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It's been interesting to read all the comments regarding the pricing level of the first editions of Glenn's book.

The market for collectable rock and roll related books has really taken off in the last few years, with many such items being resold at auction for much more than than the cover price. Glenn isn't the first artist to be accused of being "badly advised" in choosing an exclusive limited print run, nor will he be the last - but the decision is his - the economics obviously make sense. (And having your life story presented in such extravagant packaging must be a boost!!).

For people who can afford the $$$'s then i'm sure this is will be a cherished item - and for those who can't - well we'll just have to wait a little bit longer!

But while we wait let's get off Glenn's back - everyone here is a fan, and i've read opinions here about what style he should and shouldn't sing, where he should tour, who he should work with, even what he should wear - but it's Glenns career - and he'll always do what he feels is right for him!


PS - Alfa Romeo announced a 500 edition limited run of this beauty a few years ago
I'll never be able to afford an 8c - but i still love Alfa's!!
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