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Originally Posted by Chip View Post
I'm pretty sure we all realize that what is being offered is something special and might warrant a huge price tag, the problem is that this is all that's being offered at this time.

I can't believe that someone at some point didn't say..."wait a minute, how many of Glenn's true fans will be able to afford this?" If a more traditional release happens someday, that's cool, just wish it would be happening now. It doesn't seem that was even a consideration.

You said it yourself Chip ..."being offered at this time"... it's not for everyone that is true, but right now this is what is being offered. If and when a regularly published edition is ready, that will be announced on the web site. Of course, it's been given consideration, it's just not ready now, that is all. What is ready now for announcement, is this limited edition and so it's being announced and available for pre-order for those fans that want it.

Again, an update will follow when alternative edition(s) are ready.
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