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Fan CHAT Schedule & Logs Schedule details & Transcripts from Fan CHAT sessions.


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Old Mar-22-2009, 7:48 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - March 22nd, 2009

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - March 22nd, 2009

David: Afternoon all

trapezoid: hi David

David: Hi there

trapezoid: computer locked up, sorry I'm late

David: No worries, you're still the first Most folks show up sometime after the start!

trapezoid: are ya pumped up about N.Y. next week

David: Oh yeah, definitely, especially after getting a good teaser from some of the video clips comin' out of Sweden Should be great

David: Don't remember; are you also going to any of the US dates next week?

Vinnis: hiya guys

trapezoid: can't make it but would like to meet all of ya soon

David: Hi Vinnis

Vinnis: hiya David

Vinnis: how are ya

trapezoid: hi Vinnis

Vinnis: hiya trap

David: Good, no doubt see you real soon

Vinnis: oh yes

Vinnis: all 3

David: yep

Vinnis: yeah i cant wait

David: you going to LA too?

Vinnis: right now no. I may try to make it, if not sold out by now

David: Don't think I'll be able to make that one this time around, but Shirean is still trying to figure a way to get out there, but it's a bit late now as you say

Vinnis: I am driving to MA. tho for anyone lookin for a ride to that show

Vinnis: ya i know

Vinnis: but will be worth it hahhahha

Vinnis: that last show there was amazing

David: cool. I already booked a flight to JFK, would of taken you up on that, had I known

Vinnis: damn

Vinnis: im sorry

Vinnis: next time glenn does an east coast thingy like this u can count on me for a ride tho

David: thanks, will keep that in mind

Vinnis: **** after all u have done for me least i could do

trapezoid: got all your directions set 4 the ny show

Vinnis: BUT i still have 2 extra tix for MA. and a ride for anyone interested - im meeting a friend there

Vinnis: im sure some GHCP will be here

David: Well, hopefully someone reading the transcript, will get in contact you via a PM before the end of the week

Vinnis: there ya go lol didnt even think of that "slaps self in head"

David: Was saying earlier, most folks show up late here, so it always starts off slow...

Vinnis: i asked kenny and carolyn but they dont land till round 6 fri nite

Vinnis: i wanna get on the road by 2 latest

trapezoid: Sounds like it will be a fun time 4 you all!

Vinnis: i have to remember to bring those 5x7 BW photos too David maybe glenn can sign one

David: I'm sure he will if he can. I would think Friday or Sunday night would be the easiest time, but unsure.

Vinnis: oh yeah agreed im not even gonna bother em on sat gonna be hectic enough

Vinnis: i respect what he does and stay outta the way lol

David: He is certainly in fine form, judging by those recent performances in Norway and Sweden.

Vinnis: i have an internet radio station too (and i do pay royalties glenns not gettin screwed) and turned many onto him

Vinnis: really David thats great to hear

Vinnis: his acoustic set in sept was flooring

trapezoid: Guys, I just wanted to stop by and say howdy. Hope to see y'all at a future gig. Got 2 go, peace

Vinnis: bye trap

David: Bye trapezoid, thanks for stopping by.

David: Very quiet today, hopefully some more folks will make an appearance soon!

Vinnis: ya so im DJing im back n forth

Vinnis: hiya tony

tony g: yo yo what up

tony g: where u from Vinnis i forget Chicago here

Vinnis: NY

Vinnis: just north of the city

tony g: ok going to the shows right?

Vinnis: yes

tony g: cool

Vinnis: cant wait

tony g: i bet

David: Hi Tony

tony g: hi David how u been

David: Good, thanks.

tony g:

tony g: hows that

Vinnis: wow nice

tony g: dam i thought everyone going to the shows would be on here whats up?

Vinnis: ya me too

Vinnis: but like David said its early

tony g: ok i thought i was late

David: Still have an hour left

tony g: damm this might be the smallest ever

tony g: u gonna go to new york David

David: Guess everyone is getting prepared for next week or something

David: Yeah, will be at the 3 East Coast gigs, can't do the LA one this time.

tony g: i cant do any so dont feel so bad

tony g: u gonna meet anybody from here in ny Vinnis

Vinnis: im sure

David: They'll be fair few from here there Should hopefully be a good turnout

Vinnis: when do u get back on Sat. David?

David: around 1 I think...

Vinnis: not too bad

tony g: i thought i read where a lotta people were gonna hook up before the show

Vinnis: ill be gettin back that time myself

David: A few lucky folks managed to get into the Sunday night show, so figuring things out Saturday night to meetup on Sunday sometime. Having said that, I think most folks have eachother's cell no.'s so I'm sure something impromptu will take place for Saturday, one way or the other

tony g: cool i'll be here reading all about it


David: Should be fun for those folks in Australia too, bet they're getting psyched right about now

tony g: for glenn too i bet

tony g: new place to take over

David: Yeah, it's been a while, although we did manage to get DVD out of the last visit

tony g: yeah but this is like his first electric tour right?

David: yes, that's right...should be a good one for sure

David: Well, most disappointing not a lot folks have shown up here today, although you never know, there's still a little time left!

tony g: what u guys think of chickenfoot

David: They sound promising...like what I hear so far - should be a good live set, hopefully they'll do some club dates and not just stadiums!

tony g: i know i need someone to come through around here this year

tony g: something anything!!!!!!!!!

tony g: wait not anything

David: Surprising not too many come thru your neck of the woods Tony...it's a major city and all that...having said that, there's very little of interest around where we are either!!

David: Vinnis is in a good place!

tony g: these kids around here are funny -top 40 heavy-when glenn came here they where all shocked

tony g: he got done playing and it took them half a minute to realize what they had just seen

David: Yep, puts a big grin on your face when that happens

tony g: i still remember this one kid-wow can u believe anyone can play bass and sing like that!


tony g: he really nailed it David. 3 songs out playing everyone else

tony g: some how i'll see that again sometime

David: Yeah, hopefully it won't be too long before he pays you another visit.

tony g: we'll see gotta keep the faith!

David: Most definitely....it does pay off eventually, trust me

Vinnis: gotta run guys see ya tony David see ya in 5 days

David: Ok Vinnis, thanks for stopping by, see you soon

tony g: be cool Vinnis look forward to your report

tony g: ok David guess i'll go too. See ya...

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Tony, the next regular Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, April 26th at the usual time.

David: See you then, bye for now!
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