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Icon32 <--- Glenn's fans, around the world.

Speaking for myself.......and probably for most of us "others"
I always find it very funny when some "foreigner" says:

"Please, would you be so kind, as to accept my sincere apology,
for the very poor quality of my grammatically-incorrect English."

Folks ~
If you write: Glenn nice music.
We will understand what you are trying to say.
Luckily, there are no language barriers in music; if you don't easily
understand the lyrics, you can "la, la, la" or hum along with the melody.

We never have a "pop quiz" on the English language around here,
and most of the time, we'll get a translation from your fellow countryman,
so don't worry about it, OK?

(OK......from the Dutch....oll korrect )

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