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speaking about Chad Smith as the
biggest "celebrity" onboard of this project ...

Glenn Hughes?voice would remind you at Ian Gillan?s voice very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.J. Marsh, who?s limitation would be quite obvious in playing such old classics as
"Mistreated" doing a great job!
and do joke about his weird haistyle

Sorry for my bad english, tried to translate the most important quotes though.

Bad English? What bad English?
It sounded good to me. Thanks for posting this, Achim!!!

What I do have a problem with, is that the reviewer doesn't realize that
this is a Glenn Hughes DVD, accompanied by his buddy Chad Smith,
his voice is extremely different from Ian Gillan's,
(like that's a big surprise to anybody)
JJ Marsh does a fantastic job playing "Mistreated"
(as several bootlegs proove - OOPS)
and a record review is not supposed to be the same thing
as a review of somebody's hair style.
THAT'S what I have a problem with.
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