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Hi John,

I agree (like mostly) with you about what you said about the remastered version. I thought the same thing when listening to it. But in one point I diagree, mate. In my eyes, A 200 has always been a highly interesting jazzrock tune like it was trendy to do at that time. Remember Colosseum II (With a certain Don Airey on keys) did very similar pieces and last but not least Uriah Heep did a song which was sounded VERY inspired by A200. It was the titletrack of the "Return to Fantasy" album (which I like)...different to DP...they put some vocals to it. I always loved the way Lord played these Moogs and the way Blackmore hits in with his guitars...always send me shivers down my spine.

But, John, mate....I guess there will be hundreds of ppl listening to it and youŽll have hundreds of different views

a great week to you and everyone here,

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