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Old Aug-14-2008, 10:47 AM
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Icon49 Glenn and Gibson reunite...

Glenn is working and reuniting with Gibson after many years.

It was all about the Gibson 335 whilst in Trapeze. The Medusa album was written with this instrument, in the pic I am playin' the Epiphone Elitist and will be playin' it on the RRFC tour....they have sent me a Cherry Red Gibson 335.....You Are The Music...was written on a '71 Gibson Les Paul, so it should be obvious to everyone that I am goin' "home" to the sound that is appropriate for me....I am playin' more guitar now than ever...and I am honored to part of the Gibson family.

Picture Courtesy: Epiphone

You can read more on the Epiphone Elitist from here.
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Old Aug-15-2008, 10:37 AM
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Goin' Home!

There is a school picture of Glenn playing his Epiphone...you can't see the entire guitar but the elaborate vine inlay on the headstock is evidence of the guitar's identity. I remember Glenn saying that the Epiphone was one of his first guitars...and older Epiphones are sought out by collectors and players alike. Jimmy McCullouch was rocking with an Epiphone Coronet back in the "Wings Over America" days and Steve Marriott used one during the Humble Pie days when Peter Frampton was in the band; Frampton said that the Epiphone's sound complemented his Les Paul.

Epiphone was acquired by Gibson some years back and they are made in Korea. For the money you really can't beat the Epiphones as a solid starter guitar. The devil is in the details though, you do get what you pay for and the workmanship isn't going to scare anyone at Gibson anytime soon. But Epiphone has started a new line that caters to the serious player; the Elitist Line.

These guitars aren't as pricy as their Gibson cousins and they are still made overseas. The difference is that they are constructed in a dedicated faclility and the workmanship is pretty impressive. The hardware (tuners, controls) are all American made and the pickups are made by Gibson just for those guitars. They are a fine middle ground for the player that wants a quality instrument but can't swing the Gibson price tag.

A new Gibson ES-335 will set you back nearly 3000 bucks, the Elitist 335 is roughly half that.Now how chrome plated cool is that?

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Old Aug-15-2008, 12:44 PM
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bill, you always seem to have some good info. on just about any topic posted on here. i'm always amazed at the depth of knowledge that is on here. not only is G. one of the best talents around, his fans are some of the most overall knowledgable. you can test that anytime by just digging through this site. a couple of days ago, i was looking @ some old post and got all up into the Brad Delp discussion, which made me break out some old boston stuff and my old barry goudreau solo cd. i wish that i could get some of that rtz again (on cd) and the orion the hunter. i had all of that on lp, now i'm looking on cd.
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Old Sep-03-2008, 5:18 AM
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Its terrific to see that Glenn is doing so well in everything he is involved in at the moment, including this. Papa is truly blessed !
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Old Apr-25-2009, 1:44 PM
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Being a guitar player myself, this was an interesting post. Wasn't aware of this model Epiphone.

I have 6 Gibsons - not an obvious choice given that I'm always more comfortable with a whammy bar.

Have never owned a 335 but I do have a Line 6 Variax which does a killer emulation.
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