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getting tighter is good example

Hi Willem and Keith and everyone,
Getting Tighter is together with You keep on moving the strongest number perhaps but the other songs are as good. Only Comin' Home is a lill lower, at first i was a lill disapointed about the track, but later i loved it too. It is a real smiling maker and fun-maker number. I have to laugh when i hear it. Often in the morning in my car.
The riff of Getting tighter i love to play on my guitar. The riff is one of the rock-killer riffs. And when Glenn starts to sing it is like flying.
What you said about homerecording is absolutely true. When you're making your own Darkside of the moon production in your bedroom, it is not to compare with a real playing Rockband. For Gods sake today a lots of Bands record Life their music. Its the only way to get the groove and magic. Because of that is one reason BCC album sounds so delicate. Kevin Shirley did a great job. For example the beatiful snare drum of the Ludwig set from Jason Bonham.
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