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Old Nov-08-2001, 3:35 PM
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Blast review!

Blast Magazine review of Building The Machine


1.) "Can't Stop the Flood" - This track opens with one of the meanest guitar patterns I believe I have ever heard. The intro builds with power until it erupts into a powerful groove. The mixture of hard rock guitar, thumping bass line, and Glenn's blusey vocals have a great effect on the listener. Glenn's vocals are very smooth and mix very well with the backing vocals through the chorus. Glenn changes his vocal style a couple times which has the effect of an almost duet.

2.) "Inside" - This track kicks off with a very heavy funk pattern. Through the verse there is a couple real cool bass licks. Who could doubt Glenn's vocal ability after listening to this song? The chorus is structured very well lyrically and musically.

3.) "Out on me" - If the linear notes did not say that Glenn wrote this one. The listener would swear it was a Black Crows song. The song kicks off with drums and vocals. The song just really grooves and sounds great.

4.) "I just want to Celebrate" - A great version of the classic Rare Earth song.

5.) "Don't let it Slip Away" - This track opens with a very seventies sounding intro. Vocally it even has that seventies feel to it. Glenn's vocal changes are just amazing!

6.) "Feels like Home" - This track kicks off with acoustic guitar. Glenn's vocals are done in a very high key and give the song a very subtle feeling. There is a couple acoustic lead breaks through the verse. There is a real strange bridge that you really are not expecting. As the song progresses it picks up with tempo to a smooth climax ending.

7.) "Highball Shooter" - Remake of the Deep Purple classic song.

8.) "When you fall" - This track has a real heavy intro, not really what I was expecting from the title. Glenn's vocals through the verse sound like they are done through his nose, which gives the song a real strange effect.

9.) "I Will Follow You" - From the opening intro you can tell this one is going to be real blusey. The song kicks off with a blues type lead scale. When the song kicks in it pretty much is done in an old standard blues style.

10) "Beyond the Numb" - This track kicks off with a drum/bass intro. The vocal arrangement is very abstract. The backing music is done in an almost Pink Floyd way.

11.) "Big Sky" - This song kicks off with acoustic guitar with electric lead scales. This is another one that really shows Glenn's vocal ability. Glenn hits a couple real wild sounding bass licks on this track.

"Building the Machine" covers everything from funk to heavy metal, and proves Glenn is still a major powerhouse in rock. Every song off this release is a masterpiece within it's own way. Any fan of Glenn's, or just older rock fans in general will just fall in love with this CD.
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