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That CD blew me away and frustrated me to death at the same time. Blew me away because the songs were...just fantastic! Killer playing, killer hooks, blown away at the vocals...except...unfortunately, I am a bit hard of hearing anyway and the vocals are (to me) behind the mix just a tad too much. I think JJ is my favorite guitarist of mine that I've heard in the last many years and it was a pure pleasure to hear that he has a killer voice on top of it! I am stunned at the work he's done with Glenn on his discography, not just the solos but the fills and little nuances and effects, great feeling in all his playing. The passion in his solo in Written All Over Your Face in Soulfully Live makes for one of my favorite all time solos (and in SITKOR)....and everything else he does exudes quality....Nice guy, too. I'm waiting for the next CD and hoping I can hear the vocals better, turn them up!! JJ Marsh is f*&^%%&* GREAT!
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