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Old Jan-20-2008, 7:00 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - January 20th, 2008

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - January 20th, 2008

David: Hi Conchita

Conchita: HELLLLLOOOO in there!

Shirean: Hello

Conchita: Good afternoon Mr & Mrs H! Where is everyone?

Shirean: Its still early

David: It's always slow at the beginning - don't know why, but always has been!

Conchita: ah ok...I'll wait then for everone to turn up

Conchita: I just got the news about Mel...sending him lots of good vibes and positive thoughts.

Shirean: us too!

David: Hi Chip

Conchita: hello Chip!

Chip: Hello everyone

Shirean: Hi Chip

Chip: Hi Shirean

Chip: Small group today, huh?

Shirean: Did you get your package ok?

David: It always starts slow...

Chip: Yes I did. Thanks.

David: So the new album is practically all done, should have some more news this week with any luck.


Chip: Yet again, sounds like the new album will be quite different then the previous.

David: It's a very exciting time - good vibes all around for this one. Can't wait to hear it.

David: He went down a storm at NAMM the other day, lots of new faces got to see Big Daddy

David: Hi Christian

Conchita: Guten Abend, Chris!

Chip: Hello Christian

chrisloeb: Hello everyone

chrisloeb: Just read the official statement from Mel...

Conchita: I was shocked

Chip: A real shame. Just when things were falling in place, this happened.

chrisloeb: Exactly, Chip

Conchita: truly

chrisloeb: I mean he has gone through serious s**t with his arms already - at the peak of world-wide success, and now this...

David: Again, keep it positive and we should see him hit the stage sooner rather than later.

chrisloeb: arm that is, sorry

David: Hi Grace

Conchita: Hi Grace!

Chip: Yeah, I'm sure he'll be back. Eager to get on stage again.

Shirean: Hi Grace

chrisloeb: Hi Grace

Chip: Hi Grams...oops sorry. I meant Grace

Conchita: I hear an ax being sharpened...

Grace: hello everybody, sorry I'm late...well, I guess that I know what the topic is......

Grace: Hey....I know where you people live

Shirean: Looks like everyone had a good time at NAMM

chrisloeb: Conchita - did you have everything booked yet? I reckon Nathalie and Inma had...

Conchita: hi Tony

chrisloeb: Hi Tony

Chip: Hi Tony.

tony g: hi all ghp peoples sorry to hear about mel

Conchita: No Chris I didn't book yet - I was waiting till February in order to sort out some things

Shirean: Hi Kat,Tony

Conchita: Hi Kat

Kat: howdy

Grace: ....and that's Grammy Grace, hunny!

Chip: Hi Kat.

chrisloeb: you're on axe strike, Grace?

Grace: Just like the music awards.

Kat: hi chip

David: Glenn went down a storm at NAMM the other night.

tony g: cool

Chip: Any video yet?

David: Did you get a chance to hear the new stuff from Jeff Kollman, Chad Smith etc - not as funky as I had expected, but still good to hear...

tony g: David do you know who leather tongue is?

David: Hopefully this week Chip

Chip: Cool.

David: Hmmm, sounds familiar....perhaps the support band.

tony g: in detroit?

Chip: Still need to check out the new stuff from Jeff and Chad.

tony g: is their cd out yet

David: No Tony, I think next month or April! They have to come up with a band name first

tony g: jeff kolman chad cd

tony g: ok

Grace: David, give us a clue. Dare I hope that the new CD has a decent photograph of Glenn ~ SMILING ~ on the cover?

chrisloeb: Unnamed Chad/Jeff Band: IMO They sound like a Fusion Jam Band, they're all excellent players and have an excellent sound, but the material doesn't stand as much out as I had expected. Perhaps they need a singer?

Grace: I thought that we were all supposed to be working on a name for the band?

Shirean: We haven't seen the artwork yet

chrisloeb: Has anybody come up with the right 'K' word yet?

Shirean: Nope

Grace: Nobody needs to hear me whining AGAIN about Glenn's album covers....

chrisloeb: so the guessing continues...

Shirean: Yes

tony g: where did you hear the new kollman chad music chris?

Grace: Oh, it's not KABOOM then?

chrisloeb: NAMM videos, Tony!

tony g: you tube?

Shirean: JeffKollman.com too

tony g: thank you

chrisloeb: no, right here, 16 post down

David: There in the Video sub-forum in the Off Topic section of the Fan Forum ... tony

chrisloeb: think I got the tag totally wrong!?

David: Here's the direct link tony

David: But yeah, you'll find them on YouTube and on Jeff's very own web site.

tony g: thank you all im interested in anything jeff kollman

chrisloeb: Shirean:, totally OT: I was DJing yesterday night, and put on The Immigrant Song from Ann Wilson's latest album - I got 4 requests from people in the club who wanted to know who that was and where they could get it...

Kat: nice

Shirean: Very COOL Chris

Shirean: Heart were at NAMM too they played a private show last night for the dealers.

Shirean: Wish I could have gone.

Conchita: Awww thanks!

Conchita: Shirean...Heart played last night? Damn that must have been a killer for you to miss it!

Shirean: Yes indeed

Shirean: They are coming to Orlando in March so I'll see em then.

Kat: You going to catch them this year again at Universal's Mardi Gras?

tony g: chris arent you coming out with a cd? you know i gotta have one

Grace: Not to insult anybody who's already here....but I thought wolfy would be here, in case there were any up-dates about Mel, or did I miss any because i was late getting here?

Shirean: Yes Kat, maybe I'll see you there.

Conchita: no he hasn't been here yet

chrisloeb: Yes Tony, we're working on it. Should be finished and ready around the summer. The Spooky Tooth gig is our no.1 priority at the moment, but recording is still underway nevertheless...

chrisloeb: Wolfy e-mailed that he's sorry, he won't be on the chat

tony g: i finally got a ticket to see glenn!!!!!!!!! and i can see that im the only one here that hasnt seen him

Shirean: I'll be hanging out with the Heartmongers!

tony g: cool chris

Chip: I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here..but I think Mel goes in for more tests later this week. So it's no news until then.

Kat: tony it's been so long it's starting to feel like I never have seen him

tony g: does mel smoke?

Chip: Yes, he does.

chrisloeb: Tony, you will love every second of your first Glenn gig!

tony g: i know i will, but i want to know who leather tongue is

chrisloeb: is that a support band?

Conchita: let's hope for the best for Mel

tony g: i think so chris

Chip: Probably a local band...?

Conchita: Tony, a first-time Glenn gig is an knock-you-out experience!

tony g: i cant wait

Grace: thanks for the up-dates..............

tony g: i just hope mel is ok -in these situations the best thing to due is have faith that it will all work out

Conchita: Wolfy told me Glenn will be coming to Italy in May...in order not to jinx myself I won't make any plans till the time comes!

tony g: be as positive as you can

David: notice the poster Tony

David: www.myspace.com/leathertongue

Chip: Wolfy said Mel was in good spirits yesterday.

tony g: you sound like me Conchita - im waiting for feb 24

tony g: thanks David

Shirean: We should get word this week of the tour dates.

David: yeah, end of May Conchita - officially confirmed dates coming soon!

Conchita: After having glenn and Matt Filippini play in my back yard last year - and missing it! - I'll plan it all in May!

Grace: I think that by now (and with wolfy beating Mel with a stick, as instructed) that Mel knows that all of the Crazy People are standing with him, and wishing him all the best

Conchita: you took the words out of my mind, Grace

Grace: Besides, Rock Stars are TOUGH!

Conchita: mouth!

tony g: your right Grace

Grace: Hey, I made Conchita lose her mind!

Kat: lol

Conchita: no, I lost that a LONG time ago!

tony g: thanks David, leather tongue sounds alright

tony g: David and Shirean are you both going to detroit?

Shirean: David is going.

Grace: Conchita...Good dooggie!

tony g: cant make it Shirean? children to watch?

Shirean: yep, child to watch and lost the toss

Conchita: *rolls over and heels for Grace!*

Shirean: Is anyone else going to Detroit? Chip?

Grace: tony....if you get a chance read my post about how totally stupid I was when first met Glenn, and recently in New York, too. As long as you don't take any stupid pills, you should do OK.......... when you finally see and meet our boy.

David: there should be more US dates later in the year.....late Summer, early Fall timeframe....with any luck...

Chip: I can't make Detroit. About a week later, I'm heading across the pond to visit Wolfy.

Kat: us uh huh yeah

tony g: i hope im alright if i get a chance to meet him Grace - i almost had a heart attack talking to jeff kollman and shane gallas

Shirean: Have a good trip Chip.

Conchita: I hope you do get to meet him - provided of course that there aren't over-zealous security guards

tony g: my hands were shaking so bad when shane gallas wanted to take a pic with donna that the damm thing didnt come out

Chip: Thanks Shirean. Hope to meet up with fellow GHCP, Chris Spencer, when we travel up to Edinburgh.

Kat: sounds like a neat trip Chip

Shirean: How fun make sure and take some pics for us!

tony g: it does sound great chip

Grace: what kat just said.........................

Chip: No worries about the photos. Last time I was over there, I took over 800. For sure we'll take one with Chris, Wolfy and myself.

Shirean: No Todd?

Chip: Hopefully in our GH attire

tony g: i was hoping to meet some of you in detroit but hey maybe in the fall if things work out

Chip: No Todd this trip. He's got diapers to change.

Kat: lol


tony g: todd might be out of action for a year or two

Chip: I agree Tony.

Shirean: Tony just look out for David, he will be there.

tony g: todd wont be able to help it

tony g: yes i hope to see you David.

Chip: Glad to hear there might be more U.S. shows later this year.

tony g: lets hope so

Shirean: Me too!

Kat: hearing is a long way from experiencing

Grace: kat and I will believe it when we're there, right kat?

Kat: that's right

Conchita: y'all have a great time!

tony g: have faith young ones

Grace: ba-loney

Kat: meanwhile we just get to be envious of everyone elses great times

David: Glenn will also be doing some of the Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp's - so aside from solo gigs, he should be out and about with them....like the one coming up in Hollywood, CA. next month.

Kat: ever hopeful tony, but...

Chip: Didn't VH1 use to air those fantasy camps?

David: Simon Kirke, Elliot Easton, Kelly Keagy, Brian Wilson, Micky Dolenz and more will be joing him on that one! There is always a final "open to the public" performance on the last day. Last one was held at BB King's in NYC a couple of months ago.

Kat: sounds cool David

chrisloeb: that's an old Glenn pic on the Detroit gig poster...

Grace: we need somebody to attach a "lo-jack" device on Glenn so we can keep up with him

Chip: Betcha Gabi's already installed one.


Kat: lol

chrisloeb: David, you're listening to Sweet Tooth, again?

Grace: If I may be permitted to say so :..........the man's just gotta' keep on moving

Grace: Good doggie, Chip

tony g: san diego is giving new england a much harder time than the patriots thought the would

Grace: oops, we're gonna' be in an awful lot of trouble if Glenn reads this chat

Conchita: The game I'm wating for starts at 6:30!

Chip: Christian...any websites similar to Prog Archives out there? If so, pm me with them.

tony g: he WILL read it

Conchita: Go Giants!

Shirean: http://www.flickr.com/photos/toofonky/197514147/

tony g: yes Conchita you know im officialy supposed to hate the packers

David: Yeah, I love Free... Chris...

chrisloeb: What are you looking for, Chip?

Chip: Nothing particular.

Conchita: I'll let you in on a little secret, tony....when I was a kid I was a Steelers fan

Conchita: what a team!

David: Hi Purplemusic

David: Welcome

Shirean: Hi

purplemusic: hello

chrisloeb: Chip... Info on bands and albums?

Conchita: hello PM!

tony g: who wasnt Conchita?

Chip: Yes Christian.

David: Hi Mistreated...welcome...

chrisloeb: I'll PM you then

Chip: Thanks.


Chip: Hi Purple and Mistreated.

Kat: hello

tony g: hello

Conchita: I was the only kid in my class who liked them...all the other stupid kids were obsessed with the Cowboys!

Conchita: hello mistreated!

purplemusic: is anyone here going to the detriot show ?

David: We've got the USA, Austria, Italy represented here, where are you guys from?


tony g: me me ME

Shirean: David and Tony

David: Oh yes, of course...silly question

Kat: not I

purplemusic: im lookin foward to it, of coarse

tony g: ME TOO

purplemusic: i saw the bb king show last june

Kat: nice

David: Cool, a few of us were there too!

Shirean: Why didn't you stop by and say HI

purplemusic: i came from chas. s.c.

David: it should be the last gig in support of "Music For The Divine", as the new album will be out a month or two later...

purplemusic: i saw some people who looked like true hardcore fans, but didnt know anyone

Grace: I hope the weather co-operates. You know about those evil Canadians and their "artic gifts" to the US in February

David: Ha ha, that would probably some of us purplemusic

purplemusic: i brought my 17 yr. old daughter w/ me

David: Yeah, it'll be minus 10 outside and 110 in!!

Chip: Gotta wear your GHPG shirts, so we know each other

tony g: dont say it Grace

MISTREATED: is going Glenn to play any new song in the Detroit?

tony g: i gotta take care of that

purplemusic: i was dissapointed no g.hughes t-shirts to but at that show

David: Couldn't have said it better myself Chip

Shirean: Don't know yet.

David: Very unlikely....Mistreated

Chip: Trying to help sales David

tony g: good reminder chip


purplemusic: where are yall staying in detriot?

David: Once Glenn gets more support Stateside, you'll start seeing more Merch etc at gigs here.

David: Just having him play here is the first step...

Kat: BIG step

David: Haven't got that far purplemusic, most likely downtown somewhere as it's only about 20-30 mins from Mt.Clemens from what I understand.

tony g: i gotta still check that part out too

purplemusic: we booked a hotel that's supposed to be just a few blocks from the club

Shirean: what's it called?

Grace: OK, tony, I won't say ~ our "Glenn Hughes Crazy People" tattoo, or in my case, I'm the one with the ax

tony g: which one purple?

purplemusic: give me a min. to look, and i'll tell you

MISTREATED: We are very happy here in Europe because there are tours frecuently.

tony g: you gotta be more carefull there than here from what ive heard

purplemusic: we're staying at the quality inn @ 1 north river road, mount clemens

tony g: ive been to michigan but never to detroit

tony g: thanks purple

David: Yeah, the Euro tour dates should be confirmed in the next few days, as you may have seen, some are trickling out, but nothing officially confirmed, just quite yet.

purplemusic: it aparently is the closest hotel to the show that we could find, just a couple of blocks, they say

MISTREATED: great news

tony g: cool i gotta check that out -your the one coming from sc right purple?

purplemusic: anyone else who's going should try to book there, and we could try to get together

tony g: ok

purplemusic: yes im bringing my daughter w/ me again

MISTREATED: great news

purplemusic: i'm doing my best to teach her

tony g: you gotta

chrisloeb: Does anybody else see Mistreated's last two posts in RED or is there something wrong with my eyesight?

purplemusic: i c red

tony g: i saw it

Conchita: Yes Purple! Let your little one listen to real music not the crap that's on the airwaves today!

Conchita: me too

David: it was red!

chrisloeb: how come?

David: you can change it in the "Options" section on the right side here in the CHAT window.....

tony g: i wanna make mine purple

Kat: lol

purplemusic: the new you tube clips from the naam show are cool w/ the new instumental band w/ chad and the rest of glenn's band

David: By the way, we're still considering switching over to a "Flash" based CHAT system vs. this one which is Java - we're still working out the kinks and once it is usable we'll try it out one month to see how everyone get's on with it.....

chrisloeb: never saw that options box!

tony g: cool David

Grace: another contest to name the band, maybe, David?

chrisloeb: Shouldn't we find out first what the 'K' stands for?

David: Yeah Grace....on one of those clips you can hear Jeff say...."we're taking suggestions"

David: Yeah, it's fun watching that thread Chris

chrisloeb: isn't Jeff asking for beer too?

tony g: i gotta see it!!!!

Kat: lol

chrisloeb: let me check that again...

tony g: i saw him drink corona

Grace: well I just want to be the first to suggest "The Ax Murderers of New Jersey"....it's got kind of a snappy ring to it, doesn't it? Hey ~ no laughing, you people. I hear you.

tony g: guitar in one hand-corona in the other

Grace: the Corona All-Stars?

Kat: typical Grace - you want it named after yourself lol

tony g: good one Grace

Grace: yeah, yeah, all this phoney sincerity from you people.......

Kat: lol


tony g: is the weather good in palermo this time Conchita?

Conchita: After a really cold December, the weather is back to normal now - it was about 60 degrees today

Conchita: Haven't turned the heating on in 2 weeks

tony g: i woke up to minus 4 degrees

Conchita: I know - my dad is back in NY and he's not used to the NY cold anymore! He can't wait to come back!

David: Whatever the temperature, it's a lot warmer than Detroit in late February

tony g: so what Grace said has some merit they got a thing around here called lake effect snow

Conchita: Detroit must be brutally cold in February!

purplemusic: i dont know what temp. it is here in chas. , but i just judge the weather by ok for riding the bike, or too cold and today was too cold

Kat: lol

tony g: we gotta hope its alright then

purplemusic: and im guessing snow in detriot. i think i better get that insurance for that rental car

Conchita: well, at least it's an indoor gig, and for those who have the hotel nearby it can't be all that bad

chrisloeb: it's too warm for the season and very windy here in Vienna... this and more adds up to me feeling a little uncomfortable at the moment...

purplemusic: yeah, im more concerned w/ getting from the airport to the hotel and back

Conchita: Phon winds, Chris?

chrisloeb: Phon - is that the name of the storm, like last years' Kyrill?

Grace: but the good news is...........if you get stuck in a flash blizzard WHILE the show is going on, then Glenn can singa medley for you all of 4,312 of your favorite GH hits

Conchita: Phon are the wery warm winds that hit central Europe now and then

Conchita: ...provided the battery doesn't go dead!

purplemusic: well in that case, im hoping for that flash blizzard

chrisloeb: I'm learning something again, Conchita!

David: Well folks, it's time to call it a day....the next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, February 17th at the usual time...

Kat: ok bye all

Conchita: Good night, one and all - great to see you all here!

David: Should have more GH news this week, so keep your eyes peeled.....

chrisloeb: is it all over yet? Bye then, all!

Shirean: Bye all

tony g: ok David by to all hope to see you in detroit

David: For the late comers....the Monthly CHAT starts at 4:00PM EST each month and ends at 6:00PM EST, so if you get here on time, it'll last a lot longer

Chip: Take care everyone. Bye.

Grace: take care everyone ~

David: Bye for now and hope to see you next month...
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Icon32 <---- a very small planet

Other topics seemed to fill up yesterday's chat pretty quickly,
or maybe I was just having a SENIOR MOMENT
but I forgot to ask the question that I had.

How are things coming along with citizen candidate Hughes?
Or has he been too busy lately, as might be the case,
to memorize the Bill of Rights, the state capitals, etc.?


Between you and me, whatever country Glenn is a subject
or citizen of, the man will always remain INTERNATIONAL

But I still think that he should move to ~ Glen Rock, New Jersey
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Maybe Glenn should put all that info into a song, and just perform it to pass his citizenship test

By the way, folks - don't be counting me out of the picture for "a year or two"! Geez, I got a twinge in my gut when I read that. Maybe my trips will be shorter in length - and probably have to stay within the continental United States - but I already have a couple mini road trips planned. First up is Joe Lynn Turner a couple hours southeast of Boise in February, followed by Blue Oyster Cult down in Nevada the first week of April.

Baby steps...(pun intended, thank you)

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Originally Posted by toadsterama View Post
Maybe Glenn should put all that info into a song,
and just perform it to pass his citizenship test.

Or make a snappy video singing "America the Beautiful"
and our boy would easily be home free.

And nobody would ever dream of counting you out, Todd.
However, I do have this picture of you, whispering gently
to the baby at bedtime ~ "Once upon a time, the management
of Deep Purple decided to fire Roger Glover and Ian Gillan,
which led to the formation of the spectacular Mk 3 line-up,
featuring Glenn Hughes, and David Coverdale who as I
previously mentioned, went on to form Whitesnake.
Here......let's give a listen, to this CD........."

Baby steps...(pun intended, thank you)

Yep, you still got it, Todd!
But where are RECENT photographs of the baby, huh?
And don't forget to smooch that baby for all of us GHCPs
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Didn't mean to miss the chat...just been gone all weekend. I was excited to read about possibly more US dates later this year, though. We can't make it in Feb...but I am sure we can travel in the late summer early fall for other dates
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Sorry I've been lax about updating y'all with photos. Here's a recent one of Calen from last week:

Click image for larger version

Name:	January 2008 188.jpg
Views:	6
Size:	1.15 MB
ID:	3312

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That is one adorable child Mr. Todd !!!!!!!!
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Thanks, Frank - we think so too! And I say that from a completely unbiased point of view Honest.

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Originally Posted by Grace View Post
But where are RECENT photographs of the baby, huh?

Don't tell me that being the official ax murderer around here
and making threats, doesn't have its benefits. Heh, heh, heh.

That's one good-lookin' baby, Mr. and Mrs. toadsterama.
Of course, that happy smile is based on all the great GH music
that Calen listens to. (Nice guitar, too.)

PS, wolfy..........can you guess what I'm thinking?
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Originally Posted by toadsterama View Post
Sorry I've been lax about updating y'all with photos. Here's a recent one of Calen from last week:

Attachment 3312


Oh my goodness! That is one precious baby!!!
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Now that's starting Calen off RIGHT!!! Good job, Todd!
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Old Jan-23-2008, 8:34 AM
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wolfy: know any "Princess in Pink?"

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Originally Posted by Grace View Post
How are things coming along with citizen candidate Hughes?

What was my original question again?
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Conchita: Phon winds, Chris?

More than a week later I finally figured that Phon winds is the English expression for Fönsturm. These winds have been bothering me (not the kind of winds you're thinking 'bout right now, actually! ) since I was a small child and are (partly) responsible for my migraine.
I'm not going to read this sentence out loud now, because I'd probaly die laughing...
My English getter betting everly dei


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