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Old Feb-06-2006, 4:44 PM
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Icon32 2005 Melodic Rock Awards

Just tried to tackle the lengthy column over at melodicrock.com It will take me a couple of sit downs in front of the pc to take it all in.

Glenn gets numerous mentions and places some respectable showings in the rankings, considering the number of CDs that are released in a year.

Check it out...........http://www.melodicrock.com/bestof/2005.html

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Old Feb-06-2006, 10:28 PM
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outstanding site !!!!!!
I'm a daily visitor since 5 years....
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Old Feb-07-2006, 8:09 AM
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Certainly a good read and as always, Andrew is very perceptive when it comes to his comments on the current trends in the music business and more specifically the melodic rock genre.....although.....

Mario De Riso @ Frontiers Records, Italy.
- What were your label's best selling titles in 2005?
Journey "Generations" and then Glenn Hughes "Soul Mover", Soul Sirkus "World Play" and Allen / Lande "The Battle".

Frontiers Records had their best year to date without doubt. They took the bull by the horns and signed more high profile names in 2005 than they have in all their other years combined.

Styx, Journey, Survivor, Toto - that sounds pretty sweet to me. Rapidly becoming the home of the genre's biggest acts, Frontiers will have to work hard with these artists and the new ones yet to be announced to ensure their best possible efforts are turned in. Toto have done it - let's see the others also can deliver their best. Together with some very high profile projects (Starbreaker, Place Vendome, Allen/Lande), no one would argue that 2005 was a great year for the label.

I do agree with him that the labels (large & small) need to invest more in their artists - I mean look at Frontiers Records - Glenn is one of their top sellers for 2005 - yet where's the reinvestment? No tour support to speak of, no major advertising or promotion - they seem to be ploughing their profits into signing new artists and more recently more established names such as Toto, Journey etc. Of course, Glenn is not the only artist effected, up & comers got similar treatment. While it's great for the record buying public that we get new music from acts such as these, the next logical step is to go see them live, whether it be in Europe, America, Asia etc....perhaps if they put their profits into this, they would not only have artists with even higher profiles around the world, but also their label and brand recognition would be elevated to the next level. Of course, it's not just these smaller labels that are at fault, but it's certainly a good example.

If they're not careful and without artist development & investment, they're going to find themselves too top heavy and with no doubt a revolt on their hands - if "we" can see it today, how can they not? Well it is a business, so obviously the short term profit seems to rule the day. My own prediction for 2006 is that labels such as these will find themselves with many artists flying the coupe and they'll be left scratching their heads wondering what happened.

Jeez, this isn't rocket science guys!

Anyway, just my 2 cents
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Old Feb-07-2006, 3:17 PM
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i agree

david i couldnt agree more-these are the corporations of today -think only short term about the next stock announcement and the hell with everything else
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Old Feb-08-2006, 11:20 AM
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Angry wanna be mafia crooks

frontiers are nothing but a small time, rip off the artist, poor excuse for a record co.
Glenn hughes deserves not to be lied to and solen from.
its a shame these people are the only outlet for some great music.
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Old Feb-08-2006, 12:42 PM
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Icon23 Mistreated

Originally Posted by soulmover
frontiers are nothing but a small time, rip off the artist, poor excuse for a record co.
Glenn hughes deserves not to be lied to and solen from.
its a shame these people are the only outlet for some great music.

Couldn't agree with you more.
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Old Feb-08-2006, 5:04 PM
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Wow, I'm totally shocked at SM's comments, but he knows the truth. Back to the Melodicrock awards, I don't quite understand the fascination with The Battle. I've only played it a few times because it's boring. One of the problems is the singers sound identical so I can't tell if it's Jorn or Allen. Their singing lacks fire...compare Jorn's singing on this to his work with Nikolo Kotzev or on his own brilliant solo work like World Changer....it's a totally boring and phoned in performance. Most of the time on this album both singers are singing in their lower register. They sound ok there but Jorn's greatest asset is his upper range. For an album that's supposed to be a hard rock classic, there's too many mid tempo songs and not enough speed (again). Neither Jorn nor Lande wrote any of the songs, so perhaps that's why their singing lacks any emotion. I need to get that Masterplan album because from the description that sounds more like the Jorn I know. The clips off his new album sound great...it should be superb after the disappointing follow up to World Changer.

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Old Feb-09-2006, 1:57 AM
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Icon34 Fronteirs/DVD Debacle

You ony have to look at the SLITCOA DVD to see were Soul Mover is coming from. I think Glenn was well and truly tucked up over that one.

I had assumed the budget for recording the new album was bigger than that of the Soul Mover album what with strings and all that and the time taken to record.

On reflection I guess the budget is no greater just that it has been spent differently with money being saved by recording at Chad's house.

I guess there is still "more than meets the eye" when it comes to the way Frontiers handle there business.
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Old Feb-09-2006, 7:42 AM
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I think that it's disgusting that artists who should be
spending their time composing music and adding to the
beauty in this (sometimes) ugly world, have to waste their
time and energy making sure that they don't get financially
stabbed in the back. We have all heard horror stories of
"Music Giants" who ended up penniless, after their agents
(or whoever) robbed them blind.

(Yes, soulmover, as an Italian-American, I enjoyed reading
your Mafia comment. But I don't think that Barry Gordy of Motown
qualifies as Mafia, nor the British agents who robbed the Beatles
of millions of pounds during the height of their fame. People who
are pond scum are internationally located, unfortunately.)

I've posted this statement before; I'll post it again:
I would rather Glenn not release any new CD, unless he can be
assured that it will receive the proper amount of publicity........
All that work, all that brilliance, and nobody knows about it.

It makes me, and I'm sure....all true GH fans, VERY VERY ANGRY.

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