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Old Jan-23-2006, 12:02 AM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - January 22nd, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - January 22nd, 2006

Shirean: Hi boys

Shirean: How's everyone doing today?

Chip: Hi Shirean, Chris.

chrisloeb: Hi Shirean, Hi Chip

Chip: Doing good.

chrisloeb: good - listening to the Hughes Thrall Rockline Interview

Shirean: great stuff

chrisloeb: very interesting indeed

chrisloeb: I wonder if the Narada Michael Walden story is true? doesn't sound like it...!?

Shirean: David will be here shortly..

chrisloeb: so how are you?

Shirean: I'm good just making my travel arrangements for the upcoming Heart tour this summer they just announced 3 dates in Florida - I'm a happy camper!

Chip: Close to home, huh?

chrisloeb: great - so you don't have to travel too far then

Shirean: yes - going to the VH1 taping in Atlantic City in March then the Florida dates follow in April

chrisloeb: honestly, I haven't been listening to Heart yet - only recently I got two of their albums on vinyl - Dreamboat Annie and Magazines

Shirean: Decades Rock Live with Alice In Chains .. and .. Dave Navarro

Shirean: The early stuff is the best!

chrisloeb: Alice in Chains - how come? Wayne Staley left some time ago - RIP.

Shirean: Chip been meaning to email you regarding the GHfest, need you to find me a hotel?

Chip: Sure Shirean. Sent some info to Frank also.

Shirean: I have a ton of airmiles on united so I'm flying FREE

Chip: Can't beat that!!

Shirean: How many are coming so far?

Chip: So far, you and Frank are the only ones who have contacted us.

Shirean: Is Frank the guy that's moving to New Mexico?

Chip: Might be a small gathering Hopefully more will plan on it later.

Chip: Yes. Frank is the one moving to NM.

Shirean: Feel free to plug it on our site whenever you want..

chrisloeb: a lot of people are planning, I guess. I have alrady talked to Achim - but planning is in early stages at the moment

Chip: Thanks Shirean. I'm sure we'll be drumming up some more excitement as time goes on.

Shirean: So do I need to bring anything, besides my sun tan lotion and my shades?

Chip: I can't think of anything at the moment. The sunscreen for sure

Shirean: Its 80 here today - almost ready to jump in the pool

Chip: It's cooled off here in the past week or so, only in the 60's. Warming up next week though.

chrisloeb: huh, it's minus 15 here......

chrisloeb: celsius that s

Chip: Sorry Chris. Don't mean to rub it in


Shirean: Saw some NAMM pics on various guitar sites (don't know if Papa attended or not) but saw some of Pat Travers

Chip: Hopefully he's busy recording the new album.

chrisloeb: and posing for photographs

Shirean: Yes I think they are very busy, David spoke to Gabi briefly last week, Glenn was asleep

Shirean: Hello Pete

Chip: Hi Pete.

chrisloeb: from the postings this seems to be THE killer Glenn Hughes album - with strings and all that

chrisloeb: Hi Pete

Pete S: hi guys

Shirean: Pete go and get your gh face

Pete S: ok i'll try

Pete S: phew

Pete S: i'm just gonna try get achim on board

Shirean: So what's new Pete

chrisloeb: that'd be cool Pete

Shirean: Chip, where's Todd?

Pete S: nothing really....hangover from xmas

Chip: Todd's working. His weekends are Mon, Tue.

chrisloeb: didn't he mention he wanted to go on a cruise?

Chip: I reminded Todd last night when I spoke to him. He'll be here the last 30 minutes, if he remembers.

Shirean: That's funny - it took me 2 days to recover from New Years

Pete S: lol

Pete S: nevermind it'll soon be pay day

Shirean: Too many Cosmo's!

Pete S: wage day

Chip: Yeah Chris...Todd's going on a cruise next week I think.

Shirean: Where he going?

Shirean: where's

chrisloeb: Norway?

chrisloeb: no, seriously...


Chip: Bahamas, St. Barts, etc.

Shirean: He's coming this way, and he's not coming to visit?

Chip: He better not be going on the Norway cruise. He didn't invite me!!

chrisloeb: I was going to PM him (Todd) - looks like I'll be travelling to Vegas on short notice, beginning of February

Chip: Get on him Shirean.

Shirean: I will is he going to see Kenny and Carolyn?

Chip: That's cool Chris. You'll have to meet up with Todd then.

chrisloeb: yeah, definitely

Chip: I don't think so Shirean. They're boarding the ship in Ft. Laurderdale

Shirean: That's where they live

Chip: Yeah, you're right. Tamarac is near there isn't it?

Shirean: yes indeed

Pete S: back in a mo

Shirean: David and I will be down that way in March probably for our kid's Spring break vacation....Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood etc...

Shirean: Might knock on Kenny's door

Chip: Yeah do....and tell them to come to the fest also

Shirean: I will!

Chip: Todd's suppose to call them and see if it's possible for them to come out in July. Would really like to have them here.

Shirean: So is everybody looking forward to the next GH cd?

Chip: Yes, can't wait. Sounds like it's going to be big one.

Chip: I guess Pete & Chris took a time-out. I see little clocks next to their names.

Chip: ....I'm assuming that's what that means.

Shirean: Guess I'm boring them with my travel plans - I'll get back on the topic

Shirean: sorry


chrisloeb: back for good

Shirean: Make sure and have plenty of Newcastle for me

Chip: We'll have to share Shirean. That's about all I drink anymore. We'll have plenty.

chrisloeb: coincidentially I just had to get something to drink and look that the heating's working properly

Chip: So far the menu is........beer

Pete S: sorry guys something has come up...gotta say farewell

Shirean: ok bye Pete

Pete S: take care of youselfs

Chip: See ya Pete.

chrisloeb: bye Pete, see ya

Shirean: David's on his way - he's almost done

chrisloeb: smokin'?

Shirean: yep

Chip: What? Smoking?

Chip: You beat me to it Chris.

chrisloeb: for 45 minutes? that's a long one!

Shirean: having a drink too

Shirean: I'm actually on his machine, I'll have to log off here in a minute

chrisloeb: but you'll be back......?

Shirean: yes hang on going to do it now

chrisloeb: whoa, I was looking for that one actually!!!

chrisloeb: and you beat me to it this time!

Chip: These sound clips are cool.

chrisloeb: yeah - think we should play all of them, while we're alone here?

Chip: Maybe we could put them in some order and make a song

chrisloeb: I think there are quite a lot from Muscle and Blood from BJL - we could try to find all of them

Chip: Uh, oh...straighten up Chris. Shirean's back.

chrisloeb: hmmm, two minutes to early...




chrisloeb: Hi Shirean, you're already back!

chrisloeb: we haven't been touching anything, promise

Chip: I think David must have sparked up another one

Shirean: We get this channel here called HDnet and tonight the premiere is Whitesnake 'Live In The Still Of The Night'....in Hi-Def Surround...have you seen this before?

Chip: No, sounds pretty cool.

chrisloeb: the DVD is not available yet - will be released February 6th here in Europe

Shirean: Very cool - I gotta date with the TV at 9!

chrisloeb: I hope it's good! Preordered it at play.com

Shirean: David watched Velvet Revolver last night on the same channel.

chrisloeb: Velvet Revolver - what did he say?

Shirean: I'll let you know Chris.. geez have one sip of cider and I can't type..

chrisloeb: I saw them supporting Black sabbath, and they were just awful

chrisloeb: totally uninspired

Shirean: David said the pic was cool cuz of the High Definition

Chip: Yeah...VR was kind of a disappointment.

Shirean: he thought they were CRAP too! But good picture!

Chip: He'd be right.

chrisloeb: yep

Shirean: I'm talking to him now..

chrisloeb: CRAP, that's the word

Shirean: This is what the Whitesnake says on HDNet (http://www.hd.net)

Shirean: ..."Filmed at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo during the "Live...In the Still of the Night" tour, this show features all of Whitesnake's greatest hits plus many fan favorites. The concert captures the excitement and vitality of the band's performance before an adoring all-ages crowd who sing along to every song".

chrisloeb: exactly what it says on the DVD cover

David: Hi all....better late than never!

Chip: Hi David

chrisloeb: Hi David

David: Quiet day from all accounts

Chip: Yeah...not many people today.

chrisloeb: it is, yeah - and a quiet night too, where I am

David: Hope to speak to GH soon, so might have some updates then. They're extremely busy in the studio until the end of the month.

chrisloeb: I'm glad you got the DVD, David

Chip: I think Wolfy is on vacation, so won't hear from him for a couple of weeks.

David: Not teaching his little one to ski I hope!!

chrisloeb: Pete S wanted to get Achim online but had to leave in a hurry

David: Thanks again Christian - as you said, well worth the wait.

Chip: I hope not!! Actually they are somewhere warm.

chrisloeb: ad DVD: I hope, there weren't too many glitches during Why Don't You Stay - It played fine when I tested it

David: no it was fine - it was just tedious gettting it transfered - it's a fine line - quality vs. size - but think I got it about right.

David: haha, as the actress said to the bishop...was talking about the DVD .... for those folks reading the transcript!!


Chip: Of course.....

chrisloeb: I mistakenly didn't copy it in high speed mode (still learning to use that machine correctly)

chrisloeb: yeah, the clips look great (and big too)

chrisloeb: and a minute silence

David: hope to get the Oz SM release soon, look forward to hearing that interview segment that's on there.

David: with GH and Chad

chrisloeb: btw - Shirean, David - Congratulations to 10 years and 1000 members

Chip: Think the only place to order a copy will be down there somewhere?

David: Thanks - yeah, it doesn't seem that long. Only when you look at the pix!!

David: Perhaps NEH or Amazon will get it listed.....and of course eBay at some extortinate price!

chrisloeb: eBay - I have been buying from Australia a couple of times, and it went smoothly, especially considering it's a round the world thing

David: it's cool they included 'Nights In White Satin'....

chrisloeb: and the Rata Blance DVD from Argentinia arrived in only 10 days - so if you're buying from a professional seller, it should be easy

Chip: Knock on wood....I've never had a bad experience on ebay.

chrisloeb: I love that version of Nights, especially the last verse and chorus

David: Stealth is finally on 'Pay Per View' so can check it out finally!

Chip: The opening credits on the Rata Blanca DVD is extremely cool. Expecially the way the music builds up when Glenn's image and name appear on screen.

David: Yeah, that's a good performance and the crowd are awesome.

Chip: I haven't seen Stealth yet either.

chrisloeb: the band is great - didn't like the keyboard player though

chrisloeb: Stealth got slammed by the critics

David: don't remember hearing him that much, Glenn was belting it out that night!

chrisloeb: I'll probably never watch it (Stealth)

David: yeah, decided to wait for it to be Cable TV for that very reason!

David: it's all of 15 secs or something, but still nice to see the credits roll bye at the end

Chip: The only reason I'm going to watch is to catch the faint sound of G. in the background

chrisloeb: and I'm watching nearly as many films as I listen to music or read books

chrisloeb: I prefer the whole song to a 15 sec snippet in THAT movie, I guess!

David: looks like the Chili Peppers are going to be on tour in the Summer - Europe first, then the USA August-November - something like that - are either of you 'gonna go see them? We might if it's not in some arena where they're small specs at the front of hall!!

David: Apparently the new album is a double, out in a couple of months.

chrisloeb: I don't know. I'm just not too big a fan of Kiedis

Chip: Possibly. Would be nice to see Chad in his own band for once. Not a big RHCP fan though.

David: yeah, that's what we were thinking too.

David: bye luv!

David: washing up is never done

Chip: ......see ya Shirean.


chrisloeb: I'm sorry, I gotta go too - it's late and I have to prepare for tomorrow.

chrisloeb: Talk to you soon - bye!

David: Anyway, hopefully the RHCP will play some mid-size venues - it would be cool to see Chad up close as much as possible.

Chip: Take care Chris. See ya.

David: Ok, Chris, thanks for stopping by, should be a little more lively next month!

David: did you ever get that DVD player Chip? The NTSC Cal Jam is out next week.

Chip: No, haven't even ordered the thing yet

David: They have special offers nearly every month, so you should still get it at a decent price.

Chip: I did get the DVD a while back with all the goodies.

David: Cool, pleased to hear it arrived. It's not a bad package. Still can't get over the poor picture quality. But sound does make up for it, almost!

Chip: Yeah, I check out their site all the time. Just need to remember to place an order someday.

David: Guess the trick is to stick the VHS in with the DVD audio over the top!!

Chip: The video has that old faded look to yet. You'd think they would have done something and punched up the color somehow.

Chip: Yeah, but then you have out of synch problems

David: Perhaps it was the budget, don't think they had any major backing....but still.....it's worth it just for the audio, it's like a whole new show in places.

David: Yeah

Chip: Overall I was pleased with it. The extras included are cool.

David: Definitely worth having those.

Chip: I'm anxious to hear it in surround sound. Haven't hooked all of my speakers yet...just stereo.

David: You won't be disappointed on that front.

David: SLITCOA sounds even better than that one! They did a great job with the audio on that disc, if nothing else!

David: You've 'gotta crank it up - awesome!

Chip: I agree...the sound is awesome. Won't comment any on the video though.

David: I'm curious to hear the remastered Hughes/Thrall too. Apparently the guys doing it, have done a good job on their other releases, so should be good.

Chip: I hope they don't drop the ball and not include some bonus material. Still, will be worth getting for the remastering alone.

David: I'm sure they'll be something added - they also do extended liner notes with great detail, so should be a good package.

David: Well, looks like everyone else is AWOL this week. So it's probably a good time to close this one out. Next CHAT is on February 19th, usual time.

Chip: Yeah, will have to email a few people and see what's up

David: Well, it's January - I forgive them

Chip: Take care David. Will see you on the site. Bye.

David: Perhaps we'll put a notice up mid-week like Grace suggested, that stays up there until the day....

Chip: Yeah....a big 'ol banner!!

David: Yeah, will start that next month!!

David: Ok Chip, thanks for stopping by, see 'ya soon!

Chip: Later.

David: Bye for now.
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Wow, would you believe I was off yesterday as it turned out, and I still forgot? lol

Sorry I missed the chat, folks. Chris, I return from my cruise on February 5th. Chip, we're not going to St. Barts - I don't even know where that is! We're going to San Juan, St. Thomas/St. John, Canto de Campo (or something close to that) and Nassau. This will be my first cruise. We're going as part of a family group - ten of us in all. And being that we arrive in Fort Lauderdale Saturday night and depart Sunday morning, I don't see any rendezvous with Kenny and Carolyn happening So hopefully we'll be able to hook up with them at the GHCP Funk Fiesta!!

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Old Jan-23-2006, 7:14 AM
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Hey Todd,

Bummer your not coming to Orlando .. we could have met up for a drink

Have a great time on your cruise!

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Old Jan-23-2006, 3:21 PM
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Originally Posted by toadsterama
Chip, we're not going to St. Barts - I don't even know where that is!

I don't either It just came to me while typing.

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Old Jan-25-2006, 10:39 AM
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Smile Back in the Land Of The Living!!

Oh man..I have spent the last few weeks battling various cyberdemons that have kept me offline and deep in the woods..

But I have slain the accursed beasts and am back in the race again

I would love to make the GHPG Fan Fest and will do everything in my power to make that happen! I have never been to Phoenix (driving through it on the way to CA in 1989 hardly counts!) and am in desparate need of a new adventure

captmidnite1962's Sig:Yours In The Funk
Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


"Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins
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