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I don't have all the years in front of me, but here are a few fave live versions of Glenn's songs...

Gettin' Tighter, from the Freak Flag Flying live CD.

Grace, from the Shape 68 live performance.

Burn, from the Made in Europe live CD, for the smokin' bass!

Mistreated, from the Rata Blanca live DVD.

Coast to Coast, from the R.O.C.K. bonus disc, live in S. America.

Dreamer, from the 1997 Tommy Bolin tribute show.

Whiter Shade of Pale, from the Boys Club Live CD.

Can't Stop the Flood, from the Soulfully Live CD/DVD.

There are so many great performances, though. Each time I've seen Glenn perform live I think I've walked away thinking I must have just heard the best live version of something that he sang that night. So many wonderful moments have made live albums, but so many others have ended up being "of the moment", and not captured for posterity except in the mind's eye.

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