: least she got it now and not when a teenager! That's when I got it....zits and pox - not a very nice combination!!

Grace: Grammy Grace will be sending a package to her soon, keep your eyes open OK?

David: Hi Chris

wolfysmith: but still full of energy! she started nursery 3 days a week a couple of weeks back then had to stop again after catching it.

chrisloeb: Hi there

wolfysmith: hi Chris

chrisloeb: how is everybody?

chrisloeb: bon soir, Madame G.

Grace: yeah, you try to protect your children, and then they get sick when they are in a classroom fulll of other children.....well, I hope that you and Annnette recover as well as Lucy

chrisloeb: still a little quiet, huh - lots of funkmeisters online though

chrisloeb: ...in the forum

Grace: Hey Chris, I'll need to have my "language translater web site" to keep my French up to expert levels. Ha, ha.

wolfysmith: So David, what promo has Glenn lined up for the new release?

chrisloeb: I know but French is my only weapon against the axe

Grace: I guess that we are all looking forward to the new GH CD. Just when you think that Glenn can't top the previous one, he proves us wrong, huh?

chrisloeb: How come so many people seem to have already heard the whole thing? Like
danielb eg.

Grace: No, Chris. Most people prefer RUNNING AWAY.

chrisloeb: Christian Soldiers stand strong

Grace: ONWARD!!!!!

David: You'll find him in Classic Rock, Fireworks and PowerPlay magazines next month...Wolfy. Front cover on a couple of them

Grace: You've got your song.........I've got Amazing Grace

David: chris - They have press affiliiations re early bird promo copy.

Grace: hey.....has anybody noticed lately that with all of this GREAT PUBLICITY that Glenn has been getting recently, there are fewer and fewer examples of Glenn's name being mis-spelled?

Grace: Goodbye to GLEEN HUGS!

chrisloeb: talking about mis.spellings - I bought the Heaven Lp just yesterday at a record fair here in Vienna.... guess....

chrisloeb: yep, Glen Hughes

David: As I've said before, M4TD is different to Soul Mover, although there are a couple of tracks that would suit it just fine too. You'll get it straight away on the first listen, then on the second, you'll appreciate it fully, the subtledly of perhaps parts you questioned the first time around....it's just outstanding.

David: well, i'll take bets the Astoria in London get it wrong

chrisloeb: sounds like one of those albums that need a couple of listens to really catch the essence, the mood, the flavour? Soul Mover was easy to access

David: yeah, maybe chris. Although i think you'll "get it" first time round, there are just some nuanaces that we haven't heard from Glenn in a long time or ever at all, that all fit together perfectly on the second listen.

wolfysmith: i loved SITKOR and SM after just one play.

chrisloeb: is it a little more complex than Soul Mover then? Talking about arrangements for example?

chrisloeb: yeah wolfy, me too, totally

wolfysmith: Hello Shirl. long time no speak!

chrisloeb: Hi Shirl!

Shirl: hello everyone - hello wolfy - ditto x

David: Hi Shirl

Shirl: can someone remind me how to put a pic next to my name?? seems years ago since I came on a chat

wolfysmith: having all Glenns stuff means you are used to getting something different every time. but its still good to be suprised

wolfysmith: you have to log in properly Shirl

Shirl: got it!

chrisloeb: I was pretty surprised to hear that guitar intro with the drums coming in and everything. This is new for Glenn

Shirl: no doubt everyone's talking about M4TD

David: not overly more complex chris....but yeah, different than SM.

David: Hi Capt'n

Shirl: Hi Bill x

chrisloeb: Hi Captain!

captmidnite1962: The Lawn mower man is here!

David: very Who-ish, huh chris?

wolfysmith: hi Capt

Shirl: Bill

captmidnite1962: Good evening everyone!!

captmidnite1962: hey..this yard is 1.5 acres...and all I have is a push mower!!

Grace: whenever I get a new record, I never race through the whole thing at once. I go to track #1, and hit the repeat button and listen to just the first track for maybe 20-30 times until I get it because you hear more and more....nuances..... as the record grows on you, or something like that. THEN it's on to track #2. An album with 10 or 12 tracks is too much to listen to, all at once. All the songs blend together, and you end up having NO CLUE what it was that you just listened to. Anybody else agree with this method?

chrisloeb: exactly David, Thanks for finally pointing me into the right direction - I was wondering all along where that came from...

captmidnite1962: so..does anyone have M4TD in their hands yet?

Shirl: Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrisloeb: only the very lucky, Captain

captmidnite1962: I agree Grace...you need a few listens for it all to sink in!

David: you'll be listening to the 28 tracks from the RHCP for a few years before getting to track 2 then Grace

captmidnite1962: I hear that David!!

chrisloeb: Grace has probably just posted the longest reply ever to be posted in a chat - give her the credit for that GHCP world record, David and you'll be spared....

Shirl: the Peppers were live on a ch4 music prog last Sunday - did interview then a few from SA. Apart from DC they don't grab me yet

captmidnite1962: And Shirl...Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity...I am reminded every month!! You totally RULE!!!

chrisloeb: talking bout lucky people....

David: anyone heard the Podcast...sorry about the audio quality....we'll put it at 128k next time around, as most folks appear to be on Broadband.

David: Hi Daniel

Shirl: No problem Bill - couldn't have you missing out on stuff

danielb: hey

Shirl: Hi Daniel

wolfysmith: Completely different Grace. when a cd arrives in the post it gets straight into my car for the 25 min drive to work. so i have nearly heard it all by the time i get home. then repeat every day till i get another cd.

danielb: have i missed anything?

captmidnite1962: Hopefully I will be able to get something other than dial up soon...

David: Well, you are late Nahh...just been talking M4TD, RHCP, gigs etc.

captmidnite1962: I haven't listened to the sound clips yet...will let it be a surprise!

Grace: well you know, with Glenn's singing.....you almost HAVE to listen to each song this way. the first listen is for the GH fireworks that you hear first.....then comes the lyrics, or the actual music from the instruments. If you could just hear a Gh song as an instrumental first, that would be one thing, but how can you hear anything else while you're busy saying how does he do that?

Shirl: not touched the podcast yet David - got my brand spanking new PC on Monday and apart from work, eat and sleep I've spent all my time here. Even the cats keep looking at me as if to say 'food ... please?'

captmidnite1962: I hear that Shirl...I live in a house with 5 of them!

danielb: hi Shirl

danielb: how are you?

Shirl: yes had five ginger tom brothers before I went to live in N Ireland in 99 - only two now - love them to bits (no you don't they say - you're not feeding us properly now you've got GHPG again)

chrisloeb: yes Grace, I'm still totally amazed too what Glenn can do with his voice, again and again

Shirl: Hi Daniel - brilliant thanks. Life's good x

captmidnite1962: it is summer...the cats love being outside

Shirl: And even better with M4TD

Shirl: spoken with Glenn recently David? Exciting times ahead, huh? So happy for him.

captmidnite1962: is there any news on when the remastered Hughes Thrall will be out?

David: last time was last week, same time as Grace

David: the album is getting great reviews, some front page magazine cover features as a result....next month.

Shirl: Grace - I love the pic of you and John. Only had the one from VS a few years ago of you, and of course the stuff you sent me on John some time ago.

captmidnite1962: Hmm..if I do go back to NY..maybe I can make some of those private NJ gigs!!

Shirl: Yeah of course - Grace and her hotline!!!

David: next gigs are in July.

Grace: the way that the ending to "The Innocence" knocked my socks off, it took me a "gazillion" listens before I even noticed that during the GH 50-second ending, that Tony Iommi was playing some rather beautiful chords as Glenn was singing. Made me think of a diamond, that was enhanced because it was in a beautiful platinum setting. (How do ya' like THEM apples?)

Shirl: Fantastic that she got to meet up again. Got MASSES to catch up on here yet.

wolfysmith: i'll have to listen to it again Grace!

chrisloeb: so are there more GHCP people pictures from that party?

danielb: gotta run, take care

David: See 'ya Daniel.

David: as much as I like 'em chris, I only took pix of GH and band

wolfysmith: Shirl - you going to MOR at MK Bowl in two weeks?

David: and Grace's didn't turn out

David: she would of had some good one's too.

captmidnite1962: Aw man..that is a drag!

Shirl: Nah - not really interested these days. Rock n Blues festival is what I live for each summer

Grace: Don't talk to me about pictures.......my camera decided to take "time-lapse" pictures because of the lighting, so you get blurry ghost pictures. I'm totally disgusted. And I took a great picture of Glenn and Mike, but that came out as if my lens was open for maybe 5 seconds.

wolfysmith: Being an axe murderer i guess she didnt want the cops getting a recent picture of her LOL

David: it wasn't lit well for photography as you could tell from the movie clips, although my pix look ok, guess I have a better flash.

Shirl: Gazillions of custom bikes, some good bands (Thunder, Lizzy, etc)

captmidnite1962: That's what was cool about Velvet Sessions...the lighting was great for pictures

Shirl: the video clips were good David

wolfysmith: did you see McFly do The Boys Are Back In Town on Saturdays Prince of Wales Show?

David: We'll be putting up a page with more pix and another movie clip at the end of the month, so any extras will be found there.

wolfysmith: yeah thanks for the video clips David.

Shirl: yes Wolfy - cringeworthy but at least they're playing something good ...

chrisloeb: I saw it too wolfy, somebody has already posted it on youtube. they played it pretty well. Wonder why they had to announce it tghat childishly?

captmidnite1962: And David..thanks for the Robin Trower tour dates....I haven't been to his site in awhile...and not a hockey rink in the bunch!

wolfysmith: Trower was excellent Capt. RIFFTASTIC

captmidnite1962: I bet he was..and what a set list!!

David: Excellent Capt'n, let us how it was, if you go to one.

chrisloeb: who's in Trower's band at the moment?

David: To be honest, not sure chris, perhaps Wolfy knows?

wolfysmith: DaveyPattison is still singing and i think the drummer was called Pete. cant remember the bass player

Grace: yeah folks, the pictures that David posted PLUS the videos of a few of the songs, really capture what it was like at this party. BUT THE BEST PART of this event, was that from 6:00 until 8:00pm, was the food portion of the evening, and "Joe Normal" OOPS, I mean Glenn Hughes was walking around like A NORMAL PERSON, just chatting with everyone. Eight-ish, the concert started, and Glenn announced that he would sing until the cops showed up, for too much "noise" after 10:00 pm then it was back to him being "normal" again. No exhaustion, no hiding in his dressing room. How the man does it, I have NO CLUE. Then of course, it was The Telephone Hour. Ha, ha.

captmidnite1962: Sorry..got the boot!!

Grace: hello to everyone who has logged on, while I've been writing "War and Peace"

wolfysmith: for Trower lineup http://www.trowerpower.com/tours/current/index.html

captmidnite1962: when i saw him 5 years ago it was with Richard Watts and Alvino Bennett

Shirl: Did you just ask Glenn to speak to others Grace? or ...?

David: there was a queue forming Shirl

wolfysmith: its the lineup on the Living Out of Time dvd Capt

chrisloeb: ah, Dave Bronze on bass - haven't heard from him since Procol Harum's "Prodigal Stranger" album - that was in 1991!

captmidnite1962: That is cool Wolfy..

Shirl: Bill - you settled where you are or did I glance that you might be moving again??

Grace: just as simple as I wrote it, Shirl. I asked him if he would, and gave him an out that if he was too tired to do this, or if he thought that it was too much trouble....but he wa s really happy to call up his fans.....even though he probably had to listen to: Hey, who is this? And have to spend a lot of time, trying to convince GHCps that he wasn't some prankster. You've met him Shirl, you know how you find yourself at a "meet and greet" talking to Gh as if he's an old friend that you went to school with, totally casual. Meanwhile, a couple of cells in your brain are doing a yippee dance, thinking......Hey am I talking to, who I think that I'm talking to?

Shirl: Most of my brain cells do that yippee dance when he's around Grace. Real kind of you to do that for others too

wolfysmith: i know what you mean Grace. i couldnt even remember Big Sky when i was talking to him last year about doing an Unplugged album. all i could say was "that acoustic song" from BTM.

Shirl: hello Grace jennifer here. hope your doin okay. bye for now xx

Shirl: Wolfy -

chrisloeb: I still haven't met him personally. Nearest was a quick hello on the sidewalk in front of the venue here in Vienna during the HTP 2 Tour. Security (only one guy, but a big one) wouldn't let anybody go near.

Shirl: that's a real shame Chris - we forget sometimes how lucky we've been - especially us Brits

wolfysmith: He really does read the posts on here Chris so he "knows" you anyway

chrisloeb: But I can totally understand what you mean with talking like old friends - only last week I spent half a day with British writer Jasper Fforde - what a great guy, funny and totally down to earth!

Shirl: but watching him sing live is something else Wolfy, you know that

Shirl: Through your work Chris?

Grace: there was a BIGGGGGGGG security guard at the Velvet sessions at Orlando's Hard Rock Hotel, who was blocking off the fans to the area where Glenn was. So the guy says to me, YOU can't go into the .......VIP.....area. (Remember that I'm a native New Yorker, folks. And this security guard didn't know that I'm an ax murderer.) So I said to him.....Hey, I'm Glenn Hughes' mother.....so he laughed at me, and I instantly BECAME A VIP. True story.

wolfysmith: Shirl - even better when he sees you in the front row and says Hello wolfysmith during a song. I couldnt believe that in Norwich.

David: did you catch your name in the Podcast too wolfy?

David: he remembered too

Shirl: I remember that story Grace.

chrisloeb: yes Shirl, I organised an event here at our store, did the warm up interview with Jasper in front of a 150+ people crowd, led the discussion after the reading and went to dinner til after midnight with him, a representative from the distributor and an Austrian crime novelist. A great day!

Shirl: Yeah Wolfy - a brilliant feeling

chrisloeb: or mentioning Shirl in Barcelona, right?

wolfysmith: i havent downloaded either one David. i've just posted regarding that in the Broadband poll

Grace: Hey David, should I tell these people the REAL high-light of Glenn's performance?

chrisloeb: now you have to, Grace:

Shirl: I've had a few mentions which have blown me away - sure we all have over time. In time, sure you will too Chris

Shirl: Go on Grace - I'm waiting

Shirl: will listen to the podcasts tomorrow night and listen out for our very own Wolfy

wolfysmith: cmon Grace>. type faster!

chrisloeb: excusez nous, Madame G., mais nous attendons!

wolfysmith: Shirl

Grace: OK, OK....just a minute you annoying British people

Shirl: Us??

chrisloeb: ah que est ce que vous dites, Madame - je suis Autrichien, huh!

David: be sure and download it wolfy from home

chrisloeb: we still have 15 minutes till midnight, so....

David: so do you turn into a bat?

chrisloeb: imagine this: the chat room closes only 2 seconds after Grace has posted the last chapter of war and peace. And we won't read it until the transcript...

Shirl: what do you think it is Wolfy? Chris?

David: she must be sharpening her axe or something.

chrisloeb: honestly I have no idea

Shirl: that's it! Glenn presented her with a new one!!

chrisloeb: to quote Tim Curry - I'm shivering with anticipation

Shirl: Glenn's not turned into a sweet transvestite has he????

chrisloeb: good singer btw, Tim Curry

wolfysmith: he said Tony Iommi wanted to do a song in her honour on Fused

Grace: As you can well imagine, Glenn mumbled something (I think) about being in fear for his life if he didn't sing "You Keep On Moving" since I was QUIETLY sharpening my ax at the time, but the real high-light was when he began to introduce a song, that we GHCPs recognize which song is about to come up. Glenn said: "The next song that I will sing, is something that I wrote in 1972". (So we AUTOMATICALLY KNOW that it will be Coast to Coast.) So Glenn said, "I wrote this song in 1972........Grace, how old was I?" I automatically answered him, in my best "air-head" voice "and you were only...........five.......years......old." Even though this was the correct answer, my "stupid" voice made Glenn laugh. I want to beg, borrow, steal or buy a CD or video of this show. The beginning of my comedy career.

Grace: WHEW!

Shirl: Wow!!! Now that's something that I'd love to see on a video link David.

David: didn't capture that moment

Shirl: shucks

Shirl: Goodnight boys and girls. Catch you soon x

chrisloeb: Bye Shirl, talk to you soon!

Grace: Of course, Glenn just expected me to say "five". but........

wolfysmith: bye Shirl

David: Bye Shirl

chrisloeb: I have a technical question, David

Grace: take care of yourself, Shirl......and good luck with the work/home PC. I hope that they won't make you crazy by not working properly

David: go for it Chris

chrisloeb: When I download attachments from the forum, right click - instead of the file name, it just says that I'm dowloading "attachment.php"

David: yeah, it's designed that way.

chrisloeb: ah, okay - i'm filling in the correct file name anyway, so....

David: There is a process that issues the attachments which is why you see the .php file when using 'right-click' to download. If you don't have a media player associated with a particular file type, it will in fact, prompt you to download directly to your computer, otherwise it will launch whichever media player you have defined for that file type (mp3 mov etc.).

chrisloeb: ah, okay, that makes sense now, Thanks

wolfysmith: He does have a great sense of humour tho doesnt he Grace. Chad and him were always making fun of each other when i saw/met them

chrisloeb: and another one.....

David: ok, no.2

chrisloeb: number 2, yeah - what was that again????

chrisloeb: just a sec

Grace: Chris: TOTALLY off-topic......a number of years ago, my mom went on a tour of Europe. No, not as a singer but as a tourist. The 2 most impressive things that she couldn't stop talking about , because it was totally un-expected to her, were the canals and tulips in Amsterdam and a marionette puppet theater in Vienna. I remember her telling me that 5 minutes after the marionettes started the play you forgot that there were strings attached, (no GH pun intended) and she said that it was the highlight of her trip to Europe.

chrisloeb: is there a Skype username I can call to leave an audio message for the podcast, or do I have to use Skype out? Fact is, I might now have fixed the problem i had with Skype (not sure, though), but I have forgotten my password and can't upgrade to Skype out. It's not even accepting my e-mail adress as my username either. Strange but true...

chrisloeb: That's great, Grace. I think me means the puppet theatre at the "Urania (nothing urological, really), that's a building. I loved it as a kid.

David: No, unfortunately chris - we haven't set ourselves up on Skype yet (don't have the required headset/mic etc). But if you're able, you should be able to use Skype to dial-up the Podcast Hotline number, it's no different than anyother overseas call.

chrisloeb: yeah, I think I'll just do that

Grace: it's funny that you mention this, wolfysmith, because I said to Glenn that if he has any spare time (ha, ha) he could start a second career as a cartoon or commercial (advert to you) voice-over artist. On the first pod cast every once in a while, Glenn goes into a voice, that it takes you a few seconds to realize that it's him

David: Still waiting on your Hotline call wolfysmith and Grace! Even Chad called it the other day! Would be nice to hear directly from you too as well

Grace: oh, please.....people must be sick of hearing from me

chrisloeb: Grace, is that the voice Glenn also uses in stage banter during shows - when he announces all the musicians and makes fun of them and himself? This is pretty funny.

wolfysmith: must get organised David. will listen to the others first.

Grace: unless you want me to call up and complain that (according to the photo that you posted) SHIREAN got my prize winning GH guitar. You owe me about ten of these, right, David?

David: no Grace, she was just safe guarding it for a few minutes

wolfysmith: yeah Chris. he did that on the UK shows too.

wolfysmith: gotta go to bed now. see you next month.

chrisloeb: bye wolfy, see you!

David: ok, thanks for stopping by wolfysmith.

wolfysmith: bye David, Grace & Chris

chrisloeb: I'll be going too - see you again soon!

chrisloeb: Bye!

David: ok, Chris, thanks for stopping by, see you next month. Let us know how you get on with Skype.

Grace: boy, this chat went fast, didn't it?

David: yeah, it always does

David: over before you know it

Grace: Hey, it looks like you didn't drop THE AX OF SILENCE at exactly 6:00pm.......so I guess that we better go nite-nite.

David: Yeah, dinner time is close to hand, so will go ahead and close it out for this month, thanks for stopping by. The next Monthly CHAT is on Sunday, June 18th at the usual time, 1:00PM EST.

Grace: OK, tootsie, before your supper goes kerbluey, I'll say so long. Say hello to that great person who was wearing the snappy t-shirt at our table.

David: Will do thanks for stopping by, talk to you next month.

David: Bye for now.

Grace: take care, David..................bye.............and thanks again, Mike.
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