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Old Sep-23-2007, 9:15 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - September 23rd, 2007

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - September 23rd, 2007

David: Hi everyone!

wolfysmith: Hi you two!

Shirean: Hello, good afternoon wolfy.

wolfysmith: Evening!

David: FYI - we're having another thunderstorm - so we may get knocked out at some point - it's "storm season" here, ends in November!

wolfysmith: You had much contact from GH. His shows are going down really well as usual.

David: Not since the first night of the Spanish run - it started off great and has continued all the way through - they were gagging for him beforehand, so he obviously went down a treat

David: Although, Dani should be along a little later - Glenn is flying into Sofia tonight, will be in Bulgaria until next weekend by all accounts.

wolfysmith: i was worried about the heat problems he suffered with last time but it seems to have been ok.

wolfysmith: really wish i could have made Barcelona but just so busy back here with work and stuff. Plus it turned out to coincide with the Ken Grimley unmasking.

David: He takes meds for that now - apparently he's picked up a cold, but at least he has a few days off to hopefully get over that.

David: Pleased the Grimley thing got so much coverage - couldn't have asked for more. But I guess the guy is still dilusional - hopefully he remains harmless, despite the annoyance it must cause.

wolfysmith: Hi Tony

tony g: hi wolfy

tony g: im late? early?

wolfysmith: Yes David, we are now getting in even more info about him as a result. Hopefully this will end it all tho.

David: Hi Tony

David: On time Tony

tony g: cool

wolfysmith: Its a very small turnout. i normally send a few reminders but only remembered earlier tonight myself!

tony g: that was a trip to see mel galley standing on that guys doorstep

wolfysmith: I now have the actual Derby paper that exposed him and will get it scanned up and posted ASAP.

tony g: i can see that im not the only one hungover here

David: Not too worry, as usual, I'm sure others will show in the next 1/2 hour!

Shirean: I'm not hungover just tired

tony g: sure

David: Actually, just got an email from Glenn - he's just landed in Sofia, Bulgaria - he was going to surprise us by joining in on the chat, but he's knackered, but sends his love and is thinking of everyone.

tony g: hungover?

David: not in Glenn's case Tony He had some late shows over the past 2 nights in Norway, plus some early wake-up calls!

wolfysmith: he'll be pleased about Wolves getting 3 points at last. Good win for Villa David too.

Shirean: Yeah Villa won!

tony g: i know -just kidding he has to be tired after going that far

David: Yeah, makes a pleasant change Paul

David: Dani who's with him, said she'd try and stop by and give us all an "on the spot" report!

tony g: cool

David: Just a quick heads up - we have thunderstorms going on here, so might get kicked out at some point....feel free to continue without us! Hopefully not, but.......

tony g: overall how you two happy with the Florida weather since moving there?

Shirean: Its sure different from California..

Shirean: Its not too bad

tony g: the rain or humidity?

David: We just have ****ty Internet service - DSL - plan on changing it - hopefully it'll make a difference. We were spoilt before in SF, as we were in the heart of Silicon Valley - now we're in the back woods

Shirean: the rain. The only thing that I hate is the thunder and lightening.


tony g: dsl sucks to you? its making me pretty happy

David: From what we were used to in SF Tony, it's dog slow! As I said, we were spoilt!

wolfysmith: I just posted something in the Trapeze 3 piece section in the gallery. take a look!

tony g: cool wolfy

David: 1st bump!

wolfysmith: thought you had gone for a quick smoke!

tony g: damm David !!

David: 'Gotta love the Florida weather!

David: not this time Paul!

Inmaculada: hi all!

David: One raindrop and our DSL line goes down! Truly awful service - will be going to cable - hopefully that will fix that!

David: Hi Inmaculada

wolfysmith: Hola Inma

tony g: damm thats rough

tony g: hi inma

Inmaculada: is it raining there David?

Shirean: Hello Inmaculada

Inmaculada: hi all again!!

wolfysmith: Inma i havent sent you anything yet as a few problems burning stuff. will message you this week

Inmaculada: oh don't worry! just when you can!

Inmaculada: oops yes it seems it is raining there!


wolfysmith: So Inma, tell us more about the Spanish shows. sorry i couldnt make them. one day we'll meet.

Inmaculada: hey Paul! next time you have to come to Spain for a Glenn's show!!!

Shirean: Yes its raining here

Inmaculada: oh well! what can I say but that I am still jumping! lol

wolfysmith: or you to the UK! Nat is thinking of joining me at Chads Drum thing

Shirean: We wanna a full report Wolfy

Inmaculada: oh yes I am right now in an existential doubt! looooool do the drum clinic or Athens...

Inmaculada: it's a long time I've been in Athens and I would like to come back

wolfysmith: i think there will be a few GHPG's in Norwich.

Inmaculada: yes I know and I told Nath that maybe I would do that... but now I have my mind divided in two!!

Inmaculada: but I am afraid maybe there won't be drums clinic tickets when I make my mind

Inmaculada: btw how far is Norwich from London?

David: OK, back again!

Inmaculada: hehe welcome back David and Tony!!!

wolfysmith: Inma, SOULMOVER will get you in if its a last minute dash!

David: That's certainly a Trapeze rarity you posted Paul - many thanks

tony g: i think i hit the wrong button

Inmaculada: oops are you sure Paul? well I don't like to bother anybody for those things

Inmaculada: anyway I still have to check some things but I'll keep it in mind, thank you

David: Wish I could make that Norwich gig - should be a good night.

Inmaculada: so Paul how far is Norwich from London I have a friend there where I can stay and I thought I could go a few days earlier to pay her a visit

wolfysmith: Well, thats providing he reads this!

Inmaculada: ***blushing****

David: you can always grab a hold of Matt

wolfysmith: its less than 3 hours on a national express coach. i just checked!

Shirean: I took that bus in the early 80's it took 3 hours

Inmaculada: oh thanks!! well it's not much! I would take a book!

wolfysmith: David, that Threshold document is Mel's. there is also an individual bio of Mel attached. The one of Glenn is missing

Inmaculada: changing the topic for a moment... Rata Blanca plays here on 11th Oct.

wolfysmith: i might post that as its kinda interesting

tony g: it would be

wolfysmith: Talking of clashing gigs Inma. I am going to see Thin Lizzy in Birmingham in November - while Thunder are playing Wolverhampton the same night! What a nightmare!

Inmaculada: ahhh life is not easy!! looooool

Inmaculada: JLT plays here next Wed but I am still not sure if I can make it

tony g: im having trouble just going down the street

wolfysmith: TONY


wolfysmith: JLT still has a great voice. i wish he would sing HTP songs on his solo shows.

Inmaculada: Dunno which is his last usual setlist

tony g: its true

wolfysmith: OK Tony, i just posted the Threshold bio of Mel in the Gallery. i presume people can see new posts immediately Shirean?

tony g: i saw the last one let me try it

Inmaculada: I am gonna check too

Inmaculada: mmm I don't see it yet

tony g: i see it 9 stone

wolfysmith: Both are in Trapeze "3 piece success" area Inma

tony g: mel got sacked

Inmaculada: yes I am seeing it now

Shirean: Yes & No - what you see is not real-time - we 'cache' the pix when uploaded, so the server doesn't get overloaded - after a few minutes they will appear

wolfysmith: Fired Tony

tony g: there was i guy at my work they caught sleeping on the job 3 times

wolfysmith: If you look on Mel's Myspace page there are now proper close up photos of the Claw i took recently. Not GH related so not in the Gallery here.

tony g: last time with his shoes and socks off

David: OK, back yet again!

wolfysmith: That is funny Tony.

tony g: its true

wolfysmith: How come Shirean stays online and you get bumped David?

David: Different browsers - she's using Firefox and I'm on Safari - go figure!

Inmaculada: great stuff Paul!!!!

wolfysmith: Hey Bill, where you been?

captmidnite1962: Good evening everyone!

tony g: hi bill

Inmaculada: hi Bill!

captmidnite1962: I was down the hill stuffing my face with pizza!

David: Hi Bill

tony g: watching football?

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy...all sorts of great news with all things Mel!

captmidnite1962: No TV for me Tony!

tony g: damm

David: Looking forward to the Oz DVD, supposedly ships next week - the Anthology bonus stuff was definitely worth the price of admission. Good booklet too.

captmidnite1962: I haven't watched TV in about 3 years..have I mised much?

tony g: it will be mine soon

tony g: what?

captmidnite1962: I have to order the Anthology too..

wolfysmith: Yes Bill, new pics on his myspace page.

captmidnite1962: Hey David...what were the bonus tracks on anthology? It seems there were some changes along the way with the lineup

Inmaculada: yeah me too, I couldn't find it in stores this weeks, dunno if here it will be released later... but just in case I'll order it

David: "Justine", an unreleased original and "This Time Around", live from Kiev, Ukraine - Spring 2007.

captmidnite1962: I have to order anything worthwhile...that's life in the sticks...

captmidnite1962: But that may change REAL soon!

Shirean: Where are you moving to now Bill?

tony g: im right next to chicago and haveto do the same thing bill

Inmaculada: why? if I may ask!

wolfysmith: We have a big city centre (Birmingham) but i still order online as its easy and cheaper and the choice is way bigger.

David: Tony - you going to see Jeff Kollman while he's out your way?

captmidnite1962: If I get THE PHONE CALL from Jet Blue..I willl move back to New York

captmidnite1962: I got a tenative offer..they have to do all the background checks

wolfysmith: i'll be hoping that call comes thru Bill.

David: Hope they're stil in business Bill. Have heard some bad things about them recently.

Inmaculada: oh yes BIll ***fingers crossed***

captmidnite1962: I know..the whole Valentine's day meltdown...that sucks when it happens in a media center like that

David: Should preface that by saying....not that the other airlines are doing much better!

Shirean: I recently flew them from SF to Boston it was a great flight.

tony g: isnt that tonight? David i checked the Maryters web site and Cosmosquad wasnt on it

captmidnite1962: Some have turned a profit in the last quarter...the fuel prices hurt them badly

David: Even Virgin America are getting a mouthful and they've only just started service! Hey Bill, they're hiring in SFO - you should check'em out, if the West Coast is calling you!

captmidnite1962: Hmmm..I have considered that..the thought of a four day drive is a bear though!

captmidnite1962: Virgin will probably contract their mechanic positions though..

David: Tony - Sept 26th in Rockford, Ill. and Sept. 30th at Martyrs' in Chicago, Ill.

captmidnite1962: I thought the Chicago gig was at another venue

David: I take that back!! They did indeed change the venues on the 30th - it's now at "The Note" in Chicago. Different venue - but same night.

David: Doh!

captmidnite1962: That's right..a step up as i recall you saying

tony g: damm i had it all messed up

David: Least you didn't miss the gig Tony

captmidnite1962: Inma...are you going to see Glenn in Europe?

tony g: i gotta find where that is - i already told my wife about it

tony g: i should be going

David: 1565 N. Milwaukee Ave. Ph.: 773-365-9000 www.thenotechicago.com

Inmaculada: oh well that is what I was talking before, not sure if make Athens or go to Norwich

Inmaculada: well if I win lottery I could do both!! Athens on Firday and Norwich on Sunday!loooool

captmidnite1962: Lucky you..so many choices!!

wolfysmith: Inma, do you have friends or no anyone going to Athens? At least Norwich you will know some GHPG's

captmidnite1962: Wolfy..are you going to Norwich?

wolfysmith: Got my ticket Bill!

captmidnite1962: Go on...rub it in!!

wolfysmith: Mel tells me he has always liked Alan White's drumming so it will be interesting to hear him as i am not a Yes fan.

captmidnite1962: That Steve Vai video that Texas Susan posted was pretty funny...

captmidnite1962: Alan White is working with Circa now..with Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood and Jimmy Haan

Inmaculada: oh yes I know Paul, Conchi would like to go to Athens but I can convince her to make Norwich too! lol

captmidnite1962: I wonder if Conchita has figured out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop.....


wolfysmith: I'll be surrounded by Rock Chicks!

captmidnite1962: Don't tell your wife wolfy!!

wolfysmith: Bill, alan white played on Lennon's Imagine album and Harrison's All Things.... too

Inmaculada: I'll ask her Bill!!! loooool

captmidnite1962: Yep..Gary Wright too..

wolfysmith: My wife and daughter will be in Norwich too but relaxing in the hotel pool!

captmidnite1962: Do that Inma...I remember the commercial!

tony g: i just went to the note site David which directed me to another site for the tickets -but no link for sale

tony g: they are advertised as ex ufo

David: Best bet is to call the venue directly Tony - I'm sure they'll direct you to the right place for ticket sales.

David: Hi Chris

captmidnite1962: Hello Christian!

Inmaculada: oh Paul... sorry for the chicks thing... I am afraid I am far from that!!!!!!!

chrisloeb: Hi all - you're talkin'bout chicks????

wolfysmith: Hi Chris

tony g: hi chris

wolfysmith: Bill, For the song "Owner of a Lonely Heart", White played the first recording only with the bass drum and snare, because all the other drums were being packed up as the group played. White then recorded each individual instrument (cymbals, toms, hi-hat, etc) afterwards and dubbed them over the original track.

captmidnite1962: Yep...rock chicks!!

Inmaculada: Hi Chris

captmidnite1962: I didn't know that....that is cool!

chrisloeb: oh.... YES!

wolfysmith: At least thats what Wikipedia says!

captmidnite1962: There is a Classic Artists DVD on Yes due soon

captmidnite1962: The Cream one was excellent

chrisloeb: how come you're talking about Yes?

Inmaculada: bill... Conchi says: Technically 3, then crunch!!

captmidnite1962: *laughing* That is according to Mister Owl!!

wolfysmith: Chris, alan white - chad Smith - Norwich. Inma is being persuaded to come over for it!

chrisloeb: Alan White is in Norwich too, okay - that's cool!

chrisloeb: Has anyone heard the new Circa band yet? I got the CD last week, autographed by all members of the band...


captmidnite1962: get out!! That is cool..I have heard a track off the CD on XM radio

chrisloeb: Alan White, Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood, Jimmy Haun

captmidnite1962: Information Overload....i think

captmidnite1962: Cool tune!!

chrisloeb: the whole album is excellent

chrisloeb: They produced it themselves, paid all expenses, founded their own label and distribution company - totally independent!

captmidnite1962: That is the way to go nowadays...

Inmaculada: truly!

captmidnite1962: Of course raising the capital themselves probably was not a problem

wolfysmith: On the non-GH music topic, i was thinking David about a section where we can recommend newly discovered bands/artists. I have found so much great new stuff on Myspace. What do people think

chrisloeb: that's an excellent idea

captmidnite1962: I think that is a great idea.....We have Keepin' Time for Glenn related material

Inmaculada: some bands even make a collection among fans to release their albums

David: Perhaps, although the Video/Audio sections of the "Off Topic" forum is 'kinda designed for that. Don't want to detract too much from GH here Perhaps a separate off topic thread would be sufficient?

wolfysmith: Or maybe just a posting in Off Topic that people continually update with new finds.

Inmaculada: oh yes a great idea!!

chrisloeb: Marillion raised the whole production cost for their Marbles album via fan presales, before they even went into the studio

captmidnite1962: So...how about Journey's new singer???

David: Yeah, feel free to create a thread like that, I can "sticky" it for a month or so......to get it a little extra attention

captmidnite1962: I thought you were kidding..really!

wolfysmith: Ok David.

Inmaculada: yes but it could be also a sub-section in "off topic" just for new bands and recommendations

David: Let's try the dedicated thread first and see how it goes, if it proves popular maybe at a later date we can add a sub-forum dedicated to all things new bands etc (non-GH related).

chrisloeb: Journey singer: Who is it - I only saw the headline on the front page, haven't looked at the topic yet

David: Yeah, I was in 2 minds whether to post that, knew it would be a hot topic!

captmidnite1962: Hey David...if you want heat..go read some of the Journey forums...the language there would make Ozzy blush!!

David: Yeah, guess we're lucky then

David: A complete unknown from the Philippines - basically a Perry clone - he has a good voice, but it comes down to how Journey want to be viewed, a karaoke band or a serious rock outfit.

wolfysmith: Journey are wrecking their reputation and credibility in my opinion. their return to the UK was a triumph and now this happens with JSS

chrisloeb: can't be serious, can they?

captmidnite1962: Oh we are..I was shocked!

Inmaculada: mmm it sounds so weird...

captmidnite1962: Neal Schon is referred to as Napoleon...then it REALLY gets ugly!!

David: nothing has been "officially" announced, so they still have time to change things yet again, but by all accounts the guy is rehearsing with the band in SF, so only time will tell!!

captmidnite1962: And Jeff never got a phone call....sad!!

chrisloeb: Wolfy: Have you managed to make a hard copy DVD of Mel's surprise gig yet?

wolfysmith: Chris, been really busy with stuff. not yet. a few burning problems. i have a Senorita who is going to help out with some stuff!

David: what about this Led Zep reunion - I can't really see what all the fuss is about - all of them have had they day - they've already done the "reunion" thing a few years ago and it wasn't exactly taking the world by storm - on the opposite end of the spectrum - the Van Halen get together could be interesting, they're sounding good based on the tour rehearsal videos - but it could turn out to be a "Michael Schenker" debacle, come a few gigs in - but should be fun to watch

chrisloeb: talking 'bout reunions... funny thing happened at The Police show on Wednesday...

Inmaculada: what happened?

Inmaculada: they play on Thursday in Barcelona

chrisloeb: I overheard somebdy behind me saying "Burning Japan Live" and tried to listen closely what they were talking about - not so easy, actually

tony g: that van halen thing is a bomb waiting to happen - unless rehab changed eddies opinion of david lee roth

chrisloeb: Then somebody asked who Glenn Hughes was... and some other guy said that he had played bass in Deep Purple. That's all I heard. No idea who it was, though.

David: They can support Glenn anytime, eh

chrisloeb: The Police show was excellent btw., so was the support band, Fiction Plane.

David: Tony - watching those rehearsal clips on YouTube you'd think Roth and EVH were best buds again!

Inmaculada: I cannot make it this time but there are rumours they are gonna come to Spain next year and I hope they come to Madrid... with the tickets price I better wait they come here! lol

chrisloeb: Reviews were mixed though - but I guess that too many people were expecting Police to continzue where they left off back in 1984. No possibila: Andy Summers is 65, Sting 56, opland 55 - they're not jumping around the stage anymore...

tony g: i didnt see that David - maybe it is different

David: Tony - there's a clip in the Journey thread somewhere...

captmidnite1962: I remember Glenn commenting that the VH reunion was an accident waiting to happen. I would love to see those guys go out and prove the naysayers wrong...but I have my doubts!

wolfysmith: Lee Roth got a critical mauling on his solo shows here in the UK

David: they look and sound great, but you know how quickly things can change! I read somewhere EVH is drinking again already even with his son onstage with him - who knows how that will pan out - but should be good viewing!

tony g: good one David

David: Yeah Paul - most people have commented how different he is today to those recent shows from just last year - it's more 1984 now than 2007!!

captmidnite1962: I always wondered why they never released any live material from the Roth era...after watching the clips on you Tube from the US Festival I am not surprised.....

David: Anyway.....GH arrived in Sofia tonight and is hanging out enjoying a few days off before his gig there on Friday night. Dani said she might stop by to give us an update from Sofia, but looks like she might not now, judging by the time - it's nearly 1:00AM with her right now!

chrisloeb: ill, I'm reading your comment about the JLT Can't let you Go keyboard intro just now....

chrisloeb: that's Bill, sorry.

captmidnite1962: How long will Glenn be in Europe?

captmidnite1962: I knew that...


David: Another few days, he's home next week for a couple of weeks, then off to South America.

captmidnite1962: He puts the Energizer bunny to shame!


wolfysmith: Yeah, Glenn is a force of nature.

David: He's certainly looking fit on this current outing - don't know how he does it.

Inmaculada: truly, I couldn't make 4 shows as he did here! I would drop dead on the stage!!!

Inmaculada: I got exhausted only watching them!

David: JJ looks much better too - good to see him onstage again.

tony g: its in him and it gotta come out!!

captmidnite1962: glad to hear about JJ.....

chrisloeb: Glenn looks very fit this year - but he shouldn't lose more weight. As for JJ - perfect outfit for a Prog guitarist looking forward to hearing his new collaboration with Tomas Bodin

Inmaculada: Yep I think so too David, JJ looked much better too

Inmaculada: yep JJ was absolutely focused on his playing during the shows.... you could feel how he felt it too

wolfysmith: Yeah JJ looks great and is playing at the top of his game.

wolfysmith: His solo album sits gets a regular play here!

captmidnite1962: I need to order a copy!

chrisloeb: talkin' bout ordering copies... is Live in Australia / basement still a US-only affair?

tony g: i gotta get these Cosmosquad ticktets!

wolfysmith: OK. i just posted a new topic called "Myspace Musical Discoveries". I want to see some suggestions in the morning

David: Just "stickied" your MySpace thread Paul - good one

chrisloeb: I have a suggestion, Paul a band from Vienna called MEDUSA

tony g: yes sir

Inmaculada: hahaha you will have to wait... some of us are working in the mornings!!

tony g: good one chris and very true

Inmaculada: yep!

chrisloeb: CHEERS!

wolfysmith: They are too famous to list Chris!

David: Chris - no, not at all - it will be available worldwide. The one on the USA Amazon site is NTSC, but all regions will be covered. I ordered from the Japan site a while back - and not actually sure what version I'll be getting - I'm assuming it's the all region edition - will let you know when it get's here - I have a region-free player, so won't make a difference, as far as being able to watch it!

Inmaculada: well...and as I have to wake up early... I say goodnite to everybody!!

tony g: bye inma

captmidnite1962: G'night Inma!!

chrisloeb: Can't tell you how happy I am with the band at the moment - the rehearsals are absolutely amazing, the new drummer (an old friend actually) is just killer and we're looking forward to our October 10 gig!

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Inmaculada.

Inmaculada: bye all! catch you soon!!!

chrisloeb: Bye, Inma!

tony g: cool chris

wolfysmith: bye inma

chrisloeb: Thanks David - I'm a little hesitant ordering from the US-site - customs, you know...

captmidnite1962: OK folks...I am off...hope to find out about the job tomorrow!!

wolfysmith: Gotta go myself too. its gone 11pm. thanks for chatting. Good Night

David: Bye Paul, thanks for stopping by.

David: And Bill

chrisloeb: Phasing out too - past midnight here! Talk to you all soon!

tony g: good luck bill, by all

chrisloeb: Bye then...

David: Ok folks, hope to see you next month at the usual time - Sunday, October 21st, 2007
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