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I have a copy of that video;I bought it from the Tommy Bolin Archives right after they set up operation in the mid 90's. I think it was done for public TV around 1989 or 1990.It was my first real in-depth look at Tommy and his artistry. Now,13 years later, all of Tommy's work is available on CD and with the pending remastering of both Teaser and Private Eyes we can really get to appreciate his talent.

I have several of the purple Tommy Bolin Texas Tribute Tour t-shirts and I often wear them when I go to concerts. And I always get the same reaction from folks; "Oh man..Tommy Bolin..I used to listen to him all the time....Teaser was great...where did you get that shirt?" I always send them to the Tommy Bolin Archives web site. Just trying to spread the message!!

I definitely plan on going to Bolin Fest next year!!

Yours In The Funk

Bill Redford
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