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Old May-20-2007, 6:17 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - May 20th, 2007

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - May 20th, 2007

wolfysmith: hi tony, just us! not even David yet

tony g: ok i thought i messed up again

wolfysmith: me too. i had to double check it was today!

wolfysmith: Hola Inma

David: Hi all - better late than never

tony g: whassup?

David: How are the CHAT graphics looking to you all? They're looking 'kinda a funky on my end? Perhaps it's my browser!?

wolfysmith: dont seem different

tony g: its different

wolfysmith: are you using a Mac Tony?

Inmaculada: Hi all!!

tony g: i got a java update this week

tony g: pc wolfy

David: OK, well thanks for letting me know - will have to keep an eye on it and report it, if others see what I'm seeing!

David: Hi Inmaculada

wolfysmith: So to GH, have you heard from him while he's been in Italy David. seems to be going well.

Inmaculada: well any news about the Italian tour David?

Inmaculada: hehe

tony g: so what have you all been up too?

David: No, other than as you say, the Moonstone gigs are going over really well - good crowds and GH in top form as ever

tony g: cool thats what we all wanna hear

wolfysmith: I've been wondering what sort of set list he will do in the US.

TexasSusan-Strat335: Hi, all.

Inmaculada: hi!!

wolfysmith: Hi Susan and Roger

David: Similiar to the recent UK gig I would imagine wolfy

wolfysmith: Good! but more solo stuff would be nice

David: In a way I'll be glad when this "current run" is over, so, as you say, he can play more of his solo stuff - the territories he's been playing recently, kind of demand the "old" stuff - so once he's played them - he can hopefully introduce more of his solo stuff.

Inmaculada: you told they are not playing "Rose in Hell", could be not enough time for rehearshal?

David: A shame about that, eh, Inmaculada, it's the best song on the album! I guess it must be technically difficult to reproduce night after night......

tony g: the guitar part of it

Inmaculada: yep! I thought it could have been they didnt have enought time to prepare it for this tour

tony g: am i right roger?

TexasSusan-Strat335: Woops...Roger just stepped outside...yard work. I, Susan, am manning the computer at the moment...he will be in and out

tony g: ok

Inmaculada: Susan tell Roger I'm still waiting for that new stuff to be uploaded!

TexasSusan-Strat335: Thanks. We are going to record more of his lyrical stuff later today.

David: Wonder how Glenn was feeling the other night, once he heard about Wolves

David: Hi Shirl

Inmaculada: great Susan!

TexasSusan-Strat335: I just stepped outside and asked Roger about that song. He said he was not familiar with it.

Inmaculada: Hi Shirl!!!

Shirl: Cracked it. Not sure what happened there. Thought you weren't letting me in.

Shirl: Hi everyone

TexasSusan-Strat335: Hi, Shirl

wolfysmith: Hi Shirl

Shirl: Lovely to 'see' all you beautiful people

wolfysmith: Susan, you need to put a link on Rogers first page to point people to his music page

TexasSusan-Strat335: I know, I know...work work work

David: Since you're in Shirl - I deleted your post asking about it.

Inmaculada: True Paul that's a good idea... hehe it's clear who is a proffesional webmaster!!!

wolfysmith: i think David is the profesional and im the keen amateur Inma

wolfysmith: Bonjour Birthday Girl, Ca va?

Inmaculada: oh you know what I mean!! looool

Harry le chat: Hellooo !!!

Inmaculada: Hi Nathalie!

Shirl: Hi Nath - looked at your pics earlier. Lovely one of the family

wolfysmith: Tell us all about Italy Nath

Inmaculada: yep!

Harry le chat: Wolfy, I will write a report tomorrow. No time today....Still in a state of shock ...LOL

Shirl: So what was that Nath - Sail Away, 'Happy Birthday Nathalie' ... LOL

Harry le chat: True Shirl. Still cannot realize...LOL

Inmaculada: oh sorry Nath, is it your birthday?

Shirl: I'm the only one on here who's not seen Glenn for a while ... sigh ...

wolfysmith: maybe September Shirl

TexasSusan-Strat335: Happy belated birthday, Nathalie...I missed telling you on the forum

Inmaculada: I saw him last September Shirl, too long ago!!

Harry le chat: Yes Inma, it was yesterday..

Harry le chat: Hope to see you all in september in France...

Shirl: Wolfy commented a few days ago that Glenn was looking good (someone said stunning?) I so agree. Must be so happy with life at the mo

Inmaculada: oh then Happy belated Birthday Nath!!!!

Shirl: And some of those shots from the recent gigs are phenomenal.

Harry le chat: Thanks Inma, thanks Susan !

Inmaculada: oh yes, the pics are amazingly good!

TexasSusan-Strat335: The next couple of weeks are going to be dragging by...will be my first time

wolfysmith: I've still had no reply from Myspace David!

Shirl: Not had a chance to listen to a radio interview you put up on the board David - sorry, looked at the link quick, so not sure where or when it was. Will check that out maybe later or tomorrow night.

David: There's been a couple recently Shirl - also today, the video from last night's Moonstone gig - http://gallery.ghpg.net/showphoto.php/photo/718

Harry le chat: The pictures done by Daniele Purone are really great !

Shirl: Woohoo!!! And my fave song too. Thanks David

Shirl: Is Shirean okay??

David: Shirean is doing good - pre-occupied with our son's school term ending soon - Summer holidays are upon us! But we're both really looking forward to June.

David: You know it's been nearly a year since we've actually been to a gig together!!

Shirl: I agree Nath - some real quality shots

Shirl: June? What's happening in June?


Shirl: JUST KIDDING!! Gotcha

Inmaculada: my niece baptism! loooooool

Inmaculada: hahaha

wolfysmith: Im taking a short break in June myself

Shirl: My birthday is sandwiched inbetween Whisky and BB's - best sandwich I've ever not had, since I won't be there!

wolfysmith: So Inma, is that a new tattoo?

Inmaculada: which one?

wolfysmith: on your myspace pic

wolfysmith: on your neck

Inmaculada: oh, no not really, it's my first one actually!

Shirl: Susan - read Roger's posts earlier about the 'disheartening news' about the gig. Sure it will work out just fine. As Frank ? Todd ? said - way too much at stake to miss it.

Inmaculada: I have a couple in mind but my pocket is not agree!!!

Harry le chat: Sorry I will not be able to say with you boys and girls. I have to go now. I just popped to say hi. Talk to you longer next time.

TexasSusan-Strat335: Oh...I will get him there Kicking & screaming.

wolfysmith: Susan/Roger, im sure David will find out from Glenn what time he will be on once he gets back

David: OK, thanks for everything Nathalie and for stopping by

Harry le chat: Have a good night everyone...Bye

wolfysmith: Au revoir Nath

Inmaculada: oh bye Nath!!

TexasSusan-Strat335: Although he will be kicking and screaming to get there He is just worried about it being so late with our son.

Shirl: Bye Nath - catch you soon x

Inmaculada: we are looking forward to reading your review!

wolfysmith: ive been giving M4TD a spin again in preparation. really enjoying it after not having played it for ages.

Shirl: I know but he'll see it as an adventure. And I'm sure there'll be no swearing or drunken behaviour in front of Roger!

TexasSusan-Strat335: Me, too, Wolfy...especially Misty Mountain Hop Thanks again David and Shirean!

TexasSusan-Strat335: OK, Shirl, I will try to behave LOL

wolfysmith: possibly his best ever cover. I played it to Mel on my iPod and he really liked Glenns vocal layers.

Shirl: I've played "From Now On" a few times this weekend. I played too much Glenn (!!) for a while, and it's great to hear him with 'new' ears.

Shirl: Even though I have none on my avatar. LOL

Shirl: Misty Mountain Hop - fab!!!


TexasSusan-Strat335: Shirl, Roger just walked in reading over my shoulder...he said you could take a break from listening to Glenn and listen to Trapeze.

Shirl: Yeah, put "Loser" on myspace and listened to 'Highwire' earlier - not played that for ages.

David: I've been playing "Return of Crystal Karma" a lot recently - a really underrated album if you ask me - wish he could squeeze a couple of those into the set - "Angela", "The Other Side Of Me" - would suit me just fine

Shirl: "The Other Side of Me" definitely.

wolfysmith: I'm amazed how many myspace messages Mel/Trapeze are getting from US fans who saw Trapeze

Inmaculada: fashions pass but quality always remain in hearts Paul...

Shirl: Noticed those Wolfy. It's really grown sinec a certain wolfmeister got involved ...

Shirl: Will signing off now peeps - doing daughter's books and need to catch up with them. Good to catch up with you all. xxxx

David: OK, bye for now Shirl.

TexasSusan-Strat335: Bye, Shirl. I am getting off now, too. I gotta go crack the whip and make sure Roger is getting that yard work done. LOL

Inmaculada: bye Shirl!!!

wolfysmith: David, i got sent an article today from 1975 about Glenn joining a "Super Session" with Jagger, Richards, Entwhistle and the Memphis Horns. do i need to search or is it on here already?

Inmaculada: dont be too hard Susan!

Inmaculada: bye!!!

David: it sounds familiar wolfy Will have to 'Search' myself

David: is it a Circus Magazine article?

Inmaculada: that sounds really great!

wolfysmith: Circus, yes.

David: hmmm, think it might be here, feel free to email it to me and I can tell you straight away....

wolfysmith: it is Inma! the power of Myspace!


wolfysmith: I'll email it now.

David: ok got it - don't think it's here Paul, so post away

Inmaculada: a friend from myspace sent it to you?

Inmaculada: David you told me Glenn would be touring Spain most likely next September... that holds? or still waiting to be confirmed

David: I haven't heard anything different - but am sure to hear more over the next couple of weeks.

Inmaculada: yep I guess after this tour finishes it will be time againg to work on that

Inmaculada: just asked David for the chances of the Spanish tour

wolfysmith: So, we'll chat amongst ourselves Inma

Inmaculada: pity I cannot make any at Italy

David: guess everyone is busy today

wolfysmith: Chip cant make today and Ive seen Chris and Franks apologies.

David: wonder what the Ken Hensley stuff will be like on Tuesday - supposedly shooting it for a DVD.

wolfysmith: Plus Todd has to work weekends

David: Achim said he might go

wolfysmith: Achim is meeting up with Chris Loeb soon. and also coming over here.

wolfysmith: so Inma, any spanish bands on myspace i should check out?

Inmaculada: I have some in my friend list but coudln't tell you the names ridht now, I'll check them and let you know

David: Hi Capt'n

captmidnite1962: Good afternoon...was in town getting groceries

wolfysmith: Hi Bill, be with you in a minute!

Inmaculada: hi Capt!

David: Don't worry, it's been 'kinda a quiet today

captmidnite1962: Hello everyone....only two more weeks till NYC!!

Inmaculada: lucky you!

captmidnite1962: David...do you know where you are staying in NYC?

David: Across the street from the venue.

David: Shirean and I are seeing Doro the next night at BB Kings too, so it's only for the convenience factor

captmidnite1962: I hear that

captmidnite1962: Cool..I am thinking about taking the train...might catch the first train out on Tues morning

captmidnite1962: Fear not Inma....Glenn will be near you soon!

Inmaculada: never is too soon Bill!!

wolfysmith: David, so you were saying about NYC

David: Just comparing notes with Captn'

wolfysmith: i think i land in NY around 9pm local time. trying to fix up with Frank about meeting preshow. maybe we all could.

captmidnite1962: I may stay at a friends house out in Baldwin (my hometown) ....go to the show and just stay in the city...get the first train out on Tuesday

wolfysmith: land Sunday night that is!

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy...Frank plans to take you to Ben's Kosher Deli....hope you wil be hungry!!

wolfysmith: im always hungry for American Food

wolfysmith: what has confused me about NY is there seems to be more than one BB King venue

David: it's the one in Times Square.

captmidnite1962: Yes..about 10 blocks from Penn Station

Inmaculada: ok I'm getting green of envy!!!

wolfysmith: yeah i had to double check when booking my hotel David! think im staying about 1 mile away on East 38th

David: You'll have to get the rounds in wolfy what with the exchange rate

David: 2-for-1

wolfysmith: yeah David. $1.97 to the

captmidnite1962: My brother may be with me at the show

wolfysmith: Has your brother seen Glenn before Bill?

captmidnite1962: No....he found about Glenn through me....back in 1982 I was listening to the "Deepest Purple" LP...I will never forget his face when he heard Burn ...he hadn't heard it in years

wolfysmith: i have that on vinyl still!

captmidnite1962: Hey Paul...the new stuff on the Trapeze and Mel Galley pages is just wonderful

captmidnite1962: I do too..

captmidnite1962: The pictures are great....school days....a sea of crew cuts!

wolfysmith: Thanks Bill. more amazing pics to come from Mel soon

captmidnite1962: Oh man..I can't wait!!

wolfysmith: There is a problem with the Trapeze page at the moment. there is a good reason there are only 2 songs. and its not down to me!!!!

captmidnite1962: You did a fine repair job on that pic of the guys when Mels' son was born

Inmaculada: may we ask why then?

wolfysmith: found some great free software - is there any other! LOL

Inmaculada: oh I see....

wolfysmith: Well its not cos of GH or Mel, Inma

wolfysmith: I guess its not a problem to say is it David?

Inmaculada: ok I didnt think so but I was curious...

David: nope

Inmaculada: I thought it could be for the labels or so

wolfysmith: Well, since you asked! when i changed the songs last time out, i loaded Makes You Wanna Cry but it got blocked cos of copyright protection. i sent an email for clarity and loaded another song instead. that worked fine. then i noticed a "fan" page called medusatrapeze playing only songs from that album including that song. i got a crap reply from MS but suddenly the song disappeared from the other page too.

captmidnite1962: I figured it was some sort of legal rumpus...

wolfysmith: then 2 weeks ago they suddenly dropped the 2 songs from Medusa and suspended upload privileges. so cant load new photos or songs. MS have not replied to 3 emails from Mel but continue to let the other page play 3 songs!!!

Inmaculada: I should say..weird...but nothing surprises me from MS!!

wolfysmith: only thing to do is create a new similar page with no songs from that album and get everyone to re-add. then put a note on the page to point people to the new one.

captmidnite1962: Given their latest flap about giving up the names of known sex offenders....they are a bit screwed up!

wolfysmith: whats annoying is the lack of response to Mel pointing out that he and Glenn wrote, sang and played those tracks. i could always ditch the player and put my own on like on my page but then people couldnt add songs.

Inmaculada: true, but they haven't told you who the right belong to?

wolfysmith: its a real bummer as its had 8300 plays so far. and Mel reached 10000 yesterday

wolfysmith: No Inma. not had a single response.

captmidnite1962: That is a drag Paul....I am thinking about David's comment about a My Space page being a pig to manage...who knew??

Inmaculada: well if Mel and Glenn have the rights they should listen to them instead of blocking copyrights withot knowing who has them!

Inmaculada: but as I said... I am not surprised

wolfysmith: Bill, in David's case its the sheer volume of adds and stuff for GH. the other 2 arent so bad - but getting busier week by week.

captmidnite1962: I understand...when you have several thousand friends..that is a lot of work!

Inmaculada: and sure getting lots of new request, messages, etc

wolfysmith: Trapeze have had several offers to play gigs tho - especially in the US states where they were big

wolfysmith: i dont mention they would need to break Dave out of prison. just point them to Glenns page cos Carls email address is on it.

Inmaculada: really? for the MS site grabbing fans attention?

wolfysmith: Yes Inma. and Mel has been getting offers too - of the musical kind

Inmaculada: that's great! I mean for the musical kind!! hehe I won't enter in other kinds!

wolfysmith: there must get a couple of messages a day from people who saw Trapeze in the 70's and all say they were the best band ever!

wolfysmith: and demands for video too. keep hoping that one day a top quality one will appear on YouTube

captmidnite1962: Oh man....to quote Grand Funk Railroad guitarist / singer Mark Farner: "Now that's the power of the people!"

Inmaculada: it has to be an amazing feeling to know there are people who not only remember your work but still love it so much

Inmaculada: I guess Mel doesn't have any video recording

David: There's some Super-8 without audio floating about, right? Didn't "hackney" mention that sometime ago?

wolfysmith: only the same bootlegs of the '94 shows that everyone else has!

captmidnite1962: Yes he did David

wolfysmith: Mel says Tony Perry has video footage. i need to get him to Cannock!

Inmaculada: it would be awesome if you could get some video footage Paul!

David: By the way, just got word re the LA gig - GLENN will be onstage around 11:00PM - I know some folks were asking.

David: Also, they'll be a couple of different drummers for the USA dates - Chad of course in LA and then an in-demand session player, Steve Stephens, for the BB Kings gig. Other members will of course be Jeff on guitar and Ed Roth on keys.

captmidnite1962: I figure Glenn won't take the stage till 10 or so in NYC..which is why i will just hang out in the city and catch the train in the morning

David: think there's just one support act for NYC, whereas in LA it's like 4 or 5!

wolfysmith: only one listed at BB's David. but its first come seating so may get there early

captmidnite1962: The Lizards...Frank Cinella will be in seventh heaven

Inmaculada: seating? a rock gig seating??!! sorry...but what's that!!!!!!!!

wolfysmith: Inma, its a restaurant/club. thats what it says about show time seating on their site.

captmidnite1962: Do they have tables at BB Kings..or is it a general admission set up?

wolfysmith: * General admission seated show - First come, first seated - Standing room at bar *

wolfysmith: thats on their site

Inmaculada: I see, but I find it so weird... anyway I couldnt keep sat

David: there's seating in front - the rest is all standing - it will suck - but hey, it's a gig

wolfysmith: Maybe he will perfom the 'Blues' album in its entirety

Inmaculada: well let's see for how long people can keep sat... hehe

Inmaculada: you have to tell me!! lol

wolfysmith: the last 2 albums are impossible not to jump about to!

captmidnite1962: It is a gig indeed..can't wait!!


captmidnite1962: And the only thing better than a Glenn Hughes gig...is meeting all the GHCP's!!

wolfysmith: Bill, did you say the Lizards in NY? it says Danny Johnson on BBs site

captmidnite1962: Hmm..I saw the Lizards mentioned somewhere...

captmidnite1962: Was it here??

wolfysmith: I suggest a couple of proper new posts to list who will be at each show

captmidnite1962: Good idea!

David: Put them in the "Greetings" or "Off Topic" section please Thanks.

wolfysmith: i'll leave it to you to post Bill! im off to bed now as its gone 11pm.

Inmaculada: yep it's over Midnight here!

wolfysmith: See you guys in less than 2 weeks

Inmaculada: so I say good night to all of you guys!

Inmaculada: enjoy those gigs! well I am sure you will!!!

captmidnite1962: Good night all...I am off to make dinner...

Inmaculada: goodnite xoxoxo

wolfysmith: good night from England and check my new post in the "Media Centre", Bill

captmidnite1962: Two more weeks!!!

David: OK, thanks for stopping, see you soon Wolfy

captmidnite1962: See you then David!!

David: OK, thanks Bill - see you soon too

David: The next Monthly CHAT will be Sunday, June 24th at the usual time.

David: Bye for now
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