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Sad/UnHappy Makes a grown man cry!!

Hey Chip,

Oh have no idea how I feel for you bro...I can imagine myself standing there in total slack jawed shock surveying that plastic pile up!

Those wood bookshelf units are a bit suspect; if they are tall, the weight of the discs tends to make them lean forward. I have one of those wall units that holds about 1000 discs. I have never been happy with it and it almost ended up in the dumpster when I moved from Indianapolis. And a carpeted floor only makes things worse in that your base is not real secure. My discs are in storage right now; I just don't have the room here to set them all up. I imagine you had them alphabetized certainly have your work cut out for you!

And among the GH and Bolin titles I notice Ambrosia, John Coltrane and the Doobie Brothers among the tumbled masses

And what of those accursed jewel box covers? I have moved many times and no matter how carefully I pack them, I end up having to replace several cracked covers. The two tabs where they connect to the back of the case are especially prone to breaking. I know that Todd detests digipaks but they are sturdier in that area.

And the Trapeze poster is chrome plated cool.....makes me look forward to Glenn Fest all the more!!

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