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I most certainly wasn't annoyed.
I was trying to let you know that people for whom English
is a second language (and who post here) usually apologize
for their poor English, which doesn't need any apology at all.

I was making a joke because what they considered as their
poor English is almost always at the top level of perfect.
I used the word "foreigner" as being anybody outside the US,
where this web site is based.

But people from Japan, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia,
Germany, Italy, France, Spain, etc. all post here..........
First they apologize for their poor English, and then they write
something that we can easily understand. In English.

It's as if Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev danced a paus de deux
from "Swan Lake" and then apologized afterwards, for being so clumsy!
No apology is necessary!

I encourage anybody from anyplace to say anything here,
about Glenn Hughes in particular, music in general, or anything "off topic"
that they want to say. And please accept MY APOLOGY, if it seemed
as if I was annoyed. I agree with you, more people should post.

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