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Icon33 A few Moore thoughts on the Hughes / Thrall remaster

I was driving around town today with the Hughes/Thrall remaster blazing out of the speakers, and I was struck by how much of a Police influence I hear in songs like "Where Did the Time Go" and "Hold Out Your Life". Pat's guitar playing has Andy Summers written all over it. And then there are some Gary Moore moments, for example, in the solos for "Muscle and Blood" and the aforementioned "Hold Out Your Life". As the album played out, I started to think about the similarities that Gary Moore's 'Run For Cover' album has to 'Hughes/Thrall'. 'RFC' is one of Gary's most diverse albums. "Military Man" has a solo break with much of the same feel as "Coast to Coast". "Nothing To Lose" and "Reach for the Sky" have the same attitude as "Beg, Borrow or Steal". And here's something more - Andy Johns, who produced 'Hughes/Thrall', shows up as producer on 'Run for Cover'. He worked on the songs which featured Glenn. In addition, Hughes/Thrall drummer Gary Ferguson appears on 'Run for Cover'.

Now, I've never read anything to the effect that Gary Moore was a Hughes/Thrall fan. This could all be coincidental. But I think that, even though their earlier attempt to form 'G-Force' didn't pan out, Gary saw what Glenn was capable of with the 'Hughes/Thrall' album, and decided that it would be more than worthwhile to give a collaboration another shot. The result was one of the best albums Gary released in the 80's, and one of my favorites to this day.


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