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Old Aug-21-2009, 1:11 AM
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Icon34 Happy Birthday, Glenn!

From today's Express & Star, Glenn's local paper at home in the UK

You would think that any singer who has performed to the roar of thousands would be used to the noise, writes Debbie Bennett.

But even this took Cannock-born vocal maestro Glenn Hughes by surprise when he watched the historic away win for his beloved Wolves on Tuesday night.

"Those Wolves fans were the greatest, loudest away fans Iíve ever heard in my life. I go to Molineux and I see away teams, but those Wolves fans - my God, they were loud!"

The former Trapeze and Deep Purple singer and bass player was still beaming from the victory on one of his many visits to the UK this week.

Itís only been a couple of months since we last chatted, but Glenn sounded happier and more relaxed than ever before.

And so he should. Life is good for this busy professional. Heís doing exactly what he wants to do. Today is his 58th birthday, yet itís the first time heís celebrated here in the UK in decades.

"My parents havenít seen me on my birthday since the 70s," he confesses, although heís not here for long. Tonight heíll be at a festival in, Bulgaria. His followers there hold a kind of "Glenn Hughes Day" on his birthday, and he returns to perform there every year.

Since recovering from a drug habit which almost killed him, Glenn has become one of the most prolific singer/songwriters of his age and because thereís always a new set of tunes up his sleeve, or another tour around the corner, he rarely sits still - and thatís how he likes it.

"Itís been a busy year for me," he says. "Iím gonna start making a new album in November, and the plan is to start a world tour in January in South America, coming to Europe in April, where Iím hoping I get to do five or six gigs in England this time."

The secret, Glenn says, is doing live shows and lots of them. "My profile is getting higher and higher, hence the new albums have struck a chord with a lot of the new fans.

"The key element is the one-on-one situation. Iím not a brand. Iím a solo artist and itís something Iíve chosen to do. I didnít want to be in a metal band, playing one kind of music. Iíve done the right thing."

This aside, it helps to have a manager who thinks on your level.

"Myself and Carl Swann are so close about what we want to do with my work," Glenn says. "Heís really been the key for me these last six years. Heís been brilliant."

Not only this, but Glenn seems immune to the frustrations of many long-standing musicians trying to make a living in the age of the download.

"The beauty of it, in this time of free music, when nobodyís getting paid and nobodyís buying CDs, itís all about YouTube and seeing it live," he claims.

"Iíve built up a great fanbase all around the world. If an artist wants to start making music now and he hasnít already got a fanbase, itís virtually impossible."

Glennís career has seen several collaborations with other big names, and earlier this year he shared the stage at Childline Rocks with former Deep Purple keys man Jon Lord.

Their appearance at the charity concert at the indigO2 in London was such as success that the pair are now talking about "going out and doing some shows".

So, jetsetting all across the world, Wolves matches, charity concerts, new albums... and now what the fans have been waiting for, Glennís autobiography.

UK-based Joel McIver, wrote the best-selling biography of the late Cliff Burton, bassist with Metallica, and is helping Glenn fine tune the content.

"This book is so deep in flavour regarding my youth, all the crazy stuff thatís happened. The book is in three parts, from the craziness to the solution.

"Itís a very true account of things Iím very embarrassed by, how bad I looked and how bad I felt. Iíve had to kind of scratch out the wound."

Glenn admits it was hard opening up at first but has ultimately helped him.

"Itís the most therapeutic thing Iíve ever done," he says. "You only get to do an autobiography once. This is it for me."

Weíll have to wait for the book but, like Glennís fellow Wolves fans, we can hopefully enjoy more winning performances on the stage - and on the pitch.

"Iím just another Wolves fan who happens to be a rock and roll singer. Itís a real privilege. My parents and Wolves are the most important things for me in the UK. I love them to pieces."

Happy birthday, Glenn.

By Debbie Bennett

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Old Aug-21-2009, 8:35 AM
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Aye there should be somthing in the Cannock Post too. Nice article by Debs.
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Old Aug-22-2009, 12:41 AM
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Very nice article, I really enjoyed reading it!!! Really well said!
Thank you for posting it, David!
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Old Aug-24-2009, 11:12 AM
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Keith, you were right!
Attached Thumbnails (click to enlarge)

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Old Aug-24-2009, 1:40 PM
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Yes superb article - I particularly liked the bit about South America in January - could Glenn be in Rio on my birthday???? That would be awesome!!!! Any advane preview on dates - I'm probably starting to get annoying now keep bleating on about Rio but I just can't help it!!!!!! I so desperately want to fulfill my long standing dream to go to a gig in Rio!!!!!!!!

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Love and hugs xxx
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