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I am not really qualified to make a comment on the allegations/crime/imprisonment so I will stick to empathy. If I was accused of a crime I didn't commit, I would find it very difficult indeed to cope with. Call me a fence sitter, but aside from personal injury I can't think of anything worse.

Pete Townsend seems to have handled the crisis PR pretty well. Others who have found themselves in a sex crime situation have just about disappeared from view. And by all accounts their guilt is not debateable, certainly not on this Forum. I won't mention any more names for fear of causing offence.

I can only really talk from a PR perspective, but I would say that book will help that process. Finding a publisher is always a challenge, but I'd say there was enough of an audience who want to hear what Dave Holland has to say. Much depends though on any counter arguments that might emerge for which his representatives would need a contingency plan.
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