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Old Nov-24-2004, 11:44 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - November 24th, 2004

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - November 24th, 2004

David: Hi Achim

schreinermusic: hello everyone

schreinermusic: How is it going? Great to meet you again here...

David: Good, hope to see some others here today

schreinermusic: Indeed, that would be nice

David: So, it's good news about the new album's release date, hopefully we'll hear some sample soundbytes sooner rather than later now.

schreinermusic: Yeah.. I was very glad to hear about it! Many cool things are coming in 2005 regarding GH apparently

schreinermusic: Im extremly looking forward to the new GH studio album

David: it's sound really exciting with the live 3-piece format

schreinermusic: Listening to the clip of Soul Mover indicates to me that we have a good chance of getting a more funk based album again, a bit in the style of Feel perhaps.

schreinermusic: Yes and it's a challenge to every musician. In a 3-piece recording you cant hide any mistakes as you can in a 5-piece band. It's very pure.

David: I don't know, but I have feeling it'll still be a good mix of funk and rock with the emphasis on rock, but we'll find out soon......

schreinermusic: That's s right. I know a lot of people, wishing GH to make a pure funk album again.

David: it won't surprise me if it has a modern-day Trapeze vibe to it - which is fine by me

schreinermusic: Force him, David! Put him constantly under pressure...hahaha

schreinermusic: Absolutely! I LOVE the Trapeze sometimes more than the DP stuff. Trapeze did have a very own style of music, which no other band did copy at that time. It was somehow a unique thing, in my eyes. And very underrated, by the way

David: I would also like another Feel type record, but I'm not sure it's the right time for it (Feel type release)- maybe in a year or so.....after this one, Iommi/Hughes next HTP etc....which mostly in the rock vein.....

David: it would only confuse the wider audience in my opinion. 'Kinda like when Feel came out after FNO....

schreinermusic: I see your point.These years were totally rock years, regarding Glenn's s releases. Dont forget the new Voodoo Hill album which also goes into the rock vein.

David: right....

David: afterall, there's a little bit of funk in all his records, especially ROCK and SITKOR in places.

schreinermusic: That has always been a problem for Glenn. To satisfy all genres and all fans from different corners which is often nearly impossible to do ..

David: it's a tough one to crack that's for sure!

schreinermusic: True. By the way, Im not sure if you noticed this. Fedor mentioned on his website that the new Prince record would inlcude a song called Cinammon Girl which sounds extremly similar to Courageous of SITKOR. I got the song 2 days ago and I totally agree with him. Worth taking a listen to,

David: Is there someplace I can hear a sample.....Amazon.com? Will take a look for it....

schreinermusic: I just took a lokk, it is called Cinnamon Girl ...yeah...I can send it to you via email if you like...

David: I really like the lyrics to Courageous, can totally relate....

schreinermusic: Not sure if you can hear it on Amazon....

David: Thanks, would appreciate that.....look forward to.

schreinermusic: No problem, mate

David: haven't bought a Prince album for quite a while!

schreinermusic: haha...neither me...the last one I bought has been in 1984..

David: exactly

schreinermusic: your email is David @ ghpg.net, right?

David: that works

schreinermusic: okay.....

David: may hear about the Euro tour dates soon, should be before Christmas

David: Hi Chris

chrisloeb: Hi David, hi Achim - I have finally made it to a chat!!!

schreinermusic: That would be great....hi Chris!

David: Good to see you here.

David: Was just saying we should hear about the Euro tour dates soon

chrisloeb: and it's only the second time in my life!

David: no doubt before Christmas

schreinermusic: Yes, I will have an eye on it! If it doesn's t happen with Germany I will jump over to the UK for a gig of HTP

schreinermusic: or GH solo...

chrisloeb: I hope there will be dates near or even in Austrai again, GH solo this time

David: HTP? You'll be waiting a while


David: it sounds like it's going to be a long outing (6 weeks or more), so there might well be a good chance Chris

chrisloeb: yet I hope this won't be right around the weekend March 11-14, cause I'Ll be in the UK then, attending the Marillion weekend

schreinermusic: David, the rescheduled dates of GH. Will they be with Chad Smith or not? Do you have this information?

schreinermusic: Marillion weekend?

David: well, Switzerland & Germany are close by to you, so you have no excuses

David: Italy too, right??

schreinermusic: I agree ...

schreinermusic: I live 10 minutes away from the french border, David

chrisloeb: yep - a 3 days convention at Butlins, South of England - all things Marillion - 3 gigs, lots of support bands, Quiz nights, meet & greets etc.

schreinermusic: That will surely be very interesting! 20 years ago when I played in a local school band, we covered several Marillion songs as well .....

David: Butlins, how funny - I would never imagine Butlins hosting rock weekends. Don't get me wrong, it's cool, but Butlins! It's a very English thing, might not translate!! I think Jeff Scott Soto also played at one last year!

chrisloeb: In June I travelled to Switzerland and Germany to see Marillion (2nd time on the tour) and Yes (nearest gig possible) - I would have gone to see GH play in Hungary, but I couldn't

schreinermusic: Man kann nicht alles haben

chrisloeb: Yeah, I've already heard about Butlins, still it seems to be a groovy place

chrisloeb: da hast du recht, Achim!

David: Hi wolfysmith

wolfysmith: hi all

schreinermusic: Hi wolfysmith

schreinermusic: David, you just got the email!

chrisloeb: Hi there, wolfysmith

David: I did - many thanks.

wolfysmith: what have i missed - and dont say chat about Glenn!

schreinermusic: You are welcome

schreinermusic: Indeed he sites right beside me having a cup of Earl Grey tea!! No...just kidding!!!

schreinermusic: sits

chrisloeb: pet?

schreinermusic: i dont have any.....

David: just talking about various styles of Glenn's music, Euro tour dates and Butlins!!

wolfysmith: i had a day trip to Butlins from school once and we spent the whole day on the bumper cars

chrisloeb: see, everybody knows the place!

schreinermusic: Must be a legendary place to be....hehehe

wolfysmith: Hi De Hi!

David: yeah, that's how I remember it too! They're now hosting rock weekends! Like one extreme to the other. But it's cool.


chrisloeb: I think the place would even be closed in March, and they're only opening for this convention

wolfysmith: i'd like to once again congratulate you on the new site David. i even sent a private message today to see how that works.

schreinermusic: and also btw, the new forum is cool. First I thought this might be a bit complicated to use but it isnt. You just need to get familiar with it..

David: we might be changing the Chat program in a few months to take advantage of the Fan Forum username/password, that way you don't have to have multiple id's and will hopefully make it a lot easier for everyone and maybe get more folks here each month!

wolfysmith: Chris, maybe we should send David pics of ourselves and we can choose them next month

chrisloeb: Like it a lot too - yet, I haven't had enough time to try all the new features.

David: Thanks, a lot of work, but it's more or less finished, just got a few more attachments to upload - the new forum will allow us to add new features a lot easier over the coming months.

schreinermusic: I see. And it simply helps to improve the communication between the members a whole of a lot!

chrisloeb: or maybe have your profile from the forum (including the avatar) automatically available in the chat program aswell

David: Just be sure and check out the "User CP" (user control panel) - this is where you set all your preferences and notification options.

David: exactly Chris, lots of little extra things like that etc.

chrisloeb: you really do a great job!

David: most people just sign-up and dont' check this stuff out and are missing out on a lot of things that are available to them, but there's only so many times you can remind them about it!

chrisloeb: and I have a very special surprise attachment for the Media Centre waiting, sort of a christmas present, but I won't tell...

David: anyway, pleased you're finding it easy to use and isn't too much of a learning curve coming from the old format.

wolfysmith: just exactly how do you find the time to fit in this site, HTP and the Heart site.

David: cool - you can now upload 6 at a time, so if you have some extras, feel free

wolfysmith: and following the mighty Villa as well

David: haha

schreinermusic: Chris, you are surrounded! Tell us what the surprise is..

David: it's actually not that time consuming, only during tour time does it get real busy - so lots to look forward to soon!

schreinermusic: a bootleg....

chrisloeb: no, I wouldn't do that

chrisloeb: it's one file only, but large one

schreinermusic: Pete and I made the final demo recording last weekend. This week we will record the song we wrote together for real. It sounds great so far, I can tell

David: can't wait to hear that.

chrisloeb: yeah sorry, can't wait to HEAR Achim's demo!

schreinermusic: What we actually trying to do is a kind of 4 song EP, including 1 song probably sung by Ann burstyn which is also a member on ghpg. We have close contact to her regarding this...we are all excited about it

David: very cool, look forward to it Achim

chrisloeb: Achim, what will it be like musically?

schreinermusic: The direction will be basically the classic rock genre. The song on which Pete and I are working is very similiar to On the Ledge concerning the structure. But also acoustic ballds...ect.

chrisloeb: On the Ledge has Progressive Rock elements in it - will you develop that further?

wolfysmith: looking forward to it. is there much keyboards like in that song

schreinermusic: We are trying to. Pete and I, we both always considered On the Ledge to be the most interesting rock song we heard in a long time. Yeah, wolfysmith, I layed down some keys as well...

wolfysmith: i love the keyboards in Kiss of Fire especially at the end when it slowly fades out

schreinermusic: Personally I found Vince di Cola on HTP doing an awesome job!

schreinermusic: What do you think about the new topic.. Influences of Burn ..I found it very interesting....

wolfysmith: interesting. but you could probably discuss the influences of every song written

David: i got my t-shirt by the way wolfy!

David: Hi Chip

schreinermusic: Hi Chip

Chip: Hi everyone, almost forgot about the chat again!

chrisloeb: Hi Chip

wolfysmith: i seem to remember Ritchie saying that black night was ripped off from the bass line of a pop song of the time

wolfysmith: hi Chip. yes David i saw your reply. still waiting for my shirt but they havent billed my credit card yet anyway

David: hopefully Stormbringer will be next up, especially as Burn is the best selling remaster to date.

chrisloeb: Influences... just read the topic, very good indeed. I always thought that the opening track on HTP2 contains references to Speed King

Chip: Any word on the release date in the US for the Burn remaster?

wolfysmith: David, Arsenal & Chelsea both drew Champions league matches tonight. the gunners had two sent off!

David: haven't heard anything Chip, but think you can pick it up on Amazon for a reasonable price.

David: wow wolfy!

chrisloeb: Sorry, I have to leave now - David, I'll e-mail you again soon

chrisloeb: Bye everybody - talk to you again soon!

schreinermusic: Bye Chris..catch you soon again! Schönen Abend noch nach Österreich

Chip: Bye, Chris.

David: Thanks for stopping by Chris, no doubt hear from you soon.

chrisloeb: Schönen Abend auch Achim!! bis bald!

wolfysmith: David, EMI say Burn is the best selling reissue but any idea what that actually means in sales?

David: i've no idea!

David: I think they pressed 500 of the vinyl and it's sold out and I would guess they pressed at least 1000 of the CD

Chip: Yeah..I forgot to pre-order the vinyl version.

wolfysmith: i thought about getting the vinyl but didnt in the end.

schreinermusic: I did not know that it is available as vinyl as well! Very cool

wolfysmith: the candles look like they could be going ahead too.

David: a bit pricey, eh. Is anyone actually going to light them

Chip: How much are the candles?

David: approx. $150

wolfysmith: Chip check http://www.deep-purple.net/mk1-6news/mk1to6news.htm#can

schreinermusic: Did you already listen to the song of Prince, David?

David: no not yet, i'll download in a moment....

schreinermusic: k

schreinermusic: or playing around with unknown buttons...hehe

schreinermusic: Did anyone listen to the LIVING LOUD CD? Sorry, it is not directly GH related but Steve Morse and Don Airey is on it and Bob Daisley on bass. The singer is the australian Jimmy Barnes which did an AAZING version of When a blind man cries on Jon Lord'ss Hoochie Coochie CD.

schreinermusic: AMAZING

wolfysmith: havent heard it yet. they were selling it at the DP show last week along with Morse solo stuff and DP stuff.

Chip: No, I haven't heard Living Loud yet?

Chip: Dixie Dregs is coming to Phoenix soon....might check them out.

wolfysmith: are they very much like the original ozzy version or have they changed it around

schreinermusic: It is a great record, I can highly recommend it! http://www.livingloud.com/

schreinermusic: They changed it A LOT! Especially Mr. Crowley is breathtaking! They also added some original Living Loud songs to it, which are also great.

schreinermusic: I luv the song Every Moment a Lifetime the most. It gives me goose bumps everytime I listen to it...

wolfysmith: i think they are/have a live cd/dvd coming out

schreinermusic: Yes, I heard the same. I gotta check that out these days....

David: just listened to Cinnamon Girl Achim, you can certainly hear the similarities, although it's in a completely different vein than Courageous.....

wolfysmith: change of subject but did you realise its actually 30 years ago this month that Stormbringer was released so it'll have to be a 31st anniversary issue


schreinermusic: Wow...30 years....personally I always found Stormbringer an amazing alubum...even Blackmore won's agree....

schreinermusic: wont

schreinermusic: The Gypsy ....still an outstanding tune....would love to hear that live again..

wolfysmith: it would be grat to hear glenn do Holy Man on the new tour

schreinermusic: yeah.....do u have the remake of it from the Feel album? I think it sounds good, very mellow...

schreinermusic: but it doesnt top the original version...

wolfysmith: i think id like to hear a CTTB reissue the most

schreinermusic: okay....folks..I gotta go as well..time for sleeping...was greating talking to you all! have a great time and take care!!

wolfysmith: bye

Chip: Bye.

David: I'm hoping Medusa will also get issued remastered. I think it's Lemon Records who reissued the previous Trapeze releases.

David: bye Achim, thanks for stopping by

schreinermusic: see ya soon again, mates...

Chip: Yeah...I hope Lemon Records keeps releasing the Trapeze stuff.

wolfysmith: Chip if you want to order Burn in advance try www.cdxpress.co.uk they have it for $21.34 including postage to USA. i have used them a fair bit as they are a specialist Rock site

Chip: Thanks, Wolfy. That's a great price. I'll do that.

David: Wolfy will you be at the Northampton show in February?

wolfysmith: not sure. probably just dudley. ive got little Lucy now !

David: ok

wolfysmith: will you and Shirean be over for all the shows

David: not all the shows, most likely Edinburgh, London and Northampton.

wolfysmith: remind me of the day of the week for northampton

David: Saturday

David: figured what with it being the last show, it might hold some surprises, assuming they're aren't any along the way!

wolfysmith: ah the following saturday! i could try and persuade the wife.

David: we were going to do Dudley, Bradford & London, but decided to checkout some new places this time around.

wolfysmith: for the SITKOR show in Cambridge i booked us a decent hotel for the night and we did some sightseeing so i could try the same again. Never been to Northampton. Where is it

David: haha

David: north of Watford I hear!

wolfysmith: id have thought youd have done dudley as its glenns home show

David: it's tempting, but we want to check out some new places

David: and only have so much time

wolfysmith: i met a mate of the Galleys a couple of weeks ago and he said that Mel was blown away by Glenn's show last time. he knew just how much he put into it and said he was glad he'd retired!

David: Glenn's the young one out of the 3 Trapeze members, so he's still got time!


wolfysmith: also Tom said that the new Phenomema cd went well and to check toms site for more news soon

David: yeah, that tour he pulled out all the stops, really hope Chad can make it, as it will bring out even more jaw dropping performances from Glenn.

Chip: Any word that Chad's schedule might open up a little by Feb.?

David: No, don't think they'll know until a couple of weeks beforehand.

wolfysmith: do you think glenn would sing a chillies song or two in the show if he did make it

David: although i'll enjoy it even if Tomas Broman is on board - he's one mighty drummer too.

David: don't know, he hasn't so far when with Chad. Might depend on the mix of the crowds, although I can't imagine it, can you?

Chip: I'm with you David, I can't see it happening...but you never know.

wolfysmith: not really no. but glenn has gotta change the setlist around. Soul Mover plus lots of solo stuff. save the DP for the encores

David: yeah, hopefully this coming year will change things - the DVD set plus Soul Mover will be a disappointment. It's not that it's not good stuff, but that will be more or less the same set as 2003.

wolfysmith: the htp2 tour WAS the same at the htp tour


David: more or less, yeah, that was a little disappointing. He needs to take some chances - although in my eyes, there's no risk - i've told him that many a time!

David: getting Blue Jade was an achievement last timeout, so hopefully we'll see another 6 or 7 others this time

wolfysmith: if he does tour with iommi he could bung some DP and Sabbath stuf in there instead

David: hopefully they'll just stick with 7th Star sabbath stuff plus new material - no solo or purple - that's my wish anyways!!

Chip: Good wish, David. That would be a cool tour.

wolfysmith: he never toured BTM, TWII or ROCK here - unless i missed all of them.

David: no, he played in 2000 with ROCK - but just one date in the UK

wolfysmith: fraid i gotta go now. its 11.30pm. nice to see you again David. Chip let me know how you get on with cdxpress. they list the vinyl for sale as well

David: ok thanks wolfy. they'll be no Chat next month due to our Christmas holidays - next one in January. Have a great holiday and New Years.

wolfysmith: will be on away holiday next month so will miss next chat.

Chip: Bye Wolfy. I'll definately check out cdxpress later this evening...especially if they have the vinyl.

wolfysmith: you beat me to it David!

wolfysmith: bye


David: bye

David: so you booked your UK trip yet?

Chip: Not yet...I know I've got to decide real quick though.

David: yeah, otherwise prices will start to creep up.

Chip: Yeah..I thought I might not like going over in the dead of winter....but it is the off-season I guess.

David: right. yeah, it will be chilly!! But what with the excitement of the GH shows you won't notice it too much!

Chip: Right!!! I might have to use that on Lea..to talk her into going!!

David: Well, have to go now, so will close things out for this month. They'll be no Chat next month due to Christmas holidays, but will be back after that - Wednesday, January 26th, 2005, usual time, 1:00PM PST.

Chip: Ok, David. Talk to you later. Take care.

David: Thanks for stopping by, happy Thanksgiving, but no doubt talk to you soon.
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