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Old Sep-20-2003, 11:53 PM
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Thumbs up Pat Thrall/Funky Deuce

AS we all know Pat Thrall has had an amazing career, as mentioned with the likes of Asia,
Pat Travers, toured with Meat Loaf and no doubt
filling in a few sessions as well. I am uncertain who the other 2 players are in this power trio? Liddel, Rush, and Thrall. From what i have heard the album is complete, with a Japanese release only? on the 21st of November.
Look forward to your thoughts. P.C.

that would be great
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Old Sep-21-2003, 3:43 PM
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I don't know who they are either, but this album was finished in 1988 and never released. It's been pushed back what seems like dozens of times since they said they were going to put it out last year. I was not impressed with the one clip I heard, sounded like typical 80's unimpressive hair metal. Pat as always was shredding but the song I heard was very average and cliched.

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Old Oct-01-2003, 3:34 AM
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Tony Liddell was one of the singers for Strangeways, if I'm not mistaken (if Pat's site is right, then I am too). I think he also was one of the best, judging by the song 'The Law' Pat had available for download at his site (http://www.studiopt.com)
Check out the 'News' page here:
and scroll down to April 2001, the link to the file is still there (full version, as almost always with Pat)
I think that if you read those News, you will have quite an impression... I don't know whether you'd like it or not, that Pat is currently working for the showbiz industry and not fighting against it, like GH, JLT etc. I think that it is better than what could be if Pat sank into oblivion. He was always underrated, anyway. He can be as fast on the guitar as Yngwie Malmsteen, but unlike Yng, Pat _can_ play slow... Pat is just an amazing talent, and I think that guitar has been just a compromise for him. Remember, Pat's always had a 'thing' for synthesizers. Todays he runs a full blown digital Studio and makes trip hop remixes in his free time.
Well, about his free time... I doubt he's got a lot of it. I am sure it's not his fault that H/T II is not still ready. It is the other side of being requested: when you're inundated with offers of work, and you love your work, despite anything, can you reject them? I guess no. Pat's talent is widely sought after now, and although he remains an unsung hero, he is the true one. Not blown up by media or whatever. Just think, there's hardly a person who has not heard him play guitar. Almost anyone has heard Meat Loaf's biggest hit. He also appeared on The Bodyguard soundtrack. He recorded guitar for the Sydney Olympic anthem.
And Pat also played some on Tina Turner's hit - 'Simply the Best'. I guess it will fit perfectly to describe Pat as such, too...
PS Sorry if I disappear for a lomg time, I am too busy in the university...
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Old Oct-01-2003, 3:43 AM
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>I was not impressed with the one clip I heard,
>sounded like typical 80's unimpressive hair
>metal. Pat as always was shredding but the
>song I heard was very average and cliched.

I loved the song. It is reminiscent of Muscle & Blood, true, and it has nothing new/original about it, but it's got power. That inimitable 80's power. I happen to love Motley Crue too (what a bad taste, you can say), and LRT is what I always loved in Crue and even better. Besides, Pat on guitar and producing this too. Can I resist? No.
Of course, Pat can make anyone sound as a great singer, I believe, so we will never know if Tony Liddell could cut it live. But at least 'The Law' is fantastic. Well, for those who want to have their music served as 80's metal, anyway. It is one of the styles I love and hate at the same time, because it can contain true gems and a load of ... . But wait... Isn't that true with any genre?..
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