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Originally Posted by Grace View Post
... Folks ~
If you write: Glenn nice music.
We will understand what you are trying to say.
Luckily, there are no language barriers in music; if you don't easily
understand the lyrics, you can "la, la, la" or hum along with the melody.

We never have a "pop quiz" on the English language around here,
and most of the time, we'll get a translation from your fellow countryman,
so don't worry about it, OK?

(OK......from the Dutch....oll korrect )


I greatly admire the fact that so many of you from around the globe who don't use English as your first language contribute so well on here. As Grace says ' Glenn' and 'music' we all understand, and I for one understand what's being relayed anyhow.

I learned French and Latin at school, but wanted to take German and Spanish I used to visit Roberto and Giampiero's Italian GH website on a regular basis many moons ago and contributed very little because of my non-existent Italian. It was also available in English but ... difficult anyhow. Now there's a language I wish I could speak fluently

We have many interpreters on here from around the globe when we need them so ... type away. 'Hello, I love Glenn's voice. Goodbye' is not a bad start We can all learn something from each other as we go along.

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