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Originally Posted by Chip View Post
We Americans butcher the English language more than anyone else, so no need for anyone to worry about having poor English skills. We don't care. We catch your drift. See...there's some slang for you right there

Same here with the Germans and Austrians. I'd very much like to enter discussion though who tortures the German language more, us or the Germans...
Beware, I'm tough in discussions.

Soll ich übersetzen, Klaus A.?

Originally Posted by Chip View Post
In the past, I've noticed that Europeans and others from elsewhere around the world, were going to the dot com site, and more Americans came here to That's not the case any longer, we have the globe covered here. Which is very cool and is why I use the spinning globe as my post icon

That's interesting, Chip, I had exactly the same feeling over at Very well put.
Looking forward to the we have the globe covered here part.

Cheers and best

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