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Intresting discussion. For me, Come Taste the Band was a real revelation. I played the opening chords of Getting Tighter to finish my radio show last night (Best Reissue of 2010) and my headphones nearly blew off my ears.

Until I listened in my cans and on my new Christmas 5.1s, I hadn't realised properly what a fantastic job Kevin Shirley and Glenn have done. But they could not have made a silk purse out of sow's ear. The songs still stand up for scrutiny.

People forget that Tommy Bolin was a very talented musician. Let's just cut out the drugs from the equation for a moment. His mission was to make Deep Purple more sexy as a unit and bring his own guitar style to the mix. After all it's only what Ritchie Blackmore did with Rainbow when he brought Bonnet and Turner in a few years later.

Together with Glenn and David Coverdale supplying a range of colours in the vocals, they gave Deep Purple a veneer which. Lord and Paice played well on the album too. You would not have expected anything else.

Sigurd I like your comment..." It was playing music like it would be the last day of your life, no space for any fake and lie. It felt real honest but complex."

At GRTR I do get to hear my more albums than I can afford to buy these days. So in that way I am fortunate. What discerns one album from another in my view is good song writing and yes honesty. With Cubase and Pro Tools you can write your Dark Side of the Moon in your living room. But it's that honesty that is often missing in many albums I come across. So albums like CTTB area bench mark in that respect.

The "groove" is the thing. It's that indiscernible vibe that the Rolling Stones and The Who pioneered and many bands still forget about. CTTB certainly has a groove. Glenn's bass playing is fundamental to that. As you said Willem, what a pity there was no follow up.
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