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Originally Posted by danielb View Post
Fingers crossed the new band is in the funk rock vein and that the vocals will be more close to the TWII style of singing, with a dose of Play Me Out/Feel for good measure

Glenn's hard rock singing as of late sounds a bit forced at times, imho. It doesn't sound natural for him. He's so much better when he lays back a bit, and lets the real Glenn come through (see above albums). I guess I'm longing for the more soulful singing.

I couldn't disagree more with you about his rock singing. He is singing with all the power and range that one could ever hope for. I was at two BCC shows last year and I can tell you he was dead on! No ducking notes, no straining, no taking the easy way out.

I do however understand your appreciation for his other side and from the latest video, I think we are going to get a little bit more of that on Afterglow. He has said as much.

In any case I highly doubt he will be going back to the aforementioned records in style. He is always evolving, mixing and refining many styles along the way. That's the way it is!
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